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Update of Edmonds Family, Kerikeri, New Zealand.

Journal by Diellis

In 1985 I started putting together a family book about John Edmonds who came from Engalnd to NZ with his family under the Church Missionary Scheme in 1834. John was a stone mason and was supposedly coming to build the stone store at Kerikeri but by the time he got here, the store had been built by a William Parrot from Australia. However, John did the finishing touches such as the lintels and paving as William Parrot had left his wife and gone to Tauranga with his mistress.
John and his first wife had 11 children before she died. John's 2nd marriage gave him 2 more children before he died.
A reunion was held in 1986 for the Edmonds family and it was wonderful indeed. The book was well received but with all the modern technology today and the release of so much more information, I want to do an update of the book and fill in a lot of the gaps I had in the 1st book. Correct quite a few mistakes as well. Plus there is 20 years of updates to add.
If any one can help with Reuben Edmonds or Marcellus Cook (Martha's Vineyard)and the Budlong family (Jane Edmonds married George Budlong of Rhode Island) I would be most grateful.
Di Ellis.

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on 2006-01-02 20:12:28

Diellis , from New Zealand, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jan 2006. is researching the following names: EDMONDS, ELLIS, WELLS and 4 other(s).

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by orm_smth_edm_clndn on 2007-05-12 21:49:07

Kia Di, I am married to a 5th generation descendant of John Tucker Edmonds (b.1835-d.1918). We are beginners and are keen to keep in touch. My husband went to the Faulkner reunion held in Tauranga a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Regards...Aroha & Hemi.

by leef on 2007-05-24 17:48:52

i am not sure where i fit in but here goes ... my father is bert Edmonds (45) whose late father was Peter Edmonds - twin, whose father was Thomas Edmonds ... Tamati Tarahawaiki Paraone Edmonds.
That is as far as I myself can go back as I am only 25, but am very interested in finding out the family tree!!!

by Diellis on 2007-05-24 22:49:19

Kia Aroha and Hemi. Will be lovely if you do keep in touch. I can't find you on the family tree because I don't have enough information. If you could tell me who your husbands parents, grandparents were, I can help you find a direct line if that's what you would like. It will also help me fill in any gaps.
Reunions are definitely wonderful!! May there be many more.
Best wishes,
Dianne Ellis

by Diellis on 2007-05-24 23:18:28

Hi Leef, What a huge family you come from. The first child born to John and Mary Ann Edmonds after they arrived in NZ was named John Tucker Edmonds after the Rev. John Tucker in England who reccommended John Edmonds to the C.M.S.
John Tucker Edmonds (1835-1918) had 2 marriages and the 2nd one was to Raiha PEKAMA. They had 16 children, the 15th being Tamati Tarahawaiki EDMONDS (1899-1989. He married Ella Puru BRZINICH (1896-1983) and they had 23 children including 2 sets of twins, the 1st set being Pomera and Pita. Pita was born in 1936 and married Ihapera (Bella) KAPA and of their 6 children, your father, Bert, was the 3rd eldest.
I would love to know your fathers siblings and your own as that is as far as my information goes.
Best wishes,
Dianne Ellis

by Helen60 on 2007-10-27 00:30:06

It is very intersesting to read this whakapapa as
my daughter Jessica Isobella-May Edmonds-Saunders is Leef's first cousin ...kiaora Leef :-)... and her dad is Jack Edwin Edmonds. Jack is the second eldest of Bella and Peter Edmonds' children. The oldest is named Thomas, then after Jack is Edith (Gal), then Bert, then Liza, and Daniel is the youngest.(I think I have got this order correct- forgive me if I have not.) All siblings live in or around Kaikohe still, or did when I last was in touch.
Kind regards Helen Saunders

by Diellis on 2007-10-28 15:21:26

Hi Helen60,
Thank you for your note. It has enabled me to fill in a few more gaps.Anything else you may know about Jack and his siblings would be a help as I seem to have lost contact with Leef.
Anything else I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.
All the best,
Di Ellis

by Helen60 on 2007-10-29 00:50:54

Hi Di,
It is not really my story to tell though I can give you Jack's DOB which is 21 November 1960. Jack has many talents and his sister Gal last I heard was running the Kohanga Reo set up by Bella (Ihapera) and Peter in the 1990s. I believe Bella is still also very much involved with the Kohanga which is on their land adjacent to the family home. Bella is a practising Seventh Day Adventist and Thomas (Jack's oldest brother ) is (was?)very involved with the Church. He may even be a Pastor or similar. All my info is relatively current but I have not been in touch for a few months now. A lovely family all with strong heads and good hearts, and Bella is the glue that holds them all together. She is really lovely. Hope this helps.

by Diellis on 2007-10-29 14:47:40

Dear Helen,
Thanks for your info.It certainly helps to be able to put meat on bones. And what a lovely way to describe the family, 'strong heads, good hearts and Bella the glue that holds them together.' I am so lucky to be a part of a family such as this even if we share only the same G-G-Grand Father.
Many thanks,
Di Ellis

by Kimy on 2007-12-09 06:05:31

Kia ora Di,

As Aroha and Hemi stated in their comment I too am a 5th Generation of John Tucker, Hemi is my older Brother.

I'm kinda new at this, but this is a good start.

My Grandfather's name is Ben Taui Edmonds, who had two Brothers. Jimmy (James who died in alamein) and my late uncle Eddie.

This is all rather interesting and would love to stay intouch,

Kind regards,


by tinykiwi on 2007-12-12 22:18:02

kia ora ppl. I am new to this. I am 21yrs old and i live in australia now. My grandmother married an Edmonds. Akiri Alister Edmonds or knowen as (Doug) Anyone know of him out there?? Grandmother's name is Maureen.

I will keep checking to see if anyone has commented.
Thank you


by Diellis on 2007-12-13 23:27:44

Hi tinykiwi,
Good to hear from you. I can't find you grandparents names in my book but I did know a Doug Edmonds, a tall gentleman with grey hair, very distinguished looking. I know I should have his name to hand but can't find it. Do you know who his parents were? It could make things easier and then I'd be able to help you some more.
Look forward to hearing from you. If it is the same Doug, I think I have a photo of him somewhere.
Di Ellis.

by bopbop on 2008-01-05 16:15:12

by allycat on 2008-01-05 16:31:46

It may be well worth it for you all to have a look at this website link - Patriarch Page - EDMONDS DNA Project.

by bopbop on 2008-01-05 16:41:26

Kiaora to all Edmonds whanau who are descendants from John Tucker EDMONDS, my name is Stephanie Reremoana Edmonds and i am a 5th generation mokopuna,my grandad and nanny are the late Graham Papaka [Nanakia] EDMONDS and Erana Kawa AHURIRI-POTAE, my dad is George [Hori] EDMONDS and my beautiul mum is the late Victoria Rebecca EDMONDS [NGARIMU]. It is a privilege to be able to use todays technology to come into contact with whanau that i have either not seen in years or have still yet to meet,


by Gina_marie on 2008-01-29 17:51:55

Kia ora im not sure if you can me i am a grand daughter of Pita Leonard Edmonds my father was the youngest son from what i can see from the family tree book i would like more information on my grandmother as according to the book it differs from the information i have been given my farther never spoke of this side of the family as he was adopted out to the hook side the time has come that i really need to peice together my family if you or anyone can help all information would be greatly appreciated thank you

by Gina_marie on 2008-01-30 00:44:17

can you possibly let me know if all the children listed as maureen yorke and pita edmonds were there own as there is 16 listed and we have been told that the youngest son robert was acually one of dolly yorke,s sons. Thank you

by cat_001 on 2008-02-28 05:56:54

Kia Ora ppl, I live in Australia and is an Edmonds. My late grandfather's name is Ipiri Edmonds (Ypres Edmonds). He was married to my grandmother Marie-hau Edmonds (nee Witehira)from Otaua/Taheke. Together they had my late father whos name is Akiri Alistar Edmonds. My grandfather died in the 70's when I was nine. He and my father are both buried on top of each other at Ngawha Cemetrey. My grandmother is buried at Otaua. I know there is a whakapapa of the Edmonds Family which I was unable to attend. My family had the Whakapapa & when I read it breifly, I was the 16th decendant of Robert The Bruce. I do not have the book anymore as it has gone missing from my family. I am also related to the Beckhams, but without my father or grandparents, I was too young to remember family. Whoever has the Edmonds Whakapapa, please look up under the 16th decendant of Robert The Bruce, you will find my family. Im Catherine, tiny kiwis mum who made a comment.

by Diellis on 2008-03-02 15:51:18

Kia Catherine,
Have looked up your family and found you as Catherine Caroline Edmonds. Is it possible for you to give me any more info on your siblings because all I have is your names but no partners or children? It would be nice to continue filling in gaps and attempting to keep the book up to date.
My name is Dianne Ellis and I come down from Arthur Edmonds Line, 2nd marriage.

by cat_001 on 2008-03-03 02:22:16

Hi Di,
Glad to hear from back from you. Here are the names of my parents, myself & siblings for you to update.
Achillies Alister Edmonds:-(deceased) married Maureen Tarawhiti. Together they had...
Bellona Belle Edmonds:- married now divorced Graham Ellis. Two girls Alysse & Natasha. Alysse now has baby boy Khan with partner Andrew Scotland.
Catherine Caroline Barton:-(nee) Edmonds married & divorced. Had two children - Donnine Rouget Edmonds & Liam Arthur Tony James. Now remarried to Phillip Barton & had son Daniel Mark Barton.
Ypres Harvess Edmonds:- Had eldest daughter Jenna. Then married "Sue" had Leavie, Kayla, Joesph. New partner had Paige, Logan, Arkiri.
Robert Bruce Edmonds:- No children.
Emrys Edward Edmonds:- No children.
I hope this will help you.

by cat_001 on 2008-03-03 02:33:12

Hi again Di,
I forgot to add the most important person, he is between Robert & Emrys. My beautiful brother Daniel Donald Edmonds - (Deceased) died 1973 aged 7 months.
Thanks again,

by Diellis on 2008-03-03 14:37:15

Hi Catherine,
Thank you so much for the information. It has certainly filled in some gaps and helped me make some corrections to some names.
Did you read the message above from tiny kiwi? Seems like the same family.
Anything I can do to help you, don't hesitate to ask.

by cat_001 on 2008-03-04 02:23:42

Hi Di,
Im glad I could help you. It is also benefical to myself and my family. I would like to thankyou so much for what you are doing and I would be interested in a copy in the near future. Yes I did read tiny kiwi's message. I know her very well, shes my daughter. Will keep in touch.

by Hardman001 on 2008-04-27 11:25:22

Tena Koutou,Tena Koutou, Tena koutou E Di. It is wonderful to see that someone has taken up the paddle to our great Waka to steer our Whanau to our Tree of knowledge.
and to all the Edmonds Whanau and families I greet you once I greet you twice and I great you three times My name is Harding Edmonds "Was Haringi Irimana"
I am from Kaikohe a Town in which the Edmonds Reunion took place in 1985 - 1986 Christmas - New years. It was through my step fathers family Herbert Hugh Edmonds originally from Ngawha under John Tucker Edmonds,
decided after our own successful reunion of some 300 descendants decided to embark on a larger scale a reunion that would bring about what you have today. I was then the Secretary to the original committee. Myself and a cousin Daniel lord rest his soul, embarked on a months travelling throughout New Zealand obtaining and accumulating photographs and Whakapapa from all the Edmonds families we visited and went about spreading the the news of a forthcoming reunion.
Meetings were held in Wellington, West Auckland. South Auckland, Whangarei, and Kaikohe. This came about in voting in the Executve Committee at a combined meeting of all committees at Kokiri Au Maungarei. Mount Wellington Auckland. The stories, the tears were so much to enjoy it was a starting of a wonderful experience for so many and perhaps a for a few it was a journey of tears.
1983 we commenced the ball rolling with fund raising in all areas, and having meeting at different areas. It was a challange that all members had put their very heart and souls forth to make this reunion come together. At this point I would like to acknowlege all those families in this panui to thank them for the generosity,the help and the love they all gave unwillingly to make this Reunion happen. To all those whanau still seeking information regarding their Edmonds connection go to the Genelogical Society of New Zealand site and search in their archives as it was originally Verna Mossong who was actually researching and studying John Edmonds. I have a copy of the Reunion book which I will endeavour to place in this area or make it available by other means. I also have some photographs which will also be available. Watch this space for future reference. and I close by saying the Edmonds Reunion also have a song dedicated to the reunion to which I will add to this. To all out there God bless, love one another, my heart goes with you.
Harding Edmonds ( President Edmonds Reunion )
E-mail [email protected]

by katera on 2008-05-19 19:29:38

Kia Ora everyone....I am doing a bit of research and am interested in finding more about the Edmonds family...I have been reading about John Tucker Edmonds........is there a connection to Thomas John Edmonds (Edmonds Baking Powder)...my mum in law now deceased was the beautiful Pani Paenoa Edmonds formerly(Hicks Bay )but lived in Gisborne till her death. It is her family line I wish to know more of...if any one can help me that would be cool. I believed she was connected to Thomas John Edmonds.

by nixpt on 2008-06-06 04:39:21

Kia ora koutou katoa, nga mihi ki a koutou. I am Niki Whetu Edmonds 7th Generation Edmonds from the line of John, Arthur (2nd Generation), Henry (3rd) Ahi (4th) Iri (5th, Pg71 Edmonds Bk), Billy (6th) myself (7th). Thank you for putting this online. 1st question: Do you know Which wife was Henry's mother (Erana or Ani). Secondly I would be interested in any updates or forums that there is to the book. I look forward to any subrscriptions as well or future reunions.

by Diellis on 2008-06-06 17:05:30

Hi Katera,
Sorry it's taken me so long to answer. It's been a busy time. If I have the right person, then sorry there is no connection with Thomas John Edmonds. I have a Pani Kui EDMONDS being the eldest daughter of Graham Papaka (Manakia) EDMONDS who was the youngest child of John Tucker EDMONDS and Raiha PEKAMA. Pani was married twice; first to Walter ROWLAND and second to Peter WANOA.
If this is the right Pani, I would love some help with Pani's children as I have nothing.
Di Ellis.

by Diellis on 2008-06-06 17:37:16

Hi Niki,
Would love to know more of your 6th and 7th generation names as I have huge gaps, but to answer your 1st question, Henry's mother was Erana. Arthur and Erana apparently adopted the eldest 2, Mesheck and Ann then Erana had 7 children to Arthur, the 3rd of these being Henry James EDMONDS.
Update of the book is a long journey but I'm getting there slowly. Thank goodness for Verna Mossong who started all this as a project for the NZSoG where she had to choose an early and not very well known settler to NZ and she chose John Edmonds.
Keep in touch,
Di Ellis.

by hinekawa on 2008-07-03 18:07:44

Tena koutou te whanau whanui
My name is Raewyn Thompson (nee Edmonds). Like the other whanau I too descend from John Tucker's line. My grandfather was Graham Papaka Edmonds & his first wife was Kawa Ahuriri-Potae & his 2nd wife was Erana or Ada or best known as Maw. My father was Milton Whatarangi Edmonds aka Toetoe. I see cousin Stephanie's father is Hori, my dad is his older brother. My mum was Te Whakapono Karaitiana, she passed away in April of this year. We attended the reunion of 1985-86. My eldest daughter was born in November 1985 which made her one of the youngest there. In April of 1986 was when my father passed away. I have read the comment made by Harding, his every word is true. Both he & the late Daniel (belated condolences to the whanau) visited Masterton on a few occassions.
I can recall the mass pohiri, the gathering of such a large whanau under one umbrella at Kaikohe. We have plenty of photos to verify this awesome occassion. The visit to the Edmonds ruins, the stone storehouse in Kerikeri,I bought a taonga from the storehouse for my then baby which she still has today. We visited Kemp house which was next to the storehouse. We had lunch beside the river, had the Edmonds ball, games & activities etc. It was a huge undertaking by the committee, a job well done & received. So whanau give us a holla, would love to hear from you.

by c1950e on 2008-07-28 18:14:46

Kiaora cuz
My name is Charlotte Edmonds. I am also a descendant from John Tucker's line. I have the same grandparents as you. My dad was Sonny Graham Edmonds and my mum was Ellen Waara. Dad was the oldest brother. Both mum and dad have passed on. I have three brothers, George,Monte and Mac. I never got to go to the reunion in Kaikohe or the one in Hicks Bay. I must see if I can get a copy of the reunion books. Love to hear from you

by Diellis on 2008-07-30 14:27:14

Kiaora Charlotte,
It's so good to get information that fills in gaps. One question you could help me with; I have your mother's maiden name as Hira. Is this a mistake or is this her middle name as I see you have her maiden name as Waara?
Look forward to hearing from you,

by Vegas on 2008-08-14 03:26:45

I visited a grave of B Edmonds killed in acton in YPRES 31/12/1917 NZ Maori Battalion

by Buzz on 2008-09-07 19:41:29

I'm another Peter Edmonds, all my direct family know me as Buzz and my other half as Mack who sadly journeyed accross to our tupuna 15 years ago. We went to Northland College with Hardie and phillip and other Edmonds. This technology is amazing what a crazy way to korero with whanau. At the reunion of 85 there were a total of 35 Peter Edmonds there. Between Hardie and I (4th generation)we can probably fill in a lot of anecdotal whakapapa. There are many wonderful stories and tales about our family and I am so pleased to see you younger ones asking questions. I was raised by Pop and Mum, Tamati Tarahawaiki and Puru with Pete and Bella like brother and sister.I recently spent time in England and walked on the Priests Way and visited Swannage and Devon. I gained a great sense of completing who I am

by leanneclendon on 2008-09-15 15:21:17

Kia ora whanau, cn any1 plz tell me where i can get a copy of the faulkners reunion book? My mum Katherine Rangimaria Edmonds and sister Kimberly Clendon attended. I missed the reunion but was told it was awesome. Kind regards Leanne Clendon

by dahniyah on 2008-09-16 23:27:30

Kia Orana Koutou, My name is Tania Akanoa nee Edmonds and my parents are Ahi and Cissy Edmonds from Kaikohe. I was there at the family reunion in Kaikohe. I think we are from the 13th generation if I can remember. I'm sorry but I don't retain the original book we had on the day of the reunion. I lost it when I came to live in Rarotonga.

by dahniyah on 2008-09-16 23:58:12

Sorry to add to the list, I have two other sisters, Esther (born 16 June 1970) who resides in Kaikohe with her two children Zion (born 27 May 2000) and Xodus (born 11 July 2001), Gloria (born 20 Feb 1973) who lives in Whangarei with her boyfriend Nick and his daughter, Ocean, their daughter Aaliyah Nikita Edmonds (born 19 April 2002, died 26 June 2008 aged 6. Our brother Dallas (born 28 May 1978) lives in Brisbane with his partner Robyn Strongman and their baby, Mikaera. My father Ahi Edmonds (born 25 Sept 1950) still resides in Kaikohe and recently laid to rest our mother Cissy Edmonds (nee Te Awa) (born 4 Feb 1949, died 28 Aug 2008. My father's mother's name Te Whaea Tansey and that is all I know on my father's side.

by leef on 2008-09-26 20:48:34

Hi there everyone! (especially di!, I did not realise how long it has been since coming on here!) My dad Bert has made the move to Australia with the majority of my siblings following soon after. I am very interested in hearing from family members, and would like to contact my dad's first cousin Shona if possible.

