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Wellington Districts BIRTHS in 1872

Journal by ngairedith

some 1872 BIRTHS in the Wellington Districts

ANDERSON on 11 Sep, at Tasman-st, the wife of Henry Anderson, of a daughter
:: Henry Anderson & Caroline SCHULTZE had Maud Anderson
... 4th of 8 known children

BAIRD on 27 July, at Taranaki-street, the wife of Mr Baird, of a daughter
:: James Daniel BAIRD & Ellen Hapgood MACE had Eleanor Beatrice Baird
... 2nd of 11 known children

BARBER on 3 Sep, at Molesworth-street, the wife of H. Barber, of a son
:: Henry BARBER & Phillipa Jane KNIGHT had Harold Barber
... 3rd of 6 known children

BINNS on 18th Nov, at Willis-street, the wife of F. C. Binns, of a son
:: Frederick Charles BINNS & Harriet MILLS had Reginald William Binns
... 2nd of 7 known children

BLAIR on 31 Jan, the wife of J. R. Blair, of a son
:: John Bell BLAIR & Janet WADDELL had James Waddell Blair
... 3rd of 3 known children

BLUNDELL on 27 April, the wife of H. Blundell jnr, of a daughter
:: Henry Thomas BLUNDELL & Keren Happuch MARTIN had Mabel Keren Happuch Blundell
... 1st of 12 known children

BUCK on 10 Jan, at Tory-street, the wife of F. Buck, of a son
:: Francis BUCK & Hannah LAWSON had Oliver William Buck
... 6th of 10 known children

BYDDER on 20 July, at Middle Rangitikei, the wife of Robert Bydder, of a daughter
:: Robert BYDDER & Mary Jane WEBLEY had Edith Annie Bydder
... 4th of 8 known children

CARPENTER on 27 March, at Clyde Quay, the wife of Henry Carpenter, of a son
:: Henry & Emma Caroline CARPENTER had Hugh Gamble Carpenter

CLAPHAM on 7 Jan, the wife of Mr Clapham, of a son
:: Thomas Henry & Jane CLAPHAM had Herbert Clapham
... 7th of 8 known children

CLARK on 1 May, at Brougham-st, the wife of George Clark of a son
:: George Clark & Ann MUNROE? had James William Clark

COOPER on 11 Sep, at the residence of Mr E. Bannister, Cuba-street, Mrs Thomas Cooper, Horokiwi Valley, of a son
:: Thomas COOPER & Sarah Anne Ellen BANNISTER had Edwin David John Cooper

COOPER on 25 Nov, Mrs W. E. Cooper, Vivian-street of a daughter
:: William Edward COOPER & Sarah COLEMAN had Emily Margaret Cooper
... 2nd of 8 known children

CORNER on 19 July, the wife of William Corner of a daughter
:: William CORNER & Elizabeth Hayden CROWTHER had Jane Elizabeth Corner
... 1st of 5 known children (4 daughters)

CURTIS on 19 Nov, the wife of G. C. Curtis, Tinakori Road of a daughter
:: George Charles Curtis & Ellen WILTON had Ellen Curtis

CUTBUSH on 3 Jan, at Tasman-street, the wife of T. T. Cutbush of a daughter
:: Thomas Taylor CUTBUSH & Frances Augusta Evelyn WATSON had Blanche Evelyn Cutbush

DUNFOY on 20 Dec, the wife of C. Dunfoy, of a son (sic)
:: Charles DUNFOY & Elizabeth DAVIES had Emily Grace Dunfoy
... 3rd of 8 known children (5 daughters)

EARLE on 5 Sep, the wife of J. Earle, of a son
:: Joseph EARLE & Rosa Elizabeth MARTON had Joseph Maxton Earle

EDMEADES ON 21 Feb, the wife of H. Edmeades, Tory-street, of a daughter

EVANS on 17 Jan, at Lambton Quay, Mrs J. E. Evans, of a daughter
:: John Edward EVANS & Mary Emma CHAPPELL had Maria Hayward Evans

