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Logo/Redesign Survey....and Thanks!

In yesterday's Family Tree Circles newsletter, I sent out a link to a survey to get feedback on a new logo design for Family Tree Circles.

The response has been tremendous and I'm getting a lot of feedback. Thank you so much.

If you aren't signed up for the Family Tree Circles newsletter, please subscribe. You can do that here: FamilyTreeCircles newsletter.

Below are the candidates.

If you'd like to vote, please proceed to the survey.

And if you've got any comments or feedback on these, please feel free to discuss in the comments. This is proving to be a difficult decision.

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Joseph A. Jangro of Florida, MA in 1900.

I found a Joseph A. Jangro in the 1900 census who lived next door to John Jangro (m. Nancy Jangro)

At the time of the 1900 census Joseph A was 48 and he is a widower. He lived with children Aleena Jangro (!5), Mary Jangro (13), Iris Jangro (13), and Nellie Jangro (7).

I don't think I know who this Joseph was. They lived next door to John and Nancy Jangro in Florida, MA in 1900 and both worked on the B&M Railroad. Were they brothers? cousins?

Joseph A. was born in Canada and may have moved down to US not too long prior. The oldest daughter Aleena was born in Vermont in 1884.

There's a Joseph P Jangro from the same western Mass. area born in 1880.

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Some small changes on FTC

Hi All!

It's been a few years since we've done a server upgrade and in case things were getting a little sluggish here, we've upgraded today. You may have noticed the website was down for a while today while we made the move. We're all settled in and things seem to be going smoothly.

If you notice any issues, please do let me know.

Plus, being a little tired of the colors, I made some simple changes to the color scheme as well.

We're planning some bigger changes for later this year, so stay tuned for more news...

Scott and the FTC team.

New Feature: Links

A popular use of FTC has been to share website resources in Journals. Since there are countless website resources related to genealogy, I thought it would be fun to create a special feature that allows us to share our favorite websites.

You can see the links in the "recent links" page in the navigation or see recent link page here.

This will replace the "favorite links" section in your profile, and should be used any time you fiind a website you wish to share.

Also introduced with the links feature is a "tagging" feature. Tagging is a popular method of allowing website users to categorize things with plain words, instead of trying to create a big category structure. So when you create a link, you can also tag it with words that you feel describes the website. I'll soon be creating a tag navigation system which will show any resources that have been tagged with a particular word.

The nice thing about tags is that anybody can tag a link. So if another member comes along and wants to add some keywords to a link, they can do that.

I'll be migrating the journals over to the tagging structure as well.

If you have any questions about the new features, you can contact me via Private Message or just add a comment to this journal.

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Active Journals

Many journals are specific to certain families and surnames. But others are of general interest, and it is my hope that there will be more contributions that are of general genealogy topics. If you have anything to share -- fun stuff, how-to's, your favorite websites, post it in a journal!

Always keep track of all the latest journal activity through one of the following methods:

- Active Journals: This page has been updated to display the most recently active journals, including comments. So if there are active conversations going on in a journal, they'll filter to the top of this list. There's a link to this page in the header of every page.

- RSS Feed: Subscribe to the Family Tree Circles RSS feed and be notified when any new journals are added. This will not be updated as journals are commented on. You can also get a feed of only the members that you have "subscribed" to. There's a link to that RSS feed in your profile.

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Introduce Yourself

Welcome to Family Tree Circles. Whether you're new here or have been around for a long time, please reply to this journal and introduce yourself.

I'll start...

I'm the owner and developer of FTC, and have been working on it on-and-off for maybe four years now. I recently got a boost of energy and redesigned it completely. I'm a full-time web developer and a part-time genealogist and the combination of those two interests has resulted in this website, for better or worse. It is very rewarding every time someone finds something useful here. Through FTC, I've connected with several cousins of mine, and I know that many others have as well.

Genealogically speaking, I'm lucky enough to have been handed some good family research. I've got two documented lines back to the Mayflower (Stephen Hopkins and William Brewster), that my grandparents researched. I'm also fortunate that my own father's line and my own name is well documented back about 12 generations to 17th century France via Quebec, CA. In the past 10 years or so, thanks to the Internet, I've added much to the research.

Personally, I have lived in Massachusetts (US) all my life. I've got two children who will hopefuly share some of my interest in this hobby.

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New Look...

We've given Family Tree Circles a whole new look to better reflect the direction we're headed with FTC as a Web 2.0 application.

I hope you like it!

New FTC Features...

Some new features have been added to FTC...

- Profile pictures. Now you can upload a picture to show with your posts. Can be a picture of you, or anything you want.

- Image attachments to journals: You can attach a single image to a journal. Your image will be uploaded to the server, resized, and shown with your journal entry. Please don't upload any copyrighted images!

- Updated search: The search now includes the new Surname Wiki content.

Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

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Hattie Rugg

Does anyone know this person?

Her name is Hattie RUGG and it appears that this picture was taken in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Welcome to

Hello and Welcome. is a new approach to an old technique of Genealogy Research on the Internet: Community and Sharing.

All over the Internet are groups of people sharing genealogy information. Email lists, message boards, websites. Email lists and message boards are great ways to communicate with a community of people, but what happens to the information that has gone by. I personally subscribe to 3 rootsweb mailing lists and the vast amount of information that flows by there every week is incredible. And if I'm not paying attention to every message that goes by, I'll miss something.

Message boards have a similar problem. I watch message boards for a few surnames, but the informations is provided only in chronological order and in message format.

Personal family research websites are great. But it takes a special dedication and talent to create a useful website, never mind find the time to do all that work in addition to the genealogy research that we already don't have time for! Finding those websites can be a big challenge and possible only if Google and the search engines have found it first and include it in their search results.

So as we all research and discover our family history, most of us just write it down or type it in and store it away in our computers and filing cabinets.

So we thought, why not allow researchers an easy way to store online the information that they're storing at home. Organize the information by user, in categories, and by surname.

That way, once you find a researcher who's information you're interested in, you can keep a close eye on that without having to watch information you don't need from countless others.

And you, as a researcher, can post your own information. Others will find your information and maybe fill in the holes in their own research, but they will also find you. Birds of a feather...

And why stop with research information. If you've got other genealogy information to share, write an article about that. We'll post it for the world to see in one of our general site categories.

We hope you enjoy this resource.

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