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Hey people of, my boyfriends name is kyle faunce...if u know anyone with that last name, please contact me. He doesnt know any of his distant relatives so if you have any information on anyone with the last name of Faunce, let me know.

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Trail Of Tears (Cherokee song)

Came dancing on the mildewed fern;
left falling to the hands of earth.
The greed of man was blamed ? the turn
to glory from the calm of mirth.

And when their flesh has turned to rust
their blood will finally dry on us.

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my cousin

wow!!! my cousin is an idiot.....loljust kidding...but hey i gots some more points now!!!!lol comment me!!!

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I just think Dinglewall is a funny

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Samantha Newton

My cousin is Samantha Newton. She would like to know more about her ancestors and distant relatives. If you know anyone knows a widow or single mother with the last name Newton, please write back.

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Cole family

My friend jennifer marie cole is researching her family. Her last name is Cole. If you know anyone with the same last name or with the last name of majors or pumphrey please let me know.

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When my grandmother was a child, her father didnt have enough money or food to raise her properly so one day he dropped her off at a catholic church on an indian reservation. This reservation is called Rosebud. It is located in the heart of wyoming. The indian tribes that live on this reservation are oglala sioux indians. They are raised catholic and when they get married and have children they are given a piece of the land. this happened to my grandmother but hen she married her first husband she moved to florida.


There is very little that i know about my mothers side of the family and what i do know doesn't tell me much. Her maiden name is Newton. She said that her grandmother was full irish. She also said that they moved here from out of the country. If anyone knows a newton family that is possibly irish please let me know.

sitting bull

I dont know much about my family history, but what i do know i find very facinating. Since i was a little girl my dad always told me that i was an indian princess. I didnt actually believe him until i was about ten years old. then i found out that im not an indian princess, but my aunt is and that the famous indian sitting bull is in fact my great-great grandfather. so now i am just trying to learn more about sitting bull and my distant family that ive never met before.

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