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FamilyTreeCircles Assist! Program

There are thousands of individuals who are willing and able to perform requests for documents at local town halls or visit a cemetery for a photograph of a gravestone on behalf of people without the means to travel to those locations themselves. It is our goal to connect these people.

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What is this?

The FamilyTreeCircles Assist! Program will be a network of individuals who are interested in helping others with their genealogy research based on their physical location, surnames, or particular areas of expertise. It isn't only about local lookups, but that will be a significant part of the program. Additionally, volunteers may help edit our wiki entries for their locations, surnames, local cemeteries and other areas of knowledge and experience.

We are in the beginning stages of building this network and the first step is to develop a strong base of volunteers. This whole project hinges on our ability to get a large number of volunteers. Without good coverage this project will not be able to get off the ground.

When the time comes to connect volunteers with people seeking assistance, we will do so with the following goals: