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Hi I'm looking for our grandmum's lines and her kids lines in Savaii.

My father was the son of a Samoan lady name not known to any of us(My father passed away age 67 in 1968 when I was very young in N.Z.)
He left no names of whom his mum and her family were, but his father had given him photos of him self and who worked for him in Samoa.

I have a black and white photo that shows 3 Samoan Police officers.
1 wearing a white helmet,1 wearing a cap,and an other standing at the back of the two rows of men hat less, as he must have been a very tall chap at least 7foot tall as he almost reaches the roof of the large house they are standing in the front off.
All are wearing dark uniformed coats,2 are wearing long white strides.

This group of men total 29 in all,28 can be seen to be identified, only 1 is known and that is my grandfather seated to the right of an army officer.

13 elders and 1 white man stands behind the seated white men in a row.
There are 4 white men on the seat.

7 men are seated on mates in 2 groups ether side of the White men.
Apart from the Policemen all others look to be elders.
Many are older then 60 but younger then 80 years old.
Many of the elders were a must-arch.

My grandfather was known to the locals as Nookie,but his real name was Richard Williams,born County Kerry Ireland 1858.

Little else is known about his parents or if he had siblings.
What is known is what was printed and published by the Cyclopedia Company of Fiji,Sydney,New South Wales,1907.
It says Resident Magistrate and Native Commissioner on Savaii (Antmann is the German name), is the only white officer on the Island.
County Kerry is where he received his early education,finishing at the Civil Service Academy,Dublin.
He visited the Australian Colonies in 1884,and after a short stay there,he went on to Samoa.
He was mainly instrumental in floating the Company that afterwards led to the famous lawsuit Cornwell versus McArthur.
The trail lasted many years,was heard in the Courts of Samoa,Fiji and New Zealand,was carried to the House of Lords,and was on appeal,finally decided by the ownership of certain lands.
On this decision,Mr Williams received power of attorney to take over and manage the property.
This was continued to do until the hoisting of the flag,when he was appointed by the Imperial German Government to the position of Chief Magistrate and Native Commissioner on Savaii.
His Headquarters were at Matautu,where there was a Court House.
He had a staff of 13,and in addition,scattered around the island under his jurisdiction,a staff of 13 native Magistrates (Faamasinos) 56 town overseers (Pulinuus) 21 Clerks (Failautusis),and 28 Police (Leo leo).
The whole of the roads and bridges,of which there were many,have all been made since annexation and under Mr Williams,personal supervision.

If any one or family's that think they can help please don't be shy to try.
I was named after both my grand fathers,I have never been out of N.Z.
As a young chap dads 3 sisters would come and visit us at home once and a while.
Two of the 3 sisters today, some are known to me but dads other sister have vanished including the Aunty that came to visit us as kids in Kawhia N.Z.
Her name was Eileen Foster,Pago Pago.
Rosie of Fiji,
Hilda Australia,

Some of these Aunties I've never met,we don't know if they had a family.
Thanking you Richard (2nd)
All would have passed away by now.

Family help wanted; Treaty of Waitangi claims with in Te Rohe Potae.2010.

In the year 1919 under the Public Works act the New Zealand Govt at the time created this act to help them to steel these lands from Maori owners,who lived with in what is commonly known today as the King Country,but it's true Maori name is Te Rohe Potae.

In 2008 I was asked to become involved and to register for what is termed a Wai number.
I have registered because as far as I knew no one else would have done so on behalf of all the owners to this block of which I'am a share holder along side my cousins and the other unknown owners,of whom I shell shear their names with in the hope that some one from there lines will contact me.
The block is known as Awaroa A No 2E No2.
District Maniapoto.
It is Maori free hold land.

F. Akeake Heta
F. Alma Pakeho
M. Anthony Matika alt name Fawcett Matika.
F. Barbars Wattie
M. Basil Brooks
F. Christine Cooks
F. Christine Matika alt name Mangu Matika.
M. Christopher Te Hira Moses-Moihi.
M. Clark Karauria Pakeho.
M. Collin Brooks
M. David Matika, alt name David Kiri
M. Derek Rawiri Tihi.
M. Eddie Pakeho
F. Epsi Teio
M. Graham Pakeho
M. Grand Tihi
F. Haona Kaha Grace.
F. Harriet Louisa Colvin.
M. Harry Puoi Pakeho
M. Herbert Puhikarua Pakeho
M. John Waitere Moihi
F. Joy Robinson.
M. Karauria Pakeho.
F. Kathleen Kahu Schroeder.
F. Lena Parewai Tai-Rakena.
M. Leonard Tihei Tihi
F. Linda Parewhainga Rakuraku.
M. Luke Aroha Pakeho.
F. Martha Deane
F. Mary Mere Shearer
F. Mere Takerei 11.
M, Moenohutu Pira
M. Murry Pakeho
F. Ngawe Matika
F. Pamela Brooks
F. Patricia Tihi
M. Patrick Kehukehu Matika
F. Peata Murua Matika, alt names Peata Murua Graham.
F. Queen Terea Te Rure.
M. Rakena Takerei.
M. Rangihopuni Takerei.
M. Richard Matika
M. Richard Pakeho
M. Ronnie Tamanui
F. Ruta Beesley.
F. Ruth Ruta Wright.
F. Sharon Tihi.
F. Shirley Tewai Matika
M. Stanley Pakeho.
M. Tamatea Tawhari Pakeho.
M. Taru Matika.
F. Te Aroha Matika
M. Victor Reweti Pakeho.
M. Waewae Matika.
F. Wani Nancy Matika
M. Wayne Tuarera Tihi
F. Wharetoa Whakakehu.
M. William Tutumua Paketoma.
M. Willie Pakeho.

