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Mayflower Families. Connections

List of families on the Mayflower -John Alden-Isaac Allerton-John Billington-William Bradford-William Brewster-Peter Brown-James Chilton-Francis Cooke-Edward Doty-Francis Eaton-Edward Fuller-Samuel Fuller-Edward and Samuel are brothers-Stephen Hopkins-John Howland-Richard more-Degory Priest-Thomas Rogers-Genry Samoson-George Soule-Myles Standish-Richard Warren-Willuam White-Edward Winslow-Source is a 3 vol.set Mayflower Familiespublished by Genealogical Publishing Company in 1985(this work contains a complete collection of articles on The Mayfllower Families that was published in New EnglandHistoric Register and are the writings of the Mayflower Schlors of the1800s and 1900s.This source is available in most libraries.The Mayflower Descendant -This is a quarterly published by the Massachusetts Society of Mayfllower Descendants-The original 34 volume set was published from 1899-1937.This is an index to persons for these 34 volumes.The Mayflower Descendants resumed publication in 1985 with volume 32.If you are descended from a Mayflower family then you may be eligible for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.This is a hereditary Society and you must be able to prove a blood descent from one of the original passengers.If you have enough prove contact them.Box 3297Plymouth Center ,Ma 0236 ?For an application.Robert Carter was listed alone?George Ernest Bowman was the founder of The Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants .

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Are you a Descendant of The Mayflower?

My research has led me to some interesting places.I came upon an article wrote by a group but who wrote it wasn't listed.General Society of Mayflower Descendants.This is a website to assist those looking to see if there is a connection in there own family tree.So me being curious I found the Carter name.A Robert Carter.To refresh your memory my Grandmother Lula Ray Burrell -find a grave Her mother was Rachel Suetta Carter Ray 1875-Find a grave-This General society of Mayflower Descendants was started in 1897.The only thing I could find on Robert Carter was a plantation called Oatlands in Leesburg Virginia.This plantation was built in 1789.By a young bachelor George Carter.This George Carter was a descendant of Virginia s first families.Then I went on to find a plantation in Virginia called The Shirley plantation.This was located in Charles city Virginia(between Richmond and Virginia.)This plantation was built on1613.The oldest plantation in Virginia.The home had been operated and lived in for 11 generation s of the same family.General Robert E.Lee's mother Ann Hill Carter was born and raised here.Lee spent much of his childhood on the estate.Now I don't know if there is any connection to this George Carter to my Robert Carter since dates were not given.I would appreciate any help.Thank you .The Mayflower has always fascinated me.To anyone interested I did write down the names who are connected to the Mayflower I will try to list them soon.

Looking for obituary :Elbert B.Ray

Elbert B.Ray died May 1921-Looking for obituary.He died in Asheville.Asheville is located in Buncombe county North Carolina,near Woodfin ,And Weaverville.From the map it looks like hwy 25 Goes through all of buncombe county.

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Finding the right William Waldrope and Nancy Weeks!

I have searched for William and Nancy Weeks (May be WAldrope(Spelling could be different)This William would have been born 1840 about .Nancy May be a weeks and May not carry the Waldrope name (Nancy birth 1840?).Rosa Lee Tesner s death certificate list them as parents.Rosa Lee tesner was a Waldrope before marriage.Any help here would be appreciated.Buncombe county North Carolina.Rosa lee Tesner 1863-1926-Married Robert Tesner.

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Who is Sue Tesner?

Sue tesner was the 2nd wife of My GGGrandfather .When Rosa Tesner dies on census I find a Sue Tesner or Tessneer.

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Trail Of Tears !

The trail of tears is about the Cherokee people and their removal,from their lands.Andrew Jackson signed the removal act in 1832!General Scott was to escort 16,000 Cherokee people west .4,000 died on the trail west.Looking for any ,names of those that were on the trail.

Finding'Cemetery of ' Pruet'!

On my research journey I have found many things.But this was a sweet find.Looking for David Pruitt and his connection to the Cherokee lottery of 1832,Led me to find a cemetery with our ancestors.Check out 'New Hope Methodist Cemetery in Gwinnett Georgia.U.S.A.

Looking for a ship Brigantine Recovery?

Nicholas Tesseneer Arrived in America Oct.31-1771-Working my line backwards .Benjamin Tessener born in England -Nicholas Tessener Died Union county S.C.Need birth date on all.

Where is Nancy Weeks?

Looking for my3Times GreatGrandmother who was listed on Rosa Lee Tesner death certificate .1862-1926-Buncombe ,County North Carolina.Also looking for a William Waldrop .I m guessing at birth about 1840

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Finding my Tesner Line!

Bessie Mae Tessener Burrell 1897-1934 who married Charlie Albert Burrell 1891-1975.These are my GreatGrandparents.Charlie Albert was from Paint Fork ,North Carolina.Bessie mother was Rosa Lee Waldrop 1869-1926-who married Robert Nathaniel Tesner 1862-1936-Children are Inaestoria Tesner-Daughter Jane Tesner-Son John B.Tesner-Daughter Minnie Tesner-Daughter Bessie Tesner-Daughter -Alice Tesner.1920 census shows a daughter Flossie Tesner.I do find Flossie Age 89 on death certificate who marries a Galloway.Flossie birth was 1904-died in Barnardsville ,North Carolina.26 August,1993-Mother on Flossie Tesner Death certificate was Rosa Waldroo.Marriage found record of marriage for R.M.Tesner Born 1862-age17-Spouse Rosa Lee Waldrop.1863-16years.11th of June 1879-Rosa Lee Waldrop Tesner died in1926-Found in record of Robert Nathaniel Tesner -Death 22February 1936 Asheville ,North Carolina.Born 1862-Barnardville N.C.Spouse at death was a Sue Tesner.

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