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George Harold (maybe Harrell?) and his wife, Margaret Sarah Woods

I am building a family tree for my husband and have hit a brick wall on his great-grandfather. I have found the grandfather, Theodore Roosevelt Harold(born Nov 3, 1900 in Concordia Kansas, died Sept 13, 1976 in Toledo, Ohio), in several census for Toledo Ohio. He is very well documented. I have the following documents on Theodore: his draft card, his marriage certificate (where I found the names of George and Margaret), his social security card application (with absolutely no information on it, waste of $27), his obituaries (which list his sister, Beatrice Cook, as surviving him) and, of course, a few census for Toledo where he lists Nebraska as where he came from. No birth certificate, as Kansas did not implement them until 1911. I would like to trace the family back a little farther, but can't find any more information about George and Margaret. Here is the information I have on them: Their names and the vague location of "Nebraska". I have searched the census for Concordia, Kansas (as Theodore was born there) and various locations in Nebraska, but have not found any more information about George, Margaret, or even the sister, Beatrice. Note: There is a George Harold that died in Omaha Nebraska in 1962, but that particular George Harold was born in 1901, a year after Theodore, so I am pretty sure he is not the George I am looking for. My father in law remembers meeting Beatrice once when he was growing up and remembers her as being from Yakima Washington and having an apple orchard.I have posted in a few genealogy pages on Facebook, but no one was able to point me in any direction, so I would appreciate any help you could provide!
I have been informed by other researchers that George may have been a Harrell, not a Harold. I have yet to find anything with that name either, but am still looking.

How to find details on marriages and divorces in Toledo, Ohio

Last week, I posted a lookup request to find the parents of Theodore Roosevelt Harold. One person came back with the details from his marriage license in 1930 that listed his parents names. This was very helpful! I've since found out that he was previously married to Helen. This marriage must have ended in 1930, just before the one to Mildred. I want to find the information on the first marriage. I have looked on and have been thoroughly frustrated in finding any information other than they were married at the time of the 1930 census. How can I find the details and dates of the marriage and, I'm assuming, the divorce?

George and Margaret (nee.Woods) Harold

You helped me find this couple's names, but I still can't find them on any census through! I'm not sure their exact dates of birth, but am assuming around 1875 or 1880. Their son, Theodore was born in 1900, so I'm assuming that they were married around 1895. In a 1930 census for Theodore, he lists his parents birthplace as Nebraska, but I can find no record of a birth or marriage for them. Because they named the son Theodore Roosevelt Harold, I had thought there was a connection with the Rough Riders. I found a listing of all the men who served in the Spanish-American war, but was disappointed not to find anybody with the name of George Harold. I have built several family trees, but have never had this much difficulty in finding people! I believe that George and Margaret had at least two children, Theodore and Beatrice. The only one that I have found any information on is Theodore. Beatrice's married name was Cook and was still alive in 1976, when Theodore died. My purpose in addition to researching the family history is to find descendants of George and Margaret that are still alive. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, any hints on researching them would be appreciated as well!

Parents of Theodore Roosevelt Harold

Theodore R. Harold was born November 3, 1900 and he died September 13, 1976 in Toledo Ohio. He shows up in a 1930 census where he is renting a room there. Strangely enough, another person renting a room in the same house is a "Helen Harold". The same last name can't be a coincidence, but I have been unable to find a relationship there. He married Mildred in the same year and by the 1940 census, has two children, Douglas and Phyllis. His life is pretty well documented after that, and his obituary lists a sister, Beatrice Cook, who was still alive when he died. No parents are listed in the obituary. The family story is that he left home at 15 and never looked back, not contacting or mentioning his parents. His son, Douglas, has no knowledge of ever meeting the grandparents, but remembers talk of Yakima, Washington. I would really like to find the parents and grandparents of Theodore. It is my theory that some family member was involved with Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders, or at the very least, admired him so much that he named a son after him! I have searched through under different spellings of the name Harold, i.e. Herold, Harrold, etc. but have been unable to find the family. Any help would be appreciated!

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