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WELLINGTON New Zealand Province - Family Names 1897 .. D-E

Journal by ngairedith

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Each entry contains biographical details, usually an article, although some have only a short entry.

There will be a $NZ 5.00 fee charged for each full length article requested. Short entries are free.
All transcribed articles are put online along with any accompanying photographs.

If you would like a transcript, please e-mail your request with the year of the Cyclopedia concerned and the name and reference number of the person required.
I will then advise whether the entry is a full length one or not and whether any payment is due.

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D'ABBANS Count Alexander Louis
Ferdinand de Jouffroy France, Wellington 268
D'ANVERS Frederick Samuel [Middlesex] 1442
D'ANVERS Roland Hornsey Middlesex, Wanganui 1442
DAHL Charles Palmerston North 1188
DALDY Captain William Crush Essex, Auckland 67
DALLAS Angus Wanganui 1430
DALLAS J. C. Wanganui 1430
DALLASTON Rev. Charles Ipswich Suffolk, Wellington 402
DALRYMPLE George Samuel Wemyss L'Orient France, Masterton 960
DAMANT Henry Ipswich Suffolk, Petone 830
DANIEL John Bideford Devonshire, Wellington 792
DANIELL Charles Edward Malvern Worcestershire, Masterton 964
DANKS John Wellington 677
DANKS Samuel Wellington 296 677
DANKS S. and Son Wellington 677
DARBY Bernard Francis Auckland, Marton 1319
DARBY Patrick Auckland 1319
DASENT Rev. Alexander Karori 797
DAVENPORT German Martin Marton 1325
DAVENPORT Dr Harold D. Derbyshire, Ohingaiti 1294
DAVENPORT Henry Lancashire, Wellington 678
DAVENPORT Robert Henry Wellington 678
DAVENPORT Samuel Johnson Marton 1325
DAVIDSON Hercules Scotland, Wellington 188
DAVIDSON James Kaikoura 759
DAVIES C. P. Tauranga, Opotiki 135
DAVIES George Henry Bay of Islands, Wellington 135
DAVIES John Reese Cardiganshire Wales, Feilding 1242
DAVIES ne ENGLAND Mrs John Reese Lower Hutt 1242
DAVIES ne GODFREY Mrs R. A. Norfolk 135
DAVIES Richard North Wales, Paraparaumu 1084
DAVIES Robert Wellington 747
DAVIS & CLATER . Wellington 637
DAVIS Henry Frederick Oxford, Wellington 637
DAVIS W. J. Peel Bathurst, Waverley 1479
DAVONPORT T. A. Boulogne-sur-Mer France 1152
DAVY Dr. Edward Victoria 139
DAVY Edwin Auckland 512
DAVY George B. Devonshire, Auckland 139-140
DAWES Frederick James London, Petone 820a
DAWICK Edward Palmerston North 1185
DAWICK William Palmerston North 1185
DAWSON Harry Day Featherston 856
DAWSON James Carterton 920
DAWSON Joseph Tasmania, Pahiatua 1035
DAWSON Josiah London, Wellington 678
DAWSON Rev. Father Thomas Gordon UK, Wellington 394
DAWSON Rev. William Northumberland, Otaki 1094
DAWSON Capt. William Darling Durham, Johnsonville 1067
DAY Charles Frederick Canterbury, Wanganui 1370
DAY Walter Henry Greytown 890
DAYSH Alfred Carterton 907
DE CASTRO Rev Charles Daniel Knightsbridge, Wellington 389
DE LISLE Mr. W. H. Masterton 966-967
DE LOREE P. P. Belgium, London, Victoria, Otago, Pahiatua 1033
DE LOREE & SON . Pahiatua 1033
DEACON & CO . Wellington 562
DEACON Charles A. Wellington 562
DEAN Edwin Harland Wellington 472
DEAN Frederick Lawrence Manchester, Wellington 441
DEAN Humphrey 441
