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Hearts Content, Hearts Desire and so on at Newfoundland.

Robert Clark b. 1716 - 26 Dec.1819, He married Vine Unknown. Children: #1. Robert Clark b. 1769 at Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL.#2.Mary Clark b. unknown. #3.Elizabeth Clark b. d. 1782. #4.Thomas Clark b. ? d. 27 Oct. 1783. #5 William Clark b. 11 Mar. 1782, d. 26 Apr. 1789. #6. Richard Clark b. 20 July 1785 d. 28 Apr. 1859.
Robert Clark b. 1769, d.27 Oct 1827, married Eleanor Parrott b. 1766, d. Feb 1841 at Cuckolds Cove, NL. Child #1. George Clark b. 1791( considering that they were married on 11 Mar 1791, Its possible that Eleanor Parrott Clarke had George. Child #2 Elizabeth Clark b 18 Oct. 1792 d. 13 Oct. 1871. Trinity,Trinity Bay. Child #3. John Clark b. 1795 d. 1795. child #4.Robert Clark b. 1796 d. 19 April 1867. Child #5. Eleanor Clark b. 1798 d. unknown. Child #6. Thomas Clark b. 21 Dec. 1800, d. 04 Nov 1878 at Cuckolds Cove, Trinity Bay, NL. Child #7. John Clark b. 06 Mar. 1813 d. 12 Dec. 1847. Child #8. William Clark b. 1805d. Unknown. Child #9. Richard Clark b. 1810, d. 1875. Child #11. Sarah Eleanor Clark b. 1810, d. 1875. Child #12.Mary Clark b. 1813, d, 1819.
Flora Clarke was listed as coming to Newfoundland, year 1819. No mention of George Clark. But on the 27th of July 1823 they had two children baptised at Hearts Content. Amy Clark was three years old, giving her a birth date of 1820, one can assume that she was born plus or minus of July 27th. Her Brother William Clark was baptised on the same day, July 27. 1823, and William was three months old. I assumed he was born around the end of April month. 1823.
This William Clark falls in line with the William Clarke of Hearts Desire. In the 1889 List of Electors for Hearts Desire. It stated, Situation of house , Hearts Desire, William Clark, Born in Hearts Content, Fisherman, William Clark died at Hearts Desire on June 03.1895. His father’s name was George Clark.
Also Adam Clark, born in Hearts Content and his father was George Clark. Considering that there was only one George Clark listed with wife Flora, This may.... prove to be a true fact!. Time will tell? Adam Clark died June 26. 1891
The george Clark that is listed in my fam July 20ily was born, 1855/6 at Hearts Desire. As noted earlier in the 1889 list of Electors for Hearts Desire, George Clark of 1856, father was Adam Clark. John Clark was listed as son of Adam Clark. This John Clark is believe to have married Agnes Mills of Hearts Delight.
Thomas Clarke, Hearst Desire, who married Patience Ash was the brother to John Clarke of Cuckolds Cove. Dec. 12.1862 married.

