the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... G names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... G names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


GAFFNEY, Thomas - 19 Aug 1868 aged 29
20 Aug 1868 Yesterday morning a man named Gaffney, a well sinker residing in Little Taranaki-street, was found dead in his bed. We understand that some time previous the deceased accidently fell down a well that he was sinking some thirty-five feet deep, and has been complaining ever since the accident

GALLAGHER, Bridget Josephine - 26 Nov 1886 aged 6 days
21 Nov 1886 On the 21st November 1886, at Hopper-street, the wife of John Gallagher of a daughter
26 Nov 1886 On the 26th November, at Hopper-street the beloved child of John and Maggie Gallagher, aged 6 days

GALLAGHER, Charles - 4 Oct 1892 aged 39
4 Oct 1892 On the 4th of October 1892, after a long illness, Charles Gallagher, aged 39 years. R.I.P.

GALLAGHER, Ellen - 23 Aug 1895 aged 84
23 Aug 1895 On the 23rd August 1895, at her son-in-law's residence, Taranaki-street, Ellen Gallagher, late of Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland, and mother of John and James Gallagher, of this city; aged 84 years

GALLAGHER, Emily - 16 May 1885 aged 2
- Emily was a daughter of James GALLAGHER & Honora O'CONNOR:
1877 - Mary Gallagher
1878 - Ellen Gallagher
1881 - Jane Gallagher
1883 - Emily Gallagher, as above
1884 - Eliza Catherine Gallagher
1886 - Lily Gallagher

GALLAGHER, James - 22 Jan 1907 aged 58
22 Jan 1907 On the 22nd January, 1907, at his residence, 6 Marion street, suddenly, of apoplexy, James Gallagher, J.P., in his 59th year. R.I.P.
of interest17 Jan 1907 Miss Jennie (Jane) Gallagher, third daughter of Mr and Mrs James, of Marion street, is to be married on the 30th inst., to Mr Michael Gleeson, son of Mr and Mrs Gleeson, of Napier. (they were married that day)
31 Jan 1907 An old and highly respected colonist in the person of Mr James Gallagher, of Marion street, died at his residence rather suddenly of apoplexy on Tuesday morning. The deceased, who was in his 59th year, was a man of robust frame and his death came as a great shock to his many friends. In company with his brother, Mr John Gallagher, of Hopper street, he landed in Wellington about the Christmas of 1865 and has remained here ever since. While of a reserved nature, he took a very keen interst in municapal and colonial politics and was ever ready to lend a helping hand to those that asked his aid. In his younger days he served in the armed constabularly and in the police under Inspectors Branigan and Brougham. For many years and up to the time of his death he was a Justice of the Peace and often presided on the local Bench. His funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Thursday afternoon. The remains were taken to St Mary of the Angels' Church and thence to the Catholic cemetery in Mount street, The Rev Father Kimbell officiated both at the Church and at the graveside. The deceased leaves a widow, one son, and five daughters. The bereaved ones have the deepest sympathy of a large circle of friends in the great blow that has so unexpectedly fallen upon them. R.I.P.

GALLAGHER, Mary Kate - 4 Nov 1885 aged 4.8
4 Nov 1885 On 4th November 1885, at Haining-street, Mary Kate, beloved daughter of John and Maggie Gallagher, aged 4 years 8 months; deeply regretted

GALLAGHER, Michael John - 19 Oct 1887 aged 29
20 Oct 1887 On the 20th October 1887, at his residence, White Swan Hotel, Cuba-street, Michael John Gallagher, after a long and painful illness, aged 29 years. R.I.P.

