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MINNIE LETTEER MOORE'S relatives, please get in touch...

MINNIE LETTEER/Latier/Lateer MOORE and her daughter "Josie" Moore Harms were my father's cousins. He was fond of them. When I was a child we visited quite often in their lovely residence in Port Jervis, NY, where they owned and operated a "Tourist Home" (boarding house). Never dreamed they would end up as "mystery women" in our family tree.

An older cousin recently remembered, before he went off to WWII, they ran a store with gas pumps out in front in Sparrowbush, New York. This coincides with something my father once mentioned about Latteers running a little log cabin type trading post years back. (Just learned the MOORE's also worked there and helped run the operation).

MINNIE LETTEER MOORE was from the maternal line of my Elston family branch but have no idea of her exact lineage or if she had siblings. (Have not yet figured out where one of our relatives, Charity "Aunt Chat" Letteer came from, nor are my cousins aware of that information.

Am interested in knowing the names of the parents/grandparents of MINNIE LETTEER MOORE. Am also interested in knowing the given name of MINNIE LETTEER MOORE's husband (our cousins "JOSIE's" and GUY MOORE'S father and date and place of his death).

Am from the "Minisink" region (NY, NJ, Pa, once known as "The Frontier") where our roots run so deep they go back, for the record, to the early 1600's in this country. Clearly, some ancestors were already here when the Winthrop Fleet arrived and the first Elston settled in Salem, Mass. (Come to think of it, I think there were MOOREs along for the ride).

Historically, settlers grouped together when migrating so the ELSTONs and MOOREs possibly were "rooting around together" for centuries, instead of simply the few generations of which we're aware.

There are so many grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins with the same given names, one could go stark raving mad trying to separate them and their [email protected]#$#%&**! (Also difficult to keep track of where they rolled off to in their date with destiny).

Any help from my Southern, Northern, Mid-Western, Western, Eastern and Canadian cousins would be deeply appreciated. Meanwhile, a big HELLOoooooooo to the Elston's in Nottinghamshire.

Warmest regards to all,

Sherrill Elston Holley

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