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Sandra Smith
Austin, Texas USA



I was adopted at birth, through a privately arranged adoption and now I am doing research on my birth family.

Since, my adoption was privately arranged by my birth grandmother Elsie and her friend; as soon as I asked, I was given the names of my birthparents and contact information for my birthmother. I wrote a letter to my birthmother and we met in 1984 about a week later.

Since my adoptive parents told me about my adoption when I was very young, this was never a secret while I was growing up. However, I waited until my adoptive mother was in the final stages of cancer, before I looked up my birthmother and kept it a secret from my adoptive parents, who are now both deceased (my mother died in 1984 and my father died n 2003).

The surnames of my birthfather's family are Baker, Shaver and possibly Ivey. At the time of my birth, his family was living in the Beaumont, Texas area.

The surnames of my birthmother's family are Perkins, Sharp, Hennings, Guillory, Amy, Parcell and Landry. Some of my birthmother's family were living in the Beaumont, Texas area at the time of my birth and others were scattered through east Texas and southwest Louisiana.

The surnames of my childrens' father's family are Martin, Yarbrough and Braswell. Much of the family was in the Houston, Texas area when my children were born, however, many have died and I have lost touch with their children. Hopefully, they will see this posting and contact me by sending a private message through this site.

If you are a memeber of the family or if you have information on our extended family, the names of the Parents of our Grandparents, GGGrands, GGGGrands, etc. as well as, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters or Brothers, etc., please post and let me know or send a private message through this site. None of us are getting any younger and I just think it is time to try and make contact.

The best reason to contact me now is so I can complete the list of our Ancestors and prepare as many limbs as possible of "Our Family Tree". This is for our children and their children and all the generations of our relations that come in the future.

You may not have been told about me, however, my birthmother says that my son looks just like my birthfather.

I am still working on all the links to my birthfamily and would like to go as far back as possible.

It is up to me to gather this information for my children, since I was adopted. I want to complete my part of the family tree for my children and then start working on their father's part.

I am new to this site, so I appreciate your patience as I learn how this works.

Sandra Smith