Leef, daughter of Bert & Angela Edmonds, granddaughter to Peter & Bella Edmonds.

[email protected]

by leef on 2008-09-26 20:54:59


Do you remember the reason I started researching the EDMONDS family? I met a guy called Hira Joseph Edmonds ... well, in about a weeks time he and his family are coming to Great Barrier Island to stay with us for his 21st birthday!!! How awesome is that!

Anyway, he knows very little about our family and I would love to give it to him as a birthday present - even if it is just his portion if possible.

How is the research going? Is there anything more I can give you? just let me know, and I will keep in touch. Leef

by Diellis on 2008-09-28 17:24:12

Hi Leef,
Good to hear from you. You never did get back to me with update of your family eg. your Dads siblings and your own.
Yes you did mention Hira but I need to know his parents and/or grandparents and sure I will print out his portion.
If you've seen the original book you will know what a huge job this is and I skipped ahead to your family for you. At the moment I'm only up to Henry. But I'm getting there slowly.
Look forward to hearing from you,

by nixpt on 2008-11-19 21:23:59

Kia ora Buzz,
What is the Priests Way? Is this a significant place I should know excuse my ignorance I havent' ventured this far yet? Look 4wrd 2 hearing back from you whanau Irimana ki Auckland NZ

by Diellis on 2008-11-30 14:00:48

Hi nixpt,
There is a possibility that John Edmonds spent some time in Worcester with a possible link to Purbeck marble. Remember, John was a stone mason. He also named his property in Kerikeri as Bellevue. John and Mary Ann were married in Swanage. These places are all described in a book, 'Purbeck - the engrained Island'.
The Priests Way was the name of the road running from Worth Matravers to Bellevue and was walked by the priest from Worth who delivered services in the fishing villages at Swanage Bay.
It was the decription of the area that sounded so like Kerikeri Inlet where John ended up living, plus the fact that John may actually have lived and worked in the area in England.
No other significance.

by MissyRichards on 2008-12-15 04:38:12

T&#275;n&#257; koutou katoa.

Greetings wh&#257;nau.

My name is Estelle Richards and I am a descendant of JOHN TUCKER EDMONDS. My great grandmother was TAREWHOUNU PEKAMA and she married ALLAN RICHARDS, they had 7 children, 3 of which died at birth (if I am correct). Their names are; Clara Ngawai TITO, James Allan EDMONDS (he was wh&#257;ngai out to Hemi & Moe Awhi PEKAMA), Fredrick RICHARDS, Jack RICHARDS & Rosie I, II & III. My grandfather is Jack Richards and he married Agnes ROBINSON, and their children are: Clara, Tania, Clifford, Jacquline, Charlotte, James and Jack. Clara is my mother.
I was only 3 years old when this reunion took place, and my mum still has the reunion book and plenty of photo's to go with it :-)

I have more to add to our whakapapa, which I hope to put up soon.

by Wini on 2009-02-01 20:39:49

Hello Dianne Ellis, I am very new to this, but very interested in the whanau tree. I remember seeing the reunion book long time ago. Doug Edmonds showed me the reunion book in 1986 and I noticed that my father and his family was listed in the book. My grandfather name is Hare Wikaira, who had the following children Queenie, Nancy and Donald(my dad). He was married to Ngawini Morunga who died, not sure when, he then remarried, not sure to who. My name is Winnie Wikaira, oldest out of three, then there is my two brothers Harry and Darrin. My brother Harry and myself were named after our grandparents Hare and Ngawini. My mother's name is Rakapa (Gear) Wikaira. My father died I think 6th June 1974. Would love to see photo's and any other information.

by leef on 2009-02-04 00:33:48

hi Di!

from Bella & Peter ...

1: THOMAS EDMONDS + Mata Hohepa
= Wire Joseph Edmonds

2: JACK EDWIN EDMONDS + (?) James (known as chippie)
= Hayley Roimata James

(then there is another BOY in here, but havn't met him, will get his name though)

+Helen Saunders
= Jessica Isabella-May Edmonds-Saunders

+Lorraine Wilson
=Chelsea Edmonds
James Edmonds

3: BERT EDMONDS + Angela Evelyn Edmonds(Marsh)= *Jeremiah Wayne Edmonds

*Leef De'Anne Edmonds + Ricky Hauraki Llewellyn Griffiths=
~Taedyn Hauraki Edmonds-Griffiths
Jorden Manaia Ihapera Griffiths
Alyssa Tiani Llewellyn Griffiths
Sebastian Tamati Tarahawaiki Griffiths
Ricky Riana Victoria Griffiths

*Stacey Francesca Edmonds
*Candida Lynair Edmonds
*Thomas Edwin Edmonds

4: EDITH EDMONDS-KIRE + John Stephens=

*Vicky-Jean Siafa + Makafolifoli Siafa =
~ Eliza-Denyse Siafa (stillborn)
Leo-Aki Makafolifoli Siafa
Danny-Lee Siafa
Meineta Miami Pearl Siafa

*Crystal Lee Lui + Finau Lui
~Patiola Ataahua Lui
Mosese Lui

*Peter James Stephens
*BoDeene Iritana Stephens

then married: Kimiora Kire


*Denyse Patricia Cassidy + Micheal Cox
~MacKenzie Vicky-Jean Cox
*Henry Cassidy
*Kelvin Cassidy
*Leila Simone Cassidy
*Gal Evelyn Cassidy +(?) =
~Henare Cassidy

then married: Robert Johnstone

6:DANIEL EDMONDS + Sonya Edmonds =
*Jade Leighton Edmonds
*Jesse Lee Edmonds
*Gabriella Edmonds
*Daniel Edmonds

+ (?) =
*Candida Edmonds

there are a couple of gaps which I will fill soon, will call my grandmother for the info!

happy inputing! Leef

by Diellis on 2009-02-08 13:42:33

Hi Missy,
Thanks so much for your input. Sorry so long in acknowledging but you know what the silly season is like. Look forward to hearing more from you.

by Diellis on 2009-02-08 13:45:55

Hi Winnie,
Good to hear from you and if you want to give me your address, I can post you some of the photos I have and some information. Thanks for the added info for me to fill in gaps.

by Diellis on 2009-02-08 13:49:10

Hello there Leef,
Great to hear from you again and thanks for all the info. Hope you had a good Christmas and that the New Year has started off right for you. I've been so busy with work and all but I will settle down soon and get stuck in to my book update.

by Wini on 2009-02-08 20:35:46

hello Di,
thank you for your reply, most appreciated. My address is 6 Landa Court, Clarkson, Perth 6030, Western Australia. Can you also send information going up from my grandfather.
There is three of us.
Winnie Wikaira 28.07.65 married Paul Dargaville 11.05.64 our children are Mauritius Michelle 8.12.87 and Chaz Tamatea 7.08.91.
Harry Wikaira 15.08.66 first wife Haroldine Herbert child Shayna (19.10.88?)second wife April child Waiotahi third wife Sherie Baines children Rawinia and Wiremu
Darrin Wikaira 19.11.1970 child Zaria Campbell first marriage. second marriage Tania Gordon child Astin Wikaira 30.07.08
Look forward to receiving information. Thanks.

by Nessa on 2009-02-12 05:32:44

Kia ora Di.
My name is Vanessa Whiteland.
I am Hare Wikaira's First Grand Daughter.
His First Wife, named Te Miringa Mihaka (my Grand mother) And Hare Wikaira Had Two Daughters.
First came,
. Ruhia Wikaira (my Mother) died 15/03/1995
Second came,
. Wini Wikaira.
After Te Miringa passed,Hare then re-married Ngawini Morunga.
His third wife was,Iris.(Last name unknown)
Im am a sibbling of 4 children.

1st-Kelvin Wikaira(Hare raised him up)56yrs old now.

2nd-Paul Whiteland(passed away 2/11/2008) aged 46

3rd-Steven Whiteland(passed away 1969)aged 4

4th-Vanessa Whiteland, aged 37.

