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what link would you use to find a person name that is nowhere to be found?

Question by deninetaylor46

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by deninetaylor46 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-03-09 17:52:44

deninetaylor46 , from North Carolina, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Feb 2010. is researching the following names: TAYLOR, PATE, TAILLEFER.

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user edmondsallan deactivated
by deninetaylor46 on 2011-03-12 16:15:12

The name that I am searching is Robert L. Taylor b.4-1860 d.1928 in Richmond County NC., who suppose to have a father, name George W. Taylor b1833 in Richmond County NC whom married a lady named Elizabeth last named unknown b.1830 NC she supposed to be Georges second wife. If you can help I would appreciate it. thank you

user edmondsallan deactivated
by deninetaylor46 on 2011-03-13 15:56:54

From my cousin she had done the research but i would like to know if it is true or not.She told me she got it from other family trees. But i don't have the paper evidence only what i paid her for.

user edmondsallan deactivated
by deninetaylor46 on 2011-03-13 16:23:18

The trouble with that she would charge me again and i don't feel like she gave me what it is worth.

by groovygranny on 2011-03-13 21:42:32

About 10 months ago my Aunt found my dear grandmothers name in the ships list, (after years of looking) for arrival into Australia in 1912. We were, and still are gobsmacked, as all she ever knew about her bloodline, is what was written on her birth certificate, as she was raised by a foster mother. Sadly she died almost 8 years ago at age 92 never knowing any more than her birth cert. So the first thing i did was teach myself how to use the computer and internet, its not as hard as i thought, and the fun began. The first thing i did which is a golden rule, is find that second document to prove i had the right family. I started to google everything and anything related to my research and from there i found the 1911 census for England. After putting their name with nothing coming up for that, i thought i would put the address on her birth cert, as her mother had home birth, and it was the year before they left England. The family popped up in front of me. It was probably one of the most exciting moments in my 46 years. Birth certificates and census records are a wealth of knowledge, read every word.Put your thinking cap on and put your imagination into gear. Apparently hearing from other researchers, i have been told i have done very well. So if you have computer and internet access, just give it a go. I feel sad that your cousin wont share the information with you for nothing. I have found many family in New Zealand, Texas and many spread throughout Australia which is where i live. We only found each other about 1 month ago. They have been researching for 30 years. We share everything amongst ourselves. After all we are all researching the same people. Have a go, and GOOD LUCK!

by margarms on 2011-03-14 00:50:49

What a mean spirited cousin!! Here are a few records for you to start and if you would like more info on any, please just mail.
Robert L Taylor
Age: 71
Date of Birth: 1858
Date of Death: 21 Apr 1929
Death County: Martin
Death State: North Carolina
Source Vendor: NC State Archives. North Carolina Deaths, 1908-67

George W. Taylor Sarah Clark 14 Oct 1848 Burke
George W. Taylor Anna J. Hiatt 14 Jul 1849 Forsyth
George W. Taylor Male Sarah Row 2 Mar 1851 Caldwell
George W. Taylor Male Rachel Taylor 12 Apr 1863 Carteret
George W Taylor Male Sallie Sanders 6 Feb 1867 Rockingham
George W. Taylor Male Sallie Sanders 16 Feb 1867 Rockingham
Geo W Taylor Male Anna I Hiatte 14 Jul 1849 Forsyth
Geo W Taylor Male Bessie A Higgins 1882 Pasquotank

Cheers Marg

by 1bobbylee on 2011-03-18 21:55:44

This is wonderful how you kindly treated and helped this lady. I believe she was possibly not familiar with a computer or the mechanics. Maybe this is why she employed her cousin to research for her. I do not like to think a relative would take advantage possibly of her inexperience. And to charge this lady each time she needed additional information. How sad... I am also new at this. I found that just by getting in there and making mistakes, and just keep plugging away, data will come easier for you. Get in the journals Denise and read them. There's a lot, but be patient. Subscribers have written journals to help and guide you through genealogy procedures. I have found there are some wonderful researchers. Just like Marge. She was king and informative. Groovy granny is an inspiration to you. She didn't give up. She is now an inspiration to me. You'll think you have hit a brick wall. Then, bang! Some researcher who really wants to help you will come through. That happened to me. I was given census info, birth, dates, biographical background, photos, etc. A wealth of information for me. Keep trying. When you have made an individual effort, and you seemingly have reached the end of your road. Speak up. "Say, I have tried and still trying. Would someone help me please?" Just like those dear women above that saw your need. They had compassion for you, They didn't put you off. Seemingly, you were in despair. When you get information from a researcher or subscriber, get excited! Respond and say how much they've helped. Most are kind and really want to help you. Researching is not easy. It is tiresome. You can say, "You've have been so kind to me." Thank you! My granpa is coming through. Best of luck to you in your journal travels. Keep looking. You will find it. Marge and groovy granny are to be commended. Bob

by deninetaylor46 on 2011-03-19 19:35:30

Thank you I really do appreciate any information that anyone could give me i have been researching Finding a Grave and I have fought some relatives but not the Father of the one I am looking for. But again I am still tracking and I am really thankful for ya'lls help.

by gibsonknox on 2011-03-20 02:49:25

The name that I am searching is Robert L. Taylor b.4-1860 d.1928 in Richmond County NC., who suppose to have a father, name George W. Taylor b1833 in Richmond County NC whom married a lady named Elizabeth last named unknown b.1830 NC she supposed to be Georges second wife. If you can help I would appreciate it. thank you

1) start with the 1900-1920 federal census for NC, i'll do a quick search when i get done here for you
2) try the following FREE web site for NC, i hav eonly one listed:
3) type in north carolina state in a web search. then when the state web site comes up do a search on genealogy and see what it has...again i will see if i can get some more info for you
4) try cousin connect at www.cousinconnect.com
5) try find a grave at www.findagrave.com
6) try family trees at www.ancestry.com/trees
7) LDS at www.familysearch.org

at last but not least tell that "cousin" of yours she IS NOT invited to the next family gathering because she IS NOT family!

if you nedd more help HOLLAR!! it may take me a while to get back as i am currently working on two genealogies and tryong to finish (LOL) my newest geni book on one of my lines. I could also look in the PUBLIC section of the DAR web site for you.

by deninetaylor46 on 2011-03-20 17:21:38

Thank you that would help me out so much. I'm trying that site find a grave and cousin connect I am on my way to the other sites now. And 4 my cousin I don't ask her anything because some of the information and dates she gave me was miss calculated.

Thank you again, I surely appreciate this!

by mowsehowse on 2011-03-21 06:06:34

May I suggest you web search using the words "vital records" + relevant state or county.

Also, (in desperation,)I recently sent a cry for help to a historical society in MASS, and was delighted to be given info, and links with charm and humour only a couple of hours later. So it may be worth googling for a historic society of Richmond NC.

In general people are generous and helpful regarding family history.
Tell your cousin from me: "What goes around, comes around!" and good luck in your research.

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