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ASHER: Pamela Aline marries Gary THOMAS, they were divorced, and there are 2 children born in Janesville, Wisconsin

Pamela was born 30 Nov 1950 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, dtr of Howard and Rebecca RUSTIN ASHER.

She married 20 Jan 1973 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Gary S. (no name) THOMAS in the Methodist Church.

Gary was born 12 Aug 1952 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were divorced in 1984 (no date).

1. Shannon Aline born 13 July 1975
2. HEather Marie born 8 Feb 1979

No other info.

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ASHER: Daniel Howard marries "Penny" WANGKUMJUN and Miss NFN CHIN and there is 1 child born in Korea

Daniel was born 22 Feb 1947 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan, son of Howard and Rebecca RUSTIN ASHER. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War and in Thailand, Germany and Korea before his 1978 discharge.

He married Soomboon "Penny" WANGKUMJUN on 26 Feb 1969 in Korat, Thailand. She was born 1 Nov 1941 in Salangpan, Thailand. They were divorced 4 Feb 1977.

In 1978 (no date), he married XXX CHIN (no first name)in Korea. There was a child, Jason CHIN ASHER born 13 Jan 1979 in Korea.

Since his discharge, Dan worked as a chef in San Francisco, California.

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ASHER: Karen Lee marries Dale ROSKO and John PYBURN III and they have a combined family.

Karen was born 22 May 1946 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan, dtr of Robert and Carol POWERS ASHER. She married Dale C. ROSKO 28 Aug 1965 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Dale was born 28 Oct 1944 in Chicago. They divorced in 1977 (no date).

She married John Walker PYBURN III on 2 Apr 1977 in Largo, Pinellas, Florida. John was born 14 May 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas, son of John W. and Berneice L. GUSTAVSON PYBURN, Jr. John had 2 dtrs by his first marriage (wife unk). a. Julia Christine born 20 Feb 1969 in Clearwater, Florida and b. Katherine Dawn born 18 Nov 1970 in Clearwater, Florida.

Karen graduated from St. Petersburg Junior College in St. Petersburg, Florida with a degree in psychology.

1. Julie Ann ROSKO born 20 Nov 1967 in Chicago, Illinois
2. Dale Robert ROSKO born 11 Jan 1974 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

No other information.

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ASHER: Charles William III marries Kay Midori UYEHARA, they divorced btw 1970 - 1982, and both remarried.

Charles was born 21 Mar 1943 in Howell, Michigan, son of Charles and Hilda ROEN ASHER.

Charles was elected Governor of Badger Boys State in high school, a member of President Kennedy's Committee on Youth and Children, and was licensed at age 16 by the Methodist Church bishop to be a lay reader.

In 1964 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin/Madison and received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Andover, Massachusetts. He earned his MA from the Union Theological Seminary. He studied psychology in the New School of Social Research in New York City.

On 22 Jan 1966, he married Kay Medori UYEHARA in New York, New York. Kay was born 11 Apr 1943 in Honolulu, Hawaii, dtr of Dr. Ukuo and Dorothy TESHIMA UYEHARA. She graduated form the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California and is a physical therapist. They were divorced.

Kay Midori ASHER married James B. BUHRENDORF in Aug 1978 (no date). They live in Massachusetts. No BMD on Jim / James?

Charles married Tracey NICHOLAS on 1 Mar 1982 in Dallas, Texas and was divorced in 1984 (no date).

Charles is a teacher and private psychoanalyst with the C. G. JUNG Institute in Houston, Texas where he also does interim preaching for the Methodist Church.

1. David Michael born 17 Sept 1967 in Dearborn, Michigan. He is a student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (1986)
2. Charles Douglas born 16 Nov 1969 in Englewood, New Jersey.

No other information.

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ASHER: Marian Louise marries Dale KEAG in Geneseo, Illinois, and they have 3 children

Marian was born 29 Oct 1929 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, dtr of Irad Lewis and Flora BLANKENFELD ASHER. [Irad was son of that scoundrel Lewis Micajah ASHER who deserted his wife and 3 children and refused to pay child and spouse support.]

She attended Davenport and Geneseo schools before moving to Geneseo with her mother in 1946.