I have read Wini Wikaira's feedback, and i would like to say Kia ora cuz.I dont know if we have meet before but i would love to sometime.Say hi to your mum from me.

Ps.Would it be possible to also have some photos of Hare and any info, Di.

Till next time.

by THOMASEDMONDS on 2009-02-14 05:27:27

JOHN EDMONDS MD MARY (strickland)...
THOMAS EDMONDS MD MIHI TE KAPUA (nee pomare)...(whangaruru)



MD KEREHI (nee pene)
















by mickymouse on 2009-03-25 01:40:46


by rainzy on 2009-03-29 01:29:34

Hi Di
Just found this site, it's great.
Trying to do a bit of whakapapa on my Edmonds, Cook families.
My Great great grandfather was Marcellus Cook, born Massachusetts America. I have his marriage certificate which states married 11 Jan 1892 to Chalotte Hilda Edmonds, however she was already a widow at 16, so her maiden name must have been Strongman, as her parents are down as Davis Strongman and Matilda Strongman nee (Edmonds). Not sure which Edmonds she 1st married. Anyway I know there was some brother sister thing going on back then, but can't quite piece it all together. I have had it explained to me in the past but can't quite recall how it goes. Anyway hope this of some use to you.

by enid on 2009-05-15 16:01:55

Kia Ora
My lineage is from Matilda and Davis and my piccie profile is their grandson and myself in the mid 1990s (Percy Strongman). Any more updates would be great. I have in the last week found out there are some Edmonds buried on Aroha Isld. I went there 4 years ago and have had it confirmed last week. Apparently there is about 14 graves on the Island.
Contact me anytime, Donna.

by katera on 2009-05-25 06:01:35

Kia Ora Di, what a mammoth loving task you have undertaken. Much appreciated and thank you. I note that there are family members of Pani Kui Wanoa (Edmonds)and some of them have commented here. My name is Vicki, my maiden name was Greet. I was married to Tom, Pani & Peter's son. I would so love some help to try and fill in the gaps of mum and pa's family. The Rowlands side I have, but would love more info on the Edmonds, i.e her brothers and sisters.
If anyone can help me on the Wanoa side, would appreciate it too.
Di....the Rowlands children are June and Richmond.
Wanoa children.....Albert Mulligan,Sam,Tom,Ned, Rawiri,Ellen, Maria (deceased) Morgan(deceased),Clifford (deceased. Will try and get your the dates of birth, and children of issues.


by katera on 2009-05-25 06:12:40

P.S. I have noted Stephanie's post and Charlotte's so have been able to fill some more gaps, but am desperate for the rest of Pani's family's details and any children from her brothers and sisters.

Mine and Tom's children are....Steffan Wanoa, dob 06/12/1974; Peter Hugh Wanoa (baby deceased)17-21st September 1977; David Simmons Wanoa dob 04/07/1978; Kim Renee Wanoa dob 02/01/1980, and Shaun Lee Wanoa, dob 14/12/1993.

Steffan married Paula Monti and they have 3 children..Brooke Paige Wanoa, dob 15th April 1994; Taine Jordan Wanoa dob 5th February 1999 and Tyra Trenyce Wanoa dob 3rd June 2003.



by EveH on 2009-06-19 23:27:12

kia ora di,
my names Eve Hansen ,
mi mother is Mihi Tirauweherua Matilda Howe,when she was younger her surname was Hau,
My grandmother died around 1957 her name was Mihi TeKapua Edmonds,her mother had the same given and surname.
One way or another the edmonds whanau connect up eventually but it does go way back.
Was just wondering if my grandmothers name rings any bells.


by Diellis on 2009-06-22 21:14:00

Hi Eve,
No bells ringing at the moment but when I get time, I will look her up and send you a message.
Cheers, Di

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2009-06-26 16:57:43

Hi I'm related to the Edmonds.Strongman,Pehi Whanau from up round Kaikohe,Kerikeri,Paihia .My mum's parents were :(My Grand parents) Era Hirini Kopa(Strongman)(Nee:Paraone-Kawiti & *Robert William Henry Strongman*,Great grandparents:*Robert William Strongman* & Maryann Margaret Strongman(O'dell Gorrie),Great Grandparents: Davis Strongman & Matilda Strongman (Nee: Edmonds)Great,Great,Grandparents:*Arthur Edmonds* & Erana Edmonds (Nee: Kaire Pehirehi)Matilda was his daughter, she was named after her father's sister :Matilda Hingston (Nee:Edmonds)Also I've been in contact with :Sarah & Louis Goffe's descendants: who live all around New Zealand,Also I've been researching the Budlong Whanau as well ,as Jane Elizabeth had married: George Edward Budlong from Providence,Rhode Island,USA ,as he and :Louis Clifford Goffe were both from;Rhode Island,USA.

by Diellis on 2009-06-29 20:18:12

Thanks for all that info Maoriwahine2007. You have been busy. Would you consider sharing what you have on the Sarah and Louis Goffe descendants??

by delbabe123 on 2009-06-30 23:59:47

hi everyone or should I say whanau, I too am a descendant of John Tucker Edmonds and Maryanne Strictland. I have an avid interest in this subject. Im still working out my ancestors, but with continued reading of this site will undoubtedly unearth interesting facts. Keep it up great reading

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2009-07-10 03:02:31

Hi Di yes I don't mind sharing all whanau info with you , as I have the Edmonds Whanau book as well. So I've found most of the descendants of Arthur Edmonds sister's :Sarah & Jane Edmonds, so I'm going to meet up with Sarah & Louis Goffe descendants, this coming October, as they are having a Whanau reunion ,way down in Palmerston North "well actually Fielding to be exact.So please email me on:[email protected] Well any whanau who is interested in obtaining a copy of the Edmonds Whanau book they are more than welcome to have a copy on disc. Naku Ora Mai : Terena

by lyrik217 on 2009-07-13 17:17:07

Kia Ora Di
I'm Leef's first cousin Vicky Jean Siafa (as mentioned in her message)
I googled my own name and found this site awsum work always choice to meet up with new whanau.
I thought I'd fill sum of the gaps as Leef mentioned above. The korero in capitals are gaps filled and adjustments the rest is all correct.. Awsum kuzzy Leef!!

from Bella & Peter

1. Thomas & Matha NEHO
= Wire HOHEPA Edmonds

2. Jack Edwin Edmonds+ SHARON James (And yes he has a few others all to be confirmed)
= JAHVIS PETERA (after Grandad Peter)
= pregnant due in July 2009

+ Lorraine Wilson
= Chelsea
= James

4. Gal
Just a few additions to my whanau.
Vicky Jean + Makafolifoli Siafa
= Eliza-Denyse Siafa (20/02/02) Still born buried at St Micheals Cemetery SH 12 Ngawha at the feet of Thomas & Ella (my Great Grandparents)
= Leo-Aki Makafolifoli 111 Siafa 01/12/04
= Danny-Lee Jayjay Siafa 26/06/06
= Meineta Miami-Pearl Siafa 28/10/07
and now = Lincoln-Blayze Bodeene Siafa 12/06/09

5. Eliza ....
Denyse has now a son to Errol Tarawa
= Romanie Joseph Tyler Tarawa
and Gal Evelyn Cassidy + Anaru Tarawa (younger bro to Errol)
= Henare Tarawa

6. Daniel Edmonds
his son Jade has three children
Jade Lee Edmonds + Saphire
= Quinton Lee Edmonds

+ (? Rosewarne partners last name I can't remember 1st name)
= Tysharna (I think) (girl)
= Kelly-Swae (boy)

I also have photos of John Tucker and wife Raiha
and photos of Thomas & siblings...will addd soon as so glad to have found this site..

Ka kite Vicky Jean

by wihongipekamawhanau on 2009-07-19 23:45:44

Kia ora Whanaunga,

My name is Tanya. I am the youngest daughter of Rhybon Pekama and Ianga Wihongi, the grand-daughter of Reiha Miria Edmonds and Renata Pekama, and the great grand daughter of John Tucker Edmonds and Raiha Pekama. John was the son of John Edmonds and Maryann Stickland. Renata and Raiha were the children of Hemi Tahuhunuiorangi Pekama.

I have a copy of both Edmonds Reunion Books and regularly revisit the pages. The full one (covering the Children of John and Maryanne) titled John Edmonds _ A Very Suitable Man for New Zealand and the 2nd - a partial copy of just the John Tucker Edmonds line printed or amended in April 2002 by Joseph David Young.

