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PETITION to Parliament from SETTLERS of NELSON, NZ - 1849

Journal by ngairedith

In 1849 the settlers of Nelson, New Zealand were dissatisfied at the way the country was being run by one man in distant Auckland. They wanted an immediate introduction of Representative Government into the Southern Settlements. They therefore took up a petition to submit to Parliament. It was signed by 392 of the local men - I have found a number of names that appear twice, but there is no way to know now (nearly 160 years later) if there were in fact that many men with the same name...

The objective was to show who was living in Nelson in 1849 to help those who suspect they had ancestors there at that time.

Some names were very hard to decipher so if you know of an incorrect spelling or any other incorrect data, please inform me and I will gladly change it .. (but please, be constructive and positive so everyone may benefit. Don't be Beth Wagstaff (see William Bell). If she had kindly supplied the info she refers to instead of a condescending and evasive comment, everyone would be saved so much extra, time-consuming research. This journal was weeks in the making (as other genealogists will appreciate). Verifying info on William Bell will be done when time permits)

AIKEN, George. On the 1852 Nelson Electoral Roll as a'storekeeper'. On the 1852 Jurors list as a storekeeper living in Trafalgar Street. In 1859 is an auctioneer.
ALDER, Joseph
ALDER, Samuel - carpenter - SIR CHARLES FORBES 22-8-1842 - 23. Arrived with wife Cecilia. He died 6 years later on 30-12-1848
ANDREWS, Charles - mason & quarryman - BOLTON 15-3-1842 - 19. Arrived with 18 year old Lucy - wife? or sister?. In Feb 1852 was on the Jurors list as a labourer living in Waimea South.
ANDREWS, Thomas - mason - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - 16 Arrived with parents William & Mary Ann and 4 siblings. In Feb 1852 was on the Jurors list as a labourer living in Waimea South.
ANDREWS, William - mason - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - 16. Arrived with parents William & Mary Ann and 4 siblings. In Feb 1852 was on the Jurors list as a labourer living in Waimea South.
ANDREWS, William - mason - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - 42. Arrived with wife Mary Ann and 5 children. In Feb 1852, on the Jurors list as a bricklayer living in Waimea South.
ARMSTRONG, John - agricultural labourer - WHITBY - 4-11-1841 - 24. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'carter'. His wife Aurora arrived on the INDUS 5-2-1843. In Feb 1852 was on the Jurors list as a carter living in Bridge Street.
ARNOLD, James - in Feb 1852 on Jurors List was a labourer living in Waimea South.
ARNOLD, Thomas - the following was taken from the book 'Seasonal Work in New Zealand' by Gary Andrews & Heidi. In 1848, a colonist named Thomas Arnold left us the following description of Nelson "To the stranger, the climate has a kind of intoxicating effect, you feel as if the burden of life and human cares were suddenly thrown-off, as if you had nothing to do now but enjoy yourself".
ASKEW, William - wheelwright & joiner - INDUS - 5-1-1843 - 43
ATKINS, Thomas - farm labourer - SIR CHARLES FORBES - 23-8-1842 - 32.
ATWOOD John - agricultural labourer - WHITBY - 4-11-1841 - aged 28. On the passenger list of the Lloyds at end, scroll down to the bottom and read the story on how and who John married. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer in suburban north.
ATWOOD - John #2 (cannot find another John Atwood entering New Zealand)