GAMBLE, Ellen (nee McNAMARA) - 29 March 1889 aged 39
- Ellen married John James Gamble in 1870
- they had 7 known children:
1871 - John Edward Gamble
1873 - William Gamble
1875 - 1877 George Gamble, as below
1879 - David Gamble
1880 - Edward Gamble
1882 - Charles Gamble
- Charles served in WWI as Sergeant 15/42 with Divisional Headquarters. In Oct 1914 when he embarked, his parents were at 103 Hill-street Wellington
1884 - Elizabeth Ann Gamble

GAMBLE, George - 18 Jan 1878 aged 18 months
- 2nd born of John James GAMBLE & Ellen McNAMARA
18 Jan 1878 On the 18th January, 1878 George, infant son of John and Ellen Gamble, aged 18 months

GAMBLE, Henry - 20 Jan 1878 aged 18 months
- no HENRY Gamble found dyng this date. See George above

GAMBLE, John James - 3 Jan 1924 aged 79
3 Jan 1924 On the 3rd January, 1924, at 103 Hill street, John James Gamble, in his 80th year. Funeral on Saturay, 5th January, 1924, at 9.30 a.m.
4 Jan 1924 One of Wellington' best-known ientities, Mr John James Gamble, formerly superintendent overseer of the Government Printing Office, died at his residence, Hill street, yesterday, in his 80th year. Born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, the late Mr Gamble arrived in Wellington by the ship "Berar" in 1864. He had serve his time at the prining trade in Guernsey and after arriving in New Zealand he joined the "Independent" newspaper. Aftewards he entered the serviice of the Government Printing Office, where he remained for 40 years. Mr Gamble commenced his duties under the late Mr George Didsbury, who was Government Printer at the time and he eventually rose to the position of superintendent overseer. The late Mr Gamble was a prominent and very popular member of the Thorndon Bowling Club, of which he was a Director for a considerable time. As a mark of respect to the deceased the club's flag was flown at half-mast yesterday and to-day. A life member of the Wellington Workingmen's Club, the late Mr Gamble was also a member of the Orphans' Club and Civil Service Club. Married over 50 years ago to Miss Ellen McNamara, who died in 1889, he is survived by five sons and one daughter, Messrs:
* J. E. Gamble accountant in the Wellington Harbour Board
* W. Gamble, of Messrs Gamble and Creed (Wellington Caterers)
* D. Gamble, of the Railway Department, Wanganui
* E. Gamble of Messrs Van Stavern Bros
* G. Gamble, the G.P.O. and
* Mrs J. McGurk, of Petone
- (Joseph McGurk who married Elizabeth Ann Gamble in 1907)
There are 20 grandchildren one of who is Mr J. M.Gamble, formerly associate to his Honour Sir John Salmond whom he accompanied to the Washington Conference as secretary. The late Mr Gamble's funeral will take place at the Mount street cemetery at 9.30a.m. to-morrow

GAMBLE, Robert, memorialise not buried here - 17 Jan 1921 aged 47

GARDNER, Elizabeth Gertrude "Cissy" - 13 March 1887 aged 17
14 March 1887 It is with deep regret we have to record the melanchoy death, yesterday afternoon, of Miss Elizabeth Gertrude Gardner, youngest daughter of Mr W. A. Gardner, lately of the Colonial Architect's Department. "Cissy" as Miss Gardner was familiarly and affectionately known by a large circle of friends was some time ago attacked by rheumatic fever, and, as usual, other ailments, aggravated by a cold taken while still very weak, followed this terrible complaint. Dropsy supervened in one of the knees and this led to extensive disease of the bone of the leg. Everything that surgical skill could do was done by Dr Cahill, but after minor operations had failed, it was decided in consultation that amputation of the leg above the knee was necessary to afford a chance of life. This operation was performed yesterday by Dr Mahon, assisted by Drs Collins and Fell, but the unfortunate young lady never rallied from the effects of the anaesthetic and the shock of the operation, and she expired about three hours afterwards. The deceased young lady was a general favourite with all who knew her, and the most sincere sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Garner in their great loss
14 March 1887 The Friends of Mr WILLIAM ALFRED GARDNER, are invited to attend the Funeral of his late Daughter (Elizabeth Gertrude), which will leave his residence, Mulgrave-street, TO-MORROW (Tuesday), the 15th instant, at 8.15 a.m., an St St Mary's Church, Hill-street, at 9 a.m. - W. F. PARSONS, Undertaker