My mother Rhybon lives with me and is 88 years of age. She is known as Auntie Girlie. We will be happy to help in any way. Our email is [email protected] Arohanui The Wihongi-Pekama Whanau.

by lyrik217 on 2009-07-21 14:17:02

Kia Ora Tanya!! Awesome to see you on here. It's Vicky Jean from Kia Tupato Security (Maka's wife) From reading your message now I clearly see the connection between our families.. I soooo love Whakapapa and seeing all the links... Have added your email to my address book. Ka kite ano Vicky Jean Maka & Whanau

by wihongipekamawhanau on 2009-07-21 19:07:15

Kia Ora Vicky Jean... awesome to get the update on your familylines also. Isnt this great. I just googled John Tucker Edmonds and found so many links I was blown away. We have always wanted to know more about Nanakias line..and now I feel like the gaps are all being filled as his descendants also want to know more about him. Wonderful aye. Love to Maka xxx

by DionAllan on 2009-09-10 15:49:02

Kia Ora all, My whanau is a mystery but I may be on the right path here. My mother's name is Maude Celia Edmonds (or Irimana) although she was born a Samuels and took her Mothers name. She was born in 1959 in Kaio and was orphaned as a child. Due to unfortunate circumstances my mother does not speak openly about the Edmonds side of the family. What I do know is that she lived with her Grandfather Hemi Irimana and his second wife. By all accounts he was a kind man. My mother became part of there family when her parents died. She learned to speak Maori fluently at a time when it was frowned upon. I grew up in Sydney and have lost connection with my whanau. Anyway, I hope there is someone out there that can help unravel some of this mystery. Arohanui Dion Allan (born Kaitaia)

by harryandlinda on 2009-09-11 21:42:25

Kiaora, I know your mum Maude I nursed with her at the Kaitaia Hospital in 1969 - 1970. She phoned our home about 2 years ago and spoke to my husband Harry about an ad on Old Friends about our sch. Reunion in Kaikohe. They had a great catch up, we havn't seen her since way back in the 70's. And more importantly yes this Edmonds line is your whanau. I will look up the Edmonds whanau Reunion book and find more whanau names for you. I do know 1 of your mums brothers and was speaking to him last week. Say "Hi" to mum for us please.
Hope this has been some help.
Harry and Linda

by LeshaMay on 2009-09-13 16:38:20

Kia Ora I descend from Arthur Edmonds who I have recorded as John Samuel Edmonds and Mary Anne Strickland's son is this right? Is he John Tucker Edmonds Brother? I would love some help on this, there are a lot of things on the internet about John Tucker Edmonds but not much on Arthur Edmonds that I can find.
Lesha-May Thomas, Pleasant Point, South Canterbury.
[email protected]

by DionAllan on 2009-09-13 20:42:31

Kia Ora Harry and Linda!!!! Firstly Thank You for your reply and secondly I had got some of my facts wrong. Mum turned 60 a couple of days ago (born 1949 not 59) and I visited her for her Birthday in Brisbane where she now lives. A long way from Kaikohe where she was born (The heartland of the Nga Puhi). Mum was a nurse and moved to Kaitaia where I was born in 1969 to Maude and Anthony Allan. I have always longed to know my whanau and I am so happy to have found somebody out there in the ether. I would appreciate some names and I am planning on taking mum back home to try and visit some people. Please pass on my email address to any of the Edmonds out there [email protected] I will definitley say Hi to mum. Arohanui Dion.

by Pandy on 2009-09-22 02:35:03

Kia ora Terena

Thank you from my family of Minnie Edmonds and David Moran.

John and Maryann Edmonds
John Tucker Edmonds = Raiha Pekama
Minnie Edmonds B 1877-1960 = David Moran B 1862
Died 1917
My grandfather Alfred James Moran B 1899 D 1972
Granpa died 8th September 1972 in Te Puia hospital. He is buried in Rahui Cemetery Wharekahika (Hicks Bay)He was known as "Sailor" and moved to Hicks Bay with the Ngapuhi bush felling gangs about 1917.

On page 171 of "Wharekahika" by Laurie Lawson 1987 is recorded that granpa told of being way-laid by would be muggers at the Karakatuwhero River crossing and defended him self with his stirrup iron. He married my granmother Ruatawa Tangitipua Tipene (Tawa)She was B 6th June 1906 at Mangamuka.

Recorded on page 207 of Lawson's book is -
"From Hicks Bay, Tangitipua Tipene moved to Northland to work. He married Hira Harris. The couples children were born in Northland. Five children Tieke, Nguru, Ira and Ruatawa went back to Hicks Bay with their parents."

According to my cousin John Moran Wellington grandpa and nanny Tawa married 31st May 1920 in the Te Araroa registars office. Mr Arnold A WHithead registrar. The marriage was witnessed by Hera her mother and signed with a "X"
The other witness was Hata Tipene (Tangitipua's Brother)

After leaving school nanny worked as a housemaid to Rev. Hone Waitoa in Te Araroa. The couple lived at first in bush felling camps in tents or in nikau Whares dug into the sides of hills were they were working.

Grandpa was also a bridge builder and rigger.

My sisters Tangi Mihi and I were sent from Tolaga Bay about 1958 to attend Wharekahika Native School

We returned to Hauiti Tolaga Bay after the family home was built about 1959 - 1960.

Granpa and grandma had 8 children

Minnie Lenora Moran B 15/02/1925
D 15/04/2009

Frank David Moran B 17/03/1927

Edward Moran B 25/11/1928
D 25/02/1929

Elsie Margaret B 15/07/1931

Terewai(Terry)B 15/04/1934

Violet (Didium) Moran B 30/01/1936

Alfred James (Beau) B 28/10/1938 D 1993

Trivina Lavinia (Vena) B 22/06/1942 D????

My father Frank David Moran married Hoana Rata Temepara of Tolaga Bay B 23/05/1929 D 27/03/1992
They had 12 children

Te Hiriwa(Silvia) Edwina Moran B 10/08/1959 D 16/04/1950 Buried Poututama Cemetery Tolaga Bay

Frances Teresa Rangiwai B 15/08/1950
Tangi Walker B 18/09/1951
Mihi Bagnall B 1952
Doreen Joan Mitchell B 19/01/1954
Mahuta Te Rata Moran B 04/05/1955
Maryann Moran 1956
Georgina Hale B 1958
Faye Ward B 1959
David James Toha Moran B 02/05/1960 D 2001 Buried Public Cemetery Tolaga Bay (No Issue)
Lucillie Marjorie Moran B 11/01/1963
Timothy Edward Knight Moran B 27/07/1965

As a result of my parents marriage there are about 124 descendents - grand children and greatgrand children

Frances Rangiwai

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2009-09-22 15:35:31

Kia Ora & Noho Ora Mai to all my whanau, if you would like to have copies of the Robinson/Shelford whanau book , or of the Goffe Whanau info please don't hesitate in contacting me on either via my email address which is: [email protected] , or alternatively via home phone: 07. 886:4485: Mob. 021.1866651, or via Face Book - as I'm on Face Book under : Joyce Taylor.

Noho Naku Mai : Joyce

by nixpt on 2009-11-25 02:16:59

Kia ora Di
re: on 2008-11-30 14:00:48 The Priests Way. It has been sometime since I have been back on here, but have found my way back after a Matauranga Maori paper had sent me back. After reviewing this site its so easy to forget and a matter of having to sit here and re-review again my history. All for the better though, I have made myself a a beautiful powerpoint presentation, which I presented to my classmates regarding my whakapapa, and I didn't do too bad, thanks to the help of modern technology. I had my wireless internet so easily sat in class doing my whakapapa.
Here are some details of my heritage as earlier mentioned.
G1 John Samuel
G2 Arthur
G3 Henry James + Ahenata Pou
G4 Te Ahitereinga Hare(not Ahiterangi as per the bk)
G5 Kairirangi Edmonds Pg 71 Edmonds Bk
Nans children as per pg 71
Billy, Faith Hohepa, Alice Hohepa, Victor Hohepa.
G6 Toku Papa - Nikora Wiremu Irimana Edmonds
(otherwise known as Bill or Billy Edmonds)pg89
G7 - my generation which would continue pg 120
Gina Marie Edmonds
Duncan Ngawati Edmonds
Anahera Angel Edmonds (Ana)
Maraea Edmonds
Nicola Whetu Edmonds (Niki)
Louis Teruihana Omeka Edmonds

Children of Gina
Chantal Marie Edmonds
Tyrone Edmonds
Crystal Edmonds
Seshat Edmonds

Children of Duncan
Duncan Junior Edmonds
Nerissa Edmonds
Bradley Edmonds

Children of Anahera Edmonds
Lance Nikora Edmonds
Braxton Edmonds
Thorton Edmonds
Ben Aperahama Edmonds
Bailey Edmonds
Te Riki Edmonds

Children of Maraea
Triani Altreen Edmonds
Hendrix Edmonds

Aku Tamaahine
Imogen Toni Temepara Edmonds-Lagahetau
Kairirangi Sarah-Jane Edmonds

Children of Louis
Kororia Hareruia Azure Edmonds (Zurah)
Niki Edmonds

Children of Chantal Marie Edmonds
Taylor-Jade Ngatai-Edmonds
Nikora Ngatai-Edmonds
Chris Ngatai-Edmonds

Children of Lance Nikora Edmonds
Alana Edmonds
Makiri Edmonds

Children of Duncan Junior Edmonds
have 2 get back 2 u on these 2

but otherwise thats it. It's nice 2 have it on internet for reference sake. Need to do a little followup.

Haven't had a good read of the new posts, but will try.

kia ora tatou.

