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Lillie Davis Beane Whisman

Lilly Davis BEANE was the eldest child of Joseph Floyd BEANE [1828-1873] and Martha Elizabeth GOBLE BEANE [1842 - Bef. 1900]. (Joseph was the son of William BEAN and Rachel WISEMAN of Monroe County,[W]VA.)

Lilly was born 27 Mar 1861. She married Daley D. "Doc" WHISMAN [1856-1945] in Carter County, Kentucky in 1880. Lilly's family had moved to Kentucky prior to her birth from West Virginia.Following their marriage, Doc and Lilly moved to Gilmer County, West Virginia.

Doc was a farmer. The couple moved about 4 times in a little over 20 years. Finally settling on Steer Creek in Gilmer County. And during that time they had eleven children.

1] Joseph David WHISMAN [1882-1929]. He was a farmer. Married Mamie [1874-1929] They had three children: Kenneth, Goebel and Joseph. [Kenneth born in West Virginia, the other two in Montana.] This family homesteaded in Montana.

2] Cleveland Thomas "Cleve" WHISMAN [1884-1956] married Hallie [born 1890]. Cleve was a farmer. They had at least one child Daily A. WHISMAN [born 1909]. This family lived in Gilmer County.

3] Unnamed Girl WHISMAN [born 15 Jun 1887 died 16 Jun 1887] living only one day. She is buried in Gilmer County.

4] Lee Thurman WHISMAN [1888-1952] married Bessie [born 1891].He was a farmer and registered for both the draft for both World War's. They had 6 children: Maple WILEY [adopted son]; Reta, Carl Dallas, Hugh, Dara Lee, William R. "Bill" WHISMAN. This family lived in Braxton County, West Virginia.

5]Oscar Dean WHISMAN [1892-1963], married Grace Blanche KEARNS [1902-1940]. Oscar was in Montana in 1917 living with his brother Joseph when he registered for the WWI Draft. Later he returned to West Virginia and married Grace. He was a farmer, and an electrician in a glass factory. This couple had 4 children: Oscar, Edna, Betty and Donald.

6] Lizzie Dora WHISMAN [1894-abt 1909]. No death certificate has been located at this time.

7] Ralph B. WHISMAN [born 1896 - Aftr 1930]. He was a farmer. He married Hallie Virginia GRADY [1912-1937]. Hallie committed suicide by throwing herself down a well.

8] Ellis F. WHISMAN [1898-1958]; married Delma [born 1898]. This couple settled in Akron, Summit County, Ohio, where Ralph was a pit man with a rubber factory.

9] Unnamed WHISMAN [Born bef 1900- Died bef 1900]. This child is listed as a deceased child on the 1900 Census.

10] Flossie Mae WHISMAN [1903-1966]; married George Dewey CLOWSER [1898-1986]. George was a farmer. This family lived in Gilmer County, and had 4 children: Wallace, Eunice, John B., and Kenneth.

11] Harry L. WHISMAN [1905-1974]; married Margaret. This couple were divorced in 1950 in Dade County, Florida. Harry settled in Florida.

Previous lineage records showed Doc and Lilly as having 8 children, but Birth, Death and Census records have revealed the other three.

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Seeking More Info on Carnefix Families of VA/ WVA

My paternal gr-grandmother was a Carnefix from Monroe County, WV. Have delved back to about 1680 with her ancestry and found Carnefix's into central Virginia. They then migrated into the west and into what is now West Virginia. But I do not know where they were before central Virginia. Records are scarce, if any, for the time period in this area. Any help would be appreciated.

On a slightly different note:
An old friend passed away this past Sunday. Her obituary was in Tuesday's paper. Catherine was 88 years old. I had known her since I was a teenager [over 30 years now]. Was I ever surprised when I read her obituary and saw her mother's maiden name. "CARNEFIX". And, lo and behold, she was a block wall I wasn't able to hurdle. I'd stumbled for years trying to locate this missing link to the family tree. And all this time Catherine was sitting right before me! If only I'd taken the time to even mention my research to her, I might have learned some valuable insight.

Lesson: talk to EVERYONE!!!!!!! You never know who, or where, you might find help in breaching that stumbling block of your own!

Cyndi in WV

Mount Vernon United Methodist Church History - Fort Spring,WV

I received the following story [probably written by J. Hedrick] concerning my gr-gr-grandfather, Rev. Samuel PERKINS, who was the first minister of the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, located at Fort Spring, Greenbrier County, WV:

'Mount Vernon Church History'
'In the "Story of my Life" written by Bishop William Taylor of Africa, he gives the following account of being at the home of Samuel Perkins in 1845: "Our next series of special services were held at the house of old Father Perkins, who was a plain, blunt, but good man of the old school, a local preacher in our church. In summer heat he would take off his coat and preach in his shirt sleeves."
He went on to say that at the Perkins appointment, a few miles from Second Creek, he found Father Perkins, wife, grown-up daughters and a few other members.
This information from Bishop Taylor?s book shows that services were held in the community in 1845 and perhaps several years before that. Rev. Samuel Perkins held services in his log house, and if it was too small for the congregation, they went to the log barn.
The deed to the present church yard was made November 19, 1846 (from deed).
A log church was built where the present building now stands. The log church was burned during the Civil War, the exact date not known.
Sometime before 1867 a new frame church building was erected that stood until 1890. It was torn down to build the present one, which was erected on the same foundation as the old one, but is eight feet longer at the entrance. It was dedicated in August, 1890.
Services were held on the rocks where the tabernacle now stands, when the weather permitted, while the church was being built.
Much of the material and work was donated by the people of the community but $ 250 was borrowed from Church Extension.
The frame timber was donated by Rebecca Ruth Hedrick, hauled to the saw mill by her brother, Frederick Hedrick, and sawed by G.H. Hedrick on what was the Roy Hedrick farm. From the mill it was hauled to the Hedrick and Wilson ferry and tied into bundles and held by a rope or chain and ferried across the Greenbrier River by J.H. and M.C. Hedrick and others. From there, it was hauled to Mt. Vernon Church yard. The flooring was given by Jehu Hedrick and sawed on his farm. The lumber was kiln dried, dressed and tongue grooved on the church grounds. The carpenters were boarded in the community. The benches were made from popular trees bought from Wellington Johnson in what was known as "Johnson?s Big Woods". The shingles were handmade by Kenny Aldridge and timber given by John Lewis. G.W. Shepherd and C.C. Claypool were very prominent in this work.
The carpenter was a Mr. Harless from Pott?s Creek. He had a helper.
Rev. Samuel Perkins was the first one buried in the upper cemetery on January 19, 1854.
Jehu Hedrick was the first adult buried in the lower cemetery on May 13, 1904.'

