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Italy-->Australia: Vito LOSCOCCO and wife Virginis ROS of Guildford NSW

Vito (Viti) LOSCOCCO born abt 1857 (possibly Italy) died 1916 Newcastle NSW Australia, married 1883 Sydney NSW Australia Virginia ROS born abt 1860 died 1961 Balmain NSW Australia. Vito was the son of Pasquale LOSCOCCO and Nunzia (maiden name unknown).

A preliminary sketch of Italian migration - see page 47 - extract below

"...Another family from the famed expedition was the Ros family. This family settled in the Guildford area in Sydney, and when Vito Loscocco, a sailor working on coastal ships, went to Sydney in 1883 to be presented with a gold medal for his part in a rescue on the Clarence River, he met Miss Virginia Ros, whom he later married. Mr Loscocco became a pilot boatman in Newcastle and was involved in another rescue, that of the 'Adolphe', at the entrance of Newcastle harbour, in 1904. He lived at the Pilot Terrace, Parnell Place, Newcastle, with his family until his death in 1916. ..."

Vito and Virginia had the following children:-

1.Angela LOSCOCCO born 1884 Newcastle NSW Australia

2.Rose R. LOSCOCCO born 1886 Newcastle NSW Australia

3.Nicholla P.F. Francesco (aka Nicholas Francis) LOSCOCCO born 1889 Newcastle NSW Australia died 1968 Islington NSW Australia married 1921 Hamilton NSW Australia Mary Elizabeth PATERSON 1895-1984 the daughter of Joseph Goddard PATERSON 1862~1901 and #Anastasia CANTWELL 1868~1945. NB:# I'm researching the CANTWELL family, their ancestors and all their descendants.

4.Virginia LOSCOCCO 1891~1891 Newcastle NSW Australia

5.Vincent Bennett LOSCOCCO born 1897 Newcastle NSW Australia died 1977 NSW Australia married 1930 Newcastle NSW Australia Tessy Jane HALLIWELL born ? died 1968 Newcastle NSW Australia, daughter of John David HALLIWELL and Ada Jane unknown.

6.Mary M.A. LOSCOCCO born 1909 Newcastle NSW Australia

If anyone can help add to the above information I would be most grateful.


Australia: ELL family of Cassilis, Merriwa and Scone, New South Wales

Dear readers, I'm researching the ELL family due to their connections to the MCMENAMINs# in my tree.

James ELL married Harriet maiden name unknown and the couple had 9 children:-

1. John Thomas Joseph ELL born 1859 Merriwa NSW Australia died 8 Jun 1936 Merriwa NSW, buried Merriwa General Cemetery
married 24 Jun 1884 Merriwa Bridget Amelia SMYTH born 1858 West Maitland NSW died 20 Dec 1938 Merriwa buried Merriwa General Cemetery.

1) Francis James ELL born 1885 Merriwa died 1949 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1908 Merriwa Alice Maud Mary PARMETER born 1884 Patricks Plain died 23 Jan 1923 West Maitland NSW (daughter of Thomas Randell PARMETER and Mary Ellen MCMENAMIN#). 2 children: Francis G. ELL died 1911 Sydney NSW and Michael Bede ELL died 1978 Sydney NSW Australia.

2) John Charles ELL born 27 Dec 1887 Merriwa died 1976 NSW married 19 Jan 1911 St.Anne Catholic Church, Merriwa Theresa May MCMAHON born 19 Sep 1890 Shamrock Hill NSW died 1962 Hamilton (daughter of Thomas John MCMAHON and Agnes Mary HENERY). 3 children: Phyllis, Enid & John.

3) Cyril Vaughan ELL born 1890 Merriwa died 1972 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1919 Orange NSW Agnes Josephine DONOVAN, one daughter Mary ELL died young 1927 Newcastle NSW Australia

4) Edward H. ELL born 1893 Merriwa NSW Australia

5) Vincent Valentine ELL born 1896 Merriwa died 1972 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1925 Tamworth NSW Florence M. GREENTREE born 1894 Tamworth, daughter of William Ernest GREENTREE and Mary A. LANE.

6) Harriet A. ELL born 1897 Merriwa

7) Edward Hilary ELL birth unknown, death 3 Jul 1978 NSW, buried Merriwa General Cemetery married Hilda May PAGE died 11 May 1985.