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1753, Trinity North side, Listed Newfoundland general census data Robert Clark
1782 May 11, Trinity, Trinity North. William Clark, born to Robert Clark and Vine Clarke
1782, Oct 27, Trinity, Trinity North, Buried Thomas Clark, son of Robbert & Vine Clark ?
1782, oct. 27, Trinity, Trinity North, Buried Elizabeth Clark, dau of Robbert & Vine Clark ?
1783 May 17. Trinity North, William Clark born to Robert & Vine Clarke
1785 July 20, Trinity , Trinity North, Richard Clark, so of Robert & Vine Clark
1791, Jan 06, Trinity Bay, St Pauls,Robert was born to Robert & Vine Clark
1791 Hearts Content, George Clarke was born.
1791, Nov 03, Trinity, Robert Clark & Eleanor Parrot was married at St Pauls Parish of Trinity Bay.
1792 Oct 18, Trinity North, Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Robert & Elinor Clark
1795, jan 27, Trinity , Trinity North, John Clark, son of Robert & Elenor Clark
1796, Feb 20 , Trinity Trinity North, son of Robert & Eleanor Clark
1798, June 15, Trinity , Trinity North, Elenor, dau of Robert & Elenor Clark
1800, Dec 21, trinity, Trinity North, Thomas Clark, so of Robert and Elenor Clark
1804, July 25, Trinity, Trinity North, Buried Vine Clark of this Harbour.
1805, sept 22, Cuckolds cove, Trinity North, William Clark, son of Robert & Eleanor Clark
1811 Hearts Content, Adam Clark was born
1815, Jan. 06. Carbonear, George Clarke & Elizabeth George, married
1823, Hearts Desire,Thomas Clark was born.
1824 Hearts Desire, William Clarke was born to George and unknown Clarke
1826, Aug. 02. Cuckolds Cove, Catherine was born to Robert & Elizabeth Clarke.
1826, Sept. 06. Cuckolds Cove, Mary Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1826, Dec. 12. Emma Clarke married James Newman, Crocker's Cove
1827 Hearts Desire, Patience Peddle was born
1827, Jan. 01. John Clark married Ann Butt of Crocker's Cove
1827, Sept 06. Mary Clark was born to Robert & Elizabeth Clarke.
1828, June 08, Elizabeth Clarke married Robert Coombs at Carbonear.
1828, Nov. 03. Cuckolds Cove. Thomas Clarke was born to John & Eleanor Clarke
1828, Nov. 10. Island Cove,Martha Clarke married Thomas Mercer
1829, May 07. Elizabeth Clarke Married George Hillier , Crocker's Cove
1829, Oct 01. William Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke
1829, Oct. 29. Cuckolds Cove, Mary Anne Clarke , born to Robert & Elizabeth Clarke.
1830, May 14. James Clarke married Ann Sevill, Crocker's Cove.
1830, Dec. 02, Crockers Cove. William Clarke married Harriet Clarke Crockers Cove.
1832, Feb. 01. Cuckolds Cove. George Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1834, Aug. 04. Cuckolds Cove. Robert Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1835 Voter's list of 1835 shows George Clark living in Heart's Desire this was the only Clark on the voters list. Unsure where he was born.
George Clark of Crocker's Cove and Eliza George from across the country married Jan
6,1815, Methodist Church in Carbonear, Witnesses James Lodge and John Clark.
I wondered if this is the same George Clarke that settled in Hearts Desire.
There were a couple of different Clarke families in Heart's Desire.
1836, June 01. Thomas Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1838, Nov. 11. Cuckolds Cove. Stephen John Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke
1841, Feb 19, Trinity, Trinity North, Eleanor Clark died., wife of Robert Clark
1841, June 11, Crockers Cove, George Clarke born to William & Harriet Clarke
1841, Nov. 11. Cuckolds Cove. Mark Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1842 Hearts Content, Noah Clarke, died 1921 bonne bay
1844, Sept. 12. Cuckolds Cove, John Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1844 Hearts Desire, George Clark was born. George married Elizabeth lived in Hearts Desire.
1848, Hearts Desire, Noah Clarke was born to Thomas & Patience Peddle Clarke
1853, May 39. Bonavista, George Clarke was born to George and Unknown Clarke of Pouch Cove
1853, Dec. 02. Island Cove, Jacob Clarke was born to Thomas & Harriett Clarke.
1856 Hearts Desire, George Clark was born to Adam Clark and unknown.
1856 Hearts Desire, Prudence Clarke was born.
1857 Hearts Desire, Joseph Clark, he married Margaret Connolly
1857 Hearts Desire, Joseph Clarke was born
1858 June Hearts Desire, Selina Clarke was born to Thomas Clarke & Patience Peddle Clarke
1858, Nov. 04. Island Cove, George Clarke born to George & Elizabeth Clarke
1861 Hearts Desire, John Clark was born to Adam and unknown Clark.
1862, Dec 12, Hearst Desire, Thomas Clarke and Patience Ash were married.
1863, April New Harbour, Amelia Jane Pollett was born
1865 Hearts Desire, John Clarke was born to Adam Clarke
1865, Aug 05. Island Cove. Alexander born to George & Elizabeth Clarke
1866 Heart Desire, Agnes H. Clarke, dies 1904 in Silly Cove, Bonne Bay
1871 Hearts Desire, Elizabeth Clark was born.
1877, 20 April, Thomas Clarke D.16 June 1942, Hearts Desire, Newfoundland, Father Thomas Clarke & Ellizabeth
1878 Hears Desire, Robert Clarke was born. To George and Elizabeth Clarke of Hearts Desire.