BATCHELOR, George - LONDON - 10-4-1842 aged 13 with his parents Uriah (carpenter) & Leah and 3 siblings, Jane 11, Thomas 9 and James 7. Died 19-1-1908 aged 79. In 1859 he was listed in the Nelson Directory as a shoemaker
BATCHELOR Thomas - carpenter - BERICIA - 6-11-1848 - 25. Arrived with wife Caroline and 3 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a carpenter of Bridge Street. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a builder
BADMAN, Samuel - agricultural labourer - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - aged 29 Arrived with wife Emma and 4 children. On the February 1852 Jurors list as a labourer in Waimea south.
BAIGENT, Edward - sawyer - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - aged 30. Arrived with wife Mary Ann and 5 children. In the 1859 Directory he was listed as having a sawmill, on the education committee and on the Waimea Disctrict Roads Board.There is a Edward Baigent Recreation Reserve in Wakefield, a plaque in the reserve commemorates that Edward slept under a large totara tree on his first night in the area. On the 1852 Jurors list as a millwright in Waimea south.
BAIGENT Edward jnr - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - aged 9 Son of Edward and Mary Ann above. Arrived with them and 4 siblings
BARNETT, William - shoemaker & gardener - THOMAS HARRISON - 25-10-1842 aged 33. Arrived with his wife Charlotte and 3 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a shoemaker living in suburban north.
BARTLETT, John - labourer - OLYMPUS - 28-10-1842 - aged 37. Arrived with his wife Maria and 5 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Maitai.
BATEY, Jacob - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - no age. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer of Waimea east. He was on the Richmond Education Committee in June 1866 calling for tenders to erect a dwelling house.
BEST, William
BEST, Charles - agricultural labourer, shepherd, flax-dresser - SIR CHARLES FORBES - 22-8-1842 - aged 23 Arrived with his wife Ann and son Daniel. There is a Charles Best on the 1852 Jurors list as a sawyer of Waimea west.
BECKMAN, Johann Heinrich Frederic Heinrich - joiner - St PAULI - 14-6-1843 - aged 38. He was from Altona, Germany. Arrived with his wife Anna and 3 children. His 9 year old son was named Franz. The ship left from Hamburg 26 Dec 1842. He died in Greymouth in 1879 aged 74. A son Peter Paul Carl Beckman was born on board.
BEDBOROUGH, Henry. Cannot find any entry details for Henry. There was an agreement signed between Henry Bedborough of Nelson New Zealand, Esq., and Alexander Kerr sq., and Edward Saxton of Highley Hill Station, Otago, stock owner for pasturing the sheep of Messrs Bedborough and Kerr on the Highway Hill Run, Otago - no date given.
BELL, William Gordon - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 - aged 28. He was recorded as 'Maori'. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer of Waimea east. NOTE Beth Wagstaff's message 31-12-19 1:50pm: Sadly, like many sites now available on the internet that have a focus on family history, not all of your data is accurate. My direct ancestor William Gordon Bell is listed on your page PETITION OF THE SETTLERS OF NELSON TO PARLIAMENT in 1849. Yes, William Gordon BELL added his name to this petition - but he was neither a Maori, and he did not arrive in NZ in 1843 on the PHOEBE. William BELL from the PHOEBE was an entirely different person altogether and NO relation at all to William Gordon BELL, who had arrived in NZ prior to 1843 with his family. Your assumption that they were the same person is completely incorrect. Beth. Will be changed when I have time to verify.
BERRY, Thomas - farm labourer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 - aged 25. Arrived with his 19 year old wife Rebecca.
BERRY, Thomas #2 - One Thomas Berry on the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll is a 'turner' the other is a 'storekeeper'. No entry found for the 2nd Thomas.
BIGGS, George - labourer & colier - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1842 - aged 19. His headstone at Mararewa cemetery reads: died Mar 30th 1890 aged 68 years - a pioneer settler arrived Nelson Cot.1841 at age 19 years, preliminary expedition man under Captain Arthur Wakefield. He married in 1830 in Bristol to Frances Summerell. She and their 2 children, Issac aged 1 and Frances aged 4 months arrived on the LLOYDS 9-2-1842. They had another 4 children in NZ. George died in 1890 aged 67. His son George married into the Kite family. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south (there is another George Biggs on the list as a shoemaker of Waimea Road.
BIGGS Samuel - servant - MARINER - 20-9-1850 - aged 44. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a shoemaker. Arrived with his wife Isabella and 4 children: Eliza aged 23, Sarah aged 16 (she married into the Blick family), Isabella aged 14, Harriett aged 5.
BIRD, Reuben - carpenter - FIFESHIRE - 3-2-1842 - aged 28. Arrived with his 25 year old wife Ann and 1 year old daughter Ann.
BLANCHETT, Thomas - agricultural labourer - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1842 - aged 32. His wife Elizabeth and 4 children, Uriah 10, George 8, Julia 5 & Emily 1, arrived on on 15-2-1842 on the LLOYDS accompanied with his 16 year old sister Eliza
BLICK, Enoch - gardener & shoemaker - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 17 with his parents and 6 siblings. Born 6-10-1824 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England to Thomas and Hannah (nee Gay) Blick. Died 19-4-1904, aged 71 in Spring Creek, Blenheim. He married Caroline Ives (1832-1914) who arrived 22-8-1942 on the SIR CHARLES FORBES. They had 11 children.
BLICK, Thomas - labourer - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 38. Arrived with wife Hannah (nee Gay) and 7 children. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'farmer' but was to eventually become known as "The father of New Zealand Woollen Industry" opening his 1st woollen mill in 1848. He won a bronze medal in the 1860s for his cloth at the London exhibition. He invited Joseph Webley from England to NZ to join him in the weaving business which was then named "Blick & Webley" then changed to "Nelson Cloth". On the 1852 Jurors list as a weaver of Brook Street.
BLICK, William - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 9, with parents (above) and 6 siblings. Born in Gloucestershire, England 15-7-1832 & died 20-5 1882 in Blenheim aged 50, by just dropping dead in the street. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'farmer', on the Council & Awatere Roads Board. Married Jane Atkinson and had 7 children.
BODDINGTON, Robert - merchant - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 - aged 42. Arrived with his wife Mary Newcomb Boddington & Edward and Joseph. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south.
BOLTON Edward - farmer - GEORGE FYFE - 12-12-1842 - aged 27. Was a single man on the trip engaged by the Honourable Constantine Augustus Dillon who was on the same voyage as a 'gentleman' with his wife Fanny (Frances). Constantine served in the Royal Navy, 7th Dragoon Guards and 16th Lancers, A.D.C. to John George, Earl of Durhan, Governor General of Canada. He was the political secretary of Sir George Grey. He drowned 16-4-1853 aged 40.
BREWERTON, John - shoemaker - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 - aged 30. Arrived with his wife Harriett and 4 children. He was born in Shinfield England in 1812 & died 17 Dec 1885 aged 73. Buried St John's Churchyard, Wakefield.
BRIGHT, Henry - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 10. Arrived with his parents Thomas & Elizabeth (nee Watson) and 4 siblings.
BRIGHT Thomas - carpenter - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 31. Arrived with his wife Elizabeth and 5 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a carpenter of Haven Road. He was in the 1859 Nelson Directory as a carpenter and builder. He was born 23 March 1809 & died 14 Feb 1871 aged 61.
BROUGHAM, William (possibly) LADY NUGENT 9-5-1850
BROWN, Henry - mason & quarryman - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 44. Arrived with wife Sarah and 4 children.
BROWN, John - MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7-4-1842 - aged 9. Arrived with parents William (below) and Sarah and 3 siblings
BROWN, Thomas - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 7. Son of Henry above
BROWN, William - carpenter - MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7-4-1842 - aged 32, arrived with wife Sarah and 4 chidren
BUNGATE, James - farm labourer - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 aged 25, arrived with his wife Catherine (nee Weston) aged 19. Their 1st son Henry, was born in Sydney Australia 22-5-1846. Catherine and son Henry returned to Sydney in March 1848, her 2nd son James was born there in Sept 1848. She had another son Linus (birth place unknown). She put James into an orphan school in Parramatta in May 1852 when he was 4 and in Jan 1863, aged 14, he left saying that his father was dead and his mother had gone home to England.
BUNGATE, Joseph - agricultural labourer - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1841, aged 26. His wife Hannah and 2 sons, Henry 12 and John 1, arrived on the LLOYDS 15-2-1842
BURDETT, William
BURNS, John - joiner - LORD AUCKLAND - 23-2-1842 - aged 27. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a carpenter. Arrived with his wife Frances. On the 1852 Jurors list as a carpenter of Selwyn Place. Died 1858 aged 43
BURNS, Robert - tin man - LORD AUCKLAND - 23-2-1842 - aged 18, arrived with his mother Rebecca and 3 siblings. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'tinsmith
BURT, Henry Wellington - agricultural labourer - BOMBAY - 13-12-1842 - aged 20. With John Cotterell he surveyed the Waimea West area for the New Zealand Company. On the 1852 Jurors list as a storekeeper of Trafalgar St. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as 'writing clerk'. In 1859 in the Nelson Directory he is a storekeeper.
BUSCHL, Michael - yeoman - St PAUL - 14-6-1843 - aged 42, arrived with wife Maria and 4 children. Michael and Maria were born in Bavaria, Germany about 1801/1802 - their 4 children were also born there. His daughter Anna married Carl Kelling below. His son Michael married Jane Barnes and had 11 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea east
BUSH George F. - surgeon on board - LLOYDS - 15-2-1842 - no age. Arrived with his wife and infant child. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'surgeon'.
BUTLER, Thomas - stonemason - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1841 - aged 31. His wife Elizabeth and 3 children arrived 15-2-1842 on the LLOYDS. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer of Waimea east

