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Ida Jenkins, Born in 1883

My great-grandfather, who migrated to the US from Italy, married an Ida Jenkins in Scott, VA on 15 Jul 1906. My ancestor's surname was spelled CLIPSE in the states; however, I believe that was NOT the Italian spelling of the name. It was likely CALIPO.

Do you have any information which might be helpful?

Does anyone have connections with family in Sicily, Italy with a last name similar to Clipse or Clips? UPDATE: The surname might be CALPO.

My great grandfather migrated from Italy to the US around 1905. He left Italy under adverse circumstances, never returned, didn't learn to speak fluent English, and left no clues to his family except to say he was from Sicily. His name was "spelled" like it sounded by someone who wrote the information when he arrived. Searching feels much like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I've followed several leads, but not found success. Can you help?

John Clinton Burkett of Knox County, OH 1879-1971

So little has been recorded about my mother-in-law Olive Burkett Taylor's family. She was the only daughter of Nettie and John Burkett; however, she did have a brother, Lawrence Burkett, who was considerably older. My husband knew his grandparents, Nettie and John Burkett, but he has little knowledge of other ancestors.

We think John's mother and father lived near Gambier, OH.

I would value any clues others might offer me! advance!

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Ann Floating Cloud Vest WILLIAMS, Cherokee Princess

There is likely a connection between Ann Floating Cloud Vest Williams (1754 - 1840) and the Trail of Tears. Ann, I believe, was married to Pennsylvania Phillip "Buck" "Spike" Williams. They were grandparents of my grandmother's grandparents. Any one recognize the names?


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A Needle in a Haystack? Frank Anthony Clipse or Francesco Antonio Calipo/Colisco/Calypso

As the story is told, my great grandfather left Sicily, Italy to avoid punishment after committing a crime of domestic passion. It is believed he was born in Sicily around 1878. Speaking no English, he was unable to pronounce his sir name so others could understand it. Someone decided they heard "Clipse", so he became Frank Clipse. Because of the uncertainty of the spelling of his last name, searching for ancestors is extremely difficult.

Frank landed in Tennessee working for the railroad. He married Ida Belle Jenkins in Scott County, VA on 15 July 1906. Great Grandpa Clipse's obituary in the Kingsport, TN newspaper states he died on 28 August 1956. My grandfather, Joseph Franklin Clipse (1909-1974), was one of the children born to Frank and Ida. He married Ada Victoria Johnson (1908-1968). My mother, Stella Clipse Adkins, was the second child born to Joe and Ada.

As a very young child, I remember sitting on Great Grandpa Clipse's lap as he counted to 10 in Italian. That is my sole memory of this man to whom I am related. It would please me greatly to find out even a bit more about this branch of my maternal family tree.

Does anyone have advice about how to search Italian genealogy?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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