2. Susannah E. ELL 1861-1863 Cassilis NSW Australia

3. James E. ELL born 1864 Cassilis NSW died 1933 Hamilton NSW Australia
married 1886 Patricks Plain NSW Mary PARTRIDGE

4. Mary Elizabeth ELL born 1866 Cassilis NSW Australia
married 1894 Singleton NSW Samuel Henry THOMAS born 8 Jan 1867 Vere NR Singleton NSW died 4 Apr 1939 Hornby NSW (son of William THOMAS and Elizabeth SNAPE) ... 7 children

1) William J. THOMAS born 1895 Scone died 1940 Woollahra NSW

2) Herbert J. THOMAS born 1896 Scone NSW

3) Leila M. THOMAS born 1897 Scone NSW

4) Samuel H. THOMAS born 1898 Scone NSW

5) Leslie E. THOMAS born 1900 Scone NSW

6) Richard F. THOMAS born 1909 Taree NSW

7) Florence M. THOMAS

5. Selina R. ELL born 1868 Cassilis NSW Australia

6. Frances Jane ELL born 1870 Cassilis NSW Australia
married 1902 Parramatta NSW Francis O'NEILL, son Francis J. O'NEILL 1904-1914 Scone NSW Australia.

7. Harriet Louisa ELL 1873-1879 Cassilis NSW Australia

8. George William ELL born 1875 Cassilis NSW Australia died 1942 Granville NSW Australia married 1898 Gunnedah NSW Ellen BOWEN

9. Edith Emily ELL 1876-1879 Cassilis NSW Australia

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New Zealand: McMenamin births, deaths & marriages 1840-

Below is a snapshot of the McMenamin families that were in New Zealand from the births and marriages entries only, 1840 onwards.

James & Mary MCMENAMIN
Children: Annie b1880, John b1882, Charles b1886, William Robert b1888, Mary b1891

James & Annie MCMENAMIN
Children: Annie Marice b1878

Edward & Jane MCMENAMIN
Children: Charles Edward b1878, Helen Elizabeth b1880.

John & Elizabeth MCMENAMIN
Children: Mary Josephin b1879, Hugh b1880

1868 Elizabeth WRIGHTON and John MCMENAMIN
1897 Mary MURPHY and Patrick MCMENAMIN
1908 Margaret Josephine MCGRATH and William Hugh MCMENAMIN
1909 Elizabeth TRESTON and Hugh MCMENAMIN
1910 Christina Annie JONES and Patrick Francis MCMENAMIN
1924 William MCMENAMIN and Jessie Florence Victoria BROWN

1885 Sarah Winifred MCMENAMIN and James JONES
1897 Dorothea MCMENAMIN and William John KNEEBONE
1899 Annie Jessie MCMENAMIN and William DUNPHY
1901 Annie MCMENAMIN and Herbert John WYETH
1904 Mary MCMENAMIN and Andrew THOMSON
1905 Maggie MCMENAMIN and David Thomas LEAHY
1905 Isabella MCMENAMIN and Stanislaus John WHITEFORD
1911 Annie MCMENAMIN and James JONES
1913 Margaret Elley MCMENAMIN and James LYNCH
1913 Elizabeth Knox MCMENAMIN and Henry McNeil FLYGER
1917 Sarah MCMENAMIN and Thomas Evans HASLAM
1920 Mary Ellen MCMENAMIN and John Penny KENNETT

SOURCE: Birth, Death & Marriage - Historical Records of New Zealand

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Rynne families in Queensland, Australia (Allora-Clifton areas)

Dear readers, I'm helping my 2nd cousin research her husband's RYNNE family who settled at Clifton QLD. In saying so, all families listed below have connections to the RYNNE family of Queensland, Australia with ancestors in Ireland.

Information sourced from the historical indexes online: Dept Justice & Attorney-General, Queensland, Australia

Births 1829 to 1914
Deaths 1829 to 1929
Marriages 1829 to 1929

Ellen RYNNE married William WIER in 1866 QLD.
Child: Thomas WIER born 1867

Darby RYNNE married Mary BURKE (or BOURKE) in 1879
Child: Eileen Kathleen RYNNE born 1892
Child: James Sydney RYNNE born 1899

Johanna GIBSON married Francis (Frank) RYNNE in 1884
Child: John Michael RYNNE born 1886
Child: Francis Peter RYNNE born 1888
Child: Francis Peter RYNNE born 1893
Child: Mary Bridget RYNNE born 1895

Burial details found at Allora General Cemetery, Allora-Clifton Road, Allora 4362 QLD.

