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Three siblings, need parents & other sibings 1. Henry Goodman b. 1815 VA, marr Charlotta Moore 1838 Monroe Co., TN, was in AL 1842, back in Roane Co TN 1850, in Van Buren Co., AR 1860-1880, do not know where he died 1884-1887

I am searching for the family of my Henry Goodman b.
@1815 VA. I first locate him for certain when he married
Charlotta Moore in Monroe Co., TN 1838.

Henry and Charlotta Moore Goodman were in Roane Co., TN
1840. Charlotta Moore Goodman had many relatives in
Roane Co., TN as her Moore ancestor's had settled there
when they came from Ireland in the very late 1700s.

Henry's first son, William Lon C. Goodman was born AL
(prob Cherokee Co., AL or vicinity) 1842 but Charlotta
was in Roane Co., TN with the children 1850 and Henry
is listed last on the Census, leading me to believe he
was in AR preparing a place for his family.

They were in Van Buren Co., AR by 1855.

Henry & Charlotta had the following children:
Margaret A. A. T. E. Goodman born @1840 TN
William Lon C. Goodman b. @1842 AL
George W. Goodman b. @1846 TN
Mary Goodman b. @1849 TN
Cassandra Minerva Jane Enterprise Goodman b. @1855 TN/AR
Loduska H. (Cordellia) Goodman b. @1858 AR

We know that Henry had a younger sister, Minerva Jane
Goodman b. @1826 (per 1850 Census)TN who married the bro.
of Charlotta Moore, George Moore b. @1822 MS & they had
moved to Van Buren Co., AR by the 1850 Census.

For many years we had known the Crone family was related
but had not known how until recent years when an old
letter was discovered saying that Nancy Crone was sister
of Minerva J. Goodman Moore. So she had to be sister of
Henry Goodman but since she shows as being born @1815 she
may have been TWIN to Henry Goodman

Nancy Goodman Crone, b. @1815 VA had previously lived in
AL where her children were born up to about 1853. I am
assuming it was around Cherokee Co., AL. I do not know
when or where Nancy Goodman married George Crone. I have
never located the marriage. However the children shown
on the 1860 Census were:
Henry Crone b @1840 AL
James Crone b. @1842 AL
Elizabeth Crone b. @1845 AL
John Crone b. @1848 AL
George Crone b. @1850 AL
Nancy Crone b. @1853 AR
Jacob Crone b. @1855 AR
Living with them was Catherine Crone b Sep 21, 1800 VA
and another George Crone b. @1837 AL who appears to have
been killed in the Civil War Mar 6, 1862 in Nashville, TN

I have never been able to find out very much about the
family of Nancy Goodman Crone. I do not know the names
of the parents of the three Goodman siblings I know about.

I SUSPECT that these Goodman's were related to 2 Goodman
men who married Hammons/Hammond girls in Cherokee Co., AL
and they were around Chorkee Co. & Taladega Co. AL. Some
of this family moved to White Co., AR (which is right
next to Van Buren Co., AR in the early days) and one of
the Hammons line was in partnership with one of Minerva
Goodman Moore's son in a store. I still have no idea
who the parents of my Goodman line might be?

My own Henry Goodman and his wife, Charlotta, never got
along and were finally divorced about 1884 after the
children were grown & married. I know that Henry Goodman
was in TX for a while but I do not know when or where he
died? I heard he died at a Niece's house but he had many
Niece's in many places and probably many more than I know

Any help, corrections or suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you,


FOWLER, John C. b @1818 KY>MO>TX>MO>AR d 1889 AR

Searching for descendents of John C. Fowler b. @1818 KY
married Olivia Heath 1843 Gasconade Co., MO.

1843 OSAGE Co., MO land deeded to John C. Fowler &
Jackson H. Fowler by Robert Fowler. Not sure how they
are all connected. Suspect Jackson H. Fowler & John C.
Fowler are brothers.

Jackson H. Fowler was b. @1815 KY and
shows on the 1860 Osage Co. MO Census with his family. I
have never met a descendent of Jackson H. Fowler.
He was an interesting man, a Boatman, not a Farmer. He
and William Crede built a large boat to sail the Osage
River in MO but when the Civil War broke out the Governor
ordered their boat and some bridges blown up to keep the
enemy out of the area.

