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WILLIAM A. HANCY of Ireland whose sons emigrated to Australia

Journal by Glynne

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on 2009-05-27 02:55:54

Glynne , from Somerset, UK, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Apr 2009. is researching the following names: MOORE, CRAMP, HILLS and 15 other(s).

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by enjee on 2009-06-15 03:19:54

Im a decendant of Catherine Hancy and James Williams. Never knew James was a convict until today. Thanks for posting the info.

by enjee on 2009-06-15 03:23:41

These two posts I stumbled across might also be of interest



by Glynne on 2009-06-15 14:47:25

Thankyou for these leads enjee -- I didn't realise that we had another convict in the family with Catherine Dunn having married Thomas Hancy. How many more of William and Sarah's children were attracted by people on the other side of the tracks (or bars in this case!!!!)

by julieduncan on 2009-06-27 20:03:26

Hi Glynne and others
Back home here in Australia there is a great book which was published in 2007 titled 'Along the Nine Mile Creek, written by Ron Norton it tells the story of the Hancy & Norton families. And along the family trail there are a lot of convicts - Not only does the book give a look and who married who but is an eye opening concept of facts of an era of Australias history which our educational system sadly lacks in teaching.
To answer the questions William hancy and Sarah Macdonald had 9 children. Three in Eng and Thomas who was probably born on ship- as he claimed dependent on his circumstance to be either born here or in London. Of their 9 children 4 married convicts James Miller; Thomas Woolley; Catherine Dunn and James Pedergast.
Thomas Hancy and Catherine Dunn had 8 children that I found and two of these also married convicts

by Glynne on 2009-06-28 13:53:51

Wow Julie ---- This is almost unbelievable and I most certainly will try to get hold of the book. I presume you are a descendant ?? and I hope to correspond directly with you. I presume you mean James Williams (who was a miller) where you say James Miller???
Are you in touch with terrythom (descended from James Williams and Catherine Hancy's son George) or enjee (descended from their daughter Adelaide)who contacted me through this website?? We'll all have to get together. I wasn't much interested in history when I was at school but boy am I getting into it now (and living in UK with all it's beautiful historic houses brings it more to life).

by julieduncan on 2009-06-28 16:34:04

I presume that you also know that there were two Hancy boys who came over Brothers William and Michael.
Actually I'm not related my kids are though. My mother inlaw is the link. Thomas Hancy and Catherine had a daughter Jane who married John Norton a convict (he came from Tipperary) they had 12 kids - 6 of each. Their 3rd child Andrew married Margaret Rush and these two are my mother inlaws grandparents. believe it or not the gentleman who wrote the book also included a number of family group sheets which included photos of John Norton and Jane(Hancy) his wife as well as 11 of their 12 kids.
Impressive that the photo af John remains considering that he died in August 1880.
Andrew Norton who married Margaret Rush the family group sheet includes them and 11 of their 12 kids too -

Yep sorry it was/is Williams and no I had not contacted the others as yet I only stumbled on this website yesterday.

OH yeah William Hancy's gravestone is still reasonably intact Death 1830.

talk to you soon Julie

by Glynne on 2009-06-29 01:17:12

Hi Julie, checking through my files I found I'd had contact with Carol Surrey (nee Heidtmann) who is descended from John Norton and Jane Hancy's daughter Elizabeth (but I hadn't realised John Norton was a convict). I must get in touch with Carol again.
How do I get hold of the book by Ron Norton?

by Glynne on 2009-06-29 01:35:29

Hi Julie, you mentioned the convict James Pedergast. His surname was Prendergast on his marriage reg, and Pendergast on his death reg (as far as I can make out on NSW BDM). His wife was Sophia Hancey, and her sister Elizabeth married James's brother, Thomas. There seems to be a mix up in their marriage regs (4 altogether for the 2 marriages that apparently took place on same day). I wonder if Thomas was a convict?