CAMPBELL A. Le Grand - born 18 July 1819 died 1890 - gentleman - MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7-4-1842 - 22. Settled at Riwaka. Son of Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill,Scotland, 4th Baronet and Margaret Coldstream. He married Hester Anne Copeman of Norfolk, England on 26-7-1853, they had 5 children, Margaret Jane, Caroline Hester Mary, Catharine Coldstream, Alexander Bulwer and George Frederic Colin. In 1848 he accompanied Thomas Brunner in exploring the routes between Nelson and the Wairau. He explored the Riwaka River and the Takaka Hill. He was a vaccination inspector at Motueka and Aorere for a number of years
CARTER, John - gardener & agricultural labourer - BOMBAY - 14-12-1842 aged 35. Arrived with his wife Mary and 4 children & 2 of Mary's children, Amelia and John Thorn.
CARTER, Samuel - BOMBAY - 14-12-1842 - aged 8, arrived with his parents John and Mary and siblings (above)
CATO, John
CHANT, William - general labourer - OLYMPUS - 28-10-1842 - aged 25. Arrived with wife Eliza (nee Trihorn) and infant daughter Ellen. They had 4 children and moved to Motueka where they had another 5 children. William became a baker and a registered brewer. Died April 1900 aged 74.
CHAPMAN, George - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 - aged 12. One of 7 children to Thomas & Mary Ann
CHAPMAN, John - labourer - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 - aged 15. Son of Thomas below.
CHAPMAN, Thomas - agricultural labourer - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 - aged 46, arrived with wife Mary Ann and 7 children, 2 of his sons, above, signed the petition - another son, James, aged 17 on arrival, did not sign this petition 7 years later. May have moved.
CHRISTIE, Charles - RALPH BERNAL - 13-6-1846 - age unknown. On the Nelson Electoral Roll of 1853 as a 'gentleman'. Owned farm land and was a brewer in Nelson, although all articles refer to him as a 'gentleman' or 'Esq'. On the 1852 Jurors list as a gentleman of Waimea east. Was a juror in a number of cases, was on the jury at the Supreme Court of Nelson in July 1859, was a Grand Juror in Jan 1860. On 28 Dec 1860 his wife Mary Lucretia Eliza died aged 21. He died on the 21-5-1867 aged 44 in Hamilton, Waikato (unknown where buried)
CLARKE, George - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 - aged 10
CLARKE, John - gardener - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 - aged 35, arrived with wife Mary Ann and 2 children. Son George above and Martha aged 3.
CLARKE, John #2 - (cannot find this one entering)
CLOSE, Stephen - sawyer - MARY ANN - 8-2-184 - aged 34, arrived with wife Mary and 3 children, 2 daughters aged 8 & 7 and 2 year old son Albion. On the 1852 Jurors list as a sawyer of Collingwood St.
COLEMAN, Charles - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 11, arrived with father Edward, below, mother Jane and sister Hannah Maria.
COLEMAN, Edward - cabinet maker - BOLTON - 15-3-1842 - aged 36. Arrived with wife Jane, 13 year old Hannah and Charles above. On the 1852 Jurors list as a cabinet maker of Collingwood St.
COLEMAN Thomas - baker - MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7-4-1842 - aged 35. Arrived with wife Rebecca and 5 children, James aged 15, also a baker and Moses who was 11 did not sign this. Thomas was 14 (below). On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south.
COLEMAN, Thomas - baker - MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7-4-1842 - aged 14. Arrived with parents and 4 siblings. Two of his brothers would have been of age to sign this but did not. On the 1852 Jurors list as Thomas jnr, a labourer of Waimea south.
CONGREVE, Sir William Augustus - BERNICIA - 6-11-1849 - aged 24. In 1857 he had 20,000 acres of the MacKenzie Country - read here: How The MacKenzie Country Runs Were Taken Up
COOKE, James - agricultural labourer - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1841 aged 34. His wife Hannah and 5 children arrived 15-2-1842 on the LLOYDS.
COOMBES, Henry - sawyer - LORD AUCKLAND - 23-2-1842 - aged 35. Arrived with wife Sarah and 6 children. On the 1852 Jurors list as a sawyer of Bolton Square.
COOPER, John Henry - surgeon superintendent on board MARTHA RIDGFWAY 7-4-1842.
COPPINS William - tailor - BOMBAY- 14-12-1842 - aged 31. Arrived with wife Mary Ann and 2 boys listed as 2 year olds - twins?. He was leasing land and buildings as part of Accommodation Section #152 on the plan of the district of Motueka Feb 1858 when it went up for public auction under a mortgagee sale. On the 1852 Jurors list as a tailor of Motueka
COWARD, James - RALPH BERNAL - 13-6-1846
COX, Charles Henry - carpenter & joiner - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 - aged 31. Arrived with his 25 year old wife Susan. On the 1852 Jurors list as a carpenter of Scotland St.
CRISP, Benjamin 'Ben' - On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'carter'. He was born about 1808 He married Elizabeth Burnett 1831-1916, in Nelson on 14-12-1846 and they had 7 children. The following was taken from NZETC: Another pleasing and interesting event was the presentation to Ben Crisp of a purse of sovereigns and a gold medal, in recognition of his services in promoting the welfare and happiness of the children of Nelson during many years. Passing reference has been made to "Ben the bullock driver," as he was called in the very early days, when he used to cultivate the land on the west side of Trafalgar-street, from Hardy street to Bridge-street. Ben took the pledge (which he has faithfully kept) and started a juvenile Band of Hope; and every year since, on Her Majesty's Birthday, hundreds of children have been made happy by the treat he has regularly provided for them. The procession of Ben's lorry crowded with happy youngsters, waving bright flags, shouting and laughing, on their way to the "treat," is one of the features of Nelson on the Queen's Birthday. Mr. Crisp is one of the oldest settlers in the Colony. He left England in 1819, came to New Zealand in 1837 and to Nelson in 1842. In the 1859 Nelson directory as a carter. On the 1852 Jurors list as a carter of Bridge St. He died 2-9-1901 in Nelson.
CROWDACE Andrew - labourer - was living at Waimea south on the jurors list of 1860
CROUDISS, Andrew - labourer - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 - aged 20
CURRIN, John - labourer - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 - aged 51. Arrived with wife Ann and 4 children. At the time of signing this petition 2 sons, John and Thomas would have been 25 and 18, they did not sign. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south