FELLINGHAM on 8 Feb, the wife of W. P. Fellingham, of a son
:: William Peter FELLINGHAM & Jane JACKSON had William George Fellingham

FISK on 11 Nov, at Cuba street, the wife of A. Fisk, of a son
:: Arthur FISK & Elizabeth Ann PAYTON had Ernest Arthur Fisk

FORDHAM on 17 March, at Hopper-street, the wife of W. H. Fordham, of a daughter
:: William Henry FORDHAM & Mary THOMAS had Alice Mary Fordham

FOSTER on 17 Oct, at Pahautanui, Mrs E. R. Foster, of a daughter
:: Erasmus Robert Foster & Emily Georgina DOWLING had Robert Reginald Foster (1872-1945)
* FOSTER on 17 Oct, died at Pahautanui, Emily Georgina, wife of E. R. Foster, surveyor, and daughter of John B. Dowling, aged 26 years

FURLONG on 12 Jan, at Tauherinikau, the wife of C. B. Furlong, of a son
:: Charles Burford South FURLONG & Mary Ann MARTIN had Charles James Malcolm Furlong

FUTTER on 16 July, at Hobson-street, the wife of John Futter, of a daughter
:: John Futter & Mary Ann HATHAWAY had Eva Florence Futter

FRASER on 30 Sep at Lower Rangitikei, the wife of Donald Fraser, of a daughter
:: Donald Fraser & Margaret SMITH had Agnes Fraser

GALLIEN on 5 June, at Thorndon Quay, the wife of H. L. Gallien, of a son
:: Henry Louis GALLIEN & Catherine Pauline BROWN had Arthur Frederick Gallien

GRANT of 17 May, the wife of W. N. Grant, of a daughter
:: William Nelmes & Mary Ann GRANT had Elizabeth Mary Grant

HALCOMBE on 29 Feb, at Hawkston, Rangitikei, the wife of Arthur Halcombe, Esq., of a daughter
:: Arthur William Follett HALCOMBE & Edith Stanway SWAINSON had Mary Lucillia Halcolmbe

HALL on 20 Oct, the wife of Henry Hall, Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, of a son
:: Henry HALL & Mary HADFIELD had Harry Hall

HAYNES on 28 June, at Evans Bay, the wife of H. J. Hayns, of a son
:: Henry James & Sarah Ellen Maria HAYNES had Claude Haynes

HOLM on 18 Jan, at Adelaide Road, the wife of Captain F. Holm, of a daughter
:: Ferdinand HOLM & Mary Alexander CALLAN had Mary Alfreda Holm

HOWELL on 16 Feb, the wife of Thomas Howell, Revans-street, of a son
:: Thomas HOWELL & Ellen CLOUT had Arthur Herbert Howell

IZARD on 28 April, at Woodmancote, Wellington, the wife of C. B. Izard, Esq., of a daughter
:: Charles Beard IZARD & Mary Ann HAYWARD had Lillian Mabel Izard

JONES on 28 May, the wife of Thomas Jones, of a son
:: Thomas JONES & Miriam WELLS had Daniel Jones

KELLS on 26 Sep, at Ingestre-street, Mrs W. H. Kells, of a daughter
:: William Henry Kells & Anne WILTON had Sylvia Evelyn Ann Kells

KIRKER on 7 Sep, the wife of J. Kirker, of a son
:: James & Anna Henderson KIRKER had Robert Kirker

LAWRIE on 11 May, Able Smith-street, the wife of James Lawrie, of a daughter
:: James LAWRIE & Elizabeth RODGERS had Agnes Annie Lawrie

LINDSAY on 6 May, the wife of A. Lindsay, of a daughter
:: Alfred & Jane LINDSAY had Christina Ingles Lindsay

MARCHANT on 5 April, at Taranaki-street, the wife of N. Marchant, of a son
:: Nicholas MARCHANT & Margaret McGowan BLUNDELL had Frederick Nicholas Marchant

MATHEWS on 3 Oct, at Wairongomai, Wairarapa, the wife of A. Mathews, of a daughter
:: Alfred & Hannah MATHEWS had Caroline Mathews