Australian Cemeteries Index - Inscription for Francis Rynne

Catherine RYNNE married Timothy DONNELLAN in 1886
Child: Mary DONNELLAN born 1887

Mary RYNNE married Thomas DWAN in 1897
Child: Johana DWAN born 1899
Child: Patrick Joseph DWAN born 1900
Child: Thomas Joseph DWAN born 1902
Child: Mary DWAN born 1905
Child: Michael Joseph DWAN born 1907

Maggie (Margaret) RYNNE married Hugh MORIARTY in 1900
Child: Ambrose Michael MORIARTY born 1900
Child: Thomas Joseph MORIARTY born 1903
Child: Timothy John MORIARTY born 1904
Child: John Patrick MORIARTY born 1906
Child: James Francis MORIARTY born 1909
Child: Kathleen May MORIARTY born 1911

Michael RYNNE married Bridget Mary DWYER in 1901
Child: Bridget RYNNE born 1901
Child: Mary Veronica RYNNE born 1902
Child: Patrick James RYNNE born 1904
Child: Michael Joseph RYNNE born 1906
Child: James Kevin RYNNE born 1908
Child: John Vincent RYNNE born 1912

John Patrick Michael MCMONAGLE married Elizabeth Aloysia RYNNE in 1903
Child: Charles John MCMONAGLE born 1908
Child: Charles Patrick MCMONAGLE born 1910
Child: Mary Ellen MCMONAGLE born 1911
Child: John MCMONAGLE born 1914

Mary RYNNE married Edward MURPHY in 1904
Children: none found.

Susan RYNNE married Otto LONG in 1905
Children: none found.

Michael RYNNE married Maude Blanche LAWTON in 1907
Child: Irene Violet RYNNE born 1908
Child: Maude Isabel RYNNE born 1910
Child: Gerald Patrick RYNNE born 1911
Child: Thomas William RYNNE born 1913

Patrick RYNNE married Margaret Agatha KEARNEY in 1910
Child: Mary Josephine RYNNE born 1911
Child: Francis James RYNNE born 1913

Hilda Eileen WINFIELD married William Joseph RYNNE in 1910
Child: Ronald RYNNE born 1910
Child: John William RYNNE born 1912

Francis Peter Joseph RYNNE married Lilie BOWERMAN in 1919
Children: none found.#

Hilda Eileen RYNNE married Matthew LYNCH in 1920
Children: none found.#

Alpheus Sydney Joseph SIMMONS married Margaret RYNNE in 1921
Children: none found.#

Margaret Mary HURLEY married Thomas RYNNE in 1924
Children: none found.#

John Joseph O'KEEFFE married Delia RYNNE in 1924
Children: none found.#

Mary Veronica RYNNE married Leslie William WALLACE in 1925
Children: none found.#

Bridget RYNNE married James Joseph LEAMY in 1928
Children: none found.#

#Searchable births is up to and including 1914.


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The SCANDLYN family of Cornwall, England and emigration to New Zealand 1842/1843

Richard SCANDLYN born abt 1794/1803 Cornwall, England, married abt 1818 Crowan, Cornwall, England Mary LADNOW born 1803 Cornwall, England daughter of John LADNOW.

More about Richard SCANDLYN:-
Occupation: Agricultural Labourer
Emigration: Emigrated to New Zealand aboard ship 'Essex' 329 tons, Captain Henry OAKLEY, Surgeon Supt. Richard Lucas VANCE, sailed Plymouth 3rd September 1842 - arrived Wellington January 4th 1843 - New Plymouth 20th January 1843.
Died: 15 Jul 1866 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
Ancestral File/Individual Record AFN: 56HK-DJ at FamilySearch
Buried: ?

More about Mary LADNOW:-
Died: 2 Sep 1883 Bell Block, Taranaki, New Zealand
Death Registration: 1883/3742 aged 80 years
Ancestral File/Individual Record AFN: 56HK-FP at FamilySearch
Buried: ?