Nikora Whetu Irimana

by ngapuhi73 on 2009-12-21 19:28:16

Kia Ora all....i am a 5th generation from John Tucker Edmonds my great graddad was Tom Edmonds,my granddad was Bert Edmonds and my mum is hilda Edmonds.

by blueberry on 2009-12-26 21:18:50

Hello, I am one of Minnie Edmonds and David Moran's great grand daughters, grand daughter of there son George [Dick], I was born in Whangarei and lived there till 1973 but I never got to meet my grandfather , but I have always wondered about my Great Grandmother Minnies life, if there is any one that can help me I would love to here from you , Many thanks

by dpeatling on 2010-02-19 01:55:48

Hi there, Arthur Edmonds was my grt grt grandfather - we come down through his second marriage to Annie Ngapere (Pita and 2nd wife Hemoata TITO - Ihapera (Bella) and Eward CLARKE).
I was just wondering how I would get a copy of the book as I am living in Aust.?

by Diellis on 2010-02-24 17:26:15

Hi ngapuhi 73, thanks for your info.
Hi Blueberry, I will get back to you with info on Minnies life.
Hi dpeatling, there are no more of the original books available. Will let you know when the update is near to completion.
Cheers,Di Ellis

by waitaha on 2010-03-22 00:32:05

Kia Ora, My name is Michelle Morunga (nee Woods), I am married to Warren Morunga and we have a daughter Teina Rose Morunga.
My great grandparents were Tamati Tarahawaiki EDMONDS and Ella Puru (BRZINICH), my grandmother was Rose who married Jack Woods, my Dad John Woods..my Mum, Patrica Woods...would LOVE a copy of the update, your gonna need lots by the looks.....always been interested in the storys of the Edmonds as my Nana Rose died when my Dad was 16 being the eldest of 5 kids (John, Grant, Kathy, Donna and Lisa) I feel like there is alot of unknown whanau history.

by blueberry on 2010-03-22 03:31:42

Hi Blueberry, I will get back to you with info on Minnies life.
Hi dpeatling, there are no more of the original books available. Will let you know when the update is near to completion.
Cheers,Di Ellis

Thank you very much

by Boy on 2010-04-04 07:57:32

kia ora everyone on here.
my name is ray edmonds & im 22yrs of age & im just tryna learn my whakapapa.
my mothers name is kaye erena kawa edmonds & her father is georg edmonds.he is son of grayhem edmonds knowing as gum diggers or something back in those days which he moved his way down from ngawha springs & seatled in hicks bay & married ellen potae also knowing as ellen ahuriri.
my great grandfather grayhem was 1 of many children(sons) to john tucker edmonds & raiha pekema which john tucker was a son to john edmonds & mary srictland.so i think that makes me round the 6th generation mark i think haha.
if there's any1 that can help me clear things up & learn more about my whanau & conections that will be much appreciated.i can also provide some info to the family tree.my grandfather george his brothers & sisters & also my grandfathers children(my mum) & there children(me n cuzzys) & our children.

mind the spelling hehe
kia ora

by Boy on 2010-04-04 08:13:03

kia ora ngapuhi 73
was jst readn ur msg & i think ur grandfather is cuzzys wit my grandfather.i think ur great grandfather tom & my great grandfather grayhem r brothers.my grandad is george edmonds & has about 16 siblings all to grahem edmonds there father & mother ellen potae(ahuriri).my grandad told me he neva met his dads siblings but knew of a uncle tom & monsel(mounsel) edmonds,not to sua of spelling.so i gather the uncle tom he was talking bout is your grandfather.
im only new to this so my knowledge of the family tree nt 2 flash.be good to talk tho.could learn alot.

by jewels12 on 2010-08-23 07:21:28

kia ora kouto katoa,
This was a great section to find and hello to my son 'Boy' whom beat me to it. Haha!!!

John Edmonds - Maryanne Strickland
John Tucker Edmonds - Raiha Pekema
Graham Papaka Edmonds - Ellen Potae (Ahuriri)
George Edmonds - Victoria Ngarimu
Ko au: Kaye Erena Edmonds - Julian Paul
Ko Tama:Ray (Boy) Edmonds - Tess Dohgerty

We have visited Nga Wha Springs for the first time in our life and we visited a homestead where John Tucker Edmonds raised his children. The most inspirational journey we have taken in a long time. Dad is 73yrs this year and it has filled a gap of acknowledging an identity with his whenua and whanaungatanga revelation.
The reunion was an event we weren't privileged to know but am interested in looking at the red velvet book that came out at the time.
Please follow up with whatever information is available because it's a time in our life that fulfills the identity crisis of knowing where we come from and who else is in the family cycle.
Yours truly, Kaye.

by edmondsallan on 2010-08-27 00:55:04

edmondsallan-- Hi diellis I have the following info on " Samuel Calkin " It may be of use . His hotel was alongside the old railway station in Whangarei.
He was invovled in a court case in whangarei in April 1892.
Samuels daughter was an amuter singer and sang at local concerts One concert was at the Volunteer Hall ( Arthur was their with some of his Family in attendance)This was called the promenade Concert in May 1889
Louisa & samuels Marriage was in 1869 A copy is available from Wellington Reg 'No' 4122 hope this may help - -regarda edmonsallan

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2010-08-29 05:55:14

Kia Ora Whanau I have just updated the Edmonds Whanau Info,if you would like to know more you can contact me on .07.349:3030. or via my email address [email protected]

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2010-08-29 05:55:29

Kia Ora Whanau I have just updated the Edmonds Whanau Info,if you would like to know more you can contact me on .07.349:3030. or via my email address [email protected]

by Diellis on 2010-08-30 23:52:03

Thanks Allan and maoriwahine. Every little helps. I'll be in touch.

by Maoriwahine2007 on 2010-09-13 06:24:51

Hi to all Whanau I have just updated all the Edmonds Whanau info, with the help of one lovely person Allan Edmonds, so I have added it along with a copy of :John Edmonds A Very Suitable Man for New Zealand.So I have done my own research to add as well. So if any of you would like to contact me you can on .07.349:3030. Nga Mihi Joyce

by daphne_s on 2010-12-30 15:04:18

Dear Di
I would like to obtain a copy of your Book John Edmonds, A suitable man.I am a descendant of John George Petingale.Is it too late to give you updates for the fifth generaton on your updated book? I think you have done a wonderful job. Please let me know how I can get a copy.
Kind Regards
Daphne Schollum (nee Edmonds)

by edmondsallan on 2010-12-30 16:08:01

HELLO DI it is great to see the interest being shown in our family tree . May it continue forever

by Shippies on 2011-01-03 04:56:52

Hello my Nannys name is Elizabeth Allen (nee Edmonds)also know as Aunty Lizzie. She was born in the late 1890,s and died in 1976. She lived in Ahipara. As a child I often went to tangis with her in the Mangamuka and Horeke area.I know very little about her family. She did mention that she was related to the edmonds that helped build the Stone Store. But I was too young to remember how. I was told that her first husband died in the epidemic in about 1918. Her second husband was Jack Noble Allen. She could not have children so they adopted my dad. I did a birth search and found that there was a Elizabeth born to John Tucker Edmonds and Eliza about the time my Nanny was born. So I googled John Tucker Emonds and found this site. Do you have any information about their daughter Elizabeth. I am wondering if she is my Nanny. Thankyou.

by krizo on 2011-03-14 03:43:15

hi......i am mike krsinic,grandparents were tom and ella edmonds,mother was may (tangi)edmonds,married nick krsinic. have a brother roy.sisters linda,nita and etta. would love to know more bout the whanau.

by edmondsallan on 2011-03-14 03:45:05

yes the Maori side of the edmonds ia well known -regards

by krizo on 2011-03-14 03:58:04

i remember going to ngawha,watching grandad hook up the horse,and us kids going to the springs.was soooooo good.remember gran hiding her smokes.....but man,could that lady cook!!! remember the whanau having so much fun at the old place....remember aunty carol,larry,shona,aunty louie,uncle sam,bert,jack woods and aunty rose,and alot i cant put names to. i remember the smell of the wood shed,the corn stored in there,nana,s cooking.....mmmmmmmmm....i miss those times so much.

by krizo on 2011-03-14 04:01:43

would love to see a copy of the book..... [email protected] if anyone can,or would like to buy a copy.

by jade21 on 2011-04-10 03:17:37

kia ora whanau
my name is jade brown and this is my connection to the Edmonds Whanau.
John Tucker Edmonds=Raiha Pekama (2nd Marriage)
Manihera Edmonds (G Grandfather)
Manihera Edmonds=Te Awhi Rauahi (2nd Marriage)
Ihapera Komene (nee Edmonds) Grandmother
Tai Renata Komene=Ihapera Komene (nee Edmonds)
Doreen Brown (nee Komene) Mother
Manuel Peter Brown=Doreen Brown (nee Komene)
Jordan, Tony, Moana, Tania Brown (my brothers and sisters)

I have a copy of the Edmonds book its my mothers anyone who wants to view is most welcome. I reside in Tokoroa.
kia ora koutou!!!!

