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From the "Friends of Metro Archives Historical Records of Nashville and Davidson County" Tennessee; Record of Baptismsw of Rev. Robert Heaton 1812-1843 are found the following VICK people.

Septembger 2, 1816 "Baptised a Servant of Mr. VICKS named Dicey. May 2, 1817 Baptised sister Polly VICK. May 11, 1817 Baptised Brother Joab VICK. July 20, 1817 Baptised Sister Clary VICK & Sister Patsey VICK. August 15, 1819 Baptised Brother Robert VICK & Sister Elizabeth VICK, his wife, Brother Joseph VICK. October 1, 1819 Baptised sister Dilcey VICK.

"Marrowbone Church was Constituted on the 10 day of January 1826 by elder Thomas Scaggs & elder Allexander Rascoe Constituted on 26 members William Fuqua decon, Polly Fuqua, Polly Equils, George S. Allin decon, John B Demumbron, Robert S. Heaton, Rubin Chaudoin elder removed by letter, Mary Equils, Joab VICK." The article goes on to name others including the following:
Dilcey VICK dismissed by letter; Clary VICK diseased; Black Dicey turned out along with Black Peggy

August 13, 1825 Baptised Sister Lucy Derro & Sister Chaney a servant. November the 12, 1826 Baptised Sister Milly VICK & received Brother Nathen Williams.

November 11,1 1833 Baptised Brother Joseph GOWER & Sister Polly GOWER his wife & received Brother Joshua by recommendation. December the 8 Baptised Sister Eveline Hufmon & Sister Liddy Best. December the 22, 1833 Baptised Brother James Grimes & Sister Julise Pinkley. May the 11, 1834 Baptised Brother James Martin & Sister Betsy Biggs & Sister Peggy Biggs. etc.

July 13, 1834 Baptised Brother Josiah VICK & Sister Rebecah VICK, his wife etc.

There are many other names in these lists but too much to type in here for the Vick section


While trying to associate the Jennings family with my Casey lines I found the following listings of Jennings Documents:

4/1/1803 Petitioners [of Sullivan County, TN?] state that since the last session, two Justices of the Peace in Capt Abraham LOONEY's District have died, namely John SPURGIN, Esqand John YANCEY. they ask that John JENNINGS be appointed 8 Sep 1803

Then,in North Carolina, Pasquotank County; about William CASEY: Thomas Jennings sold Jeremiah Murden 182 acres along SAWYER?S Creek. the 1842 deed states he was a neighbor to Thomas Sawyer. William Stafford sold the land, he was the father in law of William Casey, the son of John CASSE in the 1790 Will. So that would make William Casey married to a woman named Stafford and that would be Mary Stafford??? YES

NOTE: William CASEY and John CASSE are my line. Also the SAWYERS are related to this line of Caseys.

John Jones, in his WIll of Pasquotank named friend Dorothy McDaniel. December 12, 1723; April 3, 1729. Test, Thos Herenden, Jno JENNINGS and Benj. SAWYER.

William JENNINGS, Pasquotank, January 24th 1686-7; April 1687. Daughter Ann Latham, son in law Ralph Garnet, daughter Mary, son John, Executor. Test, Thomas RELFE

Mary JENNINGS Curytuck, Dec. 7th, 1725; Oct 7th 1729. Son John RELFE, son in law John Norton Executor. Test, David Linsey, Henry Smith, John MARTYN.

Jennings, Isaac Jr. 1,2,2,0,0 Jennings, Zachariah, 1,1,4,0,0 Jennings, Arthur, 2,1,5,0,0 Jennings, David, 1,1,1,0,0 Jennings, Thomas, 1,3,4,0,0 Jennings, Lemuel, 2,1,4,0,3 Jennings, Benjamin, 1,3,3,0,0 Jennings, Hannah, 0,3,2,0,0 Jennings, Jessee, 1,1,1,0,0

Jennings, John jr, 1,2,1,0,6 Jennings, John, 1,0,0,0,0 Jennings, Elenezer, 1,0,0,0,0 1,1,2,0, Jennings, Jarvis, 1,0,0,0,0

Jennings, John, 2,2,3,0,0 Jennings, Joseph, 3,0,2,0,13 Jennings, Demsey, 2,4,3,0,9 Jennings, Lemuel jr, 2,1,4,0,1

