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Daly Family in India

My grandfather had an older sister (my great Aunt) who married a man who was a doctor and served most of his life in India as a military doctor. His father was also a military doctor, and the family appeared to live in India for a few generations. The mother in law of my great Aunt was named Annie Cecilia nee Daly, I know that her father was Francis Dermot Daly and her mother was Cecilia. I have been told that the father of Francis Dermot Daly was Richard Daly, he was a bank manager in England. I have no idea of the birth date of Francis Dermot Daly, the date he married Cecilia, her maiden name, the name of the motehr of Francis Dermot Daly, when and where his father Richard was born and died, and very little information about any of them in those generations, and dont know where to look, as nothing found in the England BMD, and not sure where to look next, can anybody help me with records from India in the 1800s please

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family history research in South Africa

We just wonder if there is anybody who is on this site who is able to find birth marriage and death records in South Africa, in particular in Natal and Cape Province, if so, we would love to make contact with them

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Lorna Black nee Picton nee Boyd

I am searching for this lady, she is a cousin of my father. Her mother was an older sister of my grandfather. I particularly would like to find her two sons Ralph and Peter or their descendants. I have lots of info about the family, but can find no info about Lorna or her sons after she married for the second time in 1946 to Ian D Black. I was told by another researcher that the two sons attended a school in Dorset, but have contacted that school and they have advised that neither of her sons attended that school, so it appears that some researchers just get things wrong, and I would really like to make contact with some part of this family to add info to our family history

Hancock family of Somersetshire

I have found details of my maternal great grandmother Jane Hancock born 1844 in Somerset, England, and details of her birth and marriage, and birth records of her 9 siblings, but I am having problems finding marriages for those siblings. When I find a marriage record of any of them which appears to be them, I cant then find them on the census with their spouse, and would appreciate assistance of anybody else who is researching this same Hancock family, all of whom were born in the same county and whose birth was registered at the Axbridge registry office.

Cribb family history

We have been researching the Cribb family of my grandma for more than 55 years and now have about .5 Gb of info, including birth, marriage and death records of the Cribb family from Somerset, Gloucestershire, Devon and some parts of Wales from 1809 and as far in some branches as current generations, and are happy to share our information with others in the family, or branches of the family in which females in the Cribb family married men with other names, and in those cases we do have info on most of their children as recent as those born before the mid 1980s. If you are a family member and wish to share info please contact us via this site

Our huge family in England, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand

Today we deleted most of our posts which we made over the last few years. We did that because our original intention was to make contact with others in the family of both myself and my husband, who were researching the same families, and in that way, make contact with cousins. We only ever asked questions to which we knew the answer, in the hope that those cousins would contact us, but what we have found is that info we gave to them from our own research over more than 50 years has so often been added to ancestry or similar site of some of those cousins, without any attribution to our research and so often with other incorrect info with no basis in fact and no proof of being correct. That did not worry us, but they usually added the info without adding the citation that we had given them, thus making it difficult for those who found their site to establish the truth of the entries they had made. So we decided, enough is enough, if anybody out there is researching the families of my husband (Vincent, Connolly, Peareth, Davison, Lowman. Boyd, Mowles, Cribb, Mandry) or my family, (Stone, Phillips, Basing, Wise, Fry, Keeling, Myall, Bullock, Shufflebottom, Stevens, Hillman, Harris), or other related families in our ancestry, then please contact us via this site. We have no trees on Ancestry or any similar site as we believe that family history is for family only, but are most happy to share with any family member, provided you give us an undertaking that you will not publish that info on the web.

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sloppy research

Many years ago, before the Internet was even a dream for family history researchers, and we all had to rely on library collections and membership of genealogical societies, my daughter and I used to join our local society wherever we lived, and spend hours there every week looking at the microfilm records they held, and our eyes would be sore at the end of a long day from trying to find information we wanted on those microfilm and microfische records held

we were often amused when we would hear a comment, and it was usually from a professional researcher who was being paid to research a family history for somebody, they would be looking for a name, and would say, this is the same name, so that will do, and when people took a break for a cuppa in the tea room at one particular genealogical society to which we belongs, we once asked one of the researchers on a day when she had made a comment similar to that above, and she told us she was looking for the marriage of a person and the birth of the children for that marriage, and could not find the marriage in the county in England in which she had expected to find it, but found a marriage for a person with the same name, but in a different registration district to that which she expected, so added that to the file she was building for a person who was paying her to do the research. I asked how she would explain the differences, and she told me that the person employing her would not know it was not the correct member of her family, and would accept what she gave them. I was flabbergasted, to say the least, and wondered how could she be so dishonest in putting together such a family tree with info she knew was not correct, but she said if she could not make that link by using the record (the wrong record) that she found, then she would not be able to complete the job and could not be paid till she did so.

