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Anthony Moore

My Gr, Gr GFather was born in Aleha, B.S. Spain, Can any one tell me where that is? I am unable to find anything about this place! Hoping someone might know. Thanks

Wade family from SA. I have John Wade and Sarah Smith, one of their sons Edward Robert Wade m Johannah Speck. Two of their children Edward O,Brien Wade , Elizabeth Ellen O,Brien Wade,Where has the O,Brien name come from?

There is another Wade family from Renmark that has John Plummer Wade m to Mary O,Brien, one of their sons is also Edward O,Brien Wade. I am confused as to why my family has used that name also. Is there any connection there??? In my great grandfather,Edward Robert Wades orbituary it said that two brothers Charles and William were living in Berri,SA. I just can,t find if the two families were connected.It was mentioned to me that there were adoptions there somewhere, but I don,t know???? Hope someone can help unravel all this. VH

How to track down ancestor in early 1900's New Zealand?

My father in law Robert Hart was born in New Zealand. We only have his fathers name, Solomon Hart.I can,t find any birth records etc. I did find a Robert Hart, that was in the military file recordsfor WW1 N/N Army, but his birth date was 1889, which is 12 years earlier than we have. The rest of the record has a lot of coincidences. Birth date, 6/4,born Auckland, fathers name Solomon,trade or calling, farmers.these are all the same as info we already have on our Robert Hart! His hair colour was listed as the same, and religion same as my husbands. The convincing part was the fact that in the records, this Robert received damages to his Rhand by gunshot wound, injuries to 4 fingers,fingers missing. My husband said his dad had lost second and third fingers. He did not know anything about his dad being in the Army, and had a different story how he lost fingers. This all seems too eerie to not be the same person!! But the problem we have is even on his marriage certificate , he has birth date as 6/4/ 1901. I know with doing ancestry that dates don,t always match, but I don,t know where to go from here!!!?? It appears that his wife and family knew nothing about any of this!!!! I don,t know how I could try to track down the Hart family that came from Bombay area in NZ. We are not even sure when Robert actually came to Australia, but he married in 1936 in Adelaide, and apparently had no contact with family in NZ. His wife didn,t know anything about his family either! When he passed in 1960, she somehow tried to notify any family, but no results! She has also passed now, so can,t ask any questions. I would like to look into this a bit closer. Who do you suggest I could contact in NZ. It all seems very mysterious to me . Hoping you are able to help. Regards Veronica

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Looking for descendants of Moore family, Burra, South Australia, Australia

Anyone out there belonging to family of Ezra Anthony Moore. More so Albert Henry Moore, Burra, SA

WADE family, South Australia

I am doing a Wade family tree. This familylived around Dawson, Carrieton, Flinders Ranges.SA. I have quite a bit of info, but maybe someone can explain how this family links up with the family in Berri,SA. I am confused when it comes to Edward O,Brien Wade as there are two of them in this family!! Where does the name O,Brien come in to it ?! Hoping someone can help. Thanks VH

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I am doing a Wade family tree.This family lived around Dawson, Carrieton, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. I have quite a bit of info, but maybe someone can explain how this family links up with family in Berri, South Australia? I am also confused when it comes to Edward O,Brien Wade, as there are two of them in the family.!Where does the name O,Brien come into it? Hoping someone can help. Confused! Thanks VH

Hart family Bombay, NZ

Hello, I am trying to track down info on Hart family. My father in law Robert Hart was born Bombay, Auckland. His marriage certificate says he was born 1901, I am not able to find a record of this. I do find a R Hart, but born about 1889. His father was Solomon Hart. Maybe someone over there can help somehow!! Apparently Solomon and wife are buried near church at Bombay. Regards V H

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Moore, William Ezra, Australia

I am researching the Moore family. I notice that on different trees he has different mothers listed.How do I determine which is the correct one? I am told his birth is not listed in SA BDM. I thought someone out there might have some further info. His father was Ezra Anthony Moore. Thanks V

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