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CLAPPERTON marriages New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Arthur John 'Sam' Clapperton (1901-1973)
Arthur was born 11 July 1901 in Clapham, England to Henry John 'Harry' Clapperton & Marion Raishbrook
married Hilda Annie Epplett (1907-1984) 2 Dec 1925
Hilda was born 1 Dec 1907 in Pukahu, Hastings, to Archibald John Epplett & May Louisa Pearson
their known children
1927 - 1993 Reginald Arthur Clapperton
1928 - 2009 Raymond John Raishbrook Clapperton
1933 - 2004 Lindsay Jack Clapperton
* Arthur died 19 June 1973 aged 71
* Hilda died 13 Dec 1984 aged 77
They are buried Plot 214, Plot H at Havelock North

Charles Mark Clapperton (1909-1986)
* son of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Doris Edna Hemmington (1912-1986) in 1935

Douglas Clapperton (1897-1971)
* performed on Christchurch radio with the Avonian Minstrels
married Minnie Meredith Rogers (1886-1954) in 1926
* Douglas died 26 Oct 1971 aged 74 and is buried at Waimairi

Frank Ernest Clapperton (1861-1932)
married Annie Ada Reeves (1864-1939) in 1891
* daughter of Charles Stephen & Mary Charlotte Reeves
* they lived in Caversham and Dunedin
their known children
1892 - Kathleen Clapperton
1896 - Frank Ernest Clapperton
* Annie died 13 May 1939 aged 75, 7 years after Frank. She is buried with him at Plot 23, Block 65 at Andersons Bay cemetery. Also with son Frank (1897-1963), his wife Emma (1897-1969) and daughter Kathleen (1892-1956)

Frank Ernest Clapperton (1896-1963)
Frank served as Gunner 12744 in WWI with the 13th, NZ Field Artillery. His next of kin was his mother Annie Ada Clapperton of 61 Duke St., Dunedin
married Emma Dorothy Allan (1897-1969) in 1923
* Frank died 8 Aug 1963 aged 66
* Emma died 22 Dec 1969 aged 72
They are buried Plot 23, Block 65 at Andersons Bay, Dunedin

George Charles Clapperton (1893-1973)
married Emily Margaret Logan (1895-1951) in 1915
George served in WWI as Driver 50950 with the 35th, Army Service Corps. His next of kin was his wife E. C.(?) Clapperton in Paraparaumu
their known children
1916 - 1994 Richard Styles Clapperton
1917 - 1989 Dessie Albert Charles Clapperton
1919 - 1921 Frederick William Clapperton (aged 15 months, buried Karori)
* George next married Dorothy Evelyn Mason (1903-1969) in 1922
* Emily next married Henry Frederick William Clapperton (1895-1955) in 1930

Henry Frederick William Clapperton (1895-1955)
* born in Surrey, England to Henry John 'Harry' Clapperton & Marion Raishbrook
married Mary Ann Richardson in 1915
Henry served in WWI as Private 75665 with the 39th, A Company. Mary Ann was his next of kin at Onga Onga, Hawkes Bay.
* Mary Ann next married married John Williams in 1923
* Henry next married Emily Margaret Clapperton (nee Logan) in 1930
Henry served in WWII as Private 31993 & 548148

Henry John Clapperton (1876-1948)
married 'Lena' Bourne (nee Rodgers 1871-1944) 14 April 1915
* Emmeline Thirza Mary 'Lena' Rodgers first married John William 'Jack' Watson (1861-1914) in 1888 in Palmerston North & had 7 children. In 1896 Jack was charged with and sentenced to prison for, abducting a 15 year old girl. There was a break down of the marriage and Lena reverted to her maiden name. She next married Charles Johnson in 1908. They were divorced in Gisborne in 1910. Lena married Henry Bourne in 1912 & had a son. Lena married Henry John Clapperton in 1915. Lena died in Napier 6 July 1944 aged 73 and is buried Park Island cemetery. Henry John Clapperton's burial not yet found

James Alfred Clapperton (1896-1974)
married Doris Howie (1907-1965) in 1924
* They are buried together at Taupo Lawn Cemetery

James Duncan Clapperton (1894-1980)
married Ivy Bernice Kendall (1899-1983) in 1925

Leslie Clapperton (1911-1998)
* son of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Ada Rita Blackwell (1911-) in 1932

Richard Styles Clapperton (1916-1994)
married Jean Frances Hetty Cornwall (1915-2001) in 1938
* They lived at 29 Park Rd., Belmont, Lower Hutt