by julieduncan on 2009-06-29 23:31:34

Neither thomas or james are on the convict lists that are available. They married the sisters at RC Church Windsor NSW 5 5 1828. James died in 1865 Thomas died in 1862
James' death was registered at Windsor
Thomas' was registered at Cooma

by Glynne on 2009-06-30 01:18:15

Hi Julie -- I thought you had said in a previous comment that James Prendergast was a convict? I know he's not directly related to me but I'm getting more and more interested in all the convicts lives. Which is the best source for finding them all?

by julieduncan on 2009-06-30 16:15:48

Its been a bit hectic here and thats why I gave you the wrong info. I misread the sheet i had.
the 4 convict marriages are

Charlotte Hancy married a convict Wm Archibald Ashton
Thomas m catherine dunn
Ann to Thomas Woolley
Catherine to James Williams
the best place to find if someone was a convict is to start with

another good place for information can be


by Glynne on 2009-07-02 14:52:09

Hi Julie --- can we please exchange some info through the normal e-mail channels --- I've sent my address to you privately but I don't think you have seen it yet.


by dhancy on 2009-10-08 11:40:03

Does anyone know of a John Hancy born abt 1837 in Switzerland? He served in the American Civil War. He is my great great grandfather, and I am trying to discover the connection between him and the Hancys in Europe, the UK, and Australia.

Dennis Hancy
Cleveland, OH USA

by Glynne on 2009-12-29 09:27:48

Hi Dennis --- don't know of this one but would be interested if you do find he is connected to the one's that went off to Australia.

by Glynne on 2009-12-29 09:40:56

In reply to this message from jtabl1:---

I just found a rellie! WOW
Hi I am Charlotte Hancy,s great,great,great granddaughter.I was having fun looking up my family tree today and found your research. It's fascinating. My grandmother told me we came from Ireland, County Cork but I never realised how far back.Thank you for adding another dimention to my family history. I am excited to share it with my children and brother who by the way lives in the Parramatta, Balkham hills area.

Hi Jtabl1 ---- please make yourself known to all of us gradually coming together on this journal --- we now have enjee, julieduncan and terrythom lined up --- and I have others interested in this branch as well. Above details are NOT all my own work --- they are gathered from various contacts -and I'm hoping to get all the notes in order eventually!

by GRH on 2010-02-11 06:22:19

I am a Hancy who is directly descended from Michael Hancy. He married in a protestant church in London. There is no connection with Ireland. Hancy is not an Irish name and Ireland is not the place of family origin. Where did you get your information from?

by Glynne on 2010-05-03 18:32:08

Hi GRH --- don't know why I missed this before --- as I said above this is not my research --- it was given to me by someone else. I would love to hear/see your information. My e-mail address is [email protected]


by ianmackay on 2010-05-20 06:44:15

Hi Glynne,
My great, great, great grandparents were Thomas Woolley and Ann Hancy and have just found out today he was a convict. I have read your journal with great interest and would like to correspond further by email

Ian Mackay

by pdewbs on 2010-08-19 07:36:04

Hi Glynne
I have just read your interesting journal. I am descended from Thomas Woolley and Ann Hancy through their son John Frederick who married Rosanna Flood.

by ronnorton on 2012-01-25 02:02:30

Anyone looking for the book Along The Nine Mile referred to in some of these messages, can obtain the book by contacting the author Ron Norton on [email protected] or by phoning 0262940515.

by markwil on 2012-02-12 12:46:12

Hi everyone. I am another Hancey descendant from Catherine's marriage to convict James Williams. He is my ggg grandfather. His daughter married Thomas Smith, son of the lacemakers of Calais Smiths. Thomas' son, Alexander was my grandmother's father.

by markwil on 2012-02-12 13:05:31

Hi Glynne. Great to find an overseas relative. Where do you fit into the family tree? Are you descended from the family who didn't migrate to Australia or us Aussies in the new family homeland?Also, everyone else I hope we can be in regular contact. Thank you for all your posts. It's exciting to have found you all. I am in Sydney so maybe meet someday soon. Thanks Ron for the info on the book.