GARRITY, Mary - 4 Dec 1897 aged 78
6 Dec 1897 The funeral of the late Mrs Garrity took place to-day, the large attendance at the last rites attesting the regard in which she was held. The deceased lady had lived here for almost a lifetime - so long, indeed, that her eldest daughter is said to be the first European of her sex born in Wellington


GEORGE, Petro - 26 Jan 1885

GIBBS, Charlotte Margaret Teresa (nee CARSON) - 10 Nov 1885 aged 64
- born 1821, Charlotte married James Gibbs, below, in England in 1839, had 1 child then emigrated in 1841 on the "Arab". That child was Charlotte Margaret Teresa Gibbs (1839-1918) who married Alexander McDonald
10 Nov 1885 On 10th November, at her residence, Hereford Cottage, Molesworth-street, Charlotte Margaret Teresa relict of the late James Gibbs of Wellington, aged 64 years. R.I.P.
17 Nov 1885 It is with regret we Post have to record the death of another of the earlies settlers in this colony in the person of Mrs Gibbs, who with her late husband, Mr James Gibbs, arrived in the ship "Arab" in 1841 and has since then resided continuously in Wellington

GIBBS, James - 12 Sep 1882 aged 70
- born 11 Nov 1811 in Middlesex
- married Charlotte Margaret Teresa CARSON in Limehouse, Middlesex in 1839
12 Sep 1882 On the 12th September at Molesworth-sreet James Gibbs aged 70 years
12 Sep 1882 An old settler of Wellington Mr James Gibbs who arrived in the colony in the ship Arab in 1841 died at his residence Molesworth-street to-day at he age of 70 years. He leaves a large family of grown-up sons and daughters

GIBBS, Olivia Frances - 16 May 1885 aged 7 months
- daughter of Charles Austine GIBBS (1856-1900) & Mary Catherine McMANAWAY
- grandaughter of James & Charlotte Gibbs above
- the children of Charles Augustine & Mary Catherine:
1882 - Mary Catherins Gibbs
1883 - Charles Patrick Gibbs
1884 - Olivia Francis Gibbs, as above
1886 - Charlotee Ellen Gibbs
1887 - Anne Louisa Gibbs
1890 - Gertrude Alice Gibbs
1891 - Arthur Daton Gibbs
1894 - Agnes Gibbs, twin
1894 - Bridget Gibbs, twin
1895 - Gerald Joseph Gibbs

GIBSON, Charles - 10 Jan 1879 aged 27

GILL, William - 10 Jan 1856 aged 44
- born 1811, husband of Margaret
- William was a Seaman. He was in Wellington by a least 1842

GILL, Margaret - 17 July 1870 aged 60
- born 1819, wife of William

GIVERA?, Charlotte - 27 Nov 1866 aged ?

GLEESON, Michael - 10 Oct 1868 aged 1

GOLDER, Sister Mary Aloysius - 20 Feb 1880 aged 40
20 Feb 1880 On the 20th February, at St Mary's Convent, Wellington, Sister Mary Aloysius Golder, aged 40 years
20 Feb 1880 We regret to learn that Sister Mary Aloysius Golder died at St Mary's Convent this morning

GOSLING, John - 25 Oct 1891 aged 34
25 Oct 1891 On the 25th October 1891, at Victoria-place, off Ghuznee-street, John Gosling, foreman coal department, Union S.S. Co., aged 34 years. R.I.P.
26 Oct 1891 We are sorry to hear of the death of Mr John Gosling, hulkmaster in Wellington for the Union Compamy. Mr Gosling, who was about 35 years of age,took cold about the beginning of last week, and died of bronchitis on Saturay night. He was an old servant of the companay, having been in their epmloy for a number of years. A few months ago he was promoted to the position of hulkmaster in succession to Mr M. Segrief, resigned, but did not live long to occupy it. Deceased, who leaves a wife and five children, was a hard working man and was well liked.