Richard and Mary SCANDLYN had five known children (possibly more):-

1.John SCANDLYN born 1824 Cornwall, England buried 26 Jul 1847 New Zealand AFN: 56HK-P3, Occupation: Agricultural Labourer in 1843.

2.Elizabeth SCANDLYN born 10 Apr 1825 Gwinear, Cornwall, England died 15 Nov 1916 New Zealand. Occupation: Domestic Servant in 1843. Married 27 June 1804 New Zealand John PEPPERELL.

3.Thomas SCANDLYN born 1827 Cornwall, England died 16 Mar 1867 Urenui, Taranaki, New Zealand, AFN: 56HK-B6, Occupation: Agricultural Labourer in 1843. Married 29 July 1851 Taranaki, New Zealand Susannah NORTHCOTT born abt 1834 Northcott, Devon, England, daughter of James John NORTHCOTT and Mary ROUTLEY.

Thomas & Susannah SCANDLYN had eight known children:-
1) Mary Ann SCANDLYN born 28 Dec 1851 Taranaki, New Zealand married 28 Aug 1870 New Zealand William DAVIS

2) Elizabeth SCANDLYN born 9 Dec 1853 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 13 Apr 1860 New Zealand.

3) John Thomas SCANDLYN born 19 Oct 1855 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 25 Nov 1927 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand married Annie PETCH daughter of Charles PETCH 1826-1880 and Mary Anna SALVIDGE 1835-1919 of Lincolnshire, England.
i) Mary Elizabeth SCANDLYN born 12 Jan 1879 Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand died 5 Apr 1967 NZ married 17 Aug 1909 NZ James Louis JONES
ii) Charles Thomas SCANDLYN born 5 Oct 1880 Elliott Road, Taranaki, New Zealand died 1964 married 30 Mar 1907 NZ Margaret BARNES born 1885 Elliott Road, Taranaki, New Zealand died 1951 NZ.
iii) George SCANDLYN born 12 Mar 1882 Elliott Road, Taranki, New Zealand died 2 Apr 1914 NZ married 21 Jan 1905 NZ Mary PIDWELL, children: Thelma, Myrtle, Olive and Nellie.
iv) Annie SCANDLYN born 22 Nov 1883 Elliott Road, Taranaki, New Zealand married 16 Mar 1905 NZ Richard Collins VERCOE
v) Gertrude SCANDLYN born 28 Feb 1885 Elliott Road, Taranaki, New Zealand died 2 Apr 1943 Gisborne, Poverty Bay, Taranaki, New Zealand married 9 Oct 1907 Alfred WHITE born 30 Sep 1877 Puketopu, Napier, New Zealand died 28 Apr 1947 Gisborne, son of James WHITE 1850-1921 of St.Leonards, Sussex, England and Matilda HARLAND 1853-1935 of Strood, Kent, England.
vi) James William SCANDLYN married Olive Elizabeth GRIFFIN
vii) Alice Ellen SCANDLYN married Godphry Tui KAHUI.

4) Richard SCANDLYN born 5 Mar 1858 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand maried 11 May 1893 Barbara FRASER
i) Ruby Jane SCANDLYN born 1 Nov 1892 died 1984 NZ married 1915 NZ Edward James DORAN 1883-1946.

5) Elizabeth Jane SCANDLYN christened 1 Sep 1860 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 5 Nov 1937 New Zealand

6) James William SCANDLYN born 16 Feb 1863 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 17 Oct 1942 married 3 Jul 1889 Mary Ann MERRITT
i) Alfred Thomas SCANDLYN born 1890 NZ married Louisa Mary Ann JEFFERY
ii) Phyllis Melvina SCANDLYN born 1894 NZ married Thomas Smithers MANSON
iii) Stella Elizabeth SCANDLYN born 1900 married Leonard George MOORE.

7) Phoebe Fanny SCANDLYN born 1 Nov 1865 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 20 Jan 1866 New Zealand.

8) Alice Melvena SCANDLYN born 15 Oct 1867 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand died 16 Jun 1945 NZ married 27 Nov 1889 Walter William CODD born abt 1863 died 1945 Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand
i) William Edward CODD born 1890 New Zealand
ii) Ivy Elizabeth CODD born 1892 New Zealand
iii) Albert Henry CODD born 1894 New Zealand
iv) Maud Ellen CODD born 1895 New Zealand

4.Richard SCANDLYN born 1831 Cornwall, England died 26 Mar 1883 New Zealand, AFN: 56HK-RF.