by Glynne on 2012-02-12 17:49:28

Hi Mark -- nice to meet you. I'm descended directly from James and Catherine via Matilda Lucinda Williams (who also married Thomas Smith after the death of her sister -- your gg grandmother). Born in Tamworth, NSW, but Dad returned to the army so we left Tamworth and eventually ended up in Brisbane where I went to Uni. Came to UK to do a PhD, met and married, so 3 yrs has now extended to over 42 yrs in UK. AND we now live in Somerset where James Williams was born, and we do most of our weekly shopping in Shepton Mallett where he was convicted. My e-mail address is in one of the messages above so feel free to communicate with me through that.

by markwil on 2012-02-12 18:45:15

Thanks Glynne. Will be in touch. I was pleasantly surprised that you know about my Smith side. I just found the info you posted on your descendancy in your other journal and was about to tell you about my gg grandfather Thomas Smith's marriages to the two Williams sisters.
Only just starting to look at the Williams and hearing from a Williams rellie for the first time is an exciting development. Also lovely to see rellie in Perth making contact.
Further down the family line Catherine Williams (nee Hancey's) niece, Mary Ann Pendergast married William Williams (jnr). Wonder if she possibly married a distant cousin.
Anyway, better get some sleep.

by GJG on 2012-06-06 10:47:43

I am descended from Edward Alexander Woolley.
Like GRH, I have doubts about the background of the Hancys and Sarah MacDonald. There were Hancys in Essex/Suffolk then. Also, there was a Sarah MacDonald born in London at the right time. I doubt we will ever know more about them all than their rough date of birth.

by barandda on 2013-04-16 02:58:28

Hi, I have been given some information from Parramatta Historical Society which has led me to this site...I am descended from Thomas Woolley and Ann Hancy. Their son John Frederick married Rosanna Flood, their son Thomas Frederick married Mary Colbran, their daughter Mary Ann Amelia Woolley married Harry Towers who was my great grand father. Does anyone have any information on this family branch. I live in Sydney Australia.thanks

by Glynne on 2013-04-16 04:04:00

Hi Barandda, I've gone to check my tree on ancestry.com and found the marriage reg for Thomas Wooley to Mary Colbran in Windsor. I also noticed you have a tree on ancestry (but you do have some mistakes on it -- I will go back on ancestry and leave you some comments where I think you have errors). You obviously know the Roseanna Flood was the daughter of convict Patrick Flood.

by Glynne on 2013-04-16 17:17:13

hi barranda, my apologies -- just went back to your tree and I can't find the mistake I thought I saw there -- I must have been looking at one of the other trees on ancestry, and in too much of a hurry when I replied above.

by barandda on 2013-04-16 23:48:58

thanks, yes I have noticed I have written wrong info in few places...so any correct info would be more than appreciated. I had a problem with a new computer and lost all info, tried to fix and started another tree. When finally fixed I had 3 family trees...not sure how to fix that....B

by terrythom on 2015-02-05 22:59:33

Hello Glynne/ Just found this site again after many years. I hope you are still on. I have followed our family trail and I am fairly confidant all details are correct.I have been to East Knoyle and seen the register of James' birth in 1788. Do you still have the same email address?
Wiliiam Hancy is on a website here as "Australian Royalty" What do think about that?
Would love to find that book by Ron Norton I have just rung him and left a message.
my email is [email protected]

by Glynne on 2015-02-06 15:53:52

Hello Terry --- long time no hear as they say! Yes I'm still very much into the genealogy -- not just my tree but several for friends etc. My e-mail address is in one of the above comments and hasn't changed. I still have some f yours but I lost a betch of e-mails somehow ( about a years worth were "gutted" --- ie had their contents removed by some magic trick??!!! so I don't know whether any of them were yours. But on one of yours you mentioned that James's first wife and children were put on the pauper register --- can you tell me where to get hold of that info as I haven't found it yet.

by lavinia1022 on 2015-02-13 13:51:13

by Glynne on 2015-02-14 07:03:27

Hi lavinia1022 ----- did you mean to say something here? Message blank!

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