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The Marriage of Frank Mills to Mary Elisabeth Sills

I have a story to tell.I have a friend who lives in Italy who I am buying some vintage clothing from and she has a wedding Dress with a note attached from Windsor,Connecticut.
The note is as follow.....

Wedding gown and slippers of Mary Elisabeth Sills married September 1 , 1897 to Rev. Frank J.Wills in this house - 209 Palidsade Ave. Winsor ,(Connecticut) the childs dress worn on this occasion by Florence Bareton Wills-a flower girl

From further research I have discovered the W is actually an M (hard to tell) And the J in Franks name is a mystery here is the info I found

Frank Van der Meulen Mills Pedigree

Birth: 01 AUG 1853 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage: 01 SEP 1897 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death: 12 DEC 1929


Mary E. Sill Pedigree

Birth: 02 FEB 1863 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage: 01 SEP 1897 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death: 17 FEB 1955
His 1st marriage was to

Spouse: Kate Chapman Wilson Family
16 AUG 1882 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

and the flower girl at wedding to Mary I beleive was his daughter from 1st marriage and looks like she stayed single
Florence MILLS
Birth Date: 3 Nov 1890
Death Date: Jan 1974
Social Security Number: 048-36-5770

I was able to find more info on Mary and am going back to retrieve it.
I am hoping someone can give us more info (finding descendants of the dress would be awesome.

I have joined the Windosr Historical society at Facebook and hope to get a reply soon also.

Photos of the pieces available by request.

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Benjamins of Australia (Mount Kembla NSW)

I can only go as far back as 1762 to a Robert Benjamin and his wife Honor Waite b 18 Aug 1762 and married 30 March 1795

I only have one child (so far) which is also Robert Benjamin b-1801 d- 5 March 1887 his 1st marriage was to a Ann Burton b-1815 on 1 Aug 1836 in Wollongong ( I have been unable to find a death year)
Robert was born in Brinkworth,Wiltshire,England and married and died at Mt Kembla NSW

On 16 Oct 1860 when he was 59 yrs old he married Susannah Jane Stanbridge B-23 Nov 1846 D-1904
A MT Kembla lass.She was only 14 years old (I wonder how she felt?) Was she "sold" of to a wealthy man as that wasnt unusual back in those days.

Robert and Susannah went on to have 12 children

1/ Thomas Robert Benjamin b-12 Oct 1861 d-12 April 1949 m 18 Dec 1889 to Priscilla Jane Jarrett b1869 Wollongong d 9 May 1943 Corrimal

2/ Frederick William b- 1863 m 4 Jan 1886 Lavinia N Huxtable

3/ Susannah Jane B-7 Oct 1875 d-8 Aug 1912 m1883 James Peace d-13 may 1907 Wollongong

4/ Elizabeth Nancy Ann b- 26 Jan 1868 d Coffs Harbour m-1887 James Henry Williams b-1855 d- 24 aug 1941 Crossmaglen

5/ Mary Ann b- 2 Aug 1870 m 15 dec 1888 wollongon to Mark Hayward b -1867 Wgong d-port maquarie 1929

6 / Sarah Ann b- 4 Aug 1872 mt Kembla d-29 Feb 1940 mt kembla m 1896 Wgong George Bromley Kirkwood d-12 Aug 1947 MKt Kembla

7/ Rebecca b-4 Oct 1874 Mt Kembla d- 22 Aug 1951 m Wgong John George Nees d 31 July 1902

*8/ Honor b-10 Jan 1877 Mt Kembla d-3 Oct 1959 m.Mt Kembla William Henry Slow d-21 Aug 1944

9/ John b-10 Aug 1879 Mt Kembla d-11 Jan 1965 m26 Dec 1912 Wgong Mary Laurie Dungey

10/ Thomas James b-August 1881 accid killed 26 April 1900 Mt Kembla Colliery

11/ Thoma Stanley b-1883 Wgong d9 Nov 1884

12 Charles Albert b- march 1885 Mt Kembla d-6 Aug 1919 ( died in mine explosion) m 17 Feb 1911 Wgong Jane Charleworth b-10 Dec 1893 Kurrajong Leeton d-2 July 1957

*Honor and William Slow are my Paternal great grandparents.

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Slow Family in Australia

I am looking at anyone connected to William Henry Slow b-1877 d-1944 and his wife Honor nee Benjamin b-10.Jan 1896 d-3 Oct 1959 Honor was born and died in Mount Kembla.
William and Honor married in 1896 at Mount Kembla NSW they went on to have 10 children
Williams parents were William and Alice Mary William had one brother that I have found so far John D-1932

Alice May
Bill (married Mary Dorothy Swan) the Swans are related to me on my mums mothers side and Doris (my nanna) was their bridesmaid I found photo in the Swan family tree book.
Ruby V
Doris Eileen Pearl b-1913 d- (this is my nanna, my dads mum) More info at Miller Discussion (see picture)

as of 2005 last 3 children were still living.

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