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Looking for Hovanyetz and Michitsch from Slovakia, Slovenia, and New York, US

Hovanyetz, Hovanecz, Hovanetzova / Reptsick, Repcik/ Michitsch / Sherl / Peitler or Beitler / Rudoff / Shanahan / Schwerdtle

I am led to believe that the Hovanecz name was changed to Hovanyetz when my ancestors came to the United States. My Grandfather Alexander Josef Hovanyetz was born 1898 in Kezmark, Hungary, (now known as Kezmarok, Slovakia). His parents were Stefan Hovanyetz and Susanna Reptsick, Repcsik, Reptsik, Repcik, from Hungary. Alexander Josef had a sister named Susanna (Susie) Hovanyetz who was born in Kezmark, Hungary and also came to the United States. I do not know her married name.

Alexander Hovanyetz married a Lady named Rose Schwerdtle and had two children with her, Alexander Hovanyetz jr. (son) and Rose (called Rosie) Hovanyetz (daughter). Rose Hovanyetz passed away in early in her life. Her mother Elisabeth Schwerdtle, raised Alexander and Rose's children.

Daughter Rose Hovanyetz married Leo Shanahan they had one son Kevin passed away at age 30.
Son Alexander Hovanyetz Jr who married a Lady named Mary, they had three children, Michael Hovanyetz (son), Allen Hovanyetz (son), and Anna Hovanyetz (daughter). Alexander passed away around age forty.

Alexander Hovanyetz Sr. remarried in Brooklyn, New York, USA, in 1923 to Maria (Mary) Michitsch. Mary was born in 1901 in Morobitz Parish, Gottschee, Austria, (now known as Borovec pri Kocevski Reki, Slovenia). She also had a bother Johann Michitsch born 1898 in Morobitz Gottschee, Austria. He lived in Ridgewood, New York at Mina Michitsch residence. Their parents were Johann Michitsch and Katharina Peitler from Lower Austria. Alexander Hovanyetz Sr. and Mary Michitsch had a one child together, Gertrude Baby Hovanyetz, born in 1925 who was raised in New York, USA. Gertrude's name in Slovakian is Gertruda Hovanetzova.

Gertrude Hovanyetz married Harold Rudoff (born New York, USA, 1921), in New York, USA in 1949. Together they had three girls Alicia Rudoff Lang, Sandra Rudoff , and Abby Rudoff Mullendore. Harold and Gertrude move to Florida, USA in 1953.

Looking for Rudoff and Rudinsky, from Russia/ Belarus and New York

Rudoff, Rudovski, Rudov, Wolkoff, Rudinsky, Berner, Hovanyetz, Durst, Bean, Benjamin, Marcus, Blinderman, Handel, Golden, Lang, Mullendore, Markowitz, Grasley

Grandfather?s Side:
Great Grandfather Chaim Rudoff (may have been Rudovski or Rudov when in Russia), and Great Grandmother Chaye Wolkoff (married in Russia). They were the parents of Grandfather Abraham Elliott Rudoff (born 1877 or 1879) and Great Uncle Reuben Rudoff. They were originally from an area called Vilnya (Vilnia) in the Village of Sheliba (Seliba), Minsk, Russia.

Reuben Rudoff married Rebeccah (Becky), they had three Children two Daughters Rhoda, Beatrice, and one son Hyman (known to the family as Little Hy). Rhoda married Ray Markowitz, they had a son Stan Markowitz , and a daughter Barbara Markowitz Grasley. Barbara married Scott Grasley and they have two Sons.

Grandmother?s Side:
My Great, Great Grandfather Isruk Rudinsky married to My Great, Great Grandmother name unknown, they are the parents to my Grandmother Fannie Gertrude Rudinsky Rudoff (born either 1883 or 1889) has five Sisters, Ida Rudinsky Bean, Anne Rudinsky Benjamin, Sadie Rudinsky Marcus, Betty Rudinsky Blinderman, Bessie Rudinsky Handel, and one Brother Abraham Rudinsky. They are from Village of Volozen or Volaze, Russia.

Grandfather and Grandmother?s Side:
My Grandfather, Abraham Rudoff (came to America March 20, 1902) married my Grandmother Fannie Gertrude Rudinsky in America in 1912. They were the parents of four Children three boys one girl.

Oldest son, Hyman Rudoff (known to the family as Big Hy) born NY, USA, 1913, Wife?s name Ruthie Berner, their children, a son Gerald Rudoff and a daughter Carol Rudoff Golden.

The second child, a Daughter, Ida Rudoff (born NY, USA, 1915) her Husband?s name Irving Durst, they had one son Barry Durst.

Middle son, Harold Rudoff (born NY, USA, 1921) Wife?s name Gertrude Hovanyetz, they had three Daughters, Alicia Rudoff Lang, Sandra Rudoff, and Abby Rudoff Mullendore.

Youngest son, Albert Rudoff (born NY, USA) Wife?s name Sylvia, they had two children, a daughter Francine Rudoff and a son Andrew Rudoff.

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