DALE, William - cannot find William entering Nelson. There was a William Dale who arrived into Wellington on 1-5-1842 on the LONDON. On the 1852 Nelson Jurors list as a writing clerk of Bridge Street.
DANIELL, H. C. - in 1859 he was the Chief Clerk of the Nelson Provincial Government - on the Nelson Trust Funds as Auditor and on Education Committee.
DASHWOOD, E. - MARY - 24-2-1849 - aged 21, single. In 1850 he was granted a license for a run (land)
DENT, William - farm labourer - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1842 - aged 29.
DEVANEY, Lawrence - SLAINS CASTLE - 26-1-1845. Arrived with a Michael Devaney. On the 1852 Jurors list as a storekeeper of Bridge Street and Michael was listed as a warehouseman of Bridge St.
DEW, Emanuel - gardener - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 - aged 34. Arrived with his wife Maria Fussell 1809-1889. They had 4 children in the UK; Charlotte, married James Stagg and had 9 children, David, nothing known, Sabina, married Hans Johann Frederich Busch and had 10 children and Henry Dew, nothing known. Emmanuel was on the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea west.
DICKINSON, William - LLOYDS - 15-2-1842. Arrived with his wife. In July 1853 he was requested by a number of Waimea South Electors to allow himself to be elected as a Representative in the Provincial Council for the district. He replied that he would be honoured to etc., adding, "With respect to my political principles, I have always maintained that no system of Government can be good that does not legislate for the promotion of the happiness and comfort of all classes of the community without distinction and I shall consider myself bound to do all in my power, both publicly and privately, to promote secular and religious education. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer of Waimea south.
DIXON, Benjamin. Cannot find entry details. In 1859 he was a storekeeper in Spring Grove
DODSON, Alfred - LLOYDS - 15-2-1842 - aged 9. Arrived with his mother Ann and 3 siblings, Adolphus 7, Edgar 5 and Mary Ann 2. His father Thomas had gone ahead on the WILL WATCH
DODSON, George - agricultural labourer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 - aged 19, was single on arrival. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south.
DODSON, Thomas - agricultural labourer - WILL WATCH - 4-11-1842 - aged 31. His wife, 29 year old Ann, and 4 children followed on the LLOYDS. In 1859 there were 2 x T. Dodsons - one was in Nelson suburbs as a member of Provincial Council the other was in Wakapuaka on the Education Committee and Distinct Road Board. On the 1852 Jurors list as farmer of suburban south.
DOUGHTY, Thomas - bricklayer & labourer - WHITBY - 4-11-1841 - aged 27. Was married at the time but cannot find his wife and/or children following in a later ship.
DOUGLASS, William - smith & horse shoer - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 26. Arrived with his 21 year old wife Mary.
DOVE, James - agricultural labourer - PRINCE OF WALES - 31-12-1842 aged 22, was single at time of arrival. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea east
DUNCAN, Joseph - mason - FIFSHIRE - 1-2-1842 - aged 28. Arrived with his wife Rachell and 3 children, John 7, James 4 and infant Ellen.