DEAN Rev. William John Herefordshire, Wellington 399
DEATH ne COLE . . 1489
DEATH ne RIDLER Mrs Wanganui 1378
DEATH George Drinkstone Suffolk, Waverley 1482 1489
DEATH George Suffolk 1378 1482
DEATH Henry Rattledon Suffolk, Wanganui 1378
DEATH aka D'ATH Joseph Drinkstone Suffolk, Otaki 1100
DEATH Thomas Lowry Bay, Whenuakura 1489
DEBLOIS ne DONALDSON Mrs Otepopo 1146
DEBLOIS James William Nelson, Palmerston North 1146
DEIGHTON Francis Morris Cambridge, Marton 1318
DELLER George William Carterton 917
DEMPSEY James Ireland, Wanganui 1376
DEMPSEY Joseph Liverpool, Wellington 697
DEMPSY ne FALKNER Mrs Dublin 1189
DEMPSY Charles Edward Roscrea Tipperary, Palmerston North 1189
DENBIGH HOTEL . Feilding 1237
DENTON George UK, Wellington 687
DEVENISH Rev. J. M. New Plymouth, Hunterville 1285
DEVEREUX Frederick William Lower Hutt 837
DEVEREUX William Checkley UK, Lower Hutt 837
DEVINE James Joseph Tipperary, Wellington 281
DEVOY Rev. Thomas Wellington 395
DIBLEY Henry Wellington 440
DICK ne MILNE Mrs Fowlers 1250
DICK A---ed Fowlers 1250
DICK Charles Edinburgh 1251
DICK Thomas Edinburgh, Otago 80
DICKIE ne McDONALD Jane Port William Inverness, Momahaki 1471
DICKIE Alexander Canada, Momahaki 1471
DICKIE James Ayrshire, Canada, Momahaki 1471
DICKIE Robert Canada, Liverpool, Waverley 1480
DICKIE William Canada, Liverpool, Waverley 1480
DICKIE William Canada, Liverpool, Waverley 1480
DICKSON Thomas Victoria, Wanganui 1422
DIDDAMS William Henry Westmoreland, Greytown 885
DIDSBURY ne HOLMDEN Mrs Auckland, Wellington 768
DIDSBURY George NSW, Wellington 767
DIGBY Rowland Essex, Wellington 653
DIGNAN ne ARMSTRONG Mrs Akaroa, Marton 1320
DIGNAN ne ALDRICH Kathleen Wellington 510
DIGNAN Francis John Marton 1320
DIGNAN James Auckland 105 1320
DIGNAN Patrick Auckland 105 1320
DIGNAN Patrick Lynch Wellington 510 1320
DIMOCK & CO . Wellington 703
DIMOCK William Wellington 703
DIMOCK Victor Wellington 703
DIMOND & HART . Wellington 588
DIMOND Joseph Davis Australia, Wellington 588
DINGLEY Thomas Radnorshire, SS Buteshire 790
DIVER DR H. W. Wellington 295
DIXON BROS. . Masterton 967
DIXON C. . 941
DIXON Edward Nottinghamshire, Wellington 294 967
DIXON Edward Shepherd Masterton 967
DIXON Joseph Masterton 294 967
DIXON Mrs George Wellington 294 611
DIXON George Sheffield, Wellington 294 768
DIXON ne HARRIS Mrs Thomas Picton, Masterton 941
DIXON Thomas Wellington, Masterton 941
DOCHERTY Hugh Londonderry, Wellington 755
DODGSHUN & COMPANY . Wellington 710
DODGSHUN James Launceston, Tasmania 710
DODGSHUN Joseph Launceston, Tasmania 710
DODGSHUN Nathaniel Leeds, Johnsonville 710
DODWELL Mrs M. M. Wellington 442
DOLAN B J Masterton 949
DOMETT Alfred . 58-59 254
DOMMETT E. London, Marton 1325
DONALD John Kincardineshire, Wanganui 1442
DONNE Alfred Ernest Wellington 719
DONNE T. Edward Melbourne, Wellington 346
DONOVAN Cornelius South Ireland 1065
DORSET Arthur Wellington 373
DORSET Edward Walter Wellington, Carterton 912
DORSET William Wellington 374 912
DOUGAL/DOUGALL William Bannockburn, Masterton 977
DOUGHERTY Miss Ellen Port Underwood, Palmerston North 1156
DOUGLAS Sir Arthur Percy Devonshire, Wellington 178
DOUGLAS Sir Robert Bart Devonshire, Jersey 178
DOUGLAS David Killyleagh Ireland, Palmerston North 1190
DOUGLAS Donald MacPherson London, Wellington 758
