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ELDRIDGE - BAWDEN: Jennie, dtr of Jacob M. and Mary HIGH WILLIAMS, writes about father; Harry BAWDEN writes about Agnes SMITH - Jacob's 3rd wife

Jacob ELDRIDGE married a third time after the children were all married and in homes of their own. Agnes SMITH, an elderly matron and delightful companion for his old age - she remained in the old home until father's death seventeen years after marriage. Very Happy - then Agnes (Grandma E) lived a number of years next to the BAWDEN home on Kirkwood [16th St.] having built a small home for herself. A delightful woman, loved by all who knew her especially her family.

Harry BAWDEN Family History - youngest son of Jennie and George BAWDEN

Jacob Eldridge's third wife Agnes Smith. Known as "Kitty Oma' one of the sweetest women we ever knew. They had no children. Once in a while he and Agnes would have the SCHLEGEL and BAWDEN family ofer to dinner and there would be so many of us they would have a second table. The younger children would have to sit on the family bibles [sic] - Paula and Harry.

Agnes -when quite old- gave a dinner party for the SCHLEGELS and BAWDENS and presented each of us grandchildren - Claire, Lura, Paula, Albert, Ray and Harry with a $100. That was something in our lives.

When Jacob died, Agnes had a beautiful painting made of Jacob. When Agnes died, she left the picture to Minnie ELDRIDGE SCHLEGEL (Jacob's dtr) who gave it to the Bawden boys [Albert Ralph, George Ray and Harry ELDRIDGE]. They hung it in their office until March 1963 when it was given to the city of Eldridge, Scott, Iowa to hang in their new Scott County Library. Granddaughter Claire SCHLEGEL ROSS. Harry E. BAWDEN and Nan BAWDEN HARTVIGSEN presented it to the city. This pastel on canvas by F. J. MORRIS for many years was owned by Agnes who upon her death, bequeathed it to Carl E. SCHLEGEL. In 1946, Mrs. Carl E. SCHLEGEL died and bequeathed it to BAWDEN Bros. Inc. and it hung in the office of the president, much to the admiration of the doting grandchildren - Albert, Ray and Harry.

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HUNGERFORD: William Eugene marries Stacey Jean MITCHELL in California and they have 1 child

William was born 31 Mar 1955 in Van Nuys, California, son of John and Lura (not Laura) HAYWARD HUNGERFORD.

He graduated from the University of California at San Luis Obispo where he earned his Bachelor of Industrial Arts degree. William married Stacey 25 June 1982 in Bakersfield, California, dtr of Wm NEWTON and Francis Grace COOK MITCHELL.

They live in Bakersfield, California where Wm is an industrial arts teacher in the high school. They are members of the Methodist Church. They had 1 child in Bakersfield.

1. Wm MITCHELL born 22 Feb 1984.

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HUNGERFORD: John TAYLOR Jr. marries Lynda BORDELON and they live in California with 1 child.

John was born 14 May 1953 in Van Nuys, California, son of John IVES and Lura (not Laura) HAYWARD HUNGERFORD.

He received a degree in cinematography from the Film School at Half Moon Bay, California.

On 10 Nov 1981, he married Lynda BORDELON in Woodland Hills, California. She was aborn 26 May 1950 in San Diego, California, dtr of Landry and Barbara CR?OWE BORDEON. She received her BA from the University of California at San Diego.

They live in Westchester, California where John is a building contractor and wedding photographer. Lynda works as a dental assistant in an orthodontist office. (1986)

They had 1 child:
1. Taylor IVES born 27 May 1986 in Van Nuys, California.

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HUNGERFORD: Thomas HAYWARD marries Mathilda (nmn) ANDERSON in Connecticut and they have 3 children in Waterbury

Thomas was born 18 Aug 1951 in Van Nuys, California, son of John and Lura (not Laura) HAYWARD HUNGERFORD.

He received his BS from the University of Nebraska and studied religion at Yale University in 1979.

