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WHARTON Robert and Eliza BATES

Journal by tonkin

Information Journal.

Robert Havens WHARTON and Eliza BATES.

Marriage details.
My thanks to SilverVixon for the marriage details appearing in the comments section below.

Robert died 1907 in Hotham West, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents named as George Mason WHARTON and Jane CRAB.

Eliza died 1904 in Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.
Father named as John BATES. Mother unknown.

Nine children located Victorian records for Robert and Eliza.


Born: 1855 Forest Creek, Victoria.
Died: 1946 Mont Park, Victoria.
Age: 89 years.
Death: Indexed under MICKNER.

Married: Otto Edward MUCKNER.
Year: 1879.
Place: Victoria.
Otto's birth place given as Berlin.

Otto died 1940 in Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 88 years.
Parents not recorded
Death: Indexed under MICKNER.

Six children located for Otto and Amelia.

Born: 1880 Collingwood, Victoria.
Died: 1880 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 08 days.

Louis Otto MUCKNER.
Born: 1883 Collingwood, Victoria.
Died: 1903 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 19 years.
Death: Indexed under MICKNER.

Robert Hayden MUCKNER.
Born: 1887 Williamstown, Victoria.
Died: 1905 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 17 years.
Death: Indexed as Robert Havens MUCKNER.

Phillis Eliza MUCKNER.
Born: 1889 Williamstown, Victoria.
Died: 1970 Murrumbeena, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.

Married: George Morris James William NINEHAM.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.

George died 1967 in Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.
Parents named as George NINEHAM and Sarah Jane RENYARD.

Sylvia Ernestine MUCKNER.
Born: 1895 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: -

Indus Amelia MUCKNER.
Born: 1898 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1982 Bentleigh, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.

Married: Alfred Thomas FRANKS.
Year: 1922.
Place: Victoria.

Alfred died 1982 in Bentleigh, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents named as James FRANKS and Ada Ann unknown.


Born: 1857 Dunolly, Victoria.
Died: 1925 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.
Death: Recorded as John Campbell WHARTON.


Eliza Jane WHARTON.
Born: 1859 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: 1861 not recorded, Victoria.
Age: 16 months.


Born: 1861 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: 1955 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 93 years.

Married: George James SMITH.
Year: 1892.
Place: Victoria.
George's birth place given as Ballarat.

Two children located for George and Emily.

George Victor SMITH.
Born: 1892 Mount Egerton, Victoria.
Died: 1892 Mount Egerton, Victoria.
Age: 02 days.

Emily Elizabeth Catherine SMITH.
Born: 1894 Sebastopol, Victoria.
Died: 1962 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.

Married: unknown PLUMMER.
Year: -
Place: -


William WHARTON.
Born: 1864 Olivers Gully, Victoria.
Died: -
Possible Death: 1950 Blackburn, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.
Death: Recorded as William Henry WHARTON.
Parents not recorded.


Born: 1869 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: 1920 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 52 years.

Married: 1899 Elizabeth BOAG.
Year: 1899.
Place: Victoria.
Elizabeth's birth place given as Longford, Tasmania.

Possible death for Elizabeth is 1947 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 75 years.
Parents not recorded.

Seven children located for Henry and Elizabeth.

Henry Stanley Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1899 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1969 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Clyde Baden Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: 1946 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 46 years.

William Victor Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1901 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: 1975 Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 75 years.

Rufus Sydney Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1904 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: -

John Cyril Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1906 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: 1975 Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.

James Alexander Loch WHARTON.
Born: 1912 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Veronica May CROFTS.
Year: 1942.
Place: Victoria.

Violet May WHARTON.
Born: 1917 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: 1979 Ormond, Victoria.
Age: 62 years.


Caroline WHARTON.
Born: 1871 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: 1954 Wonthaggi, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.

Married: Francis William RUSSELL.
Year: 1898.
Place: Victoria.
Francis birth place given as USA.

Francis died 1961 in Wonthaggi, Victoria.
Age: 94 years.
Parents not recorded.

Five children located for Francis and Caroline.

Francis William RUSSELL.
Born: 1899 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1979 Wonthaggi, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Thelma Maud Roma RUSSELL.
Born: 1904 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: James Arthur FRASER.
Year: 1930.
Place: Victoria.

Robert Stanley RUSSELL.
Born: 1906 Outtrim, Victoria.
Died: 1983 Noble Park, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.

John Arthur RUSSELL.
Born: 1910 St Kilda, Victoria.
Died: -

Elma Eliza RUSSELL.
Born: 1913 Powlett River, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1875 Ararat, Victoria.
Died: 1958 Surrey Hills, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.

Married: Frederick William LOHSE.
Year: 1897.
Place: Victoria.
Frederick's birth place given as Bendigo.

Frederick died 1950 in Box Hill, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.
Parents named as John LOHSE and Lna KRAMER.

Seven children located for Frederick and Louisa.

Frederick William Bates LOHSE.
Born: 1902 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1981 Ballarat, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.

Married: Minnie Martha ELLIS.
Year: 1928.
Place: Victoria.

Eliza Myrtle LOHSE.
Born: 1907 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Andrew James EDNIE.
Year: 1932.
Place: Victoria.

Louis Alfred LOHSE.
Born: 1907 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Lila May POWELL.
Year: 1937.
Place: Victoria.

Norman John Bates LOHSE.
Born: 1909 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 1973 Lalor, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.

Married: Shrila Clarobel WEBB.
Year: 1937.
Place: Victoria.

Leslie Robert Bates LOHSE.
Born: 1912 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: 19779 Royal Park, Victoria.
Age: 66 years.

Henry Stanley Bates LOHSE.
Born: 1914 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Gladys Margaret WALLER.
Year: 1939.
Place: Victoria.

Phillip Havens LOHSE.
Born: 1916 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Died: 1976 Kerang, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.

Married: Arnita Jean QUERIPEL.
Year: 1940.
Place: Victoria.


Alice Maude WHARTON.
Born: 1878 St Kilda, Victoria.
Died: 1965 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 88 years.

Married: Robert Hunter YOUNG.
Year: 1907.
Place: Victoria.
Robert's birth place given as New Zealand.

Robert died 1955 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as Peter YOUNG and Marion unknown.

One child located for Robert and Alice.

Alma Annie YOUNG.
Born: 1911 Richmond, Victoria.
Died: -

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

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by SilverVixen on 2012-10-09 08:34:28

Robert Wharton married Eliza Bates : Bermondsey, London, England, 1852 Q1 1D 91

by SilverVixen on 2012-10-09 08:36:18

Robert Wharton married Eliza Bates : Bermondsey, London, England, 1852 Q1 1D 91

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