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looking for Info on Isabella Carruthers, born 1844, Northern Ireland.....married John Donaldson in Templemore, Derry in March 1863
by jaxcam on 2013-06-08 00:45:11. page views: 481, comments: 0
looking for Information on Isabella Carruthers, born 1984 in Derry, northern Ireland, married John Donaldson in March 1863 in templemore, derry. I have Info on John, but nothing on Isabella carruthers
by jaxcam on 2013-06-07 21:20:40. page views: 506, comments: 1
Isabella Carruthers was born in 1844 not 1984...
by jaxcam on 2013-06-07 21:21:52. page views: 491, comments: 0
looking for Nancy Baker , not sure of her married name.
by jaxcam on 2013-06-01 22:41:10. page views: 695, comments: 0
Isabella Carruthers married John Donnelson in templemore, derry in march 1863. i have traced john's family but cannot find any Info on isabella's family in Derry. John and isabella migrated to moreton bay, queensland in 1863.
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 20:44:56. page views: 592, comments: 2
I am tracing my fathers family, he was born on Novemver 28th 1913 in Glen Innes in NSW, his mother was Amy Rosalina. She gave up the baby at age 7 months. to her father, Frederick Charles Trimmer of Glen Innes, NSW. I traced Frederick back to his birth i
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 20:52:02. page views: 577, comments: 1
I have traced Frederick Charles back to his birth in 1866 in Mannheim, Germany, he migrated to Botany Bay, in NSW in 1888. His parents were Frederick Trimmer and Rosalie Aucke. I cannot find any Information on either of their familes in Germany.
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 21:04:07. page views: 699, comments: 0
my father was Leslie Norman Joseph Treumer, born November 28th 1913 in Glen Innes NSW. His mother was Amy Rozella Maria Mary Trimmer. Sge gave Leslie up for adoption when he was 7 months old. her father, Frederick Charles Trimmer adopted leslie
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 21:01:39. page views: 683, comments: 0
same question as I asked in my message
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 20:36:00. page views: 499, comments: 0
looking for desendants of frederick charles trimmer and amelia doyle in the new england region of nsw
by jaxcam on 2013-05-28 20:35:13. page views: 547, comments: 0