MEECH on 1st Dec, at Karori, the wife of A. R. Meech, of a daughter
:: Alfred Robert MEECH & Mary Louisa WOOD had Clara Louisa Meech

MITCHELL on 14 Jan, at Ghuznee-street, the wife of H. Mitchell, of a daughter
:: Henry & Nancy Mitchell had Agnes Louisa Mitchell

MOSS on 13 July, Mrs Lewis Moss, of a son
:: Lewis & Julia MOSS had Lionel Montague Moss
... 7th of 9 known children

McDERMOTT on 26 Sep, at Mulgrave-street, Wellington, the wife of L. C. McDermott of a son
:: Lewis Cook McDERMOTT & Annie Adam SMITH had Martin Alexander McDermott
... 3rd of 6 known children

NEIL on 29 Aug, the wife to Thos. W. Neil, Tinakori Road, of a son
:: Thomas William Neil & Phoebe HAWTHORN had William Thomas Neil
... William Thomas died 3 March 1879 aged 6, His brother, Ernest Edward Neil, died 7 days later aged 3

NORRIS on 10 Oct, the wife of Dr Norris, Willis-street, of a son
:: Henry Frederick Norris & Charlotte Emma BORLASE had Henry Frederick Norris
... only known (NZ) child

PAILTHORPE on 23 Sep, the wife of Alexander Pailthorpe, of a son
this birth not found but 2 others were: 1874-Isabell Betsy & 1877-Margaret Florence Pailthorpe were born to Alexander & Betsy Pailthorpe. In 1881 Betsy had Mary Ann Pailthorpe & in 1882 Betsy had Herbert Henry Pailthorpe and on both occassions the father was not recorded

PARSONS on 11 Jan, the wife of W. F. Parsons, of a daughter
:: William Frederick PARSONS & Elizabeth WIDDOP had Ellen Parsons
... 4th of 11 known children

PEARCE on 16 July, the wife of Edward Pearce Esq., of a son
:: Edward & Henrietta Diana PEARCE had William Septimus Pearce

PENNY on 6 Nov, the wife of J. B. Penny Esq., Whareama, of a son
:: James Burton PENNY & Teresa WACKETT had James Burton Edward Penny

PLIMMER on 26 April, the wife of H. Plimmer, of a son
:: Henry PLIMMER & Rebecca WILLIAMS had John David Plimmer
... 1st of 8 known children

POWLES on 15 Dec, the wife of C. H. Powles, of a son
:: Charles Plimmer POWLES & Eliza Cay ADAMS had Charles Guy Powles

PRESS on 12 July, at Thorndon, the wife of G. E. Press, of a son
:: George Edward PRESS & Jane ELLISON had Arthur William Press
... 2nd of 8 known children

QUICK on 25 Nov, at The Terrace, Wellington, Mrs Quick, of a daughter
:: William Henry QUICK & Anne Elizabeth THOMAS had Henrietta Beatrice Quick
... 2nd of 4 known children

REID on 25 July, the wife of N. Reid, of a daughter
:: Nicholas REID & Priscilla WEIGHT had Priscilla Mary Reid

RETEMEYER on 11 Feb, at Rangitikei, the wife of W. B. Retemeyer of a daughter
:: William Bernardos RETEMEYER (1848-1912) & Sarah Jane STANTIALL (1848-1873) had Mary Louisa Retemeyer
... 4th of 4 known children

RETTER on 23 March, at Porirua Ferry, the wife of F. C. Retter, of a son
:: Frederick Chapman RETTER & Martha Annie SMITH had Frederick William Retter
... 2nd of 12 known children

RICHARDSON on 15 Dec, the wife of Charles T. Richardson, of a son
:: Charles Thomas RICHARDSON & Charlotte NICHOLAS had George Dennis Richardson
... 1st of 7 known children

St GEORGE on 19 March, at Greytown, the wife of L. S. St George, Esq., of a son
:: Leonard Shaw St GEORGE & Mary Emily VARNHAM had Louis George Varnham St George
... 1st of 7 known children

RIESTERER on 31 Oct, at Lambton Quay, the wife of Lorenz Riesterer, of a son
:: Lorenz RIESTERER & Catherine WICKS had John Vincent Riesterer
... 3rd of 3 known children