1883 Nov. 24: Hearts Content, George Clark 28 yrs, bachelor/fisherman married Amelia Pollett. spinster 23 yrs, Hearts Desire, by C. Ernest Smith, Witness:
1884, Dec. 11, Hearts Desire, Mary Clarke was born to George & Amelia Jane Pollett Clarke.

1887, Nov 16, Hearts Desire, William John Clark was born to Amelia and George Clark .
1890, July 10 :Hearts Desire: Joseph John Clarke was born to George & Elizabeth Clarke of Hearts Desire.

1891 Nov.23: Hearts Content, William Henry Clarke 25 yrs, bachelor/fisherman, married Martha Tucker 21 yrs. Spinster of Harbour Grace, by Henry C. H Johnson priest. Witness: Thomas Andrews and Aaron Cumby.

1891, June 6, Hearts Desire, Adam Clark died of la Gripp. C of E. Buried Hearts Delight
1895, june 03, Hearts Desire, William Clark died of old age
1895, July 10. William Charles Clarke was born to George and Elizabeth Clarke
1895,Oct 22, Hearts Desire, Samuel Clarke 44 yrs. married Jane E Penney, shoal bay, C of E.
1896, Dec 14, Hearts Desire, Mary Beatrice Clark, dau of William H. Clarke and Martha
1895 Feb 20, Hearts Desire, Rebecca Clarke, Born to George and Elizabeth Clark of Hearts Desire.
1896, Jan. 18, Hearts Desire, Rebecca Clark28 yrs. married Ambrose Coombs 31 yrs. Hearts Desire.
1899, April 01: Hearts Content, John Clark 27 yrs. Bachelor/fisherman, married Agnes Mills 23 spinster of Hearts Delight by C Ernest Smith, Witness: James Warren and William Seaward
1900, Whitbourne, Sarah Ann Drover was born, later became the wife of Josrph John Clark.
1901, Oct 04, Hearts Desire, Wm Henry Clark, 35 years died, Lung trouble, buried Hearts Delight.
1909 Feb. Hearts Desire, Harold Clark was born to Robert & Alice Clark of Hearts Desire.
1911, Aug. 14, New Harbour, George Clarke was born to William John & Agnes Pinsent Clarke
1912, May 16, Hearts Desire, Robert Clark died CofE, age 60, Buried Hearts Delight.
1913, Oct 02, New Harbour, Emma Williams was born to Samuel & Hellen Hiller Williams, Emma married George Clarke.
1914, Jan. Hearts Desire, Frank Clark was born to Robert & Alice Clark.
1915, July, New Harbour, Edna Clarke was born to William John and Agnes Pinsent Clarke.
1917 Nov. Hearts Desire, Elsie Clark was born to Robert & Alice Clark.
1918, Aug 21, New Harbour, Mary Ellen Clarke was born to Wiliam John & Agnes Pinsent Clarke.
1919, Aug. Hearts Desire, William “Bill” Clarke was born to Robert & Alice Clarke.
1923, Hearts Desire, Dorothy was born to Robert & Alice Clarke.
1926, Feb. 20, New Harbour, Bertha Florence Clarke was born to William John & Agnes Pinsent Clarke.
1926,Dec 4, Hearts Content, John Clarke died at the age of 65 years.
1927 Hearts Desire, NL. Dorthy Clarke was born to Robert and alice Clarke
1940,June 28, Hearts Desire, Frank Clark, died age
1942, July 15, New Harbour, William John Clarke died at 54 years . son of Amelia jane Pollett, Clarke, Higdon. husband of Agnes Pinsent Clarke 29
1947, july 7, Hearts Content Agnes Clarke died at the age of 80 years.
1950, Dec. 22. Allan George Clarke was born to George & Emma Williams-Clarke of Glenwood
1958, Feb 17, New Harbour, Amelia Jane Pollett Clarke Higdon died at the age of 95 years.
1968, Sept 13, Bishop’s Falls. George Clarke died at the age of 57 years. Husband of Emma Williams Clarke.
1977, Whitbourne, Sarah Ann Clarke nee Drover died, wife of Joseph John Clarke
1996, Jan. 29, Bishop’s Falls, Emma Williams Clarke died at the age 82 years. Wife of George Clarke
2010, December 10, Judy Geraldine Clarke King Bartlett died at the Grand Falls Hospital, NL>
2014, August 04, Ernest Clarke died at the Botwood Hospital, NL.
2014, August 03, Dorothy May Clarke St. George died at Hearts Desire, NL.

