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Fillery or Fillary

My Grandmother was ROSINA ANN FILLERY (1878-1880). She had Siblings:-

Alfred John 1887 Alice Ada 1898
Eldred George 1880 Elizabeth Daisy 1891
Wiilliam Voice 1884 Ellen Maude
Jane 1895
Mabel 1889

Their father was ELDRED JAMES 1855. his brothers and sisters (those I can trace) are:-

Alfred 1847 Agnes 1852
Walter 1850 Elizabeth Payne 1853
Step children John Payne, Jane Payne

Their father was ELDRED 1814. His brothers and sisters:-

Henry 1808, James 1822, Richard 1827, William 1833.

Their father was HARRY 1788. his brother and sisters are:-

Caroline 1841, Charles 1850, Henry 1833, James Albert 1850, John 1844,
Richard 1847, Sarah 1839.

Their father was HARRY 1788,and his father was HARRY 1740,His father was JAMES 1705.

James's father could be Richard or John. I'm not sure.

I have found others but don't know where they all fit in.

John 1636 Richard percy 1868
George 1846 Ann 1866
Emily 1849 Rose Mary 1874
Richard 1664 William 1808
Amos 1863 Voice 1813
Catherine 1818 or 1828 Joseph 1820 or 1822
Ann(e) 1824 Richard 1736
Mary 1742 Carlister 1747
Ann 1771 Walter 1879
Alfred 1889 Fanny 1871
Florence 1876

Apart from the most recent all the dates are approx.
Some have the surname of Fillery, some Fillary and one or two Phillary.

ROSINA ANN FILLERY married Walter Thomas Clark. Together they had three children ELDRED WILLIAM, HILDA MABEL and WALTER HERBERT. Walter Herbert was my Dad who had three children Jennifer, Valerie (me) and Colin.

And that brings me up to date.