On 14 Dec 1947, she married Dale Herbert KEAG, born 26 Mar 1926 in rural Geneseo to Andrew JOHNSTON and Edna Pearl LEWIS KEAG.

Marian was a unit secretary in Moline, Illinois' Lutheran Hospital (no longer exists). Dale worked for International Harvester (farm implements) in East Moline, Rock Island, Illinois for 39 years before he retired in 1982. THey live in Mesa, Arizona (1985)

Their children born in Geneseo, Henry, Illinois:
1. Maureen Elizabeth born 18 Sept 1948. She attended Geneseo High School and married Richard McKAY on 30 Jun 1967. They divorced in 1972. She works for the John Deere plant in Mt. Joy, Iowa and makes her home in Colona, Illinois. They had 2 children : Paula Sue born 26 Mar 1968 in Geneseo and Jason Edward born 21 Aug 1971 in East Moline.
2. Steven Michael born 6 Jan 1952, graduated from Geneseo High School and served in the Army for 5 years, 4 of that in Thailand. He married Mrs. Roxanne HINES ARNETT on 8 Aug 1981 in Geneseo. He had 1 son Jeffrey ARNETT. Steven graduated in 1985 from Black Hawk Jr. College in Moline, Illinois with a degree (AA or certificate?)in electronics. He is employed by the R.C. Stoner Co. of Davenport, and they live in Hampton, Illinois.
3. Jeffery Lee born 10 Aug 1955, graduated from Geneseo High School. He married Linda Sue DAVIDSON in Geneseo on 16 Apr 1977. He is employed by H.D. Duke and Sons in East Moline, Illinois. They had 2 children: Brian Andrew born 17 Aug 1977 in Geneseo and Timothy Aaron born 26 Sept 1980 in Geneseo.

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ASHER: Howard Henry marries Rebecca RUSTIN and they have 3 children in Wisconsin

Howard was born 22 April 1926 in Fordson, Wayne, Michigan, son of Charles and Martha NITSCHMANN/NITCHMAN ASHER.

He married 26 Jan 1946, in Wayne, Michigan, Rebecca Aline RUSTIN. She was born 7 Apr 1926 in Evansville, Indiana and died 18 Apr 1981 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

No bio info on Howard and no parentage or bio info on Rebecca.

They had 3 children:
1. Daniel Howard born 22 Feb 1947 in Ypsilanti, Michigan
2. Pamela Aline born 20 Nov 1950 in Ypsilanti
3. Timothy Charles born 25 Sept 1959 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. He earned a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater, and is employed by the University of Missouri. (1985)

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ASHER: Leroy Louis marries Willadene Mena STOLDT and they have 2 sons

Leroy was born 22 Nov 1921 in Detroit, Michigan, son of Charles and Martha NITCHMAN/NITSCHMANN ASHER. He graduated from Cooley High School in Detroit and from the Henry Ford Apprentice School in 1943 as a journeyman toolmaker. During WWII, he was deferred from the armed service to work in the Ford Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He has worked in several divisions and worked in the Automotive Assembly Division in Allen Park, Michigan. (1986)

On 3 Jun 1947, LeRoy married Willadene in her parents' home in Orland, Michigan. She as born 20 May 1921 in Orland, dtr of Harry Gearhart and Ellen Alice STUCK STOLDT. She graduated form Orland High School and Tri-State College in Angola, Michigan in 1942 where she took a secretarial course. She worked for the Ford Motor Company in teh file room of the Administration Building in Detroit and often saw Henry Ford. In 1950, she was transferred to the office of the General Councel to become law librarian until her retirement in 1957.

They lived in Garden City, Michigan and were members of the Methodist Church. They had 2 sons:

1. LeRoy Louis Jr. born 27 Sept 1957 in Dearborn, Michigan. He graduated from high school there and received his BS from the University of Michigan in Dearborn majoring in political science. On 13 Aug 1978, he married Virginia Margaret OWSLEY, in St. Raphael's Catholic Church in Garden City. Virginia was born May 1959 (no date). She graduated form East High School in Garden City and is employed by Grand Central Railroad in Detroit. (1986)
LeRoy received his LL.B. from Wayne State University Law School in Detroit June 1985. They live in Garden City, Michigan where LeRoy in in law practice. They are active in the Youth Athletic Program. They have one child, Brett Andrew Asher, born 25 Apr 1986 in Southfield, Michigan.