5.Eliza SCANDLYN born 17 Feb 1832 Cornwall, England died 25 Aug 1908 New Zealand (death registration 1908/3510 Rogers Eliza 78Y), AFN: 56HK-SL. Married 25 May 1851 New Zealand William ROGERS, AFN: D12Z-P9.


Birth, Death and Marriage - Historical Records of New Zealand

RootsWeb Cornish-L Archives Re: Crowan Cemetery


The Robert John Cowan NZ ancestry

My connection is HUGHES/PETCH. I would appreciate it if anyone can add to the data, esp. burial information etc.


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PENNICOTT families in Tasmania, Australia

Below is some general miscellaneous data and incomplete trees on various PENNICOTT families to help another member.

Sources: FamilySearch

Adam PENNICOTT married Mary PAYNE
Richard PENNICOTT born 1868 Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia

John PENNICOTT born abt 1856 married 26 Apr 1890 Tasmania, Australia Charlotte HOCKINS born abt 1865

Adam PENNICOTT married 5 Nov 1855 Tasmania, Australia Mary PERRY

Mary Ann PENNICOTT married 18 May 1857 Tasmania, Australia Charles Henry CORNISH

George PENNICOTT married 8 Oct 1888 Tasmania, Australia Annie BOGEN.


State Library of Tasmania, Australia - 46 PENNICOTT search results For more information, please contact the Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. Hobart Branch. NB It is possible that your local library may have a fiche record that you can look up.

18 Wills available for PENNICOTTs Tasmania

Hobart Branch - Tasmanian Family History Society

Tasmania Resources at RootsChat heaps of great links here...

Anyone researching PENTECOST families New Zealand?

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AUTRIDGE families in New Zealand

Dear readers, (for user: Totarav)...

The AUTRIDGE surname at first glance appears to have been Cornish in origin, with family members coming from St.Kew and St.Tudy, Cornwall, England.

A perusal of the Birth, Death and Marriage - Historical Records for New Zealand shows that there were a number of AUTRIDGE families in New Zealand from as early as the 1840s. The AUTRIDGE families appear to have concentrated mainly in Thames, Auckland and New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.


Charles AUTRIDGE and Frances PALMER (maiden name obtained from IGI )
with children: Harriet b 1850, Emma b 1852, Thomas b 1855.

'Amelia Thompson' arrived New Plymouth 3 Sept. 1841 has Charles & Frances AUTRIDGE arriving, with son John aged 5 years.

James AUTRIDGE and Eliza (maiden surname unknown)
with children: Lewis b 1878, Henry b 1879, Emma b 1881, Wililam b 1883, John b 1884, Harriet b 1885, Emily b 1887.

Humphrey AUTRIDGE and Margaret GRAHAM (married 1878)
with children: Elizabeth b 1878, Lewis b 1880, Ethel b 1883, Thomas b 1885, Margaret b 1888, Essie b 1893, Ellen b 1894, Charles b 1896, Enid b 1900, Gladys b 1903

Henry AUTRIDGE and Harriet Sophia JURY (married 1883)
with children: Lilly b 1883, Helen b 1893, and Henry Lancelot b 1896.

Julian Henry AUTRIDGE and Caroline Julia AUSTIN (married 1903)
with children: Clarence b 1903, Maire b 1905, Olive b 1907

NB: Surnames listed below include spousal names of AUTRIDGE brides and grooms between 1840 and searchable year 1929 at the time of writing.

Websites of possible interest:-

Boyton Cornwall Genealogy AUTRIDGE family NZ

Andridge/Autridge of Cornwall

Hastings - General - Family History and Genealogy Messageboard ancestry

KLEE and BOOCK Genealogy Homepage click on 'A list of all the Surnames', then click on 'Autridge'

Genealogy - A Neverending Quest. If you click on the HOME button, site appears not to have been updated in a long time, and is temporarily down.

NZ Marriage Witness Index AUTRIDGE search results.

New Zealand Marriage Witness Index at Kindred Konnections has some search results for AUTRIDGE.


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