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Sir Richard Blackmore MD and Edward Blackmore MD

I was just minding my own business, skimming through several books looking for references to my surname, when I came across a book by a Doctor Edward Blackmore of Plymouth. It appeared to be a dry and outdated medical treatise, and didn't appear to be interesting from a family history perspective. I was about to move on when the words, "my relative Sir Richard Blackmore", caught my eye:

... The question is important; for I have seen, and my relative Sir Richard Blackmore observed, 'purulent matter from the larynx while the lungs were uninfected; which imposed on undistinguishing observers, and made them conclude that the patient was in consumption.' ...

From page 198, 'A Practical Treatise on the Forms, Causes, Sanability, and Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption', by Edward Blackmore, M.D., Physician to the Plymouth Public Dispensary, published in 1832.

Sir Richard Blackmore died in 1729 and Edward published this particular book just over 100 years later. My understanding is that Sir Richard didn't have any children so Edward couldn't be a direct descendant, but obviously knew of a link between himself and the knighted physician and poet.

This is only the second reference I've see to a relation of Sir Richard's family and I have not heard from anyone who has direct links.

My own research does not appear to link to Edward so I hope someone can make use of this information.

Found Record of William Benjamin Blackmore of Greenwich, Cheesemonger

I've been looking for Blackmore records in old books. Google Books has digital copies of many old books including directories, court records, parish records, magazines, etc.

By searching for Blackmore (and typically including other search terms) I've been able to uncover records hidden in those books. I came across a the following court proceeding and thought I'd share it here as an example.

Central Criminal Court Sessions Paper, 1862
Minutes of evidence, taken by shorthand by James Drover Barnett and Alexander Buckler.
Butterworths, 7 Fleet Street, London, 1861-1862
Page 826-827: Saturday, Nov. 1, 1862

1111. CHARLES MEADOWS (15), Stealing 10 lbs. of lard and 1 bladder, the property of William Benjamin Blackmore, his master; and ELIZA NOAKES (34), Feloniously receiving the same.
MEADOWS Pleaded Guilty. -- Strongly recommended to mercy by the Prosecutor, who also engaged to receive him back into his employment. -- Confined Four Days. Mr. Way conducted the Prosecution.
William Benjamin Blackmore. I am a cheesemonger, living at 13, Church-street, Greenwich -- on Saturday last the prisoner Meadows was in my employ as errand boy -- I have a warehouse at the back of my shop -- in consequence of some losses, I marked eleven bladders of lard, by the instructions of a policeman, but not in his presence, and put them in the warehouse last Saturday morning -- between 8 and 9 that evening the policeman came to me bringing the two prisoners and a bladder of lard, which was mine, and was one of the eleven that was marked, and safe in my warehouse in the morning -- there is a back door from my warehouse, so that any one might go out of it without passing through the shop -- I had not sold nor authorized any one to sell any lard from the warehouse -- the bladder of lard is worth 7s.
Cross-examined by Mr. Collins. Q. Have you a large establishment there? A. I have -- four people serve in the shop; sometimes five -- they are not here -- I can tell by inquiry that that bladder of lard was not sold in the regular course of business -- I have other lard in my shop -- the stock is kept in the warehouse -- it is not possible for a person to go to the warehouse for some if the lard in the shop was all sold -- the stock kept in the warehouse is more for wholesale purposes.
Court. Q. Was there some lard left in the shop at 8 o'clock last Saturday evening? A. Yes. ...

William's testimony gives several interesting details about his occupation, address, and business.

To make similar searches visit Google Books and put in the search terms "Blackmore" and something particular to your family such as a given name or city and look through the list of books that come up. When you find a book of interest I suggest searching for just the keyword "Blackmore" within that book and check each of the pages that the name came up on.

I'm not related to this William Blackmore but I've added this extract and many similar court records to my website: BLACKMORE SITE.

Ken Blackmore

BLACKMORE Research Website

I maintain a website called "Blackmore Site" which is intended to provide a resource for anyone researching the BLACKMORE surname. Over time I have collected data which is available directly on the website, some examples are:

Extracts from UK, and Canadian census returns.
Extracts from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and US directories.
Selected Court, Cemetery and Parish records
The US Social Security Death Index.
and several others ...

I've also provided links to guide you in your research.

Here is a link: Blackmore Site

Ken Blackmore