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Journal by marra

Can anyone help please, I thought I had it all worked out and then it took a turn, thought that my gr gr gr granddad WILLIAM CORFIELD BORN IN 1850 was born of RUTH AND CORNELELIUS, but this appears not to be true this means that I have got do a lot of researching all over again, if there is anyone out there with any details of William married to Ellen can you please get in touch with me, meanwhile everything is on hold whilst I recharge my batteries and contemplate what to do next. this family tree researching is fun but also challenging. will hope in anticipation that someone out there that can help me, maybe someone will have my William and ellen corfield on their family tree marra

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on 2013-08-02 06:00:11

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by Maggiedch on 2013-09-13 06:15:44

The Corfield name originates from Cardington, Shropshire, England. google Corfield family tree and it will take you to a large site with a lot of historical information and links
Kind regards
Margaret Corfield Wolverhampton, England

by ngairedith on 2013-09-13 06:27:22
user noggin deactivated
by marra on 2013-09-13 16:01:22

Thank you so much for the marriage details, the problem that I have is that, there are no parents names as witnesses, I have William and Ellen on every census, ive just got to comb through, the Williams born on this date, it seems a long laborious job, but got to do it,as I wont be satisfied until I find his parents. but once again I do appreciate your help.

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by marra on 2013-09-14 07:11:05

I have a copy of the marriage Certificate on my computer., there is no parents names on it, this makes me still stuck, dont know what else I can do to find William, but know that he was definitely born in 1850 as the 1881 census, tells me this fact. Cannot find Death info on William Corfield, born 1850, this is why I cant dismiss Cornelius Corfield and Ruth Dickinson, if I can find these details, then maybe I will know to research elsewhere. Ive got him on all the censuses, and his marriage details, even spoke to a genealogist on this site, and he says, it may take me years to find him. Thank you kindly for your response to my enquiry, I really do appreciate it. The other thing is, that when I look at the list of names, of Williams children and Corneliuses children, there are similarities,I mean that William could have named his children, after his brothers and sisters, maybe im right maybe im wrong, but I cant seem to budge away for Cornelius and Ruth.

user noggin deactivated
by marra on 2013-09-15 12:45:55

Have looked at this one, quite hard to find on censuses, but I think your right, Ive got to research him, I am going to find what I can on him now, to the best of my ability, this is a tricky one, but thanks for your help and guidance, sometimes you just don't know what to do next.. Sometimes when doing family tree, its just finding the time to research, as it takes up so much of your time,i can only research in the evenings. I guess you also know how many hours can be spent researching descendants. Also I am going to find Williams Death details, and maybe eliminate Cornelius and Ruth. once and for all. I think I want it to be Corn and Ruth, as this takes me into the book The History of the Corfields, that would mean that my researching is ended, because all my relatives are in the book,thus less hours strolling through records, but I don't think its going to end up like that.

by asheppard on 2013-09-15 22:09:41

According to the English Birth & Christening record Page 166 for Cathedral Manchester Lanacshire

William Bowker son of, Sarah Corfield, Manchs., Spinster. Born 20th April 1850.

Jun 1850
Corfield William Bowker Manchester 20 711

by marra on 2013-09-16 06:35:06

Thank you for your info, spent all last night trying to find William Bowker on censuses, looks like this ones going to take some time to find. I am still wondering why, he did not state his name Bowker, on his marriage certificate, would this be allowed. Appreciate any advice, if you have any. Its just that if I had a middle name, im sure I would have to put it on the documents, if I was getting married. ALSO IM THINKING, WHAT A STRANGE NAME, BUT MY GREAT GRANDAD WAS CALLED JUBIL, AND THATS EVEN STRANGER.

by asheppard on 2013-09-16 20:14:31

There are seven other William Bowker with various last names between 1845 & 1855 all in Lancashire.

It is an unusual name, I'm wondering if it had some significance to Manchester a local hero or something.

Anything is possible

by marra on 2013-09-16 20:58:16

Thanks for your reply, ive just spent another night trying to find him,cant seem to locate him on censuses, or anything, but will carry on regardless, the funny part about the whole thing, is he may not eve be the right William, ah well.Ive found a couple more Williams born in 1850,one from Shropshire, one from Montgomeryshire,oh goodness, looks like im going to be searching for a long time,or at least until I get the AHA FOUND HIM MOMENT.DEEP DOWN IM STILL NOT CONVINCED THIS ONE IS THE RIGHT WILLIAM,AS I DO HAVE A VERY GOOD INSTINCT, I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY, BUT I CANT HELP WHAT I FEEL.STILL CANT MOVE FROM CORN AND RUTH.

user noggin deactivated
by marra on 2013-09-17 18:58:47

Hi, I received a message from Rog Corfield on Corfield Port 5, as I had emailed him about William. He said that Corn and Ruth did have a son called William born 24th March 1850, but he believed he died shortly afterwards., but after checking 1851, and other censuses for me, no sign of William on any. He sent me a copy of the original Marriage certificate of Williams and said, the space for Father was left blank which I have seen also if he were the son of Cornelius, he would have known that as Cornelius didn't die until 1885. to be honest I don't really understand the sentence before this one, this is what Rog wrote me.Rog said that the only William Corfield that fits the bill is William Bowker Corfield born 20th April 1850, also attatched certificate left blank for fathers name,he said that Bowker may have been his fathers name. phew typing all that was hard work. thanks again for your attention on this matter.But after reading all this I cant find the death details of William.

by asheppard on 2013-09-17 21:54:34

There is a William Corfield death in Manchester 1850, but who knows if it's the right one.

Deaths Jun 1850
CORFIELD William Manchester 20 391

by marra on 2013-09-18 06:02:05

Thanks so much for your info, I couldn't even find that one,you are absoloutely right,who knows.Going to research some of Williams children further, maybe this will help to solve this problem, its such a shame, because I have so much info on gr granddad and gr gr granddad William, was going great guns, suddenly now run out of steam. but whatever happens, I am so glad I found so much out about my family ,it was so worth it, as I knew absoloutely nothing before, I am confident now that if I want to find any Corfield relatives, I know where to look,its just that I don't feel ready for that at the moment.Even though they can never be aware of this fact, they have taught me so much about Family, and how important this really is. Just got to teach my family, and hope it sinks in.

by marra on 2013-09-18 06:30:21

Sorry if I appear to be babbling on, but its just that William, my gr gr grandad I sort of know this fact, was in the workhouse, also his son Jubil ,was in the workhouse, God knows what these families went through especially the children, this is what I mean about learning from them, as I feel so grateful,and so lucky that I didn't go there,I always knew I would fight tooth and nail for my family, but this makes me want to fight harder. Its just that I didn't feel grateful and lucky until I started to research my corfield relatives. I have realized about myself, that I have had skeletons in the closet, well I feel a lot more at rest now, because they are out.I also learned lesson no 1 how important it is to tell all, to our children, i guess, because ive been there, and believe me it was awful. Thus making me more open with my family,lesson no 2 My grandmother Elizabeth Ellen was split from her family and put in a home in Haslingden at the age of 15 as her mother died,her sister went to live in Bury in Lancs,Lesson no2 Never ever allow that, I ask just one question,WHERE ON EARTH WERE ALL HER FAMILY, TO HELP HER WHEN SHE NEEDED THEM.I now feel got to be there no matter what, whoever it is in my family, to help and support them however i can. guess this is just another skeleton out from my closet, hence all this writing,or maybe i feel ive got to write it all down,cause its so important to me.. Thanks so much for reading this whoever you are.

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