Clarke of Newfounland.

There are many people that have no idea where to look for people . but.. try this , there many be some people that you can relate to?
1782 March 11, Robert and Vine Clark had a son called William Clark.

1783, May 08, C of E, Trinity, by J. Clinch married
Mary Clark and John Hunt

1811, Nov. 08, Trinity, C of E, J. Clinch.
Married: Elizabeth Clark and John Wiseman
Witness: Thomas Wiseman and John Wiseman.

1824, Oct. 12, Trinity, Robert Clark, widowed and Elizabeth Bartlett, Spinster both of Trinity married by William Bullock of the C of E. witness: Thomas Clark and E. Selfish.

1827, Oct 12 at Trinity, Thomas Clarke and Harriet Fleet were married by Wm Bullock of the C of E. Witness: William Fleet and George Fleet.

1828, C of E, Wm Bullock at Trinity. married, Sarah Clarke and william Spurrell, Witness: Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Wheeler.

1828, Dec. 23. at Trinity by Wm Bullock of the C of E. married Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Wheeler, Witness: William Clarke and John Clarke.
1846 Dec. 29. Trinity by Rev Thomas Jones. married John Clarke and Elizabeth Mamis from Trinity. Witness: John Morris and Edward White.

1849 Dec. 24. Cuckold Cove, Rev. Thomas Wood. married Mary Ann Clarke and John Morrissey, Witness. James Morrissey.

1891, Nov. 23, Hearts Content, clergy C of E, Henry B. Johnson.
William Henry Clarke 25 years, b. abt 1866 Hearts Desire,
Martha Tucker, 21 years, 1870, Harbour Grace, were married,
Witness: Thomas Andrew and Aaron Cumby.

1895, Jan 18. Rebecca Clarke, 28 years old & Ambrose Coombs, 31 years old were married at Heart's Desire by the Roman Catholic, Clergy: Felix D. McGrath, witness, William Leakey and Agnes Grooves.

1902, Dec. 12 Hearts Desire, Newfoundland. Martha Clarke 34 years old, from Hearts Desire and William Critch 41 year old widower,was married. They were Church of England, church, Hearts Desire. Witness: Amelia Clarke and Walter Rendell. Martha is believe to be the daughter of George Clarke
b. 1844, Hearts Desire

1903, December 28. Heart's Desire, Church of England by Rev W.C. White.
Robert Clarke 26 years, fisherman of Hearts Desire
Alice Tucker 22 years, Harbour Grace.
Witness: Ambrose Sooley and Amelia Clarke

1912, Nov. 11. Elizabeth Clarke 22 years old Spinster and Allison Hopkins 25 years old Batchelor was married at the C of E , Hearts Content.

Clarke married in Trinity, Newfoundland.

1783 Marriages.
May 18. 1783 married John Hunt and Mary Clark, daughter of Robert and Vine Clark of Trinity.
Nov. 3.1791, married Robert Clark and Eleanor Parrot, both of Trinity.
Nov. 8.1811, married John Wiseman and Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Eleanor Clark of Trinity.
Oct 25.1816, married Robert Clark, son of Robert and Eleanor Clark of Cuckhold Cove,& Ruth Rogers.
Oct 29.1815, Married Joseph Clark of Crochers Cove, CB. & Grace Miller of Kerly's Har.
Nov. 18.1823, married Charles White & Ellen Clark.of trinity.
Oct. 18.1824, married Robert Clark & Elizabeth Bartlett, witness Thomas Clark and X Clark.

Clarke of England and Newfoundland, Canada

CLARK(E), surnames of England, Scotland and Ireland, from Old
English cler(e)c, Latin clericus. "The original sense was 'a man in a
religious order, cleric, clergyman.' As all writing and secretarial
in the Middle Ages was done by the clergy, the term came to mean
'scholar, secretary, recorder or penman."' As a surname, "it was
particularly common for one who had taken only minor
orders" (Reaney). Clarke "usually stands for O'Cleary in
Ireland" (MacLysaght).
The forms Clark and Clarke are widespread and indiscriminate in
England; Guppy found Clark dispersed over a large part of Scotland,
but rare in the north; MacLysaght traced Clarke in Dublin.

