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I am trying to find the rest of my family KNAPP Family Tree. Where in England did Nicholas Knapp come from and who were his parents? I would also like to find who Elinor's parents were and where they lived.

My 8th great grandfather was Nicholas Knapp who came from England on the Arabella to America in 1630 with his wife Elinor. They arrived in MA., USA. Nicholas was born 1592.
Any info would be greatly appreciated as I have hit a brick wall!!
Nicholas had many children, Jonathan, Timothy, Joshua, Caleb, which is where my line goes. Next was Sarah, Ruth, Hannah, Moses,and Lydia. Elinor died in 1658 and Nicholas married Unity (Unica) Buxton Brown in 1659. This is all I know about Nicholas Knapp/Knepe/Cnaep/Cnepe.
Thank you,

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Our great grandfather OLE TORGERSEN?TORGERSON was born April 30, 1856. OLE had several brothers. OLE lived in BUSKERUD, NORWAY.
In 1882 OLE and his brothers came to AMERICA in a cattle boat, I don't know if they worked on the boat for passage or if the ship had rooms to rent for passage. I can't find what port they arrived at.
As they made their way across AMERICA, OLE landed in HAYWARD WISCONSIN. I don't know where the others ended up, although I would like to know.

When they came to immigration OLE was back of his brothers, so when he came through ,the man asked his name. OLE said TORGERSON. The man said he had enough TORGERSONS for the day then asked him where he worked. OLE said the GAARD FARM. The man said that would be OLE"S name now, but he misspelled it, so his name was GORUD, not GAARD.

OLE became a logger and a farmer. he married THEA THORSON in 1878, who also came from NORWAY. They had 12 children, but only 6 survived to adult hood. Our grandfather HAROLD GORUD was OLE"S oldest son. Three of OLE"S great great grandsons have homes on the old homestead today. Only one carries the name GORUD now.

If anyone who reads this and has info about this family from BUSKERUD NORWAY, I would love to hear from you

Robert Turnbull Family

My husband is a Turnbull. I am trying to search his family tree. Our 2nd ggfather James Turnbull 1821-1914 was a son of Robert Turnbull 1799-1802?? Some say he was born in Philadelphia, some say Scotland, Some say Born At Sea. I have not seen a record of his birth. I think his father Robert William/William Robert was born in Scotland, (no Birth Record), he married Elizabeth in England, no last name. I can't go any farther back until I find the correct info.
Robert Sr. died in 1808 in Philadelphia from fever. Robert Jr. lived in Ohio. He married Sicelia Wolfcale May 1, 1820. Children from this marriage were John, 1820, James 1821, Cyrus 182?, Robert 1826, Lewis. Robert re-married after the death of Sicelia.
Robert married Ann Margaret Ormsby in 1834. They had several children.
I am stumped at this time. Does anyone have any records of William Robert birth and where he was born and also where and when Robert Jr. was born? I would appreciate any info on this family.

I am searching for actual records as to the birth and place of birth of ROBERT TURNBULL 1799-1800. Was he born in SCOTLAND< AT SEA OR IN PENNSYLVANIA? His father was ROBERT WILLIAM?WILLIAM ROBERT TURNBULL FROM SCOTLAND. dob 1767-dod 1807.

I know there are things out on ANCESTRY, but no one seems to have records. I would like to move on with my research of our family tree and I just can't until I get real proof. I don't want "maybes or I think ". Thank you

Looking for TORGER TORGERSEN, FATHER OF ole torgersen 1856-1921

I am looking for the family of OLE TORGERSEN dob: April 29, 1856 in Eiker Norway. I was told his father was Torger Torgersen. Ole came to AMERICA with his brothers in 1882, but I don't know any names. I need HELP!!!

Looking for real parents and grandparents of JAMES TURNBULL.

I have been searching for JAMES TURNBULLS real parents for a long time. Some say he was born 1816, some 1818, some 1821.He died in HAYWARD WISCONSIN, where I live. No records, there was a flood in 1941 and I can't find anything on him. He was born in OHIO, later moved his family to Indiana, then to southern Wisconsin. He later moved to Hayward with his daughter Mathilda Cornick who owned the first resort on SPIDER LAKE.His son WESLEY DAVID is my husbands GREAT GRANDFATHER.I need records as to who he was and what he did.He married LYDIA BROBST in 1849, she died in 1805. There is a lot of hearsay out there. JUST FACTS PLEASE. Thank you so much.

TORGERSEN I am looking for the Parents of TORGER TORGERSEN, father of Ole TORGERSEN born 1856/April 29. Torger was born about 1818-1820 in Norway.

I am looking for My husbands 3rd great grandfather & his wife born in Norway . Their Son OLE and his brothers came to AMERICA in 1882. I think they were from Eker Buskerud Norway, but not sure. They came to America on a CATTLE BOAT, but I cannot find their immigration point of entry.Ole had to change his name when he entered America because the registrar had enough TORGERSENS for the day. So, OLE got the name of the farm he worked at in NORWAY THE GAARD FARM. The man miss spelled it so his name became GORUD. Ole came to Wisconsin, married and raised a family,he died in 1921.Thank you for any help.

I am looking for the parents of HOMER KNAPP DOB 1809. DOD 1893

Homer Knapp was born in Massachusetts in 1809. Married Rossella/Rosetta Kisner/Kiseur about 1833. Children wer Maria E., Mary Adelia (Cordelia)
Catharine (Kate) Louise, Charles D, William Curtis, Louisa, and Frank. Homer died in Eldorado, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin in 1893.
I cannot find his parents. I do not know if Homer had any siblings.
Homer's son Charles was my Great greanfather. HELP!!!