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Looking for descendents of John Adams of Alpine Utah.

I am trying to locate a a copy of a book that my grandmother reshearched most of her life and published herself in the late 1970's She was a direct bloodline Adams She had a very detailed family tree for the John Adams family that incloulds the presedental abam family. for many genorations before the famly came to the states.
I have had no luck finding any info about the book at all. At the time that I was with my Grandmother and was reading the She was out of copys and was waiting for a small shipment from the publishers. So i never recived a copy.
Ive been told the reason i can't locate it thru book stores is becuse she probaly publiushed it her self. I don't know. Most of my family , uncles and aunts have eather passed on or have loaned thier copy to some other desendents the title is a little foggy. i believe it was something like the John Adams Famil and ancestors. My Grandmothers name was Alberta Elizabeth Adams Bennett.
It was so very well put to geather with most branchs fully defined coveing centurys and complerte right up to the date of publication. my daughter was less than 1yr old when i read the book and she is listed inthere. It was published I believe sometime in early 1978.
I would apreshate any help I can get in locating a copy so i can get thde ISBN number and all the details i need to get a copy.
and i would conceder it a honor to pass on to anyone who is interested All of the info she she collected
than you please excuse the typeing erros