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John L. Fletcher about 1809 in Scotland, Conn., RI and DC

Looking for a John L. Fletcher born about 1809 in Scotland and in Windham Connecticut by 1850. No information on a wife's name. Children born in Rhode Island: Mary E. Fletcher about 1834, Jane E. Fletcher about 1836, Anne Fletcher about 1837, Elizabeth Fletcher about 1839, William Fletcher and Harriet A. Fletcher. And then William's kids born in DC, his wife was Martha A. Dant, Children were: Henry Fletcher, Jesse Fletcher, Mary Blanche Fletcher, Charles H. Fletcher, Anne C. Fletcher, Cecelia Fletcher, Amy Fletcher, Frank Fletcher.

George Terflinger VA about 1779, Joseph, Elizabeth, Emily, George W. Ohio & DC

Looking for any more information on George Terflinger born bout 1779 in VA. I only have 3 names for 8 of his children, no name for wife. One unknown son was married to a Margaret in Ohio. They had Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, George and Jacob in Ohio.

Would like any more info.

Jacob Moses 1810 Germany - 1880 Baltimore, William, Bernhard, Hannah

Looking for anyone with more information on Jacob Moses born about 1810 in Hesse Darmstadt Germany and died in Baltimore sometime between 1870 and 1880. His children William B., Bernhard and Hannah Moses who married Isaac Metzger.

Anyone ever seen the last name Greintshin?

The madien name of one of my ancestors was apparently Greintshin and I've never seen it before and had no luck looking it up. She lived in Frederick County, Maryland in the late 1700's (my only real clue is that her husband died in 1799) Her name was Anna Elizabeth Greintshin Sixt (Six).

Hans Bernhardt Sixt Germany in 1650s, Johann Philip & Anna G. Sixt NY

I'm looking for Hans Bernhardt Sixt father of Johann Philip Sixt. Johann was born in 1656 in Marienfels, Hesse-Nassau, Germany and died about 1710 in Mohawk Valley, NY. Johann Philip and Anna's children seem to have all been born in Germany. I don't know if they all came over to NY or not. Any info about Hans, his wife's name, other children or Johann Philip and his wife Anna Gertrude Sixt or any of their decendants would be wonderful. Some other names from their family are:
Johann Peter Sixt b. 1688
Johann Heinrich Sixt (Henry Six) b. 1689
Johann Gerhardt Sixt b. 1692
Anna Elisabetha Sixt b. 1694
Anna Magdalena Sixt b. 1696


George Shafer from England in Littlestown PA

I'm looking for a George Shafer from England possibly lived in Littlestown, Adams County, PA.
Also his children Elizabeth (1807-1881), Josh, and Jessie (1816-1902)and Jessie's wife Barbara Bixler Shafer.

I have reason to believe that Josh (and his wife Elizabeth?) and Jessie and Barbara are buried in Littlestown, PA but would love confirmation that these are the right people. I'd also like to know when George came to the US, where he was from in England and who his wife was. I'd also like to find decendants of his children Elizabeth and Josh or other relatives of Jessie and Barbara.


William C. Grimes III and wife Elizabeth Ann Baer Grimes of Frederick, MD

I am looking for more information on William C. Grimes III and his wife Elizabeth Ann Baer Grimes. Particularly their ancestors. Their daughter Joanna Grimes Adams was my great great grandmother.

Maria or Delia Adams Houck Woodsboro, MD died after 1967

I'm trying to find one of my great grandfather's sisters. She would have been born between 1880-1895 and died sometime after 1967. She is listed in her brother William's obit as Delia Adams Houck and in her sister Gertrude's obit as Maria Adams Houck. Both obits say she lived near Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland. I'd love to find her birth and death dates, descendents, where she is buried and of course her correct name.

Thanks for any help!

William & Sarah Adams, MD, PA & Germany; William & Joanna Adams MD; J. Ross

William Adams (1835-1916)and Joanna Grimes Adams (1851-1901) were my great great grandparents. William was born in PA, Joanna in MD. They apparently had 11 children. I can only find these 10:
Sarah Adams born about 1869. She's on the 1870 census but not 1880. I assume she died but haven't found any information or her grave couldn't find her near her syblings or parents graves.
William Henry Adams 1872-1960
Gertrude Mary Adams Albaugh born about 1875
John C. Adams 1877-1969
Jacob D. Adams 1878-1954
David A. Adams
James Ross Adams 1881-1945
Sydney Anna Adams Six 1891-1968
Delia or Maria Adams Houck can't find anything about her. She was still living when brother William and sister Gertrude died. Her name was listed as Delia in William's obit and Maria in Gertrude's obit. Both said she lived near Woodsboro.
Norman Adams 1889-1912

Also trying to find William Adams's (1835-1916) parents. In census records it says William's father was born in Germany (Bavaria). I suspect his parents were William (b. in Germany about 1793)and Sarah Adams (b. in PA about 1802). They are listed in the 1870 census in Woodsboro, MD with a 23 year old daughter Cecilia born in PA about 1847. Sarah doesn't show up in the 1880 census. William is listed with his son William's household at age 88 in Woodsboro, MD but then it's been crossed out. I also can't find a William and Sarah of the appropriate age in the 1860 census in MD or PA.

I'd like to find out where in PA the children of William and Sarah were born, when William and Sarah were married and where they are buried. When William came from Germany(Bavaria) to the US and from where in Germany. My grandmother and now my mother, have always said that we were desendents of President John Adams but it my great great great grandfather William Adams was born in Germany I don't see how that could possibly be true. I also see that from my very limited research thus far that there are lots of Adamses that say this.
Any additional information would be great.
Thanks, Amy Hunt