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Need info about Edna Mitchell

Edna Mitchell was born about 1804, in Canada or the US. She
married Joseph Bourgor, ( Bougor,Burger,Burgor,Begor,etc.)
No one knows the correct spelling,they were all used at
different times.They had two sons that I know of,Philip,
born Canada,1844,and Charles,born Vt.1850. Anyone with any
more information,please let me know.

Elliott's of the North

My Elliott's came from Ireland and settled in the Northern part of
our country. I have to start with George, born Circa 1820 in Vt., NY.,
NH., Main, or Canada. We don't know for sure, we just know it was one
of the above,tho Vt seems to be the most likely. He married Mary
Blake of Ct. They had one child, Edwin Cyrus Elliott, born June 27, 1845
Essex County, NY. Edwin met & married Amanda Sherman of NY.They soon
moved to Vt. They had 4 children; Mable A., Grace A., Bessie O., and
Horace Daniel. Edwin joined the Calvary, the 11th Reg. of NY., during
the civil War. He died Dec. 24, 1915 in Weybridge, Addison County,Vt.
Any more info about any of these Elliott's will be welcome.

The Stief Family from Germany, became the Steeves Family.

The Stief family starts in Germany circa 1683. That's when Augustin
Stief was born. He eventually married Anna Barbara Worner. They had a
son named Johann Heinrich Stief, b. about 1715 in Ohnastetten Germany.
He died in 1779 in Hillsborough, Albert, New Brunswick. In the early
17oo's, some of the family migrated to the United States ( Pennsylvania,
then moved to New Brunswick when they were offered land up there in a land grant.It was during this time that the name Stief changed into
Steeves. Since they were among the first families to settle in New
Brunswick they became very powerful as well as numerous . The Steeves
Family and another powerful & numerous family, the Taylor's, intermarried several times throughout the years. Even to this day, most
of the population up there is either a Taylor or a Steeves. My late mother in law was a product of a Taylor- Steeves marriage.
So there you have it! My wife's Family Blood Lines on her mother's
side are Taylor's,& Stief into Steeves. Irish,German,& a touch of

Bourgor from Vermont

My grandfather, Theodore Joseph Bourgor, was born July 18,1887 in
Weybridge, Vt. He was baptised at the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption in Middlebury Vt. His father was Philip ( Philigon )
Bourgor, his mother was Mary Duchain, both from Canada.
Theodore migrated down to Mass., where he met my grandmother.
They were married in East Northfield Mass. on July 30,1917. They
lived in Springfield Mass. for awhile, then moved to Ct. where
they raised 5 kids. He was a farmer all his life.

Some info about " My Scanlons"

My Gr.Uncle, Michael Scanlon, son of Thomas & Bridget Scanlon,served
in the Spanish- American War just like my Gr. Uncle William Chute Jr. did! William was in the infantry, Michael was in light artillery,
battery A, Ct. Volunteer Artillery. They formed in Branford Ct. They
mustered into service on May 17,1898 at Niantic with 5 officers and 120 men. They mustered out at New Haven on October 25, 1898 with 5 officers and 157 men.
Soon after Michael returned home he started to work for the
railroad, and he spent the rest of his working days riding the
rails. He was assigned at New Britain, New York, Waterbury Ct.
and Providence, RI., where he retired. He was about 80 yrs old
when he died in 1954.

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My Chute Line

William Chute was b.1835 somewhere in Ireland. It's reported that
he was born in County Kerry, ( the Dingle Area ).He married Margaret
Smith, b.1837, somewhere in Ireland. They had two kids,Thomas, & Mary
born in Ireland, then they all moved to the USA.They settled in New
Britain, Ct., where they had 9 more kids. They were Walter, Robert,
Rosanna, William Jr., Margaret, Anne, James, Edward, and Elizabeth.
Thomas and Robert were constantly in trouble and getting arrested
for drunkenness , brawling, and stealing, ( robbing ). The others
were OK., with William Jr. volunteering for service when the Spanish-
American War started. He was stationed in Virginia at a military
hospital taking care of wounded and disease filled soldiers when he
caught Typhoid & died. The citizens of New Britain, Ct., took up a
collection and bought him a tombstone,( they considered him a hero).
The sad thing about this is that William Jr. died Sept. 3, 1898,
and his father, ( my gr grandfather ), died about 1 month later, on
Oct.20,1898, of a heart attack. So far I can't find any more info
about my family, except that William Sr.'s parents were named Thomas
and Mary Chute and were probably born about 1810.
If anyone comes across any information please let me know.

