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WARDLEY Thomas married Jane SMITH 1856

Journal by tonkin

Information Journal.

Groom: Thomas WARDLEY.
Bride: Jane WOOLNER nee SMITH.

Year married: 1856.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Thomas died 1889 in Talbot-Amherst, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents named as Robert WARDLEY and Lydia LIMESTONE.

Jane died 1906 in Talbot, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.
Parents named as Andrew SMITH and Mary SIME.

Ten children located Victoria for Thomas and Jane.


Mary Anne WARDLEY.
Born: 1857 Ballarat, Victoria.
Died: 1929 Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.

Married: Henry STEVENS.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.

Four children located for Henry and Mary.

Herbert Charles STEVENS.
Born: 1887 Hotham, Victoria.
Died: 1968 Parkdale, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Norman James STEVENS.
Born: 1890 Hotham West, Victoria.
Died: 1940 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.

Thomas William STEVENS.
Born: 1892 Hotham West, Victoria.
Died: 1973 Thornbury, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Frederick George STEVENS.
Born: 1895 Hotham West, Victoria.
Died: -


Charles WARDLEY.
Born: 1858 Alma, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1860 Alma, Victoria.
Died: 1945 East Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.

Married: Julia HAYES.
Year: 1888.
Place: Victoria.

Julia died 1945 in Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.
Parents named as Edmond HAYES and Mary GALLAGHER.

Birth note.
Julia was born 1864 in Warrnambool, Victoria.
Parents named as Edward HAYES and Mary GALLAGHER.

Five children located for Thomas and Julia.

Elizabeth WARDLEY.
Born: 1889 North Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -

Mary Jane WARDLEY.
Born: 1891 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -

Eleanor WARDLEY.
Born: 1893 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -

Thomas William WARDLEY.
Born: 1895 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: -

Born: 1899 Brunswick, Victoria.
Died: -


Lydia Jane WARDLEY.
Born: 1862 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: 1935 Charlton, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.

Married: Edwin John CONGRESS.
Year: 1889.
Place: Victoria.

Edwin died 1931 in Ballarat, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Parents named as John CONGRESS and Susan POTTER.

Birth note.
Edwin was born 1860 at Amherst, Victoria.
Parents named as John Edwin CONGRESS and Susan POTTER.

Three children located for Lydia and Edwin.

Frederick Charles Thomas CONGRESS.
Born: 1896 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1896 Talbot, Victoria.
Age: Months.

Lizzie Jane May CONGRESS.
Born: 1896 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1896 Talbot, Victoria.
Age: Months.

Elma Vera Irene Pearl CONGRESS.
Born: 1897 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: John Griffiths DOWIE.
Year: 1925.
Place: Victoria.

John died 1973 in Maryborough, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Archibald Henry CONGRESS and Elizabeth GRIFFITHS.

Birth note.
John was born 1897 in Cranbrook, Victoria.
Parents named as Archibald Henry CONGRESS and Elizabeth GRIFFITHS.


Born: 1864 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: -
Possible death for John is 1934 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.
Parents named as John WARDLEY and Elizabeth CONGRESS.

Married: Amelia Agnes Attelia HARDEGEN.
Year: 1886.
Place: Victoria.

Amelia died 1939 in Fairfield, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as William HARDGEN and Amelia unknown.

Seven children located for John and Amelia.

Irene Augusta Myrtle WARDLEY.
Born: 1887 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1887 Talbot, Victoria.
Age: 01 month.

Born: 1888 Maldon, Victoria.
Died: 1950 South Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 62 years.
Death recorded as Francis John WARDLEY.

Charles William Hugo WARDLEY.
Born: 1889 Maldon, Victoria.
Died: 1889 Maldon, Victoria.
Age: 05 weeks.

Leslie Walter John WARDLEY.
Born: 1890 The Loddon, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.
Death recorded as Walter Leslie John WARDLEY.

Winnifred Iris May WARDLEY.
Born: 1891 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: 1891 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Age: 07 months.
Death recorded as Winnie WARDLEY.

Talbot Bert WARDLEY.
Born: 1892 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: 1962 Maclesfield, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Married: Isabel WIGGINS.
Year: 1919.
Place: Victoria.

Born: 1895 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1966 Carnegie, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.


William Brown WARDLEY.
Born: 1868 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: 1948 Malvern, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Married: Arabella WILSON.
Year: 1896.
Place: Victoria.

Arabella died 1942 in Talbot, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Parents named as Frederick WILSON and Margaret WOLFE.

Birth note.
Arabella was born 1870 in Timor, Victoria.
Parents named as Frederick WILSON and Margaret MILLER.

Seven children located for William and Arabella.

Lilian May WARDLEY.
Born: 1896 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1953 Chelsea, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.
Death recorded as Gillian May DINGLE.

Married: Henry Anthony DINGLE.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.

William Frederick WARDLEY.
Born: 1898 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1960 Inglewood, Victoria.
Age: 63 years.

Christabel WARDLEY.
Born: 1900 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1956 Collingwood, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.

Talbot George WARDLEY.
Born: 1902 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: -

Married:Doris May PALMER.
Year: 1933.
Place: Victoria.

Born: 1904 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: -

Mima Jean WARDLEY.
Born: 1906 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Richard Joseph SANDERS.
Year: 1928.
Place: Victoria.

John Edward WARDLEY.
Born: 1909 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: 1969 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.


Walter George WARDLEY.
Born: 1870 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: 1890 Talbot, Victoria.
Age: 19 years.


Elizabeth Jane WARDLEY.
Born: 1873 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: -


David Robert WARDLEY.
Born: 1875 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: -
Possible death for David is 1922 in Redfern, New South Wales.

Married: Margaret HENDRICKSON.
Year: 1899.
Place: Victoria.

Margaret died 1921 in St Kilda, Victoria.
Age: 41 years.
Parents named as James Henry HENDRICKSON and Margaret VURRAN.

Birth note.
Margaret was born 1878, Adelaide Lead, Victoria.
Parents named as John HENDRICKSON and Margaret CURRAN.

One child located for David and Margaret.

Hazel May WARDLEY.
Born: 1899 Talbot, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Ivan St CLAIR SCOTT.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.


Frederick WARDLEY.
Born: 1878 Maryborough, Victoria.
Died: 1948 Parkville, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.
Registry of Deaths, New South Wales.

This family record compiled for Wardley12 seeking information for Thomas WARDLEY married to Julia HAYES.

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