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Nicholas Jacob related to George Jacobs, Sr.???

My 11th great-grandfather, Nicholas Jacob, was born in 1604 in Hingham, England. After looking him up on various websites, I found that he may be the brother of the famous George Jacobs, Sr. who was hanged in the Salem witch trials. However, most of the information does not meet up. George Jacobs, Sr. was born in 1620 in Bishop's Stortford, UK. According to Wikipedia, George's parents were George and Priscilla Jacobs. According to another site though, his parents were a Richard and Winifred Jacobs. I cannot find a record of Nicholas parents, but on ancestry, two people put that his parents were Richard and Winifred. I am confused as to how they found this information because I cannot find anything anywhere.

It doesn't really matter to me if Nicholas and George were brothers, but I would like to find out the truth.

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I am confused with many details about Anne "Floating Cloud" Williams, Cherokee Princess.

I have recently discovered that Anne "Floating Cloud" is my 7th great-grandmother. She was born January 1754 in North Carolina and died in 1840 in Volga, Kentucky. She was a Cherokee Princess and married Phillip "Buck Spike" Williams.

There is some controversy about who her parents are. Some people believe that William Tunwell Vest and Lucretia "Lucy" Alford are her parents. However, an abundance of others say that this is wrong. I can find NOTHING that leads me to her parents.

The second controversy is, Anne and Phillip were married in 1808. This feels a little off considering the dates their children are born.

Robert Sanford Williams

George W Williams
1800 – unknown

Margaret Williams Campbell

Also, it is believable for Anne to have a child at 34, but for George and Margaret, she would be 46 and 50. I'm not saying it's impossible but it is uncommon.

If Anne and Phillip were married in 1808, then that means all of their children were born out of wedlock. I'm almost positive that having children out of wedlock in the 1700's was looked down upon and rare.

If anyone knows anything else, please help me. This has me at a standstill.