Elisha, 1,1,2,0,0 Harris, John jr, 1,0,0,0,0 Hunt, Charles, 0,0,0,5,0 Hastings, Richard, 2,0,1,0,0 Jennings, John, 2,2,3,0,0 Jennings, Joseph, 3,0,2,0,13 Jennings, Demsey, 2,4,3,0,9 Jennings,

Jennings, Isaac Jr. 1,2,2,0,0 Jennings, Zachariah, 1,1,4,0,0 Jennings,
Arthur, 2,1,5,0,0 Jennings, David, 1,1,1,0,0 Jennings, Thomas, 1,3,4,0,0 Jennings, Lemuel,
2,1,4,0,3 Jennings, Benjamin, 1,3,3,0,0 Jennings, Hannah, 0,3,2,0,0 Jennings, Jessee, 1,1,1,0,0
Jennings, John jr, 1,2,1,0,6

Jennings, John, 1,0,0,0,0 Jennings, Elenezer, 1,0,0,0,0
Jennings, Jarvis, 1,0,0,0,0

1803 CRAFT, THOMAS, SULLIVAN TN Signed Petition to Co Apr 1, 1805, Page 29; Petition to replace people who died - ask John Jennings be appointed. Also signed: Thomas Cox; William Cox' John Cox.

1718 JENNINGS, JOHN PASQUOTANK WILL probated June 16, 1720; son William Jennings, wife Ann, daughter Mary SAWYER, daughter Elizabeth Reding

NOTE: My Casey family is connected to Crafts, Sawyers, Relfe, Chauncey, Cox and others as seen in other of my Journal entries. My line has two DEMPSEY CASEYS. As yet, I have not found from where the Dempsey name came.

A Part of my RAGLE Family History

John Ragle, age 61, born in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Alfred Ragle, son of John Ragle, was born 21 February 1834 Raglesville, Orange, Indiana; married 13 January 1854 Daviess County, Indiana to Minerva Almeda Casey. He died 29 November 1899.

Children of Alfred Ragle and Minerva Casey, all born in Raglesville, Indiana: (My line)
1. Eliza Jane (Dicy) Ragle born 1 January 1855, married 1st to John Glenn; married 2nd George DePew Smith She died 1934, probably in Topeka Kansas (My line)
2. Minerva Frances Ragle, born 1858, married William Edward Bennett. They had a son named Roy Alfred Bennet
3. William Dempsey Ragle, born 1859, died 20 September 1865
4. Mary Ellen Ragle
5. Thomas Webster Ragle born about July 1864, died 15 September 1865
6. John Ross Ragle born 1867
7. Ella Ragle born 1869, married 21 December 1887 to Charles H. Meyers
8. Bertha Estella Ragle born 20 December 1871, married 12 September 1892 to Ira Albert Correll. She died 26 October 1949 in Austin, Texas
9. Lena Larue Ragle born 1873, married Marchion
10. Charles Edwin Ragle born 25 August 1875, died 25 April 1878
11. Claude Alfred Ragle born 1877/78, m. 12 Nov 1898 to Phoebe Helm, had son Alfred C. Ragle (Alvie), born 17 May 1899.

Note: Notice the death dates for William Dempsey Ragle and Thomas Webster Ragle, is September 1865. They were both babies. There must have been some bad epidemic at the time.

The picture is Claude Alfred Ragle, Sr., son of Nathan S. Ragle, the brother of Alonzo Ragle.

Obituary, The Odon Journal, Odon, Indiana, Saturday, December 2, 1899, page 3:
ALFRED RAGLE DEAD. AN OLD SOLDIER EXPIRES SUDDENLY WEDNESDAY EVENING. ? Alfred Ragle, a soldier of the late Civil war, died very suddenly Wednesday evening. Mr. Ragle was subject to heart trouble, and it was the cause of his death. He was on our streets as usual that day, seemingly as well as ever. About five o'clock he dropped in Erwin's meat market. He was taken home, and died a few minutes after arriving there

Daughter of Minerva Almeda Casey and Alfred Ragle, Eliza Jane (Dicy) Ragle was my Great Grandmother. I have quite a lot of history on that family as well as the Smith family of Eliza Jane (Dicy) Ragle. She married secondly to George DePew Smith, son of Samuel S. Smith, born in Connecticut.

