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Summary: The Inner Circle newsletter is an extra service provided to FamilyTreeCircles members. It is sent out approximately weekly and contains the latest information about FamilyTreeCircles, fun and interesting journals posted by our members, useful genealogy tips and tricks, and the thoughts and ideas of a regular genealogist and family tree researcher just like yourself.

Who has time to keep up with everything going on with all the websites that we need to keep track of? Do you remember to keep going back to them all? I don't!

Now you can stay up to date with what's going on at FamilyTreeCircles every week, right in your own mailbox via email.

Now I could just blast this out to all 50,000+ members of FamilyTreeCircles who have already given me permission to email them, but that's not what I'm looking to do. I only want people to subscribe who really want to hear directly from me, the creator of FamilyTreeCircles.

This is more personal, and why I have a separate newsletter subscription set up. This is the "Inner Circle".

Each newsletter contains:

Here's what others have said about FamilyTreeCircles and the Inner Circle newsletter:

"Although I have not been a member of FTC for long, I do enjoy getting your newsletter. Its a bit like meeting a old friend for a chat over coffee. ... Anyway, this is just to say thank for the website and all your effort to keep it running and growing. I know how hard that can be."

I really think you'll enjoy getting my newsletter. But if you don't, unsubscribing is even easier than signing up.

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