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Warner DNA Projects

I may be interested in participating in a DNA project to connect my family to another family with the Warner surname, if I can find one that matches the information I am seeking.
1. Are you a current participant in a project that you would recommend?
2. Has anyone had success in connecting with and proving a relationship to an unknown family group through a DNA project?

post note:
I have been participating in Ancestry DNA for a few years since this original post, user name NCWarner.
Please contact me if you think you may be related to me or find me as a DNA match.

William Warner (died in Rowan County, NC)

Some people have published in their family charts that William Warner (who was born in Accomack, VA, who died in Rowan County, NC) was the son of Colonel Daniel Warner and Sarah Hill Warner, of Portsmouth, NH, USA. I recently found a transcript of Sibley's Harvard Graduates that provides some evidence.
"William, son of Daniel", attended Harvard. He left early before commencement in 1754. It is noted that he returned to take his exams before Harvard published their catalog in 1761. It is also noted that William Warner died at sea. These notes specifically state that this William Warner who attended Harvard is the son of Daniel and Sarah Warner.

Post Note/Edit 1:
I requested photo copies of the original documents from Harvard, which I now have. Sibley's Harvard Graduates might be incorrect. The notes do not say he died, they say "did he die at sea?".

Post Note/Edit 2:
I found in a Wentworth Genealogy published in the late 1800's (the family of New Hampshire colonial Royal Governor) where it is stated that William Warner, son of Daniel Warner and Sarah Hill Warner, married and moved to Rhode Island. (available at online search through Google Books)

Post Note/Edit 3:
The following website offers additional proof that William Warner of Accomack County, VA and William Warner of Rowan County, NC are two different individuals. Source: http://www.easternshoreheritage.com/processions/accomack/acc_6/household_43.htm

Post Note/Edit 4:
William is listed as a graduate of Harvard class of 1754. Sources: Quinquaennial Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Harvard University 1636 - 1915 Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press in the Two Hundred and Seventy-Ninth Year of the College 1915.

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For more than 15 years I have been researching my ancestors William Warner and his wife Elizabeth

For more than 15 years I have been researching my ancestors William Warner and his wife Elizabeth, of Rowan County, NC. Some people have published that both of them were born Accomac County, VA, but I cannot find documents to back this up. (I find documentation that seems to prove William Warner who was born in Accomac County in 1734 died in Accomac County in 1803) My ancestor William Warner died in Rowan County, NC and his wife Elizabeth died in Davidson County, NC. William's will is dated 1803 in Rowan County. Elizabeth's will is dated 1830 in Davidson County.

Who are their parents? Where were they born? Where did they live prior to NC?

post note 3/17/17:
This website provides proof that William Warner of Rowan County and William Warner of Accomack County, VA are two different people. William of Accomack did not move to Rowan since his will was probated in VA in 1806. William of Rowan will was written in 1804 and probated sometime between 1804 and 1806.

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