We found a similar thing recently in a family connected by marriage to one of our families. A researcher to whom we have given info about parts of our family to add to theirs (because a member of their family married a member of one of our families) and we were given a draft of the file by that person, and on it is shown the death of one of the family members some years ago, and that person (who was supposed to have died years ago) recently visited our home and spent the day with us, and the citation given in the draft file we have shows as the evidence for that death just a death notice and a funeral in a newspaper We have checked, and although the person has the same name, the spouse and family members of the person who died have no similarity to the family of the family member who visited us, but when we sent the info to the researcher and mentioned that the person is not dead, visited us recently, and sent a photo of the person with myself, we have heard nothing since. Maybe I was not very diplomatic in pointing out that the "dead person" in the tree they sent to us is very much alive, and that info is not wanted, as it does put a suspicion that other of their research may also be based on false information, but is so disappointing that although we know family history research can be frustrating, short cuts to find info, and facts without proof, should not be taken. - in other words, if it cant be proven with a proper document, then dont add it, or if you do, leave a note with it that it needs more checking.

The Most Frustrating thing we have found on Genealogical sites

I hope so much that others do not have this problem that I will now mention

My husband and I have so much info on both of our families, and one of the many things we try to do is to make contact with other family members who are researching the same families that we are researching, those of both our parents and as far back among our ancestors as we are able to find

we recently found a person who had a public member tree on my maternal great great grandfather, and we contacted him, thinking he was related, and offered to share info with him about the family, as he had so many things wrong, some wrong names, incorrect dates, people in families missing all together and so much other info that we have found over our more than 50 years of research

when he did contact us, and we asked how he was related, we were amazed at his relationship, his grand mother was the second cousin of a lady who married a man who was the older brother of a member of the family of my great grandmother, not the great grandmother in that particular family, the great grandmother in the other side of the family, the paternal side of my father, in fact, not related at all except by the marriages that took place.

Go figure, why would somebody want to have a family tree for somebody who was so distantly related by marriage, no blood relationship at all, and we just wonder if the person had spent that time researching his own bloodline, he would not have the errors he also has in his own bloodline, and we only know that as we looked at his public tree, and found from our own knowledge and a couple quick checks on FreeBMD and the England census that he had errors in his own family for his grandparents

what a waste of time, we surely hope others havent found the same problems, if so, we wish you luck in sorting any errors you may have copied from other people.

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More on the frustations of Family History research

The other thing we have found amazing about the years we have spent researching the history of the families on both of our sides, is the secretive attitude of some family members, they just will not give us info when we ask questions, even about their own branch of the family, and especially about their close family in current generations

we have no trees on any site which is open for view by others, we just keep our family history files on our own computer, back the files up regularly onto an external hard drive, and happy to share all the info we have with any other family member, provided they will give us info about their own branch to fill in holes in our trees

Last year (2012) we wrote a book, all about the family of John James Shufflebottom who came to Australian in 1829 at a convict, we wrote the book in conjunction with a cousin in the family who is also a serious researcher, and it covers the generations as far down as his great grandchildren, and not further, as that would involve details of so many living family members. Because of the cost of printing being so expensive, we only put it on a disk, and then told all the family members with whom we were in contact that it was finished, and would cost them the price of registered postage to send them a copy, so they got more than 50 years of research for a very small cost.

We sent out 156 copies of the disk and refused to send a disk to only two family members, and we would not send them a copy because they would not even tell us the names and details of their own children and grandchildren, told us it was a privacy issue, and that the Privacy Act prevented them from telling us. That is just so much rubbish, the Privacy Act does not cover family members giving family information to other family members. The Privacy Act does cover the release of information to professional researchers who are being paid to do the research, but NOT family members sharing information

Have others had this same thing happen to them, it is the cause of so much frustration to us.

Re Family History research and some rubbish we find

You will note from my profile that I am researching many families, my husband and I are researching both sides of our family, so we have researched the familes of our parents, our grandparents, our great grandparents, and our great great grandparents, and in some of the families, we have been lucky enough to find information even in earlier generations than those, for example, because the mother of one of my g/g/grandparents had lived in the same village in England for more than 500 years, and all family members had been baptised in the same church, then married there, then their burial service was also held there and they were buried in the church cemetery, we were able to trace that branch back to 1496, we were just lucky that the priest was astute enough to hide the church record books when the King threw all the Catholic priests out and either burned churches or placed ministers there who were receptive to his idea of how churches should obey his rules

the one thing that has struck us in our research is the number of people who place trees on Ancestry and similar sites, and just copy info from other trees without doing any research themselves, and we found some public trees on one site that shows the parents of a family member being born about 25 or more years before their son, another where they show a man married at the age of 4, another where a man is shown married in NSW in the mid 1800s, yet they then show him as being present at the 1851 census in England even though he had been transported for life to Australia and died here in the mid 1800s. We have found so many errors like that, and we commend to all researchers, if you cant find a document that proves your information is correct, then dont add it to your tree, as chances are, it may not be correct, and dont just accept info from trees of others unless they can provide a citation to prove the information is correct. Our own family history files have now grown to just in excess of 40Gb, backed up weekly to two external hard drives.

good luck with your research, and if you are researching any of the same families that we are, then we are happy to share info with any family member.

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