Jackson H. Peter Fowler appears to be born @1815 KY.
He married Josephine Goellner but she was not his first
wife. He appears to have converted to Catholic prior to
their marriage to her. He was Baptised Jan 12, 1855 at
St. Joseph Church in Osage Co., MO & married Josephine
May 12, 1855.

1860 Osage Co., MO Washington Twp, Wesphalia P.O. #241
Fowler, Jackson 45 Boatman 200/450 KY
" Josephine 26 Prussia MO
" Thomas 13 MO
" George 11
" Henry 4
STEELY, (first name ?) Boatman MO living with family

Jackson H. Peter Fowler died June 24, 1866, bu in St
Joseph Cemetery, Osage Co., MO

My own line is from John C. Fowler b. @1818 KY but this
line is confusing as they often change place of birth,
year of birth, and jump from using first name to middle
name or vice versa, also they were never in the same
State 2 Census in a row from 1850 to 1880. I think they
may have used the LAST State they lived in as "PLACE OF
BIRTH" as in "where are you FROM?"

John C. Fowler married Olivia Heath 1843 Gasconade Co.,
MO. They had the following children:
Rachel Ellen Fowler b @1843 MO
William David Fowler b. @1845 MO
Isabella Fowler b. @1850 MO
Mary "Mollie" Ann Fowler b. @1855 McKinny, Collin Co., TX
Olivia Martha Fowler b. @ 1863-1868 Dallas, TX

The deed from Robert Fowler to John C. Fowler & Jackson H.
Fowler in 1843 Osage Co., MO shows they both must have
been there in 1843. However I do not see them there 1850.
but there is ANOTHER John Fowler in Osage Co., MO 1850.

1850 Osage Co., Crawford Twp MO
John Fowler 56 no occ listed SC?
Mary " 53 TN?
Henry " 19 TN Laborer
William " 18 TN Laborer
James " 16 TN Laborer
Richard T. " 13 TN
Robert " 11 TN
George " 8 TN
Samuel " 7 TN
Polly " 11 TN
Elizabeth " 9 TN
Elizabeth BAKER 8 TN
Nancy BAKER 5 TN

Is this FATHER of Jackson & John C. Fowler?

My own John C. Fowler moved around as I said.
He was in:
1850 Saline Co., Distr 90, MO Census
1860 Denton Co., Stewart Creek, TX Census
1870 Newton Co., Granby Twp, MO
1880 Searcy Co., Bear Creek Twp, AR

John C. & Olivia Heath Fowler appeared to have traveled
from Saline Co., MO to TX with the Aunt of Olivia, also
named Olivia Heath who married a Joseph Gray.

I never located my own direct ancestor, William David
Fowler on a Census after 1860. I know my ancestor, using
initials D. W. Fowler, married my Gr. Grandma, Cassandra
Minerva Jane Enterprise Goodman (all one woman) Sep 1,
1878 Van Buren Co., AR. They had 1 son, John Henry
Fowler b. Jan 6, 1880 Searcy Co., AR. Then William David
Fowler died 1880-1884 when Cass Goodman Fowler married
a 2nd husband, Laborn Stafford.

Also, the daughter of John C. Fowler, Isabella, is last
known to be on the 1860 Denton Co., TX and I do not know
if she married or died? I do not know her middle name &
she may have used another name to marry but I do not know

The daughter of John C. Fowler, Olivia Fowler married in
Searcy Co., AR to Francis Matchett 1883 and remained in
the area raising 3 sons.

The daughter Rachel Ellen Fowler married a Cornellius
Lewis in TX & he appears to have died in the Civil War
& then she married Nelson Cogdell, had a few children &
died young.

The daughter, Mary "Mollie" Ann married several times &
was in OK by 1910 with the name of Mary "Mollie" Tucker
and she married one last time in the 1930's as an older
woman to a man named Henry Ha, they were married about 7
years when she died Mar 29, 1938 in Oklahoma City, OK.
I know she was married to a Robert Meek & had 1 son,
William Meek(s), then married James Clark Thomas and had
several children, some died, 2 survived to adulthood but
her husband James Clark Thomas died when the chidlren
were very young. She is not located 1900 but is in
Ada, OK 1910.

I do not know what became of the descendents of Jackson H.
Peter Fowler?

Any help appreciated on this family?

Thanks for your time.