EDEN, Richard - only NN - 8-2-1842 - aged 30. Arrived with his wife Jane and 2 children. On the 1852 Juros list as a printer of Trafalgar st. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'printer'. In the 1859 Nelson Directory as: C & J Elliott, printers and publishers.
EMPSON, Charles - arrived into Wellington in May 1842 aged 22 (although I can't find him on the May 1842 passenger lists of the CLIFFORD or the LONDON). He married Louisa Howard in Nelson on 24-2-1852. They had 7 children: Henry Fredric 12-2-1853 who died aged 12 on 24-10-1865 from falling off his pony. Charles Clendon born 25-1-1855 in Nelson, married Adeline Young, died 5-8-1938 in Richmond. Ellen Fanny born 30-2-1856, married Francis Gould, son of a preacher. George Augustus born 14-3-1858 in Wairau, was chief postmaster in Havelock South, moved to Te Awamutu with his wife Jane Hughes where he died in 1944. Stanley Howard born 4-4-1860 in Wairau, he married Mary Catherine MacDonald in Auckland, he died in Ngaruawahia 23-6-1937. Annie Louise born 2-6-1862 in Marlborough, she married John Morris Pratt in 1882. They moved to Holbrook NSW where she died Nov 1944. Francis Slocombe born 15-7-1864 in Marlborough, died 1903 aged 39. Charles as owner, along with David Herd, as manager, planted the first Marlborough vineyard. Charles died soon after the first harvest but Herd went on to win prize after prize for the red muscatel wine. Charles great grandson, Neil Empson, settled in Italy and became a noted exporter of Italian wines. On the 1852 Jurors list as a merchant living in Bridge St. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'merchant'
EPPS James. There were a number of Epps in Nelson at this time, unable to find a James
EVES, Samuel - miner - WHITBY - 4-11-1841 - aged 27. His wife Elizabeth and 3 children, Maria 3, William 2 and infant Elizabeth arrived 1842 on the LLOYDS.
EVES, William - arrived as the 2 year old son of Samuel - read above. If it was this William Eves that signed the petition he would have been 9 at signing
EYES - William Henry - on the STAR OF CHINA (after 6 years in Sydney) on 12-7-1845 with his cousin the Rev. Mr Reay who, as one of Bishop Selwyn's clergymen, was in charge of the Nelson district William was the son of a South American merchant and ship owner and was born near Liverpool, England, in 1819. He was superintendent for Marlborough, member of the Provincial Council, and a member of the House of Representatives. In the 1859 Nelson Directory he was on the Education Committee, town of Beaver and a Justice of the Peace, a Sheriff, a Receiver of Land Revenue and a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. He married and divorced Eleanor Jones who was killed when thrown from a horse trap on 3-7-1896 in Pihama, Taranaki. William retired in Ghuznee Stre, Wellington.

FAIRHALL, Edward - agricultural labourer - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 aged 39. Airrved with his 39 year old wife Ann and 8 children: William 19, Ann 17, Eliza 15, Edward 12, Elizabeth Ellen 10, George 5, Benjamin 3 and infant Caroline. On the 1852 Jurors list as a farmer of Waimea south.
FAIRHALL, Edward jnr - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 - aged 12, son of Edward and Ann above. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south.
FIELD, William - sawyer - LORD AUCKLAND - 23-2-1842 - aged 29. Arrived with his 31 year old wife Sarah and 3 children: Susanna 8, Jane 3 and Walter 1. On the 1852 Nelson Jurors list as a sawyer of Bolton Square. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as Fieldes, William, sawyer
FISHER, Alexander - agricultural labourer & sawyer - NEW ZEALAND - 4-11-1842 aged 34. Arrived with his 34 year old wife Ellen and 3 children (unnamed) aged 13, 11 and 4. On the 1852 Nelson Jurors list as a sawyer of Waimea west.
FISHER, Joseph - possibly the 13 or 11 year old (at 1842) son of Alexander above
FISHER, William -possibly the 13 or 11 year old son (at 1842) of Alexander above
FORD, Charles - agricultural labourer - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - aged 41. Arrived with his 35 year old wife Hannah (nee Mills) and 6 children: Marianne 16, Henry 15, Thomas 12, John 10, Daniel 6, Elizabeth 2. On the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south. His son Thomas appeared in the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea west. His son Daniel married Jane Blick, daughter of Enoch Blick above - Daniel died 2-12-1879 and is buried in Rapaura, Marlborough. Jane died 9-8-1854 in Grovetown.
FORD, Henry - agricultural labourer - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 - aged 15. Son of Charles above. Not on the 1852 Jurors list although there is a Charles Henry Ford.
FOWLER, Edwin - butcher - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 17, arrived with his parents John and Mary and 6 siblings below - there was a Edwin Fowler on the 1852 Jurors list as a labourer of Waimea south.
FOWLER, Henry - agricultural labourer - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 15. Arrived with his parents John and Mary and 6 siblings below. Not on the 1852 Nelson Jurors list.
FOWLER, John - agricultural labourer - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - aged 39. Arrived with his 34 year old wife Mary and 7 children: Edwin 17 above, Henry 15 above, Sarah Ann 13, John 11, James 8, Ann 3 and Samuel aged 1. Not on the 1852 Jurors list but there was a James, farmer of Waimea south.
FRASER, John. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'shepherd'
FREEMAN, James G. jnr
FULLER, John - agricultural labourer - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 - aged 37. Arrived with his 40 year old wife Ann and 4 children: Elijah 11, John 7, Ellen 5 and Ann 1. On the 1852 Jurors list as a sawyer of suburban north.

