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Adam Owens

I am looking for information, regarding an Adam Owens. His wife was, Julia Ann Fleener- Owens. The generations following Adam and Julia, were from Indiana. This information, would be very old. Somewhere between the 17oo's or 1800's. I am only looking for, the names of their parents, to finish my Family Tree. Thank you.

Adolph Fella

My Aunt's late, former father-in-law, was named Adolph Fella. He was the husband of, Hattie Monroe- Fella. He was the father of, John Andrew Cortez Fella. Together, both he and Hattie, had many other children as well.

Adolph, was born in Harrison County, Indiana, on February 4, 1879. He passed away, in April of 1965. However, I can find the location, of where he died. I can find no exact date either.

Furthermore, I am in search of their wedding place and date. I would appreciate any help, that anyone might have, Thank you.

America Charlotte Hood- Day- Mason

My late, great great, step-grandmother was named America Charlotte Hood- Day- Mason. She was born, in January of 1844. I have no knowledge of, her exact birth date. I do know that, her place of birth, was in Indiana. Her date of death, was August 5, 1912. I have still not found, her place of death.

Her parents were, Milton and Minerva Shaver/Shafer- Hood. According to an 1880 Census Report, Milton was born in New York, and Minerva was born in Kentucky. Milton Hood, was born in about 1822. Minerva Hood, was born in about 1825.

Furthermore, according to the 1880 Census Report, it made metion that, America Hood was a widow. I did find that, her first husband's name was Truman G. Day. They married in Indiana in 1864.

Furthermore, there was one niece and two nephews listed, with the last name of Day. Their names were Ora Dell, Charles E. Day and James Day. I did find that, Ora and Charles are her children. Again, James is probable a nephew. I have found nothing linking him as the son of Truman and America Day.

America, married Asa Mason, were married on September 9, 1888. I'm certain that, it was in Pike County, Indiana. Again, I do know that, her date of death, was September 5, 1912. However, there are no records of, place of death.

Furthermore, I do know that, she is not buried in Blackfoot Cemetery. Blackfoot Cemetery, is located in Pike County Indiana. I assumed that, she would have been buried, with her second husband Asa Mason. However, this is not the case.

I would appreciate any information, that anyone might have. My home E-Mail address is, OSU_BULLET@YAOO.COM Thank you, Beth Schofield


Truman D. Day and Milton Hood, are buried in Old Booneville Cemetery, in Warrick County, Indiana. Truman is the first husband of America, and Milton is her father.

Charles E. Day, and Ora Dell Day, are buried in Maple Grove Cemetrey, in Warrck County, Indiana.

America is also buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, in Warrick County, Indiana.

I have been unable to lacte, the place/Cemetery that her mother Minerva Hood is buried.

Anabelle Crawford

I am looking for information, regarding a Ms. Anabelle Crawford. She was the adopted daughter of, Benjamin and Elizabeth Lynch- Borden. Anabelle, was born in Indiana, in about 1869.

Both of her adopted parents, are buried in Pitman Cemetery in Indiana. Her mother Elizabeth, was later remarried. His name was John Bloomfleter.

Any further information, regarding Anabelle would be greatly appreciated.

Angelina Maria DelRosario

My husband's late, Great Grandmother, was named Angelina Maria Del Rosario at birth. She was born in, San Givanni, Abruzzi, Italy, on March 27, 1895. Both she and her husband, and two children sailed from Italy, to Masssachusetts in 1921.

Her husband's name was, Domenic Di Tullio. he too, was born in San Givanni. They, were married, somewhere in Italy, before they moved to the United States. Her children's names were, Antoinette Marie and Guedo Justin Di Tullio. Both children, were born in Filetto, Italy.

Never-the-less, her parents names were, Theresa Libertine- Del Rosario and John Del Rosario . Both, were born in Italy as well. Both, never moved to the Untied States, to the best of my knowlede. I would appreciate any dates or information, regarding this Del Rosario family.

Anthony Marciano "Tony" Famigletti

My Grandmother-In-Law, was married to Anthony Marciano Famigletti. They were both married for years, and resided in Massachusetts until their death. However, I know little about this man. I am interested in knowing, who his children are.

Furthermore, who he was married to previously. I am only in search of, this information to, fill in the blanks of my Family Tree. If anyone should have this information, I would appreciate the help. Thank you, ~Beth~

Arthur "Red" Schofield

My late Grandfather-In-Law, was named Arthur Schofield. I have heard that, he didn't have a middle name. However, I have also heard that, his middle name was Richard. Never-the-less, he went by the nick name of Red. I know that, he died in Massachusetts. However, I am unsure of, where he was born.

I would like to know his birth date as well. Arthur, was the first husband of, my late Grandmother-In-Law. Her name was Antoinette Marie- Di Tullio- Schofield- Stetson- Famigletti. If this family sounds familar, I would like to exchange information. Thank You.

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Arthur Eugene Smith

My cousine, is named Arthur Eugene Smith. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1943. He was briefly maaried a gal, in the 1960's I believe it was. The marriage took place in Indiana. Furthermore, their marrige ended in divorce. However, I have been unable to come up with he name. Although, it might have been Elaine. Never-the-lss, I would like to know her name, to fill in the blanks of, our Family Tree.

Arthur Gerald "Art" Smith

I am looing for any information, regarding my late Uncle, Arthur Gerald "Art" Smith. Whereas, Uncle Art, passed away in 1976. Furthermore, both he and his late Sister, were orphans. Both, were from Indiana as well. I would appreciate any informtion, that would further the completion of, my Family Tree

Arthur Gerald Smith

I am searhing for information, regading an Arthur Gerald Smith, Of Indiana. He and his sister were both orphans. He passed away, in 1976. Would anybody possibly has any preorphan infomation?