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Who were William JOHNSON's (from Kent) parents and siblings? and when did daughter Ann JOHNSON die?

So my ancestral research which i am finding i do a lot of in bursts then rest from it (when i start dreaming in period 1800 stlye ;)) has lead me to George Johnson (b.25 April 1829 in Brenchley, Kent-d.1891 Creswick, Australia) being the illegitamate son of Ann JOHNSON b.1811 in Brenchley, Kent.
My first questions are regarding Ann:
When did Ann die?
Did she stay in Kent?
Did she eventually marry and have further children?
Is there a way to find out who George's father may have been?

Ann's parent were William JOHNSON and Frances ASHDOWN. I have details about Frances but William's info is minimal. William and Frances were married on 13 September 1810 in Brenchley and they apparently had 9 children. (I have only baptism details for the children - listed as: Ann 1811, Hannah 1813, Martha 1813, Frances 1815, Mary 1815, Jane 1817, Benjamin Barton 1820, Tirzah 1822, Margaret 1825) This is all the details i have.
Questions regarding William:
What are his birth and death dates?
Are there any further details about the children? (I have details regarding Benjamin)
Who were his parents and were there any siblings?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you in advance for your time in assisting with my enquiries

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By GEORGE we found him!!!!

So today has been a day of break throughs and we finally found our ever elusive George JOHNSON and where was he - right under our noses!!
He was in fact buried in the Ballarat Old Cemetary with his first wife Philadelphia JOHNSON. Only 5 minutes from where my grandfather lives. We had ruled this George out as we thought the age gap was too great between him and his second wife Drusilla. However upon purchasing many certificates I found on one of George and Drusilla's children's birth certificates, Phoebe's in fact that she had two additional siblings Alfred aged 17yrs and George aged 15yr from a previous marriage and there it was!! the proof that linked George to Philadelphia. We now have to more links to investigate :) Who knows we may find some living relatives..
I just want to thank everyone in particular Jan and Roy who helped me with researching and giving me leads to follow up it really has been fantastic to find out the who, what and where of my family ancestry.

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Norman Leslie Johnson of Ballarat - World War two records

Stories of Norman Leslie Johnson (1920-1968) being a Prisoner of War (WW2)- missing in action for a number of years then turned up on the family doorstep (Ballarat) in uniform in roughly 1940's

Difficulty in tracing the story other than heresay

Any assistance appreciated

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Finally the right Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH's

After hours of going round in circles I have finally tracked down the right Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH father and son team.

Thomas Richard SHUTTLEWORTH b.1834 in Yorkshire, England d. 1913 in Ballarat m. Mary BROWN b. 1836 Scotland d. 1916 Ballarat. Children from this marriage were:

1) Charles Henry SHUTTLEWORTH b.1863 d.1942 m. Ellen Gladys FAWCETT

2) Alexander SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1864 d.1923

3) *Thomas SHUTTLWORTH b.1866 d.1952 m. Phoebe JOHNSON

4) Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1868 d.1945

5) James SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1868 d.1872

6)Grace Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH b.1873 d.1937 m. Frank DUKE

7)Margaret Ellen SHUTTLWORTH b.1878 d.1875

8) John James Brown SHUTTLEWORTH b.1875 d.1943 m. Rosa "Rose" JOHNSON

* please see my other journal for children on Pheobe and Thomas

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Thomas Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH (1832-1913) married Mary BROWN in 1860 and Martha SINCOCK in 1878

Thomas Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH b.1832 d.1913 in Ballarat Victoria son of John Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH and Elizabeth.

First marriage was in 1860 to Mary BROWN ( -1916) Parents unknown. Children from this marriage:

1. Charles Henry Shuttleworth b.1862 d.16 May 1942 m. Ellen Gladys FAWCETT b.1896 in Majorca, d.1959 in Victoria(daughter of Charles Augustus FAWCETT and Ellen PERRY)Children of this marriage unknown

2. Alexander SHUTTLEWORTH b.1864 in Ballarat East d.10 April 1923 in Ballarat

3. Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH b.1866 in Ballarat East d.1952 in Ballarat m. Phoebe JOHNSON in 1915 (please see other journal regarding this couple's marriage and children)

4. James SHUTTLEWORTH b.1868 in Bungaree d.1872 in Ballarat aged 4

5. Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH b.1868 d.3 November 1945 in Ballarat

6. Grace Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH b.1873 Bungaree d.1937 Ballarat m. Frank DUKE (1872-1948) son of William Duke and Henrietta Quarterman in 1893. One son: William DUKE b.1898 d.1898

7. John James Brown SHUTTLEWORTH b.1875 d.20 November 1943 in Ballarat m. Rosa "Rose" JOHNSON (1878-1956) daughter of George and Drusilla JOHNSON (sister of above mentioned Phoebe JOHNSON. No children from this marriage

8. Margaret Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH b.1878 in Bungaree d.1885 aged 7

Second marriage in 1878 to Martha SINCOCK (1857-1920)daughter of George SINCOCK and Martha BURN Children from this marriage were:

1) Thomas George SHUTTLEWORTH b.1879 d.1953 m. Frances Mary DITCHBURN (1884-1939)Children of union were:
i) Phyllis Mary SHUTTLEWORTH b.1909
ii) Vera Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1911
iii) Mona Frances SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1916

2)James Everet SHUTTLEWORTH b.1880 d.1944 m. Violet Ann TYLER (1886-1939) in 1903. Children of this marriage were:
i) Jas Everett SHUTTLEWORTH b.1904
ii) Albert Henry SHUTTLEWORTH b.1907
iii)Violet Ann SHUTTLEWORTH b.1909 d.1909
iv) Robert Stanley SHUTTLEWORTH b.1910
v) Sylvia Rose SHUTTLEWORTH b.1913
vi) Daisy Isabella SHUTTLEWORTH b.1916
vii) Daphne Mavis SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1919

3) Frederick William SHUTTLEWORTH b.1883 d.1942 m.Constance Frances DIKE (1883-1966) daughter of Sabina CHARLES/PETERKIN and Cornelius DIKE in 1907

4) Martha SHUTTLEWORTH b.1889 d.1889

5) Thomas Simson SHUTTLEWORTH b.1889

It would appear that Thomas Simson SHUTTLEWORTH and Martha SHUTTLEWORTH were twins but she didn't survive

Please feel free to correct or add to this journal the more information the better. I am a descendant of Thomas and Pheobe SHUTTLEWORTH from Ballarat

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Family of Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH and Pheobe JOHNSON - Ballarat

Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH b. 1886 in Ballarat East, Victoria to Thomas Richard SHUTTLEWORTH and Mary BROWN. He died in 1952 also in Ballarat.

Pheobe SHUTTLEWORTH (nee JOHNSON) b. 12 Feb 1880 d. 2 Jan 1942 in Carlton and is buried at Ballarat Cemetary as Pheobe SHUTTLEWORTH. Daughter of George JOHNSON and Drusilla JOHNSON (nee MARTIN)

Thomas and Pheobe married in 1915 in Ballarat

Phoebe and Thomas had to our families knowledge 6 children in total - however there were two mysteries surrounding their family

Firstly one of the children: Norman Leslie JOHNSON b. 12 Feb 1920 was mothered by their daughter Bessie May JOHNSON at the age of 17 and then raised by Thomas and Pheobe as their own.

Secondly all the children had the surname JOHNSON. George was the only one with the surname SHUTTLEWORTH. We are still researching if the children with the surname JOHNSON are Thomas's or somebody elses. The children are listed below

1) 1889 - unamed baby girl in Castelmaine, Victoria - mother listed as Phoebe and father unknown - child did not survive

2) Bertha Jemima JOHNSON (1901-1901) born in Ballarat East - mother listed as Phoebe and Father Unknown - died at age 4 months

3) Bessie May JOHNSON (1903- )- born in Ballarat East - mother listed as Phoebe and father UNKNOWN.
Bessie mothered three children all with father unknown
i) Norman Leslie JOHNSON (1920-1968);
ii)Alfred JOHNSON (1920-1920)
iii)Edward Alfred JOHNSON (1920-??) - We are still trying to find out what happened to Edward.
Bessie also dissappeared sometime after 1924. Her brother Alfred (below) and his descendants have been trying to find her ever since

4)Alfred James JOHNSON (1907-1982) - buried at Ballarat Cemetry. Alfred Married Eileen Mary TELFORD (1910-1986)daughter of James Jim TELFORD (1884-1922) and Ruth YOUNG (1890- )
Alfred and Eileen had three sons
i)Max JOHNSON (1931- )
ii) Norman "Jim" JOHNSON (1934- )
iii) Jeffrey William JOHNSON (1937- )

5)George SHUTTLEWORTH (1914-1996)in Ballarat. Married Dorothy HARRIET (1919-1996) Children:

Thank you to family tree members Roy and Jan for their generous inputs
Any corrections or further details warmly welcomed
Other journals with downlines for Alfred James JOHNSON's children and grandchildren will be added as soon as time permits :)

Regards Rebecca Dean (Nee Johnson)

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George JOHNSON married Drusilla MARTIN Ballarat, Victoria

Very little is known by our family about George JOHNSON or his parents, siblings, heritage etc. He married Drusilla MARTIN in 1879 in Ballarat and they had to my knowledge 5 Children: Rosa, Charles, Pheobe, Philistine and William. Both George and Drusilla (some records name her as Druzilla) are buried in Ballarat where they died in ?1902 and 1923 respectively.
Any other information would be greatly appreciated

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JOHNSON:SHUTTLEWORTH:MARTIN families from ballarat victoria

So many brick walls - we are looking for information on Thomas and Phoebe Shuttleworth (N?e Johnson) she had 3 children (Bertha, Bessie and Alfred) with surname Johnson prior to marrying Thomas and having 1 further son (George) love to know who the Johnson Childrens father was. Mystery two is where Bessie May Johnson went - she had an illegitimate son Norman when she was 17 (who Phoebe and Thomas raised as their own) and dissapearred not long after
Any info would be greatly appreciated

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