GAPPER - Bernard. Born 26 Sep 1805 in Chideock, Dorset, died Aug 1869 in Appleby, Nelson - farm labourer - 'CLIFFORD' - 11-5-1842 - aged 37. Arrived with wife Mary Cordilla (nee Dalley), born 1801 in Winsham, Somerset, died 13 Dec 1892 in Nelson and 5 children. Two more children were born in Nelson. He was wounded in the Wairau Massacre in 1843
GAUKRODGER, Charles - INDUS - Feb 1843 - aged 40. He was born at Halifax, Yorkshire, England in 1803 and died 8 Oct 1892 aged 89. His widow died 3 months later, 9 Jan 1893 aged 84. He resided in Nelson for a short time and then took up land at Foxhill on which he resided till his death. He took no part in public affairs. He had two sons, Thomas and John and one daughter. His son John once owned the Foxhill Inn and lived in various regions of New Zealand. John had 8 sons, 6 of whom moved to NSW and Queensland, one of them managing a station carrying 200,000 sheep and three conjointly owned a large butchering business.
GAUKRODGER, Charles #2
GAUKRODGER, Thomas. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'carpenter'
GIBBS, Isaac
GIBBS, James
GIFFORD, - James - The Giffords on the Electoral Rolls for Waimea East, Nelson 1953-1856 were 2 James, a Thomas and a Humphrey. They were brothers who had arrived on the THOMAS SPARKS 26 Feb 1842. In 1853 all were freehold farmers.
GIFFORD, James #2
GILL, Benjamin - MARY ANN aged 10, see below
GILL, Henry - MARY ANN aged 11, see below
GILL, William - stonemason - MARY ANN - 8-2-1842 aged 31. He arrived with his wife Harriet, 11 year old son Henry (above), 10 year old son Benjamin (above), 8 year old daughter Spohia, 7 year old daughter Ellen, 3 year old son George. There was also a 22 year old Henry Gill and a 20 year old George Gill on the boat, maybe brothers of William. Also a 21 year old Jane and a 19 year old Mercy who may have been his sisters.
GRAHAM, James. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'carter'
GREEN, Edward
GROOBY, Edward - SIR CHARLES FORBES - 22-8-1842 - aged 27. Arrived with his brother Francis, wife Sarah (nee Hudson 1818-1907) & two children Harriet aged 3 & infant John.
GROOBY, Francis - unknown arrival - 22-8-1842 - aged 55. Born 1787 in Nottingham. Arrived with wife Sarah Stapleton (nee Mowley 1788-1876) & other children. Died 5 May 1858 in Moutere, Nelson aged 71.
GROOBY, Francis jnr. - SIR CHARLES FORBES - 22-8-1842 - aged 23. Arrived with brother Edward, wife Mary Jane (nee Lewis 1817-1896) & 1 year old daughter Mary Ann.
GROOBY, George (1826-1912) - unknown arrival. Parents & brothers above.

HAGAN, James
HALE, William
HAMMOND, Richard
HARDING, William
HARLEY, Charles
HART, Richard
HARVEY, Nathan - OLYMPUS - 28-10-1842 - aged 14. Arrived with parents William (1804-) & Hannah (1803-) and siblings; William aged 20, Abraham aged 18, Hannah aged 16, Harriett aged 12 & Catherine aged 4.
HARVEY, William - OLYMPUS - 28-10-1842 - aged 20 (see brother Nathan above)
HERRICK, William John
HIGGINS, William
HODGSON, Benjamin O.
HODGSON, William C.
HOLYOAKE Richard - carpenter - INDUS - 5-2-1843 - 30. Arrived with his 2nd wife Eliza (nee Kimble) and infant son Richard (1842-) who was to marry Mary Chapman in Motueka and have 17 children. Richard was born 2 June 1808 in Weymouth, London. He and Eliza had 9 children. He was the great grandfather of Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake (1904-1983) G.C.M.G. 26th Prime Minister of NZ and 13th Governor-General of NZ. Richard died 30 Aug 1893 aged 86. Eliza died 30 May 1912 aged 87.
HOOPER, George
HORN, James Poppleton
HOUGH, William
HUNTER, Alexander
HUNTER, Robert
HUNTER, Robert #2
HYDE, James - a James Hyde, aged 20 arrived on the CLIFFORD 11-5-1842. A James Hyde, farmer of Spring Grove, was found suicided in the Wairoa River 5 Jan 1871. He had backed some bills that he was told would fail and "sooner than pay them he would make away with himself"
HYLAND, Richard. Cannot find his point of entry at this time but he is on the 1853-1856 Electoral Roll as a freehold/leasehold farmer.

JACKSON, Benjamin - Shoemaker - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 aged 39. He arrived with his 37 year old wife (no name) and 5 children - Walter (older than 13, a wheelwright), 12 year old George, 6 year old Sarah, 5 year old Eliza and 4 year old Samuel Wortley Jackson. On the 1855-1856 Nelson Electoral Roll Benjamin was still in Nelson, as a freehold and leasehold farmer - cannot find him in the 1867 Roll
JAMES, John (found 2 John James) - 1 arrived on the BERNICIA on the 6-11-1848 as a 29 year old wheelwright with his sife Mary Jones and 4 year old William. The other was a 12 year old John James who arrived on the FIFESHIRE with his father Edward, mother Sarah and 5 siblings. At the time of this petition this John James would have been 19 so it is possible
JASPER, Henry. No point of entry found at this time. He is on the 1853-1854 Electoral Roll of Nelson as a labourer
JEFFRIES, Samuel - Arrived on the THOMAS HARRISON 25-10-1842 aged 31 as an agricultural labourer with his 30 year old wife Sarah
JENKINS - Alfred George - arrived LORD AUCKLAND on the 23-2-1842 aged 26 with his 25 year old wife, Mrs Jenkins and an 18 year old Mr Jenkins, who the list said was Mr Jenkins sons but he is too old or Alfred's age is incorrect
JESSOP, William
JOLLIE - Edward - explorer & surveyor - BROUGHAM - Feb 1842 aged 16 - see link under brother Francis
JOLLIE, Francis JP - farmer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 aged 25. Took up land at Wakapuaka, called his home "Thackwwod", was the first to grow hops in New Zealand. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as 'esquire'. His biography also at Edward's link above
JONES William - there are 3 possible William Jones for this time frame.

