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Lancaster family from MIssouri

Joshua Elcaney Lancaster married Monica Mary Schremp
Children: Joseph Simeon, Henry Leamon, Sadie, Joshua Elcaney, Rueben, Dewey, Carrie, Ruslee...
Sadie maybe a Sarah, I only know she was born 13 nov 1889 perry county mo.. family said that she married and moved out of missouri, the last anyone heard she was living in californa... I do not know who she married...
Joseph died in 1955 in cape gireradeau, MO
henry 1887-1964 married esther elizabeth phillips
Joshua, rueben, dewey all passed in the 1960s
I do not know who carried married but she lived on the misouri, arkansas border...
Ruslee 1905-1915, he was coming home on a wagon with his team of horses and they were spooked by the thunder storm and threw him off the wagon and he hit his head and passed away in a couple of days do to head trauma...
I am looking for info on Sadie and Carrie...
Joshua Elcaney Lancaster sr. was born in Jackson county Tenneesse, I have nothing on his father and siblings...thank you

Kellerman in Missouri

Hello, I am searching for info on Sophia Matilda (Kellerman) Handel LaChance...
she is my ggrandmother... I know for a fact that her and Handel had two daughters, one was my grandmother Mary Magdelin (handel) Wright 1870-1919. then There was a daughter named Carrie (handel) Polete.. she carrie married another man after polete... Now Sophia married a Benjamin LaChance and had two children for him a Zoa and Benjamin in the late eightteen hundreds.. I am not sure of her first husband first name.. thank you for reading

Looking for Louise E. Griffith family from Illinois

This woman was my greatgrand mother, I know she was born in randolph county Illinois... I know of two brothers asasph and william riley griffith... all three were born in illinois and died in perry county missouri... I have zero info on her family... will exchange any info..
oh louise E. Griffith married William Thomas Phillips, the known children are:
cleve, esther, nellie, sorry i dont have my info on me right now.. but they had a boy who was grown and out of the home, but he and his wife just had a baby and he came down with TB, so he went home to his mom and dad which at the time lived in Claryville, perry county MO so he could die, grandma use to say that he came home to keep from giving to his wife and baby...she also said she helped her mother take care of him until his death... now my stumbling block is they all called him Buddy, but that was a nickname... I am stumped... thank you for reading this...

Looking for Wright Family from Indiana moved to Missouri

According to my great great uncles' dc he was born in Birdseye, Indiana, another was born in Scott co. MO. Someone was kind enough to send me a photo of a sister named Frennettie Wright Bell... that is the only sister I know of... really would like some help.. and it would be appreciated.. thank you

I am also looking for any info and or photos of the following surnames:

Kellerman : Sophia Matilda (Kellerman) Handel LaChance [conrad?]
Wright: Joel T Wright [ am not sure were he was born, but most of his children
were born in birdseye Indiana]
Phillips: william t phillips [ no nothing of his parents and so on]
Griffith: Louise E, {pronounced LEW-WISE-A} All i have found is she and her two
brothers were born in ILLINOIS randolph county...but the
but there is two different last names for their mother
cann or manning, read there was a cannmanning? she was
suppose to be a native american..
manning or cann
Lancaster: Joshua E. was born in jackson co. TN have nothing on his family but
his father was William E. lancaster. Now I know the his
childrens names: Joseph Simeon
Henry Leamon
Saddie or Sarah ( no nothing of her)
Joshua E
Carrie (have nothing on her)
they were all born in Perry county MO
Schremp: Monica Mary was Joshua lancasters wife, she is one of 13 and I really
do not have alot on her family, have some.
Weinkein: John from germany i think settled in perry county MO
Koniginn: Joanna 13 apr1846 weinkein 1st wife
Pander: catherine 8 may 1871 weinkein 2nd wife
weinkein had a daughter Matilda 30 may 1841 (M) antony Schremp
monica schremp parents.
Whitehead: Samuel Asa 2 feb 1803 NC? (M) Clarissa EDWARDS (clary) TN
Ogle: Elbert Thomas married nancy jane whitehead
Thompson: George I married Mary Angelin McClain both of missouri
McClain: Jeremiah 10 dec 1814 (m) 1st Mary Clarissa Donnell 2nd Rutledge
and there are a few more just have lost my paper work, I will trade info, help if i can... Most of my people are Third or fourth generation Missourians.. and some are only second or fourth... thank you

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