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When I started looking for my Dad

I was born Laura Jean Gaddy. My parents divorced when i was a toddler, and i never saw my dad again. I grew into a teenanger thinking my dad was dead. I mean other kids had dads and i didn't and noone ever mentioned him or the word dad, so being a kid and left to my own assumptions i thought my dad had passed away. During my teenage years, every great once in a while somone, usually my mom would seem to slip up and make an off handed remark about my dad, I was all ears. When i was 14 I got brave and I called information in a few different towns my mom and made mention of living in, looking for my dad. It cost alot back then to call information and i knew i woudld get in trouble for the phone bill, but i had to know something. Well by the third city, I was really let down, but then I got the sweetest operator, I told her the truth as to why i was looking for a phone listing, and she did something that probably would have gotten her into trouble, she said,"Well, its unlisted, so i can't give you the persons information but i can tell you there is a person by the name your looking for, in Houston, Texas." I was so shocked, I guess i didn't really think I would find anything. She then told me that I could call the local Police department in that city,and explain my situation to them and ask them to go to my dads house and give him a message from me. I was so exited and scared, but my raising won the debate, If he didn't want to know about me, then how rude of me to not only interfere in his life, but it would be unheard of to have the police to go to his house, and he would probably be really mad, so i didn't do anything, except smile because i knew now that i really did have a dad and he wasn't dead. that was about 1983. I spent my entire life wanting my dad so bad, but i never could find out how to get in touch with him. but i was always alert to any mention of my dad or his family, and i locked every tidbit away in a vault in my heart. and i always thought about him and wanted to tell him stuff going on in my life,like when i had my first baby.