DOUGLAS Sir Kenneth Wellington 1506
DOULL Rev. James Ceylon, Scotland, Bulls 1274
DOWDALL Samuel Southampton, Palmerston North 1178
DOWDALL & CO. . Palmerston North 1178
DOWNARD William London, Carterton 915
DOWNES . London, Picton 1275
DOWNES George A Wellington 484
DOWNES Samuel Stacey Suffolk, Wellington 1511
DOWNES Thomas William London, Bulls 1275
DOWNEY ne SMITH Mrs Harry Sudbury Suffolk, Palmerston North 1154
DOWNEY Harry Sudbury Suffolk, Palmerston North 1154
DOWSETT ne HARRIS Mrs F. W. M. Wellington, Newman 1004
DOWSETT Frederick William Mead Herefordshire, Newman 1004
DOYLE James Melbourne, Wellington 283
DRAKE ne WALTERS Mrs Ceres Selina Kent, Johnsonville 1070
DRAKE Rev. Edward Newcastle-under-Lyme, Wellington 399
DRAKE F. J. Hobart 820A
DRAKE James London, NSW 907
DRAKE Thomas John England, Wellington, Johnsonville 1070
DRAKE Walter Johnsonville 1070
DRAKE Walter Clunie NSW, Carterton 907
DRANSFIELD Captain Joseph/Joe Yorkshire, Sydney, Wellington 287 293 330
DRANSFIELD S. R. Huddersfield, Wellington 562
DRAPER George London 119
IMPORTING CO. OF NZ LTD . Wellington 622
DRESDEN PIANO CO. . Wellington 450
DREW S. H. Wanganui 759
DRUMMOND & CO . Wanganui 1428
DRUMMOND & CO . Wellington 486
DRUMMOND Miss Jane Wellington 637
DRUMMOND Robert Crawford Wellington, Carterton 909
DRUMMOND T. F. Perthshire, Wanganui 1428
DRUMMOND Thomas McKay Wellington, Greytown 887
DRURY George Suffolk, Wellington 122
DRYDEN & GUILFORD . Wellington 678
DRYDEN ne EMMETT Mrs Pahiatua 1021
DRYDEN Adam Pahiatua 1021
DRYDEN George Dunedin 1021
DRYDEN Henry Ernest Karori Wellington 678
DUDDING Charles Lincolnshire, Hunterville 1287
DUDDING Henry Lincolnshire 874
DUDDING Horatio Lincolnshire, Greytown 873
DUDDING W. C. Hunterville 1288
DUDLEY Miss Fordell 1343
DUDSON J. A. Kaiapoi, Carterton 916
DUDSON Thomas [Kaiapoi] 916
DUFF Hans Woods Ireland, Greytown 888
DUIGAN James Ireland, Tasmania, Wanganui 1435
DULEY J A Ohingaiti 1525
DUMBELL Rev. John Isle of Man, Wellington 400
DUNBAR Charles Morayshire, Porirua 1076
DUNCAN Captain Alexander Arbroath Scotland 1498
DUNCAN Andrew Curranshaw, Wanganui 1443
DUNCAN Arthur Alexander Keith Christchurch, Wellington 645
DUNCAN Christina, Miss Loburn, Canterbury 1034
DUNCAN ne STRUTHERS Mrs James Blackness Scotland 1132
DUNCAN Rev. James Airdrie Scotland, Foxton 1132
DUNCAN John Wanganui 1443
DUNCAN John Wellington 527 270
DUNCAN Robert Arbroath Scotland, Wellington 1498
DUNCAN Robert Loburn, Canterbury 1034
DUNDERDALE ne BETTRIDGE Mrs F. W. Benalla Victoria, Palmerston North 1146
DUNDERDALE Lt. Frederick William Thorne Yorkshire, Palmerston North 1146
DUNK ne DAVONPORT Mrs C. Palmerston North 1152
DUNK Charles Horton Priory Kent, Palmerston North 1152
DUNLOP John Ayr Scotland, Melbourne, Feilding 1240
DUNN Alexander Wellington 1506
DUNN James Wellington 708
DUNN Richard J. Richmond Yorkshire, Wanganui 1386
DUNN William Thomas London, Featherston 859
DUSTIN W S Plymouth, Wanganui 1409 1471
DUTHIE, JOHN & CO, LTD . Wellington 688
DUTHIE John Aberdeen, Wellington 261 289
DUTHIE Lt. John Jnr Wellington 334
DUTHIE Lt. William Grieve Wellington 331-333
DUTTON Edward South Australia 730
DUTTON George William London, Wellington 729
DWAN Thomas Ireland, Canada, USA, Wellington 466