GOSLING, Margaret - 6 Sep 1933 aged 76
6 Sep 1933 At Spring Creek, Blenheim, on September 6, 1933, Margaret, widow of the late John Gosling, of Wellington; aed 76 years.(Interment at Wellington) R.I.P.

GOUGH, Eva Gertrude Emily - ? Aug 1893 aged 1
- daughter of Charles Henry GOUGH & Mary Esther MAIDMENT (1863-1902)
- their children were:
1887 - 1904 Ruth Mary Gough
- Ruth died aged 17
1888 - 1888 Henry William Gough
- Henry died aged 2 months
1889 - 1970 Ruby Phoebe Gough
- Ruby married Alfred Mills GRAY in 1913
1892 - 1893 Eva Gertrude Emily Gough, as above
1894 - 1944 Charles Gough
1895 - 1952 Arthur Gough
1898 - Emily Gough
1899 - ? 1900 Albert Walter Gough
- Albert died aged 3 months
1902 - ? Mary Esther Gough

GRACE, Lillia/Lillias Charlotte - 15 Feb 1874 aged weeks

GRANT, Louise - 26 June 1861 aged 18 months

GREEN, Andrew - 24 Jan 1863 aged 52

GREEN, Dora - 9 July 1888 aged 74
9 July 1888 On the 9th July, at her reidence, Turnbull-street, Doris, relict of the late James Green, aged 74 years. R.I.P.

GREEN, James - 21 Nov 1854 aged 52
- see photo below

GREENFIELD, Mary Ann (nee MENCHEN) - 23 March 1883 aged 29
- Mary Ann married William in 1873, at least 3 children:
1875 - Claude Philip Greenfield
1878 - Blanche Ann Greenfield
- Blanche married Thomas William EDIE in 1895
1880 - 1966 Philip Greenfield
- Philip married Annie Edith/Edythe COULSON in 1904
23 March 1883 On the 23rd March, at Kilbirnie, Mary Ann, beloved wife of WIliam Greenfield, aged 29 years

GRIFFITHS, Henry - 14 Jan 1870 aged 14 months

GRIGG, Agnes Magdalene - 11 March 1869 aged 13 months
12 March 186 On February 12, at Greytown, Agnes Magdeline, infant daughter of Mr E. Grigg, aged 13 months
- her father was of the 'Mercury Office' in Greytown

GRILLO, Francisco - 15 Oct 1874 aged 37
15 Oct 1874 On th 15th inst., at the Wellington Hospital, Francisco Grillo, age 37 years
17 Oct 1874 The Friends of the late FRANCISCO GRILLO are respectfully invited to follow his remains from th Hospital to the place of internment in the Catholic Cemetery, on SUNDAY, the 18th inst., at 2 p.m. - JAMES QUIN, Undertaker, Pipitea-street, Thorndon

GRIMSTONE?, Jessie - 17 March 1885 aged 1.9

GRUBB, David Joseph Patrick Halligan - 10 Feb 1883 aged 6 months
- son of John GRUBB & Agnes HALLIGAN
10 Feb 1883 On Saturday, 10th February, at Arthur-street, David, beloved son of John and Agnes Grubb, aged 6 months

GRUBB, James/John Halligan - 26 Feb 1881 aged 11 days
- son of John GRUBB & Agnes HALLIGAN who married in NZ 1876
26 Feb 1881 At Little Brenchley road, *Lyttelton, on February 26th 1881, the infant son of John Grubb jun., aged eleven days (*this, of course, seems unusual)

GRUBB, John Alexander - 25 March 1883 aged 4
note... these 3 boys share the same small semi-circular headstone which suggests they were siblings. The headstone reads: "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

GUNNERY, Martin - 14 Jan 1857 aged
- not the right spelling OR someone from the gunnery ??


Wellington's First Hospital
... The first hospital in Wellington was the Colonial Hospital, erected in Pipitea Street, Thorndon, on a site now occupied by Wellington Girls' College. Opened 15 September 1847, it had 16 beds.
JAMES GREEN was Warden of this hospital for 5 years
taken from the site Thorndon Hospitals

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