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Whanau for Charlie Herewini Maunsell Manihera Kauwhata.

Journal by nzkiwi23

Charlie was born in Ngawha, New Zealand.
Married Te Aroha Eru Aperahama.
Five children Lois, Junior, Karen, Margarette, Fiona. Please add connection to Charlie and Whanau.

Father to Charlie: Harawini Manihera Kauwhata, 1906?-1971, buried at Urupa Ngawha (Saint Michaels, Ohaeawai).
Mother to Charlie: Mere Whakamau Hura Hohaia, 1894?-1966?.

Charlie had one fullblooded Brother Kepa, ????-20/04/1990, buried next to Charlie Urupa Ngawha (Saint Michaels, Ohaeawai).

Mere was previously married to a Swanson??(Swansson??).
Charlie had a half brother called Reginald Swanson.

Harewini Kauwhata and Daphne Edmonds had a daughter by the name of Katerina (thank you Ana!)

Harewini married Ahuaneta (Neta) Eru Aperahama they had children by the names of Paerina,Emma,Winga,Eileen, Terrence.

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by nzkiwi23 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2009-11-24 21:41:06

nzkiwi23 , from Kaikohe, New Zealand, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Nov 2009. is researching the following names: MANIHERAKAUWHATA, MAUNSELL, PATUONE and 10 other(s).

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by anacando on 2010-02-26 19:35:14

Charlie was my mother's older brother, my mother is Katerina Kauwhata and only child of Daphne Edmonds and Harewini Kauwhata.
My name is Ana.

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-02-27 05:04:05

Kia ora Ana,

Wow you have got the Harewini Kauwhata who is my grandfather!( Charlie senior who worked at Wingas Mill in Kaikohe?)
I know dad had a mixed family as in half brother/sister(s)/and a full brother (Kepa)
My grandfather (married?) a Mere Whakamau Hura Hohaia. She had a son to a pakeha by the surname of Swanson dads 1/2 brother Reginald and 1/2 sister Helen had a 1/2 brother (dads step brother) called Jimmy.
Kepa was never married.
My brother Junior (named because there were too many Harewini in the family that were alive at that time!)is still in Kaikohe.
Yes we are related (Cuz!) that is our connection.
Harawini married mums sister Aneta Aperahama. If you would like further information on that side of the family I would gladly point you in the direction. I am currently working through the lineage on my mothers side which goes back to Patuone the peacemaker...

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-02-27 14:03:28

forgot to mention I think we knew your mum as Aunty Cathy...

by Amohia on 2010-05-30 00:30:21

Kia ora

I am wondering if the 1/2 brother Reginald Swanson is the same person that was bought up by my grandparents Komene Anania Tane Hohaia raua ko Kamiria Manihera from Waimate North.

My father is Haki Tapua Hohaia & his older brother was Tane Anania Hohaia.


by anacando on 2010-06-18 02:22:42

NZKiwi23, yes Harewini as you have worked out is my grandfather also.
Kathy as mum is known is living in Manurewa, she will be 70 this year.
Hope all is well with you and your family cuz.
Do keep in touch.
Im still trying to work out how to do things in this site so one and all bare with me:)

by anacando on 2010-06-18 02:24:29

Amohia, interesting to see the Komene name you have. This to is a tupuna of mine, do you know where that name comes from?

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-06-19 10:22:34

Ana this is a small world I have family on facebook if you are on facebook I am Margie Newell if you add me as a friend I will connect you to other family members, eg my sister Fiona, Karen and of course other relos. Interestingly I have met a long lost relo by the name of Lucy Hunia from Auckland who is tracing her Hohaia heritage. Nana Mere Hohaia is a sister to Lucys' grandfather.
There are cousins (long story) their father is also your grandfather too, as you can see grand dad was a busy man!!!
If you want I can aonnect you thru to them on facebook! I f you are interested...

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-06-19 10:27:40

Amohia in response to your reply is that the same Reginald that married a Lucy (don't know Maiden name), I think they lived in Rotorua I may be wrong???I remember one of the kids a boy looked almost like my brother, I am spewing the names fail me in regards to the children they had, afterall it has been a long time since I had seen them.

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-06-19 11:25:40

Amohia was you great great grandfather Kareko Taimona who married Erana Temoananui on you great grandmothers side???

by Amohia on 2010-08-30 06:48:25

Kia ora Margie

Kareko Taimona was my great great grandfather, I am named after their daughter Te Amohia Moetitoki Taimona who married Te Tane Hohaia, their son was Komene Anania Hohaia who married Kamiria Manihera, their son was Haki Tapua Hohaia who married Lois Te Aroha Reihana, these are my parents.

I will check with my brother about Uncle Regs' wife, I know he had several children, but names escape me at the moment. Uncle Reg was in Tokoroa when he passed away.


by nzkiwi23 on 2010-09-01 07:39:32

wow this is a small world I think when I enquired on how to start my family tree I was warned the branches are wide and farwith a few grafts put into the tree as well!!! I guess I will have to sort through the info I get and work out where everything fits!!! Nice to hear from you Amo...

by Luella on 2010-10-30 16:05:09

Hey people
I'd like to make a connection to see which Hohaia line I tie into
My Grandfather Hare Nehua Bryers mother was Harata Hohaia... Her parents were Patuone Hohaia & Mere Pumipi thn we go back to Eruera Maihi Patuone then back to Tapua