by Bedmonds on 2011-04-28 01:13:15

Hello to the Edmonds tribe. My name is Mark Edmonds.I am (I believe) 6th generation. son of Peter Stanley Edmonds and Wilma Nagio Edmonds (Watson). my Grandfather was Stanly Edmonds. He was a headmaster on Nuie in the 1930-40's. My parents bought 30 odd acres of land on the kerikeri inlet (south side) when I was 9-10 yrs old on Edmonds rd opposite the Edmonds ruins.I grew up playing on the old homestead ruins. About 2000 I met a Maori elder, Joe Cotton, He drove one of the Russel car ferries, (regrettably Joe died a few years ago) at the Russel boating club, who had a book or file of all our history including letters between John and the church. John's wife (Mary)was of much concern to Marsden and Kemp, who did not want her to educate the Maori, however John built a schoolhouse down at the entrance to the inlet and she continued to teach. John and the two boys (John and Tucker I think) having little else to do, widened the walking track from the stone store to Kerikeri township allowing horse and cart access. At this time the entrance to the Kerikeri inlet had a trading store(Booze and Women) for the sailors waiting for the tide to enter the Kerikeri and Waipapa rivers to load Kauri for England and Australia.I have only snippets of information because at the time I,d gone to Joe's place (in Russel) to grab some gear for the twilight race and I didn't have much time. Wherever that book now is , it's got so much information. I'm in Sydney now having sailed out of N.Z. 2001.

by Nauvoo07 on 2011-05-16 06:49:11

Hi everyone. My name is Sha Tahere (nee Komene). I am from the same line as my 1st cousin above - username: Jade21. My dad and his mum are brothers and sisters. My grandmother is Ihapera Teauraki Komene(nee Edmonds). Just for those who want to know abit more about the Edmonds family. If you are ever passing through Kaikohe, check out the family history centre at the church (the church of jesus christ of latter day saints) There's a whole book on John Tucker Edmonds and the family. You can also use the computers as alot of the family names will be on file.

by margecame on 2011-08-23 17:15:11

Hi everyone my name is Marge Came (nee Gardiner) and i follow from the Arthur Edmonds line my mother is Susan (Huhana) Edmonds, both my parents pass when i was very young and wondered if anybody had pictures from back in the 60's.
i have 10 siblings in my whanau 5 of which are still alive today.
It guts me because i hardly no any thing about my whanau because my parents pass so young
thanks alot

by madie2011 on 2011-08-26 09:51:58

hi whanau my name is alma september my mum was an edmonds her father was edward turahia edmonds he was known as ned edmonds he was a ratana priest. my granfater's dad was arthur edmonds and his father's name was john edmonds. i am the 5th generation of ned edmond's family my mother's name was epidemic mangumangu edmonds gee I don't know what my my grndparents were thinking of when they named her that my poor mum. My father's name was hetekia rauhina.

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by iain_s on 2012-01-08 08:21:32

Kia ora Dee and other whanau!

Dee said: "kia ora ppl. I am new to this. I am 21yrs old and i live in australia now. My grandmother married an Edmonds. Akiri Alister Edmonds or knowen as (Doug) Anyone know of him out there?? Grandmother's name is Maureen."

Your grandmother, was she Maureen Edmonds nee Strongman?

nga mihi


by iain_s on 2012-01-08 08:31:14

aroha mai, I see it now in one of your mum's posts - different Maureen.

see ya

by Stu_H on 2012-04-24 16:08:21

Kia ora Di..thanks for starting this. My mum was Ella Georgina Edmonds, better known as Bobbie. She was born about 1940 and died 2002. Her birth mother was Tim (proper name unknown), but she was raised by Tom and Ella. My Dad is Vern. Was the Jane Edmonds (who married George Budlong) you mentionmed in your opening post Larry's mum? Ngapuhi73, we used to come to your place in Hatfields beach...

by dbcook on 2012-05-15 06:50:06

where and how does Marcellus Cook fit in with the Edmond Clan, He is buried at Paengaroa Urupa Skudders Beach Kerikeri with his 2 wives and all of whanau whanui.....Boxer Cook 2160 Panguru.Hokianga. [email protected]....cheers..

by Ranz on 2012-05-27 14:37:30

kia ora madie2011..kei te pehea koi..

I am your cousin Rangiheuea Edmonds. My father was Taipoto Edmonds, oldest brother of your mum who we called Aunt Demic.
Seems to have been quite some time since we last seen each other..eh cuz. BTW whanau used to call me Stafford but i prefer to go by whats on my birth Cert. Join Facebook and look for Rangi Edmonds,..also look for Rangimarie Ponga, another cuz, daughter of Aunt Rosina. We also have an Edmonds + Strickland Whanau Group on FB
Hope to catch up...Arohanui to u and your whanau

by Buzz on 2012-08-27 16:52:30

Have finally come back on line again and read all the latest contributions so this is just a brief giday to some of the enquirers. My logo on here has always been Buzz as that is what the home family have always called me. A wee while ago I was in England and visited Swannage, walked along the Priests way and found a church where family baptisms took place. There is/are stories within stories.

Krizo entry date 14/3/11 last spent time with you at your mother, my aunty Tim's, funeral. I grew up with mum and pop in Ngawha and remember you coming home to the farm for holidays with Roy Nita and Linda. I also remember your home in Panorama Rd and your dads grape vines and home brew. You have some very close relatives who have made resent entries. I have your E address and will drop you a line.

Mark entry date 26/8/11. Met your dad just after he purchased the Kerikeri property. He was digging out gorse and I climbed a fence to ask directions. My grandfather Tom Edmonds and I were looking for the old family home he was raised in, after the stone home burnt down. I said hi Im Peter Edmonds and were looking for ----- your dad had the biggest grin on his face and said hi Im Peter Edmonds too. With his directions we found the old place and Pop also found their old well that was brick lined with steps down to the water. The old home was further down from the ruins. Your dad said he wanted to raise his children on family land and again. At the 1985 reunion there were 35 Peter Edmonds there, the name Peter has traditionally been passed down to the second sons in families since settlement in NZ there is lots more to this story.

Stu entry date 24/4/12. Hey mate you promised to touch base, I grew up with your mum
visited your home in Waiuku many times had lots of long late night talks with your mum and dad and enjoyed being told of the milestones you and your sisters were reaching. Are you still in the police force, how old are your children now? My Email address is [email protected] gives a bell this is another case of stories to tell.

by Buzz on 2012-08-30 23:50:47

Giday Leef on Waiheke: are you guys still there doing your art/craft thing. I wish some of you kids would actually make the effort and get out and meet/know us seniors.
You have a marvellous techno world unlike the one we grew up in though a lot of us manage our way around the net etc. It would be great if there were more Email addresses attached to notes so those of us who have some answers can korero direct or have kanohi ki te kanohi. I recall seeing your entry just before my Nephew Joseph Hira from Auckland visited and wonder if you have kept in touch.

by kotiroma on 2012-10-31 02:16:21

I want to warn you against purchasing information from a user, on this post. This person. will offer you a cd of what they have. They may even build themselves up so they look reputable.
You will be advised to use paypal, delivery and postage arrangements made. Unless you can absolutely ensure the sender is going to deliver, You will not receive your cd.

As Edmondsallen has already posted several years back, this site is absolutely free and the sharing of information is freely exchanged, As he did with this person, who took it another step and is charging eager researchers for the information gathered from this site. The person is also active on other genealogy sites, so be warned.

by gailambler on 2012-11-03 22:54:26

Kia ora Di

My name is Gail Maria Ambler 6th gen to John Samuel EDMONDS

G1 Robert Edmonds abt 1708
G2 Robert Edmonds b 7 Jan 1738
G3 William Edmonds b 6 Marr 1768
G4 John Samuel Edmonds b. 25 Dec 1799
G5 Arthur (Aata) Edmonds m Erana (Ellen) Kareariki
G6 Henry James Edmonds m Marara Edmonds (Pou)
G7 Hemu Hau Edmonds b 1887
1st Matire Rameka Edmonds (Kere)
3rd Maianga Edmonds (Wihongi)
4th Maata Edmonds (Wihongi)

My grandmother was the 2nd wife (which was not recorded)

2nd Rianna Patariki (one ore name need to check) Ialso have her birthdate and a photo of her and her brother.

Children to Hemi Hau vs Rianna (will send this as well)

Sorry its on my computer at home and I was just looking at it all this morning. My mum is the last alive in her family & I try to capture stories of her childhood. We have a lot of whanau visiting asking mum for information but she cant remember it straight away. She is good however at looking at a photo and remembering things that happend and it may be 50 years ago she remembers. So I thought I would google to track something on my grandfather Hemi Hau Edmonds & found this website.
Lots to add for this line under Hemi & Rianna. Will come back to you. My email is [email protected] if you need to reach me or for that matter anyone else that may need to know more.

by KarioiLena on 2012-11-13 11:06:35

Hello and Kia Ora I attended the 1985 reunion at Kaikohe and just wanted to update and add additions to the Edmonds family tree of John Edmonds & MaryAnn Stickland- down through their eldest son Samuel- Arthur-Howard Milton White-Alan Clayton married (first wife)Irene Joan Grace Edmonds - Lynne Adrienne(nee Edmonds) - married Chris Higgins (Hamilton)
- Christian Jacob Higgins (Raglan) partner Robyn Rutherford (Raglan)- Leah Rutherford Higgins born 16/01/2006

- Nicholas Jason Higgins (Raglan) married (1st wife)Julie Cockram (Golborne,Lancashire, England)
- Ra Nikail Higgins born 25/08/1992
- Aram Jules Higgins born 5/11/2003
and from (2nd wife) Amber Goudie
- Shea Goudie-Higgins born 2/12/2003,
- Sebastian Goudie-Higgins born 3/06/2008,
- twins Samara Goudie-Higgins and Milena Goudie-Higgins born 12/03/2010.