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Casey family of VA, to NC, to TN, to Indiana

John Casey arrived in Norfolk VA about 1762. His wife was Jemimia (Smithson?; their children include Dempsey Casey, William Casey, Arthur Casey and Page. Dempsey Casey from Pasquotank County, North Carolina, a preacher, is well documented and so are all of his children, one of which is Dempsey Casey Jr. born 1789, whose first wife was Mary Chauncey (Edmond Chauncey line) They had 3 children, however, Mary and the two boys disappeared without a trace while supposedly living in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. No documents can be found of her death or of the children.

Then Dempsey Casey Jr. moved to TN where he was one of the first businessmen in the town of Calhoun, McMinn Co. TN. After moving to Athens, Dicy Martin turns up as his spouse. There are no records of a marriage for Dicy and Dempsey. When one of their children died there is only a small notice in the newspaper stating that Eliza Casey, daughter of D. Casey died. Thomas Crafts Casey, brother of Dempsey Casey Jr. lived in Davidson County Tennessee.

In the 1830 census for McMinn County Tennessee we find ?Demsy Casey? - 1 male 30-40 yrs old; 2 females under 5 yrs; and 1 female 20-30. The ages in this story are taken from the 1850 census of Daviess County, Tennessee. The census was taken as of June first of that year. The birth dates are in accordance with the 1850 census. The ages in parenthesis are from the 1850 census of Indiana, taking into account whether it is before or after the date the census was taken. There is a family Bible someplace that has the original writings.

Children of Dempsey Casey and Dicy Martin:
1. Margaret Amanda Casey born 16 July 1830; (20 yrs); died 1893; married 1852 to Wm Chapman
2. Maria F. Casey born 5 May 1832; (18 yrs); married Reynard
3. Minerva Almeda Casey born 29 October,1833; (16 yrs), died 1903; married 13 January 1854 to Alfred Ragle
4. William G. Casey born 22 January 1836,(14 yrs) died 1 June 1883; married Malinda Catherine (Kate) Taylor 6 October1861
5. Eliza Jane Casey born 8 October 1838, dead by 1839 - posted in obituary section of the Hiwasse Patriot and read: Thursday August 22, 1839 ?In this place, last evening, Eliza, infant daughter of D. Casey, age about 10 months?
6. Thomas Walker Casey born 16 October 1840; died 8 May 1899, (10 yrs); married 5 September 1865 to Delilah, J. Keeser, 2nd wife Mildred Hobbs
7. Amanda Jane Casey born 19 November 1842; ( 7 yrs); married Gunning
8. Ellen (Susan E.) Casey born 28 October 1844; ( 5 yrs); married Daniel Neidigh
9. Martin Ross Casey (a twin) born 1 February 1847,(3 yrs); died 10 September 1865
10. Emily Crafts Casey (a twin) born 1 February 1847m died soon after birth
11. Louisa Eastes Casey born 25 May 1849 (1 yr); married John Hawkins

Dempsey and Dicy Casey moved their family to Daviess County, Indiana and the town of Stanford (later named Raglesville). Dempsey Casey died in 1864 and there is a large headstone in the Raglesville cemetery for him and when Dicy died there is NO mention of her in any obituary and NO headstone and NO record in the curitor of the cemetery. We have thoughts that Dicy may have been part Indian. We found they baptised a servant of Mr. Vick in the Marrowbone Church of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN whose name was Dicy. Later in the church records we see that there was a Black Dicey who was "turned out". these are just small items, but worth remembering.

One of the daughters of Dempsey Casey and Dicy Martin was Minerva Almeda Casey who married Alfred Ragle and also lived in Raglesville, Indiana. Alfred Ragle was a Civil war hero. There were other chldren of Dempsey and Dicy Casey who lived nearby, however, though we have many family records and documents, there is no mention of where Dicy was for a year after Dempsey Casey died in 1864. Dicy was bedridden and frail so she would have needed to be cared for, but there has been no mention of where or who took care of her and there is no mention of where she is buried. Looking in the cemetery it doesn't appear to be space for her beside Dempsey's grave.