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What the term " RESEARCH " means

Journal by edmondsallan

To get this Journal under way I need at first to clarify , one or two things that appear to me to be getting mis- conscrewed with some members on this web site ( this my view - only )
The word " RESEARCH " it's meaning . It means --> re -- like the word repeat - - do again - Research - do again , find again . not search - which is to just keep looking . Browsing means to look thro something faster or a type of sleeping . Lately I have noticed that people are wrongly judging ( their own particular thoughts on what ,how , where ,on others type of research . They are even using the word Rubbish ) What some thing is ( on this website ) and others . will be looked at some where . some time from now to as far back as you wish to go . If we dont think that way , ( just to get at some humans or wish to express their discontent with his / hers research )they should simply by pass it and move on .If we don't , no matter what ones personal feelings are or wish to disrespect ) someone elses - work , copied , browsed , research etc in fact all work that is put on the net what ever you wish to call it personally ,will be classed as the category you are judging it to be , which will include your own eventually by others , who behind the scenes also have an opinion like you, they may or not express it on the net . It will also mean that all past ancestral websites and their past accummulation of Knowledge from many in the past could be put into a class of Total disbelief by the person doing the judgement . that will multiply . No matter what one thinks of some other persons work , and they want to express their feelings about it on the net , and do ,they are also causing their own expressions by others, who do not agree with their judgement , to be classed as rubbish and eventually their research work as well . I hope , including myself , as well as many . that who ever reads this journal . does not class it as a lecture / rubbish etc . I hope it is accepted as another person's view point along the lines of every one has a view point on all ,whether they agree with it or not. I also hope it will assist this great website in some way .

Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

Surnames: RESEARCH
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by edmondsallan Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-07-21 15:57:23

edmondsallan , from auckland .nz , has been a Family Tree Circles member since Aug 2010. is researching the following names: CLAYTON, EDMONDS.

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by Boru on 2011-07-21 16:44:16

Actually research means The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions... Not what you said it means ...

have a Good day .. Boru ...

by edmondsallan on 2011-07-21 16:58:58

excellent . you are absolutely right. not a thing about rubbish , points gathering , - opinions on research , etc' . It was pleasure to see your true view point and not your personal feelings - Kind regards

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-21 18:33:01

UHHH? I thought you were going to research "research." research to me is to browze backward to find another's "research" For instance, If you discoverd words on a hard clay stone for the year 50 BC, the wording may be original. No one else, other than this person, who in 50 BC expressed his ideas and thoughts. That is original. I come along centuries later doing computerized browzing and discover this clay stone with the wording is in a museum. I have went back re- prefix, to search, possibly with a subject, "Wording and language on clay or stone tablets between 50 BC and after." If you are religious, you may consider Jesus's words as original and devine from above. I browze through the Bible and find many of his thoughts and words. Did he research. He didn't have to. They were original. I come along and might say, "Hey those words are what I need. Therefore, I paste and copy. Ben Franklin with his kite and key discovered the power of electricity. The rudiments of it has always been there. Ben began his personal research into electricity. Someone else came along and advanced it. Others discovered the switch on a lamp. On and On. Somewhere in the past, human minds were benefited with a silent idea or thought. Nothing had been advanced, but that original thought and idea in our minds had always been there. It was time for it to surface. There is a time for each season. A farmer to yield an abundant crop, would not think of getting ahead in a season. The seed had to be planted first. Can anyone tell me where a seed and all its components originated? I come along centuries to paste and copy someone else's ideas, thoughts and work. In other words, I browzed and did some one else's "RESEARCH."

by Boru on 2011-07-21 22:24:18

look ed, my only problem is that when I first came here you questioned the amount of RESEARCH that I had done regarding my own tree and then you informed me that YOU HAD DECIDED that I needed to do RESEARCH myself ... I then come to find that you don't RESEARCH anything yourself...YOU COPY AND PASTE... thats hilarious... why don't you just cut down on the amount of "JOURNALS" you post so others who have legitimate enquiries can post a journal and people won't have to scan past pages and pages of your stuff... people come here to find information , if you force their journals to the back pages nobody can help them and they will leave the board...

by edmondsallan on 2011-07-22 00:11:58

thank you. I will make no more comment to you on this subject -Regards

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-22 01:52:34

You're right Boru. Copy and paste is not research. I noticed that a very intelligent historian helped you with a vast amount of data on your last name. You were desperate. She knew where to search and browze. She did not do research on the name. She found the work of someone else and presented it to you.

Same for me. I was frutrated that I was hitting a brick wall to find my GGGG Granfather. I searched as many sites as I could. I'm sure there were more but, I didn't know them. I needed an experienced genealogist or historian. The same one came through for me as she did for you. To research a name, that name had to be completely unknown. People have spent years and years searching for the origin of a name. Or for that matter, searching for the cure of cancer. I can search and browze to follow their progress. They are researching for me.

You may be delusional to the idea that you are a "Researcher." You are not. You are a browzer. To be a researcher Mr Ed, spend the work it takes to develop an original idea. All of your copy and paste has been the work of someone else. I will admit. You have copied and pasted worthwhile journals that have probably helped our members.

But, to really help our members, quit hogging the journal board. Don't you realize by now, (As Boru stated) that you are taking away legitimate journals by our members. You're not the only one on the board. You act like you are because you will push people aside to run in your copy and paste journal. Over and over. Down the board you go! As Boru stated. The ones that are available to help our members may have to go over three or four pages. This is unfair to our members. Give some slack. Quit hogging the board. As I mentioned earlier you have copy and pasted some informative journals. But, give respect to our members...

by Boru on 2011-07-22 14:16:54

You're wasting youe time bobbylee, Mr Ed doesn't care, the fact that he posted this journal ( knowing right well that we would comment on it ) and then instead o addressing our comments he states that he will no longer reply on here tells me that he posted it for attention ... Just like a little kid , he says something to provoke a response then says I'm not gonna talk about it anymore... Since he craves attention so much Our best move would b to ignore him ...

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-22 16:47:40

My My Boru. Our other members are now being able to get through. Maybe they have been backed up for awhile. Look at the first page. Names and new names. They are desperate to get information on their ancestors. Imagine. The first page! Hopefully (I really don't doubt) our very experienced and knowledgeable genealogists and historian can now see them on the first page. Let's hope it stays that way.

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