And the newest addition From Ra Nikail Higgins (Hamilton) and partner Baylee West (Hamilton)
- Nikail Higgins born 19/10/2012

Also from Alan Clayton Edmonds and 1st wife Irene Joan Grace(nee Elder)
Diane Wendy (nee Edmonds) married George Austin (Auckland)
- Alexia Grace Austin born April 1991
- Gabriella Austin born in 1995.

From Alan Clayton Edmonds - Beverley (nee Edmonds)(Auckland) married Maxwell Legg (Auckland)
- Leah(nee Legg) born September 1974 married Frederico Orloff-Thomsen(San miguel de Tucuman, Argentina). They have two sons.
- Christian Legg born 1977 married Erlina Sebayang(Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

by RuthieMarie79 on 2015-02-23 21:59:09

Kia ora @pandy....we will obviously be related as Alfred James Moran (Sailor) is my great grandfather, Koro Beau my koro and his son is my father Edward. Koro Beau (Alfred Moran) married my nan Aggie née Murphy but not too sure when and where she was born as she just passed recently. Not clear about when and where they got married either but they divorced then she married again. They had Donna Marie Eddy (née Moran) b 08/10/1958 Edward Dan Moran b 21/01/1961. My Aunty Donna has two boys Quinton Soper and Daniel Eddy. My dad and mum, Harriet Paul (Okere Falls) had Edward Moran b 28/08/77 he has 6 children, me Ruth Moran b 22/04/79 I've had 6 as well, William Albert Moran b 24/08/81 d 06/06/02, Vicky Paul 02/07/83 she has 5 kids. I've been told my dad has a cousin by the name of Chris Edmonds? Not sure thanks 😊

by kaiheraki on 2016-04-04 18:50:46

can any1 please help me with any info on - John George Petingale Edmonds - 1863-1902.
in my research iv done john tucker was adopted his father is the rev tucker

by Diellis on 2016-04-06 02:20:59

John George Petingale EDMONDS, the 12th child of John EDMONDS and the 1st of the 2 children born in his 2nd marriage to Ellen Davies (nee HUNTER)was born in Auckland on the 21st of November, 1863. Known as George, he lived at Coromandel. He worked as a goldminer. When he was 21, he married Mary Ann PHILLIPS, a daughter of Joseph and Esther PHILLIPS. An obituary in the NZ Herald, 15/10/1902 reads:" Our Coromandel correspondent announces the death of Mr. George Edmonds, a well known prospector.....He had been a resident of Coromandel for about 13 years and was the first man who got out a crushing from the John Bull Gully....Deceased was 39yrs old and leaves a wife and young family".
A further notice 17th Oct. 1902 reads: "At his residence, Pagett St, Coromandel, John George Petingale Edmonds, youngest son of the late John Edmonds of Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, aged 39yrs."
As for John Tucker EDMONDS, he was the 1st child of John and Maryann to be born in NZ. By evidence of John's letter to London, John Tucker was born 17th July, 1835 and was named for the "Rev. John Tucker, the person whom I respected so much", says John Edmonds in his letter.

by Buzz on 2016-04-27 04:55:25

Hello Di so good to see you still driving this site many blessings for doing so. I just heard a recent whisper there was to be another Edmonds family reunion this year in Rotorua have you heard or know of this.

by Buzz on 2016-04-27 05:24:06

sorry me again: Is there a way of compressing and archiving some of the earlier correspondence and focussing on getting some up to date 2 way communication going. I notice a lot of questions have been asked over the past 10years which appear to not have got responses. Quite early on I offered to share what I knew in response to a couple of queries but was never contacted. I have grown up being told "our elders don't share korero" now being a Gold Card person I can clearly say, younger ones need to learn how to ask and to realise the whole story may not all come out at once. Remember also Kanohi ki te kanohi. Go and sit with elders at hui or tangi, when appropriate introduce yourself then ask your question.

by Diellis on 2016-04-28 01:30:39

Hi there Buzz,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I've had a sad few years with my husband having a stroke in 2009 and then he passed away suddenly in 2014. Only one pay coming in now so I've continued with nursing and hours are all over the place. I wanted to redo the Edmonds book but someone on this site said he owned the copy write to the original info so I've had to shelve that idea as I can't prove otherwise.
But I have enjoyed all the correspondence and if you don't see it all then it's probably because people have answered via email. If I've been asked questions then I have tried to answer them but for a long while I wasn't online so probably missed a lot.
I, too, am now a Gold Card person and as to your first question,about compressing and archiving, I have no clue. I lost a lot of correspondence when changes were being made to Family Tree Circles but I guess that was my fault as they did warn it could happen and I should have printed it all off to keep.
Haven't heard about a reunion in Rotorua.
Glad that you keep in touch,
Cheers, Di Ellis.

by KarioiLena on 2017-04-30 04:14:24

Update to Edmonds family tree John and Maryann to Samuel to Arthur to Howard to Allen Clayton Edmonds and first wife Joan Edmonds (nee Elder) to Beverley to Leah and Frederico Orloff-Thomsen(San Miguel du Tucamen, Argentina two sons daughter Jazmyn

by KarioiLena on 2017-04-30 04:48:43

Update to Edmonds family tree John and Maryann to Samuel to Arthur to Howard to Allen Clayton Edmonds and first wife Joan Edmonds (nee Elder) to Beverley and Max Legg to Leah (nee Legg) and Frederico Orloff-Thomsen (San Miguel du Tucamen, Argentina) two sons Phillip born 2007, Dominic born 2009 and a daughterJazmin Sophia born 2015.

Also to Lynne Adrienne (nee Edmonds) and Chris Higgins (died 2017, Raglan) to Nicholas Jason Higgins and Julie Cochram (Golbourne, Lancashire, England / Raglan NZ) to Aram Jules Higgins and partner Elizabeth Lewis (Hamilton,NZ) a son Ronen Arius Higgins born 2014 and daughter Sasha Arielle Higgins born 2016.

by RuthieMarie79 on 2017-05-01 00:46:18

Kia ora I'm descending from Minnie Edmonds and David Moran. Alfred James Moran (Sailor) m Orutawa Tipene (Tawa) are my Great Grandparents, Alfred James Moran (Beau) m Mihi Te Rina Murray (Aggie) of Maraeroa d 25/01/2015 were my Grandparents, they divorced my nan married again and all I know is my koro had a partner called Dixie? Before he passed in 1993. They had 3 children, Donna Marie Eddy née Moran 08/10/1958, she married twice and has 2 boys, Quinton Alan Patrick Soper and Daniel Eddy. My father is Edward Dan Moran 21/01/1961 never married my mother, thanks to my koro my mums dad, Harriet Rawinia Paul (Okere Falls, Rotorua) they had my older brother Edward Jacob James Te Pere Moran 28/08/1977, myself, Ruthie Marie Wiripini Makaia Moran 22/04/1979, younger brother William Albert Moran 24/08/1981 d 06/06/2002 and younger sister Vicky Eunice Paul 02/07/1983 whom was whangai to my mums older sister Meretaka Paora and her then husband Barney Wiremu Poihipi at birth. My dad had another brother whom died I have no idea how, but he is buried in the urupa in Hicks Bay, James ( Jimmy) Moran. My 2 brothers and I were brought up by my dads mum and her second husband from the time I was 5 til 16 and had always been told my koro Beau only had 1 brother, John Moran who was a policeman, I finally see this isn't so, I have connected via Facebook with a first cousin of my fathers, Timothy Moran and have explained a little of myself to him. Between me, my brother and sister, we have 18 children.
Edward = Dionne Warbrick
Orlando Brown 23/01/1996
Shaniequa Brown 13/05/1997
Dayshai Warbrick 16/06/1998
Aria Galvin ?
Darius Te Kooti Teito Albert Moran 28/04/2006
Tessa Nehupo Pairaihi Moran 07/11/2012

Ruth = Waaka Green
Harlem Ramana Parehuirangi Green 16/10/1997
Lorne Pererika Wiremu Green 29/05/1998
Waaka Makaia Te Whata William Albert Green 05/11/2005
Saylor- Beau Tiakiawa Te Kou Green 14/01/2007
Massey Raukokore Rangitihi Eruera Green 03/11/2008
Diva-Marie Hinerangi Orutawa Green 14/03/2011
Mikaere Huriwaka Green 20/03/2016

Vicky =Peter Mahaki
Makaia Stuart Lamen Mahaki b/d 06/02/2002
Ashanti-Rage Mahaki 20/05/2003
Chazz Te Puata Paul 11/01/2005
Tu Harty Mahaki ?
Rewa-Stylez Paul ?

Unfortunately my younger brother had no children before he was killed when the car he was travelling in collided with a fully laden logging truck in Nukuhou North on his way to Opotiki at 20yrs old. It would be awesome to meet and talk to other relatives I've never met and would be good for my kids as they only know my mums side and their fathers side and may have met my dad a couple of times who has now been living in Christchurch since after the first bout of earthquakes. Kia ora

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