He married Mathilda (no maiden or middle) ANDERSON on 14 Feb 1981 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was born 5 Mar 1951 in Sarasota, Florida, dtr of Robert LOCHRIDGE and June PERKINS ANDERSON. Mathilda graduated in 1976 from the West Surrey College of Art and Design in England with a BFA.

Thomas is a teacher and chaplain at Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut and Mathilda is an art teacher (where?). They had 3 children all born in Waterbury.

1. Barbara PERKINS born 27 Jan 1982
2. Mathilda Ann born 3 Aug 1983
3. John IVES born 8 Jun 1985.

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HANNA: Steven Clark marries Mary Frances SPENCER in Colorado Springs, Colorado and operates Hanna Ranches Inc.

Steven was born 31 Jul 1953 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado. He was the son of Clark and Mary HAYWARD HANNA

He married Mary Frances SPENCER on 28 Nov 1974 in Colorado Springs. She was born 29 Sept 1956 in Leavenworth, Kansas, dtr of Thos and Mary (maiden?) SPENCER.

Steven is in the contracting business in Billings, Montana and jointly operates the Hanna Ranches, Inc in Fountain, Colorado with his brother Kirk. (1985)

They had 2 children:
1. Adrienne Michelle born 26 Jun 1976 in San Luis Obispo, California
2. John Thomas born 23 Sept 1978 in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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ELDRIDGE: The surname enters my tree

The surname enters my tree through Jonathan > Thomas > William > Josiah > Duncan > Jacob Mullen ELDRIDGE.

Jacob's 2nd wife, Mary HIGH WILLIAMS, bore 9 children in the outskirts of Davenport, Scott, Iowa on Jersey Ridge Road, so named by him because it reminded him of his home in Haddonfield, Camden, New Jersey where he was born to Duncan CAMPBELL and Rachel BROWN ELDRIDGE, their only surviving child.

This Jersey Ridge fruit farm home was given up in bankruptcy and the family moved to the southwest corner of 16th St.(now Kirkwood Blvd) and Farnam St. It was convenient for the children to get to school and for Jacob to maintain a real estate, loan agency office 'downtown', and his committees that helped build Davenport.

The 9 children:
1. Elizabeth born 3 Apr 1852 became a medical doctor and married Wm. I. JOY; 2 children, divorced as of 1880 census; married Dr. Reuben ELDRIDGE - not related - became divorced, moved to Ames, Story, Iowa where she died of diabetes and is buried in Ames Municipal Cemetery with her son and granddaughter.
2. Charles born 1854 (no date), died 26 Apr 1854 buried in Oakdale
3. Katherine/Kate/Katty born 9 Mar 1855, married Samuel LYTER GLASPELL, in the ELDRIDGE family home, moved to Dakota Territory with Samuel who was a circuit judge, had 3 children, both died in North Dakota and are buried in Davenport's Oakdale Memorial Gardens. Both buried in Oakdale
4. Frank Wallace born 29 July 1858, married Luella ALLEN, moved to Stutsman County, North Dakota near Kate and Samuel, moved back to Davenport, worked at the Rock Island Arsenal as a carpenter, and was a mail carrier for the USPS in Davenport. Both buried in Oakdale.
5. William V. "Willie" born 14 Feb 1860, died of typhoid 19 Mar 1866, buried in Oakdale
6. Minnie born 20 July 1862, married Carl Edward SCHLEGEL in the ELDRIDGE family home, had 4 children, died in Davenport - both are buried in Oakdale
7. Jennie - this writer's lineage. She married George Washington BAWDEN, a lawyer. They built a home on Kirkwood Blvd. Both are buried in Oakdale on the Jacob Eldridge lot.
8. George Wallace born 16 Jan 1868, married Sue KELLY, and helped develop the town of Wynne, Cross, Arkansas. He died 4 Feb 1943 in Wynne and they are buried in Wynne's Cogbill (hill?) cemetery.
9. Emily M. born 23 Jan 1870, died 23 Oct 1876 of diptheria and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery.