RUSSELL on 25 Oct, at the Taita, Hutt, the wife of H. Russell of a daughter
:: Henry RUSSELL & Emma BLATCHFORD had Hilda Lilian Curtis Russell
... 3rd of 9 known children

SCHOLES on 12 Dec, at Adelaide Road, the sife of Thomas Scholes, of a daughter
:: Thomas SCHOLES & Elizabeth Mary COLLEDGE had Eliza Mary Scholes
... 1st of 8 known children (7 daughters)

SKINNER on 1st Sep, the wife of W. H. Skinner, the Terrace, of a son
:: William Henry SKINNER & Agnes DUNBAR had David Frazer Skinner

SMITH on 1st Oct, at Porirua, the wife of Isaac Smith, Wainui of a daughter
:: Isaac SMITH & Margaret BROGDEN had Margaret Maud Smith

STANDEN on 9 Oct, at Karori, the wife of William Standen, of a son
:: William STANDEN & Elizabeth JONES had Edward John Standen

STEVENS on 17 May, at the Willows, Tinakori Road, the wife of Walter Stevens, Esq, of a son
:: Walter Vere STEVENS & Emily Anna BOUGHTON had Reginald Walter Adino Stevens

STRATFORD on 12 Dec, at Frankell Terrace, the wife of G. A. Stratford, of a son
:: George Alder STRATFORD & Emma FAWCETT had William George Stratford

SWINEY on 3 Jan. the wife of Charles Swiney, late of Deniliquin, N.S.W., of a son
:: Charles & Eliza SWINEY had Stephen Charles Gandar Swiney

TOLLEY on 1st Nov, at Tasman-street, the wife of Edward Tolley, of a daughter
:: Edward TOLLEY & Hannah Maria INKERSELL had Amelia Sarah Matilda Tolley

TOMPKINS on 25 Sep, at Tory-street, Wellington, the wife of John Tompkins of twins, one still-born
:: John TOMPKINS & Helen Ramsay SCHULTZE had Harriett Ann Tompkins

TONKS on 2 Sep, at Taranaki-street, the wife of George Tonks, of a son
:: George & Mary Jane TONKS had Henry Edward Tonks

TOXWARD on 7 Oct, the wife of C. J. Toxward, of a son
:: Christian Julius TOXWARD & Jane Hall HUGHES had William Edward Toxward

TWISS on 2 Sep, the wife of G. H. Twiss, Cuba-street, of a daughter
:: George Henry TWISS & Frances Harriet COLLIER had Emily Caroline Twiss
* on 2 Dec died at Cuba-street, Emily Caroline, the infant daughter of G. H. Twiss

VOGEL on 25 Nov, at Wellington, the wife of the Hon Julius Vogel, C.M.G., of a son
:: Julis Vogel & Mary CLAYTON had Julius Vogel

WILLIAMS on 16 March, at the Taita, Mrs T. C. Williams, of a daughter
:: Thomas Coldham & Ann Palmer WILLIAMS had Elfie Clare Williams

WILLIAMS on 26 June, at Masterton, the wife of R. G. Williams, of a daughter
:: Robert George WILLIAMS & Elizabeth DIXON had Mary Dinah Williams

WRIGHT on 5 April, at Hope Lodge, Hopper-street, the wife of Sydney Evelyn Wright of a son
:: Sydney Evelyn & Georgina Amelia WRIGHT had Sydney Evelyn Wright

YATES on 14 Jan, at Lambton Quay, the wife of H. Yates, Masterton, of twin sons
:: Henry YATES & Agnes Bell HAIGH had Samuel Haigh & Thomas Henry Yates

YOUMANS on 13th Jan, the wife of S. Youmans, of a daughter
:: Sidney Man YOUMANS & Jane Elizabeth PHILIPS had Susannah Edith Ernestine Youmans

YOUNG on 18 July, the wife of T. E. Young of a daughter
:: Thomas Edward YOUNG & Laura Haseltine BOUGHTON had Mabel Florence Young

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