Nukutaurua Whanau Trust.,
Callan Pairama Matika
Murray Maratini Daniel Matika.
Peter Clarke Matika.
The following names end with Poihi;
F.Hananui Tuarea,F.Hanatia Tuarea,F.Hine,M.Ngahere,F. Pareteuaki Tuarea,M.Te Koki Tuarea,F.Te Ruhi.

The following names end with Bush.
M.Ati Poihi Bush,M.Douglas George,M.Frank Neho,M.Norman Albert,
M.Samuel Thomas,M.Taheke Poihi Bush,(Known to me)

my e-mail is kawhio@hotmail.com. or contact can be made though the above.
Thank you.

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Any thing on the Williams line@ eather end please or Richard wife's line.

My father was called Charles Tupua Dominick Williams,his dad was called Richard Williams,b 1858 in County Kerry,Ireland.He came away from his native Island as a lawyer
Grandfather was signed on to become the 1st State Commissioner on Apia,Samoa,under the German Govt.
His partner was a native of Samoa (I've been told that he had more then 1 partner,but have no proof of this,as we my sister and I were only young kids when dads sisters visited us at our home in Kawhia,N.Z.)
Father died age 67 in 1968,leaving 3 sisters that we new off,the other 2 named Hilda and Rosie were never known by us.
Our mum never new much about her elder husband,other then he was sent to N.Z.at a young age to be like a Kiwi on a banana boat from the Islands.


Hi my name is Richard A Williams of N.Z.
My dad was called Charles Dominic Tupua Williams.(b 1900-01 in Samoa)
His dad was known as Richard Williams.(b 1858 County Kerry Ireland).
(He was the Resident Magistrate and Native Commissioner on Savaii.He was the only white Officer on the Island at the time.)
His Wife is unknown to the writer.(A Western Samoa maiden,I want to know my Grand Mums side to.)
May dads sisters were as follows + where they were known to live at his time of death in 1968 at his home in Kawhia, N.Z:

(1)Rosie Williams OF Fiji.

(2)Hilda Williams of Australia.

(3)Mary Mete Mann,nee Williams.Auckland,N.Z.= George William Mann.& issues.

(4)Eileen Foster,nee Williams.Pago Pago. has issues.(Grand daughter called Cristen.)

(5)Mary Alice Alio O'Scanlan,nee Williams,married to William Valerian Bill O'Scanlan,Glendan Auckland.& issues.

(Number 3 is known to writer today)

(Number 5 was known but have lost contact in the last 38 years)
Their kids are:
(a)Ipu = Alfred Stowers & they have issues.
(b)Jonas = Jolly ? & they have issues.
(c)Valerian = Shirley ?.& they have issues.
(e)Theresa (Seni)
(g) a boy not known.
I grew up only knowing d,e,f.in Kelman Rd Kelston,Auckland.
Last seen in 1972. Family's have lost contact since.

1,2,of my Aunties I have never meet.

4,used to come down from Auckland with 3, to visit their brother.

This has lead me away from the name Scanlan I know but perhaps we may join Via Uncle Bill's line whom I last saw for the last time late in 1972.
His son George is a talent Scott for an American Football team I believe?.If you can help here is my e-mail:

Thanking you. Richard.

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Bush - N.Z.

Mid way down the North Island of N.Z. on the West Coast is a tiny village named Kawhia & harbour, The harbour would be one of the largest in the North Island. It also holds the burial sight of the Waka(canoe)Tainui.
On the Eastern side of the harbour in a very quite place called the Awaroa River (One of 8 water out let's that feed the Kawhia Harbour.)Lived a Maori family who's Pakeha name was "Bush."
This name has very close ties with the Thom family's off that area.
Can you help please?.

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O'Conner name.

The West Coast of the rugget North Island approx 1hour drive from the Waikato City of Hamilton, in the tiny town of Kawhia once housed the family of O'connors.
The Public Grave yard of Kawhia, located 3 miles out of this settlement on highway 31, houses the early Settlers of the Flex and musket trade of early Maori meets the White Man.
Amoung some of these settlers the name O'Connor appears.
This G.Yard is looked after by the small King Country Town of Otorohanga Dist Councle.
The Town of Otorohanga is just under an hours drive South of Hamilton on State Highway 3,being one of 4 major Highway leading away South from Auckland City,N.Z.