Rev. Samuel Perkins was born 1778 in Greenbrier County, [W]VA. He became the first minister for Mount Vernon United Methodist Church,a nd was the fist person buried in it's cemetery. He was married three times [widowed twice]. his first wife was Margaret Smith [Married 1809 - died 1810 in childbirth]. Second wife was Rebekkah HANLEY, married 1811, and died before 1812 [also believed to have died in childbirth]. His third wife was Elizabeth TUCKWILLER [married 1812]. Elizabeth was born 1779 in Greenbrier County, and died 1867. She and Samuel had at least 6 children. One of whom was my gr-grandmother, Margaret, who was named after Samuel's first wife, who was Elizabeth's best friend.

Samuel died 1854.

Margaret [born 1826 - died 1891] married William M. BEAN, Jr., from Monroe County, WV [born 1832 - died 1890] in 1852.

William was a Civil War veteran, and a US Marshall. He was shot and killed by a constable over the question of a lien on a buggy and horse.

William and Margaret had 8 children [one of whom died in infancy].

Their son John Monroe BEAN was born 1866 in CIncinatti, Ohio, following the Civil War. That winter, they returned to WV by covered wagon. John was my grandfather.

In 1895 John married Blanche Crosier. This couple had 3 children. Blanche died from tuberculosis. [John lost several children to this horrible ailment as well, as time progressed., in 1902.

In 1907, John married Ada Burdette. This couple went on to have 9 children together. And in 1929, 5 days after the birth of their last son, Ada died from complications of the childbirth.

John later married Mary Faudree, in 1935 [my grandmother]. Mary was bor 1897. John and Mary had 3 sons, Walter, Edsel and Roy. Roy died at age 4 from appendicitis.

In 1954, at the age of 88, John passed away. Leaving Mary with 2 teen aged sons. John's older children rallied and helped to take care of the family.

Mary died 1 January 1975 at the age of 77. She is buried beside John in the New Zion Union Church Cemetery, located in Waiteville, Monroe County, WV, where so many of the Bean family are buried.

It was not until after John's death in 1954 when our particular branch of the Bean line began adding the "e" to the end of the name to make it "BEANE'.

Ben Jones and Lucinda McGraw of Monroe/Greenbrier WV

Am searching for any information on Ben Franklin Jones who married Lucinda McGraw. This couple lived in Monroe and Greenbrier Counties of West Virginia about 1880. They had at least one son, Charles Franklin Jones, who married Della Mae Morris [died 1977 Glace, Monroe County, WV]. Charles and Della had 4 children: Mary, Frank [these two were twins], Lucy, and Louise.
Mary married Elmer Adwell.
Frank married Susie Smith.
Lucy married Roy Vance.
Louise married Rob Mentz.

This is a large brick wall I've encountered. Any help is greatly appreciated. Have already searched numerous search engines; poured over county tax files; census records; vitals records; will and probate records. Little info of value thusfar.

Any help welcome.

Many thanks!

Adwell's of Greenbrier and Monroe County, WV

I am researching the ADWELL family for my children, who are all ADWELL's. This line seems to be elusive before 1800. Any and all help is appreciative.

Bean's of Monroe County, West Virginia

I am researcher for the Bean family descending from William BEAN and Rachel WISEMAN BEAN from Monroe County, WV. This family first entered in the Potts Valley/ Craigs Creek region about 1790.
William became indentured at the age of 12 following the death of his father. His mother being destitute placed him, as well as at least one other brother, with the county poor for indenture.
After he reached his majority, William married Rachel WISEMAN and the couple settled along Back Valley in Monroe County, where William received several land patents and grants from the state of Virginia. Later, they migrated across Peter's Mountain and settled along Potts Creek near Waiteville [the house William built before the Civil War is still standing and is habitable today].
In 1864 William, deputized, was shot in the head by renegade soldiers who had stolen laundry from a washline, as he pursued them.
Rachel had died in 1856.
The couple had thirteen children.

I am searching for other genealogists and researchers who are pursuing this line, and individuals, who would be interested in writing for our monthly newsletter, and sharing their research.

You may contact me, and I will be sure to respond. I will gladly reciprocate with any info I may have on your pursuits.

Cyndi Beane-Henry

Bean[e]'s in Monroe County, WV

I have been researching the Bean[e] family of Monroe County, WV for 5 years. I also publish a monthly newsletter for this family. I am looking for any and all researchers who are also working on this line to add to our mailing list, and for their comments and additions for our newsletter. Please contact me if you are interested.
We are descendants of William BEAN and Rachel WISEMAN, among the first settlers of this county.