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2010 US Census data for WRIGHT

This surname is in the top 162,000 names in the US Census from 2010. (There must be at least 100 to make the list).

There are 458980 WRIGHT records listed in the 2010 US Census, and it is the Number 35 ranked name. A WRIGHT makes up 155.6 of every 100k people in the population.

Other US Census data for WRIGHT
65.8% are White Alone (Non-Hispanic)
28.23% are Black Alone (Non-Hispanic Black or African American Alone)
2.36% are Hispanic or Latino origin
0.51% are Asian Alone (Non-Hispanic Asian and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone)
0.69% are American Indian (Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska Native Alone)
2.41% Non-Hispanic Two or More Races

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FOX marriages 1871-1874 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2019-03-29 23:50:21. page views: 547, comments: 0
SUMMERS James married Mary OATEN 1879
by tonkin on 2019-03-16 05:36:45. page views: 456, comments: 0
TATCHELL Alfred married Mary WALSH 1902
by tonkin on 2019-03-05 23:33:18. page views: 425, comments: 0
TATCHELL marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2019-02-25 01:46:27. page views: 647, comments: 0
by Redroo on 2019-02-19 09:23:13. page views: 537, comments: 0
SHEGOG Deaths Victoria Australia 1855-1985
by tonkin on 2019-01-05 02:20:06. page views: 504, comments: 0
by ALynnMowery1980 on 2018-12-19 18:30:55. page views: 410, comments: 0
by itellya on 2018-12-09 12:16:48. page views: 519, comments: 1
DRYDEN marriages 1903-1924 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2018-09-20 23:10:03. page views: 526, comments: 0
WATERWORTH marriages 1854-1942 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2018-09-17 22:34:12. page views: 563, comments: 0
KILFOYLE marriages 1853-1942 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2018-09-09 05:18:38. page views: 643, comments: 0
MORLEY marriages 1871-1884 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2018-09-06 16:18:26. page views: 561, comments: 0
M and Wright or Mason and Wright 1900-1910
by grassmere on 2018-08-07 04:28:07. page views: 625, comments: 0
I am looking for information on William Marshall Webb born July 1841 Ohio or Indiana. His father was born in Pa. And his mother in Ohio. Do not know their names. William Marshall Webb was my grandfather. He died in Garland Co. Arkansas March 1916.
by jamiemitchell on 2018-07-16 02:30:18. page views: 617, comments: 0
KESSELL marriages 1857-1922 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2018-06-24 06:27:07. page views: 598, comments: 0
EMOND Thomas and Mary SCOTT
by tonkin on 2018-06-11 02:18:48. page views: 627, comments: 0
Australia: Walter William Melbourne WALKER and Mary Anne DENNER, Benalla, Beechworth, Rutherglen areas. Victoria
by allycat on 2008-10-23 16:37:19. page views: 3899, comments: 2
by itellya on 2018-05-07 04:53:55. page views: 1221, comments: 3
JELLEFF Charles married Mary GREEN 1843
by tonkin on 2018-04-22 02:14:26. page views: 560, comments: 0
picture HAYES buried Masterton, Wairarapa
by ngairedith on 2012-04-05 10:42:40. page views: 2291, comments: 1

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