In Newfoundland:
Family tradition: The Clarkes in the Trinity area, Bonaventure and
Cuckold's Cove (now Dunfield) came from Devon or Poole (Dorset)
about 1525 (MUN Folklore).
Early instances: William Clark, of Crockers Cove (Carbonear), 1775,
property "in possession of the Family for 70 years," that is, 1705 (CO
199.18); William of ? St. John's,? 1706 (CO 194.24); John Clark(e),
J.P. for the Bonavista district,? 1730, 1732 (CO 194.9); John, of
Carbonear, 1765 (CO 199.18); John Clark, of Placentia (?district),
1744 (CO 194.24); John and Isaac, of Brigus, 1770 (CO 199.18);
John Clarke, fisherman of Port de Grave, 1782 (Nfld. Archives T22);
Robert Clark(e), of Trinity Bay, 1782, of Trinity, 1795, of Cuckold's
Cove (now Dunfield), 1803 (DPHW 64); Samuel and John Clarke,
merchants of Harbour Breton 1803 (D'Alberti 13); John Clark, of Broad
Cove (Bay de Verde district), 1804 (CO 199.18); Anne, of Harbour Grace
Parish, 1806 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); John, of Burin, 1805 (D'Alberti
15); Pat, one of 72 impressed men who sailed from Ireland
to Newfoundland,? 1811 (CO 194. 51); William, of Twillingate, 1811
(D'Alberti 22); William, of Turk's Cove (Trinity B.), 1814 (DPHW 48);
Anne Clarke, of St. John's, 1814 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Bridget, from
Waterford City, married at St. John's, 1816 (Nfld. Archives BRC);
Flora Clark, of Heart's Content, 1819 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Robert
Clarke, of British Harbour, 1819 (DPHW 64); Thomas, of Petty
Harbour, 181 (DPHW 26B); Robert Clark, of Bonavista, 1821 (DPHW
70); Richard Clarke, of Catalina, 1821 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Joseph
Clark, of Bonaventure (unspecified), 1825 (DPHW 64B); Joseph,
of Careless (now Kerley' s) Harbour, 1827 (DPHW 64B); James
Clarck, of White Hills (St. John's), 1829 (Nfld. Archives BRC);
Solomon Clarke, planter of Freshwater (Carbonear), 1830
(DPHW 48); John Joseph from Liverpool, married at St. John's, 1838
(Nfld. Archives BRC); Mary Clark, of Portugal Cove, 1839 (DPHW
26D); William Clarke, of Kings Cove Parish, 1839 (Nfld. Archives
KCRC); John Clark, of Island Cove (now Dunfield, 1845 (DPHW 64B);
John, of Little River (Burgeo-La Poile), 1847 (DPHW 101); Charles
Clarke, of Garia, 1858 (DPHW 98); Joseph Clark, of Lower Island
Cove, 1859 (DPHW 55); John, of Harbour Grace, 1869 (Nfld.
Archives HGRC); Clark(e) widespread in Lovell 1871.
Clarke, of Heart’s Desire, William John Clarke, Wm John of New Harbour, Trinity bay.

Modern status: Clark, scattered, especially at St. John's; Clarke,
widespread, especially at Little Bay East (Fortune B.), Gilesport
(Electors 1955), Corner Brook, Dunfield, Little St. Lawrence with
large concentrations at Carbonear, Victoria and St. John's.

Place names: Clark Cove (Labrador) 52-39 55-47;------ Lake
(Labrador) 53-35 66-35; -----Point 47-34 54-52, 49-18 54-30;
---- Rock 50-44 56-10; Clarke Cove 47-53 55-48, 49-41 55-54;
------ Head 47-51 55-50; Inlet (Labrador) 57-45 6 1-40;
-----Clarke's Beach 47-33 53-17; ------Cove 49-39 54-35;
----- Head 49-18 54-30; ------Pond 47-31 53-19; Clarkes Tickle
(Labrador) 56-30 61-18; Clarke's Beach Pond 47-33 53-17; Clarks
Brook 47-46 53-14, 49-01 58-08; Pond 47-19 53-19.