KARSTEN John Christopher - joiner - St PAUL - 14-6-1843 aged 33.
KEARNS, Charles - bricklayer - MARTHA RIDGWAY aged 23
KELLING, Charles 'Carl' - farmer - SKIOLD - 1-9-1844 - 25. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as Charles Frederick Christian, 'farmer'. Married Anna Buschl whose father Michael is above. Read Carl's Bio at CARL FRIEDERICH CHRISTIAN KELLING
KEMP, George - gardener - LORD AUCKLAND - 23-2-1842 aged 28
KERR, David - agricultural labourer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 aged 18.
KERR, James - agricultural labourer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 aged 20
KERR, John - agricultural labourer - FIFESHIRE - 1-2-1842 aged 41
KIDSON, John - 2 possible, 1 a boat builder on the BOLTON 15-3-1842 aged 29. The other a joiner on the PRINCE OF WALES 31-12-1842 aged 30
KINSETT, George - agricultural labourer - THOMAS HARRISON - 25-10-1842 aged 35
KITE, Thomas - labourer - PHOEBE - 29-3-1843 aged 32
KITE, William - agricultural labourer - THOMAS HARRISON - 25-10-1842 aged 25
KITE, William #2
KNAPP, Thomas. On the list of Jurors 7 Feb 1852, as a farmer, Waimea east

LADD, John - BRICKMAKER - 'WILL WATCH' - 4-11-1841 - aged 31. Wife Eliza and 4 children arrived 15-2-1842 on the 'Lloyds'
LANEY - Edward - baker - 'OLYMPUS' - 28-10-1842 - aged 34. Arrived with wife Mary and son William.
LIGHTBAND, George William Wales (1834-1909). Arrived on the THOMAS HARRISON - 1842 aged 8. Arrived with his parents George Wales Lightband (1807-1891) & Ann Passey (1806-), brothers Martin below, Thomas Wales Lightband (1828-) and sister Sarah (1836-). The wine labelling at Lightband Wines is named after George. Brewer, grape grower, orchardist, leather tanner & skin buyer, businessman and supporter of the Maori people are a reflection of his contribution to the Brightwater area. His adventuring spirit sparked NZ's first gold rush. He was with William Jenkins and his party of Maori chiefs who visited England in 1863-1864. His Diary (pdf). Married Rebecca Brent (1839-1912) in NZ 1859 and had 8 sons.
NZETC: Mr Lightband was born in Worcestershire, England, and came to New Zealand by the ship “Thomas Harrison,” in 1842. He served his time at the tannery business under his father till 1851, when he went to the Australian goldfields, whence he returned to New Zealand in 1853. In 1855 he went to Collingwood, to prospect for gold, and was successful in opening the first payable goldfield in that district. A bonus of £500 had been offered for its discovery and Mr Lightband's case was pleaded before arbitrators, who considered that he had fulfilled the conditions, but owing to some unexplained reason, the money had never been allocated. The ladies of Nelson presented him with the British ensign, to be hoisted over his tent while acting in the capacity of Honorary Warden on the Collingwood goldfield. He also drew up the first mining rules and regulations for Collingwood, where there was then a population of 2000 miners. Mr Lightband followed the life of a miner for thirty years in the Grey district and other parts of the West Coast, and was subsequently a warden under the Government. On leaving Greymouth he was presented with a testimonial and a purse of one hundred sovereigns in recognition, of his services. Mr Lightband is well known as one of the leading fruitgrowers of the Waimeas and has about eight acres planted with choice fruit trees and small fruits. One acre is under irrigation for raspberry culture, and this method has been proved to be extremely satisfactory.. Died in a boating accident off Rabbit Island.
LIGHTBAND, Martin (1831-1914) - THOMAS HARRISON - 1842 aged 11. Worked in his fathers tanning business as a tanner. Later went into partnership with Benjamin Jackson as boot, shoe and leather merchants. In 1865 the partnership was dissolved and Martin continued on his own in premises in Collingwood Street. In 1858 he was one of the founders of the Nelson Coal Mining Company and was involved in the development of the Pakawau coal mine. Elected a Director of the unsuccessful Culliford Gold Mining Company in 1869 and in 1870 was one of the provisional Directors of the Nelson Patent Slip Company. In 1896 started in business as a grain merchant. On 25 April 1888 he helped found the Nelson Bowling Club. His own lawn was used for matches until the clubs greens were completed later in 1888. Became a Member of Parliament from Nelson .. more at his link
LITTLE, Mathew - merchant - 'PHOEBE' - 29-3-1843 - aged 27, still single. The 1st ship to be sent out with passengers charged reduced fares by New Zealand Company.
LIVINGSTONE, John - farm servant - 'BOMBAY' - 14-12-1842 aged 27, married, but no wife aboard, arrived with David Livingstone, possibly a brother.
LLOYD, Richard. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as shoemaker
LOCKE, - Thomas
LUCAS, Charles. On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a shoemaker.
LUNE, Henry
LUSTY, Benjamin - carpenter & joiner - CLIFFORD - 11-5-1842 aged 22. Arrived with his wife Eliza
LYFORD, Charles
LYFORD, Lawrence
LYFORD, Thomas
LYNE, William - agricultural labourer - LONDON - 10-4-1842 aged 34. Arrived with wife Elizabeth and 7 children

MACKAY, James JP - On the 1853 Nelson Electoral Roll as a 'gentleman'
MAHER, Michael
MAHER, Michael jnr
MARSH, William
MATHEW, Charles
McARTNEY, Andrew
McARTNEY, John jnr
McDONALD, Francis
McDONALD, George
McDONALD, John #2
McDONALD, William
McDONALD, William 2
McGEE, Alexander
McGOWAN, William
McINTOSH, Duncan
McMAHAN, Richard
McNAB, Robert
McRAE, George
McRAE, William
MERSEY, Samuel
MOORE - Daniel. Was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. Arrived on the MARTHA RIDGWAY as a 26 year old carpenter. He married Helen Alexander and had 10 children in the Marlborough District. He died 4 years after Helen and are buried in the Wairau Cemetery.
MOORE, William
MORGAN, Joseph

NESBETT, William
NEWMAN, Thomas
NEWMAN, Thomas #2
NEWPORT, Stephen
NEWTH, Mark jnr
NEWTH, Robert
NICHOL, Charles
NOON, Edward
NORRIS, John #1842 - and 5 children. In the 1859 Directory he was listed as arrived