Do we fit in
U can email me on [email protected]
or Im on facebook Luella Donaldson

by kotiroma on 2010-11-23 20:44:22

Mere whakamau Hohaia is my grandmother, I am the daughter of Helen (Eleanor anne ona Swansson).
Uncle Reg was married twice, the second marriage to Lucy (Rongomatene Peta). The whanau are scattered between Rotorua and Tauranga. His first family in Masterton and Queensland Australia.
Mere's mother's name is HARIATA APERAHAMA, her father is HURA HOHAIA
Our line goes to WAIEHU

by kotiroma on 2010-11-23 20:50:12

oh by the way I have photo of Hura and Hariata's family and several of KEPA taken at my brother's (COLIN) wedding.I just can't remember CHARLIE and he might be among the snapshots I have

by nzkiwi23 on 2010-11-24 06:07:40

Kia ora Kotiroma I remember Aunty Helens' name when we were down Guys Road next to the Burgess Family and down at the mill (Winga's Mill) Charlie and Kepa are full brothers as you well know Charlie being the older one. I remember seeing Aunty Lucy and Uncle Reg when we were young and uncle Jimmy!!! The pakeha one in our minds!!!! lol I think he was buried in Kaitaia could you please correct me if I am wrong....
Contact me on [email protected] and we can compare notes :) and I will send phots of dad when he was young and older. Hope to hear from you soon.

by kotiroma on 2010-11-24 10:14:46

Ok will do.I have set up site at tribalpages.com under mere's name will give you details when I mail you. Yes he died in kaitaia and not long after that his wife lucy died too. I am in touch with their son Henry, who has been helpful

by Swany on 2011-09-15 19:57:24

Tena Koutou Katoa, My name is Lucerine Swanson Im Miriamas Daughter Me and all my cousins from Koros first and Second Marriage would like to know more about our whakapapa
Uncle Theo and uncle Rex still live in Foxton and Pohingia and uncle dougs still in Aussie, my Nanny Lucy and whanau still in the Bay of Plenty .... we keep in touch through Facebook and Uncle Eds on there too lol

Kia Ora Whanau xxxx

by ngateja on 2011-09-24 00:15:54

Kia ora koutou...My name is Tessa Swanson..I am Theo Swansons (Reginalds middle son from his first marriage) eldest daughter.
Tautoko what Lucerine said..we would so appreciate learning more about our whakapapa

kia ora whanau!!

by nzkiwi23 on 2011-09-26 06:42:44

Kia ora Tessa sorry to all the above I just realised I put the wrong email it is [email protected]
Sorry for the inconvenience!!!
My name on facebook is Margie Newell, I live on Phillip Island, Australia.
I will put a new profile photo on facebook and on this sites profile so you know who to look for.

by Manawarangi on 2012-01-05 00:47:59

Kia ora im Manawarangi Hohaia, researching my heritage also, im also the Niece to Lucy Hunia. Ive been reading some of your comments regarding Mere Whakamau. My question is Mere's first husband, was his name Ernest Swannson whom had daughter Eleanor anne ona Swansson. This information we found at the Anglican Archives in Kaitaia.

by Manawarangi on 2012-01-05 00:53:14

I was wondering if anyone has any photo's of either Hura or Hariata Hohaia. Even Mere Whakamau be a bonus. My ancestor is Hura Hohaia I descend the line of Wiremu Hohaia, Mere Whakamau's oldest brother. Thanks.

by teeswanson on 2012-10-16 04:53:01

Wow. My name is Te Aroha Swanson

Mere Hohaia was my great-grandmother, according to info i have be told, Mere and a "Mr Orgram (or O'gram) gave birth to Reginald (he was listed as a Swanson) because Mere had previously been married to a Swanson. Reginald Swanson is my grandfather, but I need t know what his father's real name was, all I know is that his last name is supposedly Orgram.

Cheers. Te Aroha

by tom1607 on 2013-06-24 08:28:28

just wondering if the charlie that has been mentioned was blind? and also known by the name morris. i have grandfather from there how was called charlie. he had son named andrew my father. i have been to ruatahuna once about 15 years ago dont remeber much and my old man knows nothing. now i am taking interest in where we come from any direction for me would be helpful thanks

by manihera19 on 2013-11-13 20:18:05

kia ora tom1607
could you email me @ [email protected] I may have information regarding your grandfather.My father has a half brother morris kenneth manihera who also went by the name charlie and was also blind, he was born 1942, died 1998 and buried in Ruatahuna. look forward to hearing from you.

by walterswanson on 2016-05-28 05:35:27

Kia ora whanau. Walter Ernest Swanson here (now I know where the middle name comes from! Reginald Swanson's was my dad. Rongomatane Peta is my Mum. Like Miriama I am from the 2nd marriage. I remember Uncle Kepa and Uncle Charlie, Aunty Te Aroha and even Junior! I was very young but I remember Junior had sisters. I think my brother Tewi looked a lot like Junior but a smaller version. I remember Uncle Kepa to be a small man who wore one of those koro hats from the 60's and was quite dapper. From memory I may have been walking with him in Nga Wha. Dad and I went to Kaikohe to do Nan's headstone. I went back there about 8 years ago-the headstone remains as I remember. Nan died the year I was born and her unveiling was 7 years later or that is what sticks in my mind. Dad also spoke of Jimmy Wells who lived in Turangi/Taupo area at one stage-I never met him. Manawarangi I am very interested in knowing Hura and Hariata's whakapapa and a photograph of them and their whanau would be incredible. I remember uncle Jack Hohaia from Waimate North. The last time I saw him, he tried to marry me off to one of his daughters! Is your mother connected to the Cherrington whanau? I knew Reke Cherrington. He told me my uncle had married his sister. It may not be the same person because the surname does not match. Anyway kia whanau. I am going to snoop on facebook!

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