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Journal by itellya

The Bulla parish map shows that section 9 was lots 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Glenara Estate. It seems to have been granted to C.Taylor and it later came into the possession of Walter Clark who obviously named section 9 Glenalister after his son, Alister. In 1879 and 1882-3, C.P.Davis and John Russell were leasing Glenara of 1378 acres and the 1930 acres up Oaklands Rd. from the estate of Walter Clark who had been killed in a buggy accident in 1873. Lots 5-8, consisting of 651 149/160 acres were probably sold in about 1891 when Alister bought Glenara from the estate and are labelled W.D.Peter on the map. The rate records presented on 20-8-1891 show that William Peter owned a house and 640 acres which was obviously Dunalister despite the larger acreage of lots 5-8 shown on the map.
In 1914-5, William D.Peter is shown as the owner and occupier of a property specified as Dunalister and consisting of 651 acres. David Peter was leasing 95 acres from Mr. Hoctor. The 1922-3 rates show that Margaret Hoctor was occupying the 95 acres that David had been leasing.W.Peter still owned Dunalister which had now grown to 656 acres! It seems that Melville had been leasing it from him but had recently left the farm to succeed David Peter as lessee on 86 acres on section 3 which was also owned by W.Peter.
Michael J.Phelan died at Dunalister on 28-9-1918 aged 52, so he must have been leasing the farm at that time. The locations of these farms are:
Dunalister (now Balbethan)- 177,K/1 to 385, D/11.
Hoctors 95 acres (Lot 4 of the Glenara Estate on section 8)- 384, H-J/10.
86 acres Section 3 is the square mile between Dunalister and Somerton Rd. ie. north of Woodlands. The 86 acres were probably north of Daniels Rd. and adjoining Dunalister. e.g. 177,K/2.
William D. Peter also owned a farm called Overpostle on that area south of the Bulla-Diggers Rest Rd. between Deep and Jacksons Creeks, which was known as Tullamarine Island. The 1914-5 rates show that William D.Peter owned a property of 636 acres. The location of Overpostle described to me by the late Bob Blackwell indicated lot B of section 12 in the parish of Tullamarine, south of the Grants Craigllachie, but as this consists of only 300 acres, Overpostle must also have contained the eastern half of section 11b: the house was definitely on 12b.
The location of Overpostle is: Melway 3,K/3-5 and 4, A/3-5 (11B); 3,H-J/3-5 (EASTERN HALF OF 12B.)

Broadmeadows rate records show that from 1896-7 to 1901-2 the 450 acre Chandos was owned by the Peters Estate before it was bought by John Cock. This was bounded by Wright St., the Moonee Ponds Creek, Broadmeadows (now Mickleham)Rd. and Freight Rd. and later became Judds Chandos, Lockharts 198 acres and Wrights Strathconnan.
The late Jack Hoctor told me the children from Broadmeadows Township had a favourite swimming spot in Chandos called Petersons hole. I believe this was Peters sons hole and became corrupted as knowledge of the source of the names origin faded. I also believe that an s was wrongly added by the Broadmeadows rate collector, but we cant be too hard on him as this seems to have been a common mistake among locals. In the Broadmeadows directory of 1884-5, one of the entries was Mary Peter, Runholder. Was the Estate which owned Chandos hers or, perhaps, her late husbands?

William D.Peter also had land in Keilor Shire. In 1913 he owned 5 acres in lot C of section 22 in the parish of Doutta Galla. Lot C of 22, consisting of 117 acres was bounded by Dromana Ave., Matthews Ave., Moore Rd. and a line joining Thomas St. and Broadmeadows Rd. As this land was still being farmed, the 5 acres probably had a frontage to the main road.

Neil Mansfield of Longford has provided me with a print of a photo taken at Millars property at Tullamarine in 1904. I believe the property was 20 acres associated with the Junction Hotel whose boundary with the 450 acre Chandos is indicated by Freight Rd. The photo was taken on the occasion of the marriage of Gerrard Peters* and Ethel, the daughter of Robert Millar. Identified guests included members of the Trotman, Mansfield and Wright families but one would assume that many in the photo were members of the grooms family. *Probably Peter but written with the s in a key to the photo.

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on 2012-02-02 08:27:33

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by TMF on 2012-04-01 10:24:43

My grandfather Edmund Ruth along with his family came from the Western District about 1926 to manage "Dunalister" for Victor Bowman. The family lived in the homestead up until around 1952.

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