O'DWYER, William

PAGE, William
PAINTER, Alexander
PALMER, Charles
PALMER, William
PASP, Henry
PIPE, William
POOLE, Thomas
POWEL, Benjamin
POWELL, Benjamin
PRICE, Thomas
PRICE, Thomas #2

RATT - George sailed to NZ on 18 Dec 1841, leaving from Gravesend on the CLIFFORD with his second wife Sarah, their 2 month old son Josiah and Sarah's 14 year old son Gervias Roughton. Also his 7 children from his first wife Jane, his eldest son, George, aged 20, also came with his wife Hannah. A fellow passenger on this list was Bernard Gapper and his family who also settled in Nelson
RATT, William
RAYNER, William
ROACH, Thomas
ROIL, Thomas
ROIL, William
ROSS, Robert

SHARP, George
SHARPE, Stephen
SMALL, William
SMITH, George
SMITH, James T.
SNOW, William
SOMERT, George
SONGER, William
STANTON, William
SUTTON, Thomas
SUTTON, Thomas #2

TAYLOR, Joseph
TAYLOR, William
TAYLOR, William #2
THOMAS, William
TIDD, Thomas
TIMMS, Charles
TROWER, Thomas N.
TURNER, Robert

VERRY, Charles
VERRY, Thomas

WALKER, Charles
WALKER, Mathew
WALLIS Richard
WARNER, Richard
WASTNEY, Edward - agricultural labourer - 'WHITBY' - 4-11-1841 - aged 29. His wife Lucy aged 29 and their 2 children (John below) and William arrived 3 months later on the 'Lloyds', 11-2-1842
WASTNEY, John - 'LLOYDS', with mother and brother - 15-2-1842 - aged 11
WATT, George
WEBB, Joseph
WELLS, Samuel
WELLS, Thomas
WHITE, Charles
WHITE, David
WHITE, George JP
WHITE, Joseph
WHITE, Joseph #2
WIGGTEL, William -
WILKIE, William
WILKIN, Thomas
WIN, John
WIN, William

WITHER, Charles Bigg JP (1822-1894)
WITHERBY, Frederick. Arrived as a single male on the 'AJAX' 9-3-1949 aged 23. He was an early settler of Nelson and was with the Union Bank of Australia first in Wellington, then in Otago when the branch was established in Dunedin. He lived there for 3 years then received the appointment of Manager of the branch in Canterbury. He had been there for 6 months before he died in Lyttelton 21 April 1860 aged 33, one of a few victims to a fever that prevailed in the community. He was married to a daughter (one of 3 daughters and 6 sons) of Felix Wakefield and had 3 sons, the youngest, Felix Charles, died aged 3½ in Lyttelton on 30 Jan 1862


YOUNG, Hugh - carpenter - 'THOMAS HARRISON' - 25-10-1842 - aged 31. Arrived with wife Hannah and 2 children - died 29-10-1865, aged 54. Hannah died 18-6-1872, aged 68

(links will be added as found)
NOTE there are a number of ships that arrived in Nelson but passenger lists are still being sought ALSO the ships below may have carried many more passengers who disembarked, or were going to disembark, at other ports. These list are for concentrating on immigrant settlers to Nelson
* AJAX - 9th March 1849
* BERKSHIRE - 1 Feb 1850
* BERNICIA - 6 Nov 1848
* BOLTON - 15 March 1842
* BOMBAY - 14 Dec 1842
* CALADONIA - 30 Jan 1845
* CLIFFORD - 11 May 1842
* CORNWALL - 28 Aug 1849
* EDEN - 9 Nov 1850
* ELORA - 6 Feb 1847
* FIFESHIRE - 1 Feb 1842
* GEORGE FYFE - 12 Dec 1842
* HIMALAYA - 12 Jan 1844 & 12 Dec 1846
* INDUS - 5 Feb 1843
* KELSO - Oct 1849
* LADY NUGENT - 9 May 1850
* LARKINS - 12 Nov 1849
* LLOYDS - 15 Feb 1842
* LONDON - 10 April 1842
* LORD AUCKLAND - 23 Feb 1842
* LORD AUCKLAND - 23 Feb 1842
* MADRAS - 15 Aug 1846
* MARINER - Feb 1849
- Passengers for Nelson disembarked at Wellington, as the Mariner did not call to Nelson. Captain Harland arranged for them to come from Wellington to Nelson in the William and Alfred, which arrived Nelson 6 August 1849. Some Nelson passengers elected to remain in Wellington
* MARINER - April 1851
* MARTHA RIDGWAY - 7 April 1842
* MARY - 24 Feb 1849
* MARY ANN - 8 Dec 1842
* NEW ZEALAND - 4 Nov 1842
* OLYMPUS- 28 Oct 1842
* PEKIN - 17 Jan 1850
* PHOEBE - 29 March 1843
* PHOEBE DUNBAR - 2 Dec 1850
* POICTIERS - 12 July 1850
* PRINCE of WALES - 31 Dec 1842
* RALPH BERNAL - 13 June 1846
* RALPH BERNAL - 3rd December 1847
* RAYMOND - SAILED 3 May 1844 from Gravesend,
can you help with date and passenger list?
* SAGHALIEN - 26 Sep 1847
* Sir CHARLES FORBES - 22 Aug 1842
* SKIOLD - 1 Sep 1844
* St PAULI - 14 June 1843
* SLAINS CASTLE - 26 Jan 1845
* THERESA - 3 April 1844
can you help with the missing passenger list?
* THOMAS HARRISON - 25 Oct 1842
* THOMAS SPARKS - 26 Feb 1843
* TYNE - 28 Sep 1843
* URSULA - 7 Oct 1843
* WHITBY - 4 Nov 1841
* WILL WATCH - 4 Nov 1841

George William Wales Lightband

Taken March 1879 aged 45

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