Robert Hogg Clapperton (1859-1938)
* born in Scotland
married Anne Sangster Todd (1858-1953) in Owaka, xmas day 1888
* They lived at Clutha, Otago
their known children
1890 - Margaret Clapperton
1891 - Thomas Andrew Clapperton
1894 - Janet Maud Clapperton
1896 - Charlotte Todd Clapperton
1899 - Robert James Clapperton

Thomas Ebenezer Clapperton (1886-1969)
married Maud Elizabeth Cooke (nee Elliott 1881-1970) in 1920
* Maud first married Thomas Cooke (1881-1916) in 1902 & had three children. Thomas was killed in Pozières, Somme, France. Thomas served in the Australian Imperial Force as Private 3055, 2nd Brigade 8th Infantry Battalion. He was awarded the VC For most conspicuous bravery. After a Lewis gun had been disabled, he was ordered to take his gun and gun-team to a dangerous part of the line. Here he did fine work, but came under very heavy fire, with the result that finally he was the only man left. He still stuck to his post, and continued to fire his gun. When assistance was sent he was found dead beside his gun. He set a splendid example of determination and devotion to duty.
* Thomas died 31 May 1969 aged 83
* Maud died 16 Nov 1970 aged 89
They are buried with a daughter, Ethel Maud (Wilson 1902-1998) in Plot 662A, Ch Eng, Karori, Wellington

William Ernest Clapperton (1900-1956)
married Amy Winifred Anderson (1883-1960) in 1928
* William died 10 July 1956 aged 56
* Amy died 24 Oct 1960 aged 78
They are buried Plan VIII, Row 10 at Archer St, Masterton

William Nicol Clapperton
* William arrived in NZ from Scotland on the 'Crusader' and settled in Pahi, Northland
He and his wife, Mary Allen (nee ? 1856-1896) had a son in NZ
1894 - 1980 James Duncan Clapperton
* Mary died 15 Oct 1896 in Pahi, Kaipara aged 40
William next married Charlotte Ester Farrow (1864-1961) in 1910

Alice Elenor Maud Clapperton
married Ronald John Stephens (1901-1971) in 1924
* son of William Henry Stephens & Mary Ann Symons

Catherine Clapperton (1884-1960)
* born in NZ, a daughter of Alexander Clapperton & Grace Catherine Cormie who married in Glasgow in 1882 & arrived on the 'Doric' into Auckland in 1883. They settled in Dunedin
married Robert Wallace Thompson (1882-1954) at Maori Hill, Dunedin 7 Oct 1922

Charlotte Ann Clapperton (1905-1986)
married Ernest Adrian Timms (1904-1962) in 1924

Edith Abigail Margaret Clapperton (1861-1914)
married John Moore Johnston (1853-1929) in 1890
their known children
1891 - Clara Louise Hope Johnston
1892 - James Hope Johnston
* Edith died 18 March 1914 aged 52
* John died 23 Oct 1929 aged 76
They are buried together at Terrace End, Palmerston North (see photo)

Emily Margaret Clapperton (nee Logan 1895-1951)
married Henry Frederick William Clapperton in 1930
* see above

Grace Clapperton (1886-1973)
* daughter of Alexander Clapperton & Grace Catherine Cormie (see Catherine above)
married Paul Wallace Warren Johnstone (1889-1959) in Knox Church, Dunedin 8 April 1914
their known children
1917 - Kathleen Elizabeth 'Betty' Johnstone
1922 - 1998 Oliver Alexander Johnstone (Dr)