EADES Mr. Wellington 655
EAGAR Henry Francis Otaki 1091
EAGLE Edward Carterton 905-6
EAGLE William Fergus Otaki 1101
EAMES H. J. Wellington 484
EARE Percy Charles Wyndham Palmerston North 1158
EARLE Robert Charles Wanganui 1403
EARP Edward William Tawa Flat 1073
EASTON A S [Augustus Spencer] Foxton 1134
EATON J. B. Ballance 1051
ECCLETON Mounted Constable Joseph Greytown 878
ECKFORD Capt. Thomas SS Neptune 776
EDDIE A Ballance 1051
EDE Mr. R. B. Dorking Surrey 490
EDGER Herbert Frank Wellington 141
EDSON John Auckland 1319
EDWARDS Charles George Wellington 1503
EDWARDS Mr. J. Somersetshire Longburn 1122
EDWARDS James Wellington 562
EDWARDS John Cole Wellington 301/728/730
EDWARDS R Palmerston North 1175
EDWARDS Staff Capt. Reuben Wellington 407
EDWARDS R. P. Palmerston North 1191
EDWARDS Worley Bassett Wellington 471/474/1506
EDWARDS, RUSSELL & CO . Wellington 730
EDWIN Capt. R. A. Wellington 165
EDWIN Mrs ne BRIDGENS Wellington 165
EICHELBAUM Max Wellington 752
ELIOT James Pahiatua 1039
ELIOT & VILE . Pahiatua 1039
ELIOTT G. Eliot Auckland 173
ELIOTT Huntly John Harry Auckland 173
ELIOTT John Gordon Masterton 962
ELKIN Miss Sarah Upper Hutt 844
ELLER M & SON Martin Wellington 653
ELLIOTT Alfred Wanganui 1380
ELLIOTT Huntly John Harry Wellington 173/188
ELLIOTT James Masterton 973
ELLIOTT Major E H M . 26
ELLIOTT Rev. J Kennedy Wellington 392
ELLIS Bros F. J. Hunterville 1288/1295/1299
ELLIS Bros W. J. Hunterville 1288/1295/1299
ELLIS John Ashford Aramoho 1349
ELLIS William Ohingaiti 1295
EMENY William George Wellington 602
EMMETT Christopher Wellington 1021
EMPSON Walter Wanganui 1385
ENGEL John L. Blairlogie Junction 1513
ENGELS Gerhard Hendrik Otaki 1092
ERENSTROM Charles John Palmerston North 1177
ERENSTROM & ANDREWS . Palmerston North 1177
ESPINER George Henry Bunnythorpe 1212
ESSEX & CO Mrs Isabella Palmerston North 1191
ESTALL Henry William Wellington 638
ETON H E Masterton 958
EVANS John Wellington 180
EVANS Robert Wellington 1501/1507
EVANS Rev. William Albert Wellington 406
EVANS T. F. Martinborough 864
EVATT Richard Wellington 186
EVERETT William Masterton 979
EWART Dr John Wellington 357
EWART James Masterton 961
EWEN Charles Alfred Wellington 1507
EWING Robert Aramoho 1350
EWINGTON J. C. Masterton 966
EYRE-KENNY H Wellington 1506
EYTON Thomas Palmerston North

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