2. Harry John born 27 Nov 1963 in Dearborn, Michigan. He graduated from Garden City West High School in 1981 and from Lawrence Institute of Technology in Southfield, Michigan with a BS in physics and computer sciences. He is employed by Ford Motor Co. in the computer department.

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ASHER: Robert Burdette marries Carol Edna POWERS and they have 2 children

Robert was born 13 Aug 1919 in Highland Park, Michigan, son of Charles and Martha NITSCHMANN / NITCHMAN ASHER. He married Carol in Ohio (no city). She was born 25 Dec 1924 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

1. Karen Lee b 22 May 1946 in Ypsilanti. She graduated from junior college with a degree in psychology
2. Robert William b 6 Apr 1950 in Ypsilanti. He is a builder in Clearwater, Florida and is a member of the Methodist Church.

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ASHER: Charles William, Jr. marries Hilda ROEN, and he becomes owner/operator of a marine construction co

Charles was born 2 Jun 1918 in Washington, D. C. son of Charles and Martha NITSCHMANN/NITCHMAN ASHER. In 1941 he graduated from Michigan State University at East Lansing, Michigan with a major in physical education. During college, Charles played football and was a fullback on the MSU team in the first Orange Bowl game, played in Miami, Florida.

On 24 Aug 1940, Charles married Hilda Marie ROEN in Charlevoix, Michigan where Hilda was born 10 Jan 1919 to Capt. John J. and Anna Marie SKYE ROEN. Capt. ROEN was born in Norway and was the owner of a marine salvage company and fleet of ships which transported construction materials on the Great Lakes.

After their marriage, and WWII, he coached at the high school level. During WWII, he was a Lieutenant in the Navy for 4 yers, serving in the South Pacific and the US.

The family lived in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where Charles was the owner/operator of a marine construction company and the Chas. Asher & Sons real estate company. They made their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and summer in Sturgeon Bay. He died in Sturgeon Bay 18 Jan 1993. (SSDI).

1. Charles William III b 21 Mar 1942 in Howell, Michigan
2. Susan M. born 30 Mar 1944 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. In the Fall of 1966, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Susan was seriously injured in an auto accident which left her blind and brain damaged. Since 1977, she lives in the Devereux Foundation School in Victoria, Texas and Westchester, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Methodist Church (1986)
3. John ROEN born 17 Nov 1948 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He graduated in 1971 from the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he majored in physical education. John lives at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin whe he is president of the ROEN Salvage Co. founded by his grandfather, Capt John ROEN. He is a member of the Methodist Church and is not married.
4. Stephen Michael born 4 May 1954 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. For 3 years while attending teh University of Arizona at Tucson, Stephen traveled and performed with the "Up With People" organization, in Europe, South America, and throughout the US. He performed with teh group before the King of Spain.
On 23 Aug 1986, Stephen married Rachel Joy KUEHL in Sturgeon Bay. Rachel was born 26 Feb 1951 in Marshfield, Wisconsin, dtr of Dietrich and Hulda POTRATZ KUEHL. Rachel is a dental hygienist who graduated from Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin with an Associate's Degree. Stephen is president of Chas. Asher & Sons, a real estate company in Sturgeon Bay where they live. The Ashers are members of the Methodist Church.

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COX: Jason Reed, son of Frederick and Gertrude May ASHER, marries Davenport girl, Bernadine MORRISSEY in St. Alphonsus

Jason was born ca 1914 in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois (no date). He was the son of Frederick and Gertrude May ASHER COX, grandson of that scoundrel Lewis Micajah ASHER.

He graduated form Moline High School. On 11 Feb 1939, he married Bernadine MORRISSEY in Davenport's St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. Bernadine was born ca 1918 in Davenport, dtr of James P. and Christine CRIEG MORRISSEY. She graduated from Davenport High School. At their marriage, Reed worked at John Deere Harvester Works in East Moline, Illinois (no burial dates).

This surname is somewhat removed from my tree. I'm posting it to help anyone.

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