My Redmond Family Branch

Here's what I know about my grandmother on my mother's side of the tree. My grandmother, Anna Redmond,was born April 13,1893, in what she called " the glen "near Waterford City, in Ireland. Her father's name
was David. She had a sister named Alice, her brothers names were James,
David,& Patrick. She arrived in Boston with her uncle Jim and his family
about 1911. They settled in or near Westfield, Mass.She eventually met
and married my grandfather Theodore Bourgor,from Vt. They moved to Ct.
where they raised a family of 3 girls and 2 boys. She eventually lost
all contact with her family. I'm hoping that maybe someone from her
family will see my letters & contact me.

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My Branch of Scanlon's

Thomas Scanlon;
b.1835 Tipperary Ireland
d.1896, Dec. 3 New Britain, Ct.
Bridget Holloran
b 1843 County Cork, Ireland
d.1893, July 23 New Britain Ct.
Cornelius Scanlon
b.1867 England
d. New Britain Ct.
James Scanlon
b.1870 England
Richard Scanlon
b.1872 England
Michael Scanlon
b.1874 New Britain Ct.
d.1954 Providence, RI.
Cathrine Scanlon
b.1876 Nov.5 New Britain Ct.
Mary E. Scanlon
b.1879,Feb. 24 New Britain Ct.
d.1965 New Britain Ct.
Anna Scanlon
B.1882,July 7 New Britain Ct.
D.1977,Oct.14 New Britain Ct.
Margaret Scanlon
B.1886,May 13 New Britain Ct.
Michael Scanlon married Hannorah ( Nora ) Finnerty in New Britain, Ct. in 1901. She was born 1878 in County Kerry, Ireland. Her
Father was Corneilius Finnerty. Michael & Hannorah had 10 children:
b.1902 Providence,RI.
d.1942 RI.
b.1905 RI.
d.1975 RI.
b1903 RI.
d.1944 RI.
b1920 RI.
b.1911 RI.
d.1977 RI.
d.1971 RI.
b.1915 RI.
d.2003,Nov.3 RI.
b.1917 RI.
d.1969 RI.
b.1907 RI.
d.1922 RI.
b.1909 RI
d.1969 RI
This is all the info I have so far.

The Ayers Family

My late father-in law was Austin Ayers, born Dec 2, 1903 in Naugatuck
Ct., he died May 28, 1957 in Cheshire, Ct. His father was John Ayers,
born 1873 in England, his parents were Irish. They moved to Canada when
John was young. After he was an adult he moved to New York where he met
and married Grace Penney. They moved to Ct. & raised their family.Besides
Austin, they had Leo, Norman, Robert, & Grace. There might have been more
children. Austin eventually met & married Ina Taylor. They settled in
Cheshire, Ct., & raised 4 children, Grace, William, Alice, and Nancy.
This is all the information we have, but would like more. So if anyone
is possibly related, or has some information, please let us know.

Looking for Taylor's of New Brunswick

My wife's grandparents were from New Brunswick. John Taylor was
born 7 Feb.1876,-died 7 Sept.circa 1916 in NB. Bessie Alice ( Steeves)
Taylor was born 17 Jan 1877, NB, died in New York, as far as we know.
Their children were all born in Hillsborough,Albert,New Brunswick.
They were; Ina Bernice Taylor, b. July 4,1908,( my mother-in-law ),
Harry Taylor, b Nov. 14,1904,
Thomas William Taylor, b June 25,1898
Anna Ruth Taylor, b Jan. 26,1911
Lena Taylor, B Sept. 4,1896
Ella Lois Taylor, B. June 30,1902
After John died, Bessie sold everything & moved to Fairfield, Ct.
Then she moved to New York. And that's about all we know about our
branch of the Taylor's. We'd like to know how the Taylor's got to NB,
and what happened to them after New York? Any possible information
will help! Ajax