Isabella Clapperton (1850-1936)
married John Hislop (1831-1900) in 1873
* John was a Jeweller from Liverpool. He first married Emily Christina Lea in Dunedin in 1863 and had 7 children. She died in Dunedin a month after the birth of their 7th child aged 29
the known children of Isabella & John
(a total of 14 children for John)
1874 - Daisy Isabel Hislop
1876 - John Hislop
1878 - Agnes Ballantyne Hislop
1880 - James Ballantyne Hislop
1882 - Breezetta Hislop
1884 - Isabella Brodie Hislop
1888 - Elizabeth Hislop
* John died 22 Oct 1900 aged 69
* Isabella died 18 Oct 1936 aged 86
They are buried together in Plot 28, Block 27 at North East Valley cemetery, Dunedin with John's first wife and 3 of his & Emily's children (2 infants)
NOTE Mr John Hislop who for nearly forty years conducted business as a. watchmaker and jeweller at 74 Princes Street, Dunedin, was a well known colonist. As a man of business he was a credit to his guild, and all the branches of his trade were carried on with enlightened intelligence. The appliances used by him were of the best design and material, and he employed specially qualified persons in connection with cleaning and repairing watches and the manufacture of all kinds of jewellery. It used to be said that Queen Victoria never accepted presents from private individuals. Nevertheless, on the 13th of August, 1886, Mr. Hislop forwarded to her Majesty a scent bottle and paper-knife, together with a letter begging their acceptance. The sequel to this was that, afterwards, Mr. Hislop kept on his shop counter an appropriately framed letter written by Her Majesty's command, and dated the 26th of September, 1886, acknowledging the receipt of Mr. Hislop's letter and thanking him for his very beautiful gifts, for which the Queen expressed great admiration. Mr. Hislop was born in Liverpool in 1832, and served his apprenticeship partly in Scotland and partly in England. He came of a Greenock family, and his uncle, Mr. John Hislop, was a publisher of that place. Mr. Hislop left the Old Country for Australia in 1851 and entered into business at Bendigo, where he continued for most of his time in the sister colony, until attracted by the Otago gold “rush” in 1862, when he settled in Dredin and established his business. He was for several years a member of the North East Valley borough council and also held a seat on the Otago harbour board. As a Freemason he was attached to Lodge Otago Kilwinning, S.C., and had taken the Royal Arch and Knight Templar degrees. Mr. Hislop was married in 1873, and had in all twelve children—six sons and six daughters. He died in his shop, suddenly, on the 19th of October, 1900.

Janet Maud Clapperton (1895-1933)
married Julius Duncan McLellan (1876-1945) in Otago 1923
* Julius was a farmer in Owaka

Jean Clapperton
married John Henderson Clark in 1927

Jessie Maria Clapperton (1859-1942)
married Roland Streater (1856-1906) in 1886
NZ Herald, 26 July 1886 STREATER-CLAPPERTON - At the residence of the bride's brother, View Avenue, Mount Eden, on the 23rd instant, by the Rev G. B. Munro, Roland Streater of London, to Jessie, daughter of the late William Clapperton, Consulting Engineer, Glasgow, Scotland
Auckland Star, 17 Sep 1906 DEATH of CAPTAIN STREATER Capt. Roland Streater, who with two others was injured through the collapse of a derrick on board the steamer Ayrshire some four weeks ago, died at his residence in Nelson-street at six o'clock last Saturday evening. Captain Streater's spine was badly injured and, paralysis having set in, his case was considered almost hopeless from the outset. A born sailor, he went to his first ship at the age of 16 years, trading to the Black Sea and the Far East. He joined the Shaw-Savill Co in the early eighties and it was not long before he was promoted to the rank of captain, being appointed to the command of the sailing ship 'Lutterworth' in 1887. In 1890 he was transferred to the ship 'Eutrope' and five years later he came out to new Zealand as chief officer of the s.s. 'Aotea'. Settling down in Auckland, he became a partner in the firm of Nearing and Co., stevedores. He took keen interest in all aquatic sport and was a member of the New Zealand Power Boat Association and owned the launch 'Seaford'. His wife, three sisters and a brother survive him. His sisters reside in England and the brother in Constantinople. The flags of the boats in port and the various shipping offices are lowered to half-mast as a mark of respect to his memory .. The Inquest is at the above link
NZ Herald, 25 July 1842 STREATER - At her residence, "Seaford" Auckland, on July 23, 1942 (on what would have been her 56th wedding anniversary) Jessie M., widow of the late Captain Roland Streater

Letitia May Clapperton (1907-1986)
* daughter of Henry John & Marion Clapperton
married Robert Young in 1930

Lillia Eliza Clapperton
married Algernon Harrison in 1914
their known children
1915 - Frank Lindsay Harrison
1917 - Edna May harrison

Lillian Josephine Clapperton (1871-1948)
married Frank Fielding Haggitt (1868-1954) in 1896
their known children
1899 - Alan Frank Haggitt

Marion Zellah Clapperton
married George Haggerty in 1913
their known children
1915 - George William Haggerty
1917 - Daniel James Haggerty

Mary Ann Clapperton (nee Richardson)
married John Williams in 1923
* see above

Plot 8, Block 4 at Terrace End

John Moore & Edith Abigail Johnston

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