The surname Clarke makes this family clever, creative, ambitious, and self-reliant. They have high standards regarding being honest, following through on promises, and respecting the rights of the individual. However, they have a naivety in expecting others to adhere to the same standards; thus they can be let down and disappointed and feel resentment as a result. The inner desire is for stability and settled conditions, but the inclination is to be restless, adventuresome, and impulsive. This conflict may result in personal and financial losses and bitter experiences. Because of their versatility and ingenuity, they are able to excel in a variety of endeavors. They are perceptive and visionary, and often attract positions of prestige and responsibility. However, they may not reap the fruition of their efforts because of not persevering when progress requires attention to detail, routine, and patience, or because they lose interest when the novelty of an undertaking wears off. They seek for the reason of things. Although they may rely on hunches, they are analytical, and when they reach a conclusion in their thinking, they are not readily dissuaded. It is difficult for them to merge viewpoints or accept advice and suggestions. They may be prone to exaggerate things out of proportion to their importance. When their efforts are thwarted, or freedom of action is curbed, they tend to suffer from nervous tension and moods of depression, and become critical and caustic. This family craves a warm and comforting home environment, but the intensity in expression and action undermines relaxation and congenial association. Depending on the first name used, mood swings from extreme optimism to depressing pessimism cause stress in relationships, and create an atmosphere of disharmony. Worry can result in mental disturbances. The health can be adversely affected by nervous tension and work. And so, Life goes on hahahahaha.

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Clarke in Heart's Content, Newfoundland.

Anyone with information on this family would be greatly appreciated, dates, other children, marriages, There are some Clarkes in Hearts Content. Hearts Delight, and Hearts Desire. . Regards to the religious aspect, These were Church of England. But times changes sometimes, and some may be RC.
According to data shown in various sites, George Clarke B. 1791 at Hearts Content, In , Newfoundland with unknown wife had two sons,
Adam Clarke b. abt. 1811 at Hearts Content, NL. The other was
William Clarke B. abt. 1824 at Heart's Desire, NL. All three of these Clarkes were fisherman. Adam Clarke married and unknown, they had a children called ,
George Clarke b. 1855 at Hearts Desire, NL.
John Clarke B. March 1862 and
Emily Clarke B. 1863, Hearts Desire.

George Clarke B. 1855 married Amelia Jane Pollett of Greens Harbour, Newfoundland.
George B. 1855 married Amelia Jane Nov.16.1882 By Clergy: A. Watts of the Church of England witness at the church was George's sister Emily Clarke.

John Clarke B. March 1862 married Agnes Mills of Hearts Delight, Newfoundland.
Emily Clarke B. 1863 married

1889 List of Electors for Heart's Desire, Newfoundland.
A. Situation of House at Hearts Desire:
William Clarke was 65 years old in 1889 and gave him an age born in 1824 and his father was George Clarke. He was born in Heart's Content, Newfoundland.
B, In 1889, Hearts Desire, Adam Clarke B. 1811, 78 years old, year 1889. and his father was George Clarke.
C. In 1889, Hearts Desire, John Clarke B. 1861, now 28 years. in Hearts Desire, Nl. His father was listed as Adam Clarke.
Emily Clarke B. 1863 married Robert Fost of Heart's Delight, Newfoundland. The date: 6 of December 1883, Hearts Delight, NL. Witness were, Ambrose Fost and Amelia White. Clergy: C. Ernect Smith. Children from this marriage are:

April 01.1899 Hearts Content, John Clarke 27 years , fisherman, Hearts Desire married Agnes Mills 23 years, Hearts Delight, Witness: James Warren and William Seaward. John Clarke died December 04.1926 at the age of 65 years . His wife Agnes Mills Clarke died July 7.1946 at the age of 80 years, Hearts Content, New Anglican Cemetery, Trinity Bay District.

William Clarke of George Clarke, married an unknown and had George Clarke, B. 1844 and lived in Hearts Desire, Newfoundland. He married an Elizabeth Hiscock. there children were Joseph John Clarke,B. July 10.1890, Joseph John was baptised September 28.1890 by clergy . C.H. Johnson of the Church of England. Joseph John Clarke married a Sarah Drover of Whitbourne. They had no children, but raised foster kids.
Other children by George & Elizabeth were: Robert Clarke. and John Clarke.
Robert Clarke B. 1878 married Alice.
Harold Clarke B. 1909 Feb.
Frank Clarke B. 1914 Jan.
Elsie Clarke B. 1917 Nov.
William Clarke B. 1919 Aug.
Dorothy Clarke B. 1923.
Nov. 24.1883, Hearts Content, George Clarke 28 years Bachelor, Fisherman of Hearts Desire married Amelia Jane Pollett, 23 years, Spinister of New Harbour. Clergy C. Ernest Smith. Witness: Charles George and Emily Clark.