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Wong Kee Ting China to Canada -had 2 children

Wong Wing So - China to New Zealand - had 3 sons
1, Wong Kee Ting had 2 children- and he migrated to Canada.

2 , Wong Fung Ting has 2 sons - came to New Zealand.

3, Wong Fung Sum came to New Zealand. he was the school princpal

Is there any one in Canada who may know this man. He'd be well over 100 years old. His children over 90, and Grand children , if any, in their mid 60s.

All from Gwa Leng Village, Jungseng, Canton, China later 1800s- 1960

Chan Yu Jak - born Sungai, Canton and emigrated to Canada

I'm looking for information of Chan Yu Jak - born Sungai, Canton and emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Brother of Chan Yu Koon aka Jimmy Chan, 99 Lemon Street, New Plymouth; and Chan Yu Gai who came to New Zealand. Probably late 1920s emigration. Their father was Chan Yoon Dat. Their cousin was Chan Pui Lam, and they go by the surname of Thackery in New Zealand-

Waikumete Cemetery West Auckland

Waikumete Cemetery

Waikumete Cemetery and Crematorium covers an area of 108 hectares and since 1908 has served as the main cemetery for the Auckland Region. It is the largest cemetery in New Zealand and one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Established in 1886, the cemetery provides for a wide range of denominational and cultural groups, and aims to offer a large number of alternative services to the bereaved.

Waikumete is one of the largest cemeteries in the Southern Hemisphere and the final resting place for over 70,000 people. It also provides the largest open space environment for passive creation within Waitakere.

The Early Chinese are buried in Public A area - 6 rows of them.



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Journals of the House of Representatives New Zealand

This website contains digitised reports from selected volumes of the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives.


EDUCATION: ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS. Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1906 Session II, E-01a

New Zealand Chinese Search For Roots

Read the N Z youth experience on the annual Winter camp to China.

Useful Links for Chinese Genealogy For Siyip Chinese and Southern China Chinese - world wide - fantastic assistance to find your roots. You don't need to speak Chinese to locate your kin. New Zealand Chinese New Zealand Chinese Mississippi Chinese and more How to look and research Family Australian links

Windows on a Chinese Past.

Volume 1: How the Cantonese Goldseekers and their Heirs Settled in New Zealand
Author James Ng
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Dunedin Otago Heritage Books (1993)
ISBN Number: 0908774567 / 9780908774562

Windows on a Chinese Past Volume 4: Don's 'Roll of Chinese'
Author: Ng, James
Publisher: Otago Heritage Books (1993), Dunedin
Publication Date: 1993
(ISBN: 0908774710 / 0-908774-71-0 )

Dr James Ng's pioneering and painstaking research and his multi-volume monograph have been cornerstones in the rediscovery of the history of the Chinese in New Zealand.

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In The Mountain?s Shadow

A Century of Chinese in Taranaki 1870 to 1970

The year in which the Chinese first arrived in Taranaki is unclear, but it may have been some time before 1874. Entrepreneur Chew Chong had already discovered fungus in the province, having advertising for it in a January 1874 edition of the Taranaki Herald.

This book provides a historical record of the Chinese in Taranaki during this period. A collection of early newspaper articles and advertisements, government records and interviews with locals and families of the early Chinese provide an insight to their lives.

By the early 1970s there were no early Chinese families left in South Taranaki, and few families remained in the rest of the Province.

Helen Wong August 2010

ISBN 978-0-473-17508-5

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Gwa Leng Wongs in New Zealand

The Gwa Leng NZ Family History Group,founded by Michael Wong, is delighted to advise that the book Gwa Leng Wongs in
New Zealand is now available for purchase.

'It takes a village to raise a child', says the proverb. Gwa Leng, in the southern province of Guangdong, China, is a special village for
many in NZ; and some of its children - now elders themselves in a faraway land - have contributed to this special book to tell the
history and the stories of the village and its people.

Authored by ex-villager Dr Edmon Wong, an eminent former scientist, the book is centered on his translation of the only known
copy of Gwa Leng's original genealogical record. From material collated from disparate sources, he also writes about
origins; about places and events; and about families long ago and today.

This is a friendly elder's guide for younger generations interested in their historical roots.

With sincerity and goodwill, and mostly in their own words and pictures, many of these later generation NZ Gwa Leng families share their own recent day stories with the three contributing authors in a latter part of the book.

For historical accuracy, the book uses written Chinese characters (not just romanised transliterations) for original proper names. For readers of Chinese, it also includes an appendix of a collection of Essays on Gwa Leng by the former administrative head of Gwa Leng.
This unique bilingual book is a legacy that both honours those past, and serves those present and still to come.
Paper Back: 180 pages
ISBN 978-0-473-16525-3
Book Dimensions: 189 X 268 X12 mm

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New Zealand Chinese 1880-1970

I have written a book on a century of Chinese in Taranaki, called "In the Mountain's Shadow", published 2010.

I research the Chinese from Jungseng, Canton, China to New Zealand - and have a message board

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