HANNA: Ginger Rae, dtr of Clark and Mary HAYWARD, Swiss exchange student, marries Werner LENGACHER II, in Colorado Springs

Ginger was born 12 Mar 1951 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado. She attended the University of New Mexico. She met Werner while an exchange student in Switzerland. They were married 17 July 1971. Werner was born 26 Feb 1948 in Oey-Diemtiger, SWitzerland, son of Werner and Klara LENGACHER. Werner attended diesel school in Lausanne, Switzerland. He owns a welding business near Fountain, Colorado where they live for the past 8 years (1985). They had 1 child:

1. Werner Lengacher III born 5 Dec 1972 in Thun, Switzerland.

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HANNA: Terry Lee, dtr of Clark and Mary HAYWARD, marries Gilberto Triana De Cevallos in Colorado Springs, native of Mexico

Terry was born 1 Jun 1948, Clark and Mary's 1st child. She attended the University of Americas in Mexico City where she met Gilberto. She married him 29 Nov 1969. Gilberto was born in Mexico City, Mexico on 26 Mar 1946 son of Anthony and Rosa TRIANA.

They live in Dallas, Texas where they operate a photographic studio. They had 1 child:

1. Anthony Clark TRIANA born 26 Sept 1976 in Dallas.

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FRENZEL: Peter Michael Justinian marries Laura NEVILLE in Furth/Bayern, ROGermany, and they have 2 children - 1 adopted.

Peter was born 6 Aug 1935 in St. Paul, Minnesota, the 4th son of Paul and Paula SCHLEGEL FRENZEL.

On 25 July 1961, Peter married Laura NEVILLE, born 25 Mar 1937 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, dtr of Philip and Maurene NORTON NEVILLE. Laura graduated in 1959 from teh University of Minnesota in Minneapolis where she received her BA (in ?).

Peter graduated in 1958 from Yale University with a BA, earned his MA from Middlebury College in 1961 and received his Ph.D from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1968. (no subject areas).

The FRENZELs make their home in Middleton, Connecticut where Dr. Frenzel is a college professor and Laura is a weaver. (1986)

1. Paul William born 20 Jul 1963 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1986.
2. William Phillip born 4 Feb 1965 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He died 8 Apr 1977 (no location).
3. Kim Chung-A born 23 July 1966 in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated in 1985 from Marvelwood School (no location).

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FRENZEL: William ELDRIDGE, elected to US Congress from 3rd District in Minnesota, marries Ruth PURDY, BS from Skidmore

William was born 31 Jul 1928 in St. Paul, Minnesota, son of Paul and Paula Jeanette SCHLEGEL FRENZEL.

He received his BA and MBA from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1951 and served in the US Navy Reserve 1951-1954.

On 9 Jun 1951, he married Ruth Helen PURDY in Nutley, New Jersey. She was born 6 Feb 1930 in Passaic, New Jersey, dtr of Clifford Melvin and Ruth CHAPMAN PURDY. She received her BS from Skidmore College in Sarasota Springs, New York in 1951.

William was elected in 1971 to the United States Congress from the 3rd District in Minnesota as a member of the Independent Republican Party. He ispresently the ranking minority member of the House Committee on Administrations (1986). They make their home in McLean, Virginia (1986) They had 3 children:

1. Deborah Anne born 2 Jan 1953 in Long Beach, California, received her BA from Sidmore College in 1975 and is employed in banking at Plymouth, Minnesota (1986)
2. Pamela Ruth born 4 July 1955 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, received her BA from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida in 1977 and was married to H. Dale LINDON, son of Harold LINDON (no mother) in Orlando, Florida. He is a manager of a hotel in Orlando and Pamela is an artist (1986) They had 1 son: William Harrison born 23 Jun 1985 in Orlando.
3. Melissa Lee born 19 Jun 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her BA from Skidmore College in 1980. She is pursuing a career